7 Reasons to Spend Your Summer in Karpathos

The second-largest island of the Dodecanese, Karpathos is a picture of wild, untouched beauty.

Once you’ve driven around the island, explored its stunning beaches and taken in the unique geology that surrounds you, you’ll feel like part of a secret club of those who have been fortunate enough to visit this very special part of Greece. 

Taking in the beauty of Apella beach

The road to Apella beach along the east coast of the island boasts a view of deep blue that sets the tone for the beaches of this island. Somewhere on the road from Kyra Panagia beach to Apella is a section of the road where you can stop the car and take in the beauty of Apella from above. After taking in the majestic bird’s eye view of the turquoise sea lapping against white rocks, drive down the winding road towards the nearby taverna and head the rest of the way on foot. Once you pass through the rocky corridor leading to the beach, find a spot to leave your things and, quite simply, forget about them. You’ll spend the rest of your time floating blissfully in the salty, clear water that will softly nudge you into vacation mode. Insider tip: Apella is, with good reason, a popular beach. Get in early or on a weekday to enjoy this spot without the masses that often follow. 

Strolling through the village of Menetes

The village of Menetes sits between the two coasts of Karpathos. Its alleys lined with colourful homes perched upon the mountain make for a magical late afternoon walk. As the sun starts to set slowly, it leaves a soft glow on the colours of peach, pink, lemon yellow and soft blue. Once you’ve strolled through the town, head to the Church of the Assumption for a picture-perfect view of the town in all its colourful glory. 

Lunching at Folia Taverna 

Spoa is a small, slow-moving village, and that is exactly how the locals like it. Folia Taverna is the quintessential village taverna, serving up classic dishes like souvlaki, fried garidakia (baby prawns) and calamari. Spoa’s close proximity to the small port of Agios Nikolaos means that the seafood is freshly caught, and it also means you have the perfect swimming spot before or after your lunch. The balcony at Folia boasts sweeping views of the village and sea below, however, there is a more authentic local experience to be had at the street-side tables which are usually frequented by the older inhabitants of the village who spend the afternoon in discussion over a beer. 

Swimming at Diakoftis beach

Also dubbed “Paradise beach”, Diakoftis is a beach that lives up to its name. Slightly tricky to find (drive around and behind the airport and take the bumpy road all the way to its end), the reward is a pristine stretch of turquoise that could leave you thinking you’ve been magically transported to the Maldives. Lined with soft white sand, the beach of Diakoftis has two sides to choose from and both promise clear, slightly cooler water. Insider tip: try to plan your trip to Diakoftis on a less windy day for maximum enjoyment. 

Chasing the sunset along the west coast

After taking a late-afternoon dip at the beautiful Lefkos beach, hop in the car and follow the road along the west coast of the island. The low sunlight throws a magical glow on the rocky landscape of the island and leads you all the way to the traditional village of Olympos, where time seems to have stood still. Aside from the ladies dressed in traditional Karpathian costumes selling trinkets, you’ll find a sunset that’s so breathtaking, that even the locals stop what they’re doing to take the view in.

Sampling the local speciality – Makarounes 

When the Italians invaded Karpathos in the early 1900s, they brought with them their love of pasta. Makarounes is the Karpathian combination of handmade pasta and local Greek cheese. A soft, curled pasta made from flour and water, Makarounes are usually served with sautéed onions and topped generously with grated sheep’s or goat’s cheese. Makarounes are found on almost every menu in Karpathos and must be tried at least once. You can also find them dried and available to buy in packets throughout the island to take home with you.

Spending a blissful day at Mikri Amoopi beach

For a day of doing absolutely nothing other than relaxing by the most crystal clear beach you can imagine, head directly to Mikri Amoopi beach. Located next to the larger Amoopi beach, Mikri Amoopi is a smaller bay with a handful of sun beds, often nabbed early in the day. There’s a tavern and a hotel restaurant nearby, which is a good thing because once you arrive at Mikri Amoopi, you’ll want to stay all day.

Celebrating Summer Solstice 2022

Today, June 21 marks the official start of summer and the longest day of the year in Greece, and all of the Northern Hemisphere; and with this comes plenty of sunshine, high temperatures, and a romantic vibe!

The summer solstice, also called midsummer, has long been celebrated around the world in many different ways; from beach parties to large festive gatherings in town squares.

The importance of the summer solstice to the Greeks dates back thousands of years, to the creation of calendar systems, many of which were developed based on geographical region. It is said that the Athenian calendar spanned from summer solstice to summer solstice, and the Delphic calendar began around the first new moon after the solstice. 

In Ancient Greece, the summer solstice also marked the one-month countdown to the opening of the Olympic Games and it also fell around the time of Kronia, a festival celebrating Cronus, the god of agriculture.

In Athens today, June 21, 2022 sunrise takes place at 6 am while sunset will be at 8:50 pm- allowing locals and visitors to enjoy a long, leisurely day filled with plenty of sunshine.

Temperatures around Greece are also expected to rise over the next few days, and according to the National Meteorological Service, the highest temperatures are expected to reach 40C-41C.

On Wednesday, temperatures will reach 38C to 39C in mainland Greece and 35C in the islands from Wednesday to Friday.

Temperatures in Athens on Wednesday and Thursday will reach 38C-39C.

On Thursday, the highest temperatures expected to prevail in Greece are 40C-41C. 

There will be a drop in temperatures on Friday and Saturday, but a new rise is expected again on Sunday 26 June. 

Best Greek Islands for Beaches

Let’s be honest, the perfect Greek island summer holiday entails arriving at the beach in the morning (ordering a Freddo Cappuccino as soon as you get there) and leaving when it’s almost dark (after that last post-sunset swim and a cocktail at the bar). 

Whether you prefer kicking back on a sun bed listening to famous DJs playing the latest and hottest tracks, or discovering remote spots that offer complete and utter privacy- we’ve rounded up the best Greek islands for those (like us) who love spending endless hours at the beach every summer!  


Greece’s largest island is filled with some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and whether you visit Chania, Rethymno, or Heraklion- you are in for a treat! 

Best beaches in Crete

Vai (about 2 hours from Heraklion), Preveli (closest to Rethymnon), Balos (55 km from Chania), Elafonisi (1.5-hour drive from Chania), and Seitan Limani (in Chania). 

Insights Greece - Best Greek Islands for Beaches
Gramvousa Beach

This small Cycladic island offers breathtaking beaches and stunning waters; the bonus is you can easily get around from one beach to another without a car! 

Best beaches in Koufonissia

Finikas, Fanos, Ammos, Italida, Pori, Charakopou and Parianos. 

Insights Greece - Best Greek Islands for Beaches
Kasteli Beach

Postcard-perfect beaches are scattered all over the island! From famous Porto Katsiki to remote little bays that boast crystal clear waters- Lefkada is a must for water babies! 

Best beaches in Lefkada

Porto Katsiki, Egremni, Kathisma, Pefkoulia, Agiofili and Avali.

Insights Greece - Best Greek Islands for Beaches
Porto Katsiki

Lefkada’s neighbouring Ionian isle is also renowned for its stunning waters that are surrounded by lush cliffs that make for memorable days at the beach. 

Best beaches in Zakynthos

Navagio (for the views), Marathonissi island (a small boat ride from town), Gerakas, Dafni, Limnionas, Porto Vromi, and Xyngia. 

Insights Greece - Best Greek Islands for Beaches

Fast becoming one of Greece’s most popular islands, Milos is home to some of the Cyclades (if not Greece’s) most beautiful beaches. 

Best beaches in Milos

Sarakiniko, Firiplaka, Tsigrado, Papafragas and Fyropotamos.

Insights Greece - Best Greek Islands for Beaches

This is the largest island of the Cyclades and an ideal destination for those that want to spend all day and night on a long sandy beach that’s lined with taverns and bars- so you don’t need to move!  

Best beaches in Naxos

Plaka, Agios Prokopios, Agios Giorgios, Sahara and Mikri Vigla. 

Insights Greece - Best Greek Islands for Beaches
Agios Prokopios

An under-the-radar island that offers striking beaches that are quiet and remote; this is the ideal island for those who prefer privacy and tranquility during their summer getaway. 

Best beaches in Donoussa 

Kedros, Livadi, Kalotaritissa, Fikio and Stavros

Insights Greece - Best Greek Islands for Beaches
Livadi Beach


With water temperatures that are ideal from early Spring through to late Autumn, Rhodes is by far one of the best Greek islands for those that want to make the most of the magical Mediterranean Sea! 

Best beaches in Rhodes

Anthony Quinn, St Paul’s Bay, Kallithea, and Tsambika.   

Insights Greece - Best Greek Islands for Beaches
Anthony Quinn


Part of the Sporades group, Skiathos offers some of the most unique beaches in Greece, that are surrounded by lush pine trees and soft sand. 

Best beaches in Skiathos

Lalaria, Koukouniares, Vromolimnos, Elia and Mandraki. 

Insights Greece - Best Greek Islands for Beaches

Main image | Anthony Quinn Beach in Rhodes | by IN+SIGHTS GREECE ©

Explore Kythnos Like a Local

Welcome to Kythnos! Not sure how I can describe in a few hundred words an authentic Greek island, its beauties, its tastes and smells but also all the other senses it engages you with- from the moment the boat door opens and you inhale an aroma mixture of thyme, fennel, sage with salt and sea air- but I will try to convey all the love I have for this place, through the following.

By Julia Vagiani 

The island is only accessible by two ferry routes. One from Piraeus which takes about three hours, and another from Lavrion port which is less than two hours. You can also visit Kythnos direct from other nearby islands in the Cyclades. The closest airport is Athens, which is only 30 minutes from Lavrion port. Of course, you can rent a yacht or a speed boat, even a helicopter if your budget allows since there is a helidrome on the island.

Kythnos has come under the spotlight over the last few years, thanks to the advantages of proximity, natural quiet beaches, relaxing landscape, and picturesque villages. 

Where to Stay

The accommodation proposals are still growing due to the popularity of the island and it strives to provide availability in the high season months but also over time for all budgets. Prices and offerings range from traditional houseshotelssuites, and villas, or private studios and apartment rooms- there really is a wide range to choose from.

What to Do

Activities are developing and visitors are able to go kayaking, do yoga on the beach or in private, go island hopping with speed boats or sail around the island with a yacht, enjoy some hikingscuba, snorkelling, or take pottery classes.

Where to Swim

Kythnos has approximately 100 beaches formed like a surrounding lace that creates shores, coves, bays and hidden tiny beaches that can be explored- from organised with beach bars to literally tranquil “deserted feel like” points, that can’t be seen from above. Others are accessible by car, some by boat or by foot, from white irregular pebbles, crispy sand with tamarisk trees to cast a shadow or totally bare for those who can’t get enough of the Greek sun!

Just the view of the rocky surrounding, the sun peeking through, the whiter whites, the browns and greys, glowing metallic blue, crystal clear transparent turquoise blue waters, one can find at least one beach to call his favourite. The most famous beach on the island, Kolona, which took its name from the shape of the wide sand beach that divides the sea in two and connects the island with the island of Agios Loukas, is crowded with boats that visit from spring to autumn; it remains as a highlight attraction.  

Apokrousi beach is one of the longest beaches with armirikia (tamarisk) trees that offer shade, a couple of beach bars one on the side and another in the middle of the beach, and two tavernas to serve your appetite if you decide to stay all the way till the mesmerizing sunset. The road allows access for all types of cars and motorcycles and that makes it very attractive, especially for the last swim before you catch the return ferry!

Where to Eat

Bars & cafes are in every town the island has from your arrival at the port, going to Chora café bar or brunch, or arriving at Loutra, try having a café on the beach or a delicious waffle with ice cream. 

Eating on the island is an exploration in itself. From having breakfast at traditional kafenio (coffee shop) eating pies (cheese pie with fresh eggs, local cheese and fennel) and kolopi (horta/green vegetable pie), buy handmade pasteli (sesame and honey-sweet) and amigdalota (soft, rose-scented almond cookies) to delicious desserts, fresh fish, Mediterranean seafood, traditional taverns with handmade products of their own production and breeding, to the most modern restaurants with gastronomic and gourmet suggestions, Kythnos covers all tastes!

Not to be missed, the delicious taste of local lemon juice pork, the remarkably unforgettable red sauce goat, ambelofasoula (green long been salad) which you could sense the chlorophyll tingling your mouth, (saliagous) snails cooked in onion red sauce, a plate of the famous sfougato a kind of small cheese ball croquette made with local cream cheese – and of course the caparosalata (caper salad mash) a mouthful of gourmet in its most simple form!

What to See 

Visit Panagia (Holy Mother) Kanala church, which is the patron saint of Kythnos to worship, light a candle in her icon which is considered miraculous and admire the temple and the location. Other churches and chapels can be visited, especially if your visit falls on a celebration of a saint and the local panigiri (festivity) it’s worth going and mixing with the locals, to enjoy the traditional music, dances, food and wine offered.

Katafiki cave is believed to be one of the biggest caves in Greece and was first encountered in the 1830s. It has unique and interesting stalagmites and rock formations. Till 1939, it was used as an iron mine and locals used it to keep food cool, but also as a place of gathering and celebrations. Located in Driopida, it’s worth visiting if you find it open to the public.

In Chora, you will find the Folklore Museum, in a traditional house with an extensive collection of the traditional setting of how households, clothes, furniture and significant folk-art objects. The exhibits provide an idea of life in the past and have historical significance.

Buy your gifts to take back home to your friends from handmade wood art objects, to sublime cosmetics or buy a jar of local thyme honey and other gifts, but most important take back the calm and rest you have captured, tell your friends about Kythnos, show off your amazing tan and those pictures you took!

For more information and details about the island head to Your Kythnos  

Images by Julia Vagiani ©

Summer 2022’s Best Greek Swimwear Brands 

It’s time to put those sweaters and coats away and bring out the bikinis and classic one-pieces for your summer 2022 holidays, with the best Greek swimwear brands.

As the bright spring weather transitions into warm summer days, it’s officially time to ditch the winter wardrobe and start celebrating the summer season with some sophisticated new swimwear.  

And when it comes to finding new summer pieces, there are so many options and designs to choose from, so we’ve rounded up the best Greek swimwear brands for you- that will have you looking cool and stylish this season! 


Each piece is carefully thought out, as the modern, yet timeless designs are made for every body type; and their range can easily take you from a long, lazy day at the beach, straight to an outdoor bar for evening drinks. Holyday’s latest collection has us obsessing over their baby blue range!

Insights Greece - Summer 2022’s Best Greek Swimwear Brands 

Georgia Theodosiou

A swimwear and resort wear brand with floral suits, classic bikinis and one-pieces; this year Georgia Theodosiou has added a few scoop neck one-pieces, and classic white bikinis. Our fave is the navy one-shoulder piece!

Sophie Deloudi

Each season, the designer experiments with new materials and styles- and whether it’s bold colours, classic black bikinis, or geometric patterns you are after- the 2022 collection has something to suit every style and taste. 

Stefania Frangista 

Whether you are off to the Amalfi Coast, Cycladic islands, (or anywhere in between) this swimwear range is made for sunny European days and balmy nights!  

Zeus + Dione 

Creating sophisticated and effortless swimsuits, Zeus + Dione has kept with the brand’s overall classic style this season, with the pieces being Grecian-inspired in both design and colour. For 2022, we can’t get past their elegant and timeless one-pieces! 

Discover the Best Greek Sandal Brands for 2022 Here

New Cyprus-Greece Ferry Link to Set Sail in June 

After 21 years, the first Cyprus-Greece passenger ferry link will set sail on June 19 from Limassol Port arriving at the Port of Piraeus in Athens, 30 hours later. 

The announcement was made on Friday by Cyprus’ Deputy Shipping Minister Vassilios Dimitriades, along with Cyprus’ President Nicos Anastasiades stating, “Our citizens will once again be able to travel to Greece and Europe by sea, transporting their private vehicles as well.”

The service will last until September 16, with four trips scheduled for June, eight in July, seven in August, and three in September.

The Cypriot-flagged passenger ferry which carries up to 400 people, includes  38 first-class cabins, 68 second-class cabins, 110 seats, 100 vehicle spots, as well as a restaurant, café, and a clinic. 

The cheapest return tickets for adults, with a simple seating arrangement, are set at 76 euros while a second-class cabin return ticket is 80 euros and one-way tickets cost 38 and 40 euros. 

Children aged 4-12 will be charged 56 euros while those aged up to four will be charged 31 euros and cars up to 5-meters long will have a fee of 203 euros. 

For more details on the new ferry link from Cyprus to Greece, head to Maritime Cyprus. 

Qatar Airways Launches Direct Flights to Santorini for Summer 

Qatar Airways has announced it will launch flights direct to Santorini, starting June 7, 2022- just in time for the peak summer season. 

This famous Greek Cycladic island will be Qatar Airways’ third Greek route along with Athens and Mykonos. The airline will also relaunch its seasonal flights to Mykonos during the same week.

The three flights per week will operate every Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

“We are pleased to add Santorini to our global network in 2022, with this exciting new destination joining Athens and Mykonos to become our third gateway to this beautiful country. This expansion will further solidify our relationship with Greece,” said Qatar Airways CEO, Akbar Al Baker. 

The Qatar flights will be operated by Airbus A320 aircraft, with 12 seats in Business Class and 132 seats in Economy Class.

The schedule is as follows:

  • Saturday and Sunday – Doha (DOH) to Santorini (JTR) – departs: 7:50 arrives: 12:20 
  • Tuesday – Doha (DOH) to Santorini (JTR) – departs: 10:10 arrives: 14:40 
  • Saturday – Santorini (JTR) to Doha (DOH) – departs: 13:15 arrives: 17:15 
  • Sunday – Santorini (JTR) to Doha (DOH) – departs: 13:20 arrives: 17:20 
  • Tuesday – Santorini (JTR) to Doha (DOH) – departs: 15:35 arrives: 19:35 

10 Amazing Greek Beaches to Put on Your Bucket List

Hot sand, reviving water, ice coffee, a sweet little breeze, as you dip in and out of your dreams – in a fantasy-like landscape! This is the time to start planning your trip to Greece, and one of the best ways is to plan according to the beaches you’ll be visiting.

Here we skip out on the most famous beaches that are written about everywhere and focus on other Instagrammable, drone-worthy coastlines with lovely waters that will probably be a little to a lot less touristy. Tip: June and September are the ideal months for a less busy beach vibe.

Sarakiniko, Milos

Have you been to the moon? Here, you’ll find yourself in a scene surrounded by white volcanic rocks as soft as chalk and shaped like other-worldly sculptures. Admire the deep cove with sparkling green waters that turn to shades of blue in deeper parts. While on Milos, make sure to have a swim at Fyriplaka beach, with powdery white sand and turquoise waters, not to mention the impressive cliffs that change colour (from pink to neon yellow) every few meters. 

Insights Greece - 10 Amazing Greek Beaches to Put on Your Bucket List
Xi Beach, Kefalonia

A somewhat eerie landscape is located in the area of Palika, south of Lixouri. It took its name from the letter “Xi” in the Greek alphabet because of the shape of the bay where it’s located. But what makes Xi beach stand even more is the unusual reddish-cherry colour of the sand. Here you’ll also find clay that you can slap onto your skin for a DIY spa treatment. The most beautiful time for diving is at sunset when the colour of the sand is enhanced and the scenery becomes exceptionally seductive.

Insights Greece - 10 Amazing Greek Beaches to Put on Your Bucket List
Canal D’amour, Corfu

Between Sidari and Peroulades lies this impressive landscape with turquoise waters, white sculptured rock, caves and small beaches. There’s a legend about the Channel of Eros, especially impressive from above (get your drone out) that says that whoever swims in the narrow passage in front of the beach, will meet the love of his life on the other side.

Insights Greece - 10 Amazing Greek Beaches to Put on Your Bucket List
Seychelles, Ikaria

Greece has its own Seychelles! On an island where the beaches are pretty but unremarkable, this beach stands out for its fine white pebbles mixed with sand, massive white rocks that make the landscape space-like, and crystal clear and deep blue waters.

Insights Greece - 10 Amazing Greek Beaches to Put on Your Bucket List
Giola, Thassos

Giola is a spectacular natural rock pool in the Astris area of Thassos. The height of the rocks, which reach about 8 meters high, and the luscious green waters of Giola – in contrast to the dark blue waters of the sea that surrounds it – make this sea pool very special.

Insights Greece - 10 Amazing Greek Beaches to Put on Your Bucket List
Balos, Crete

Admire one of the most exotic beaches in Greece, considered one of the best in the Mediterranean, Balos in the prefecture of Chania. The sand here glistens with white and red hues. The most incredible shades of blue and green compete in the waters, while the islet of Gramvousa with its Venetian castle makes the scene even more magical.

Insights Greece - 10 Amazing Greek Beaches to Put on Your Bucket List
Mavra Volia (Mavros Gialos), Chios

Landscape like a sci-fi movie! It stands out for its black pebbles due to the inactive volcano Psaronas, as well as the crystal clear icy waters that also get their dark colour from the colour of the pebbles.

Insights Greece - 10 Amazing Greek Beaches to Put on Your Bucket List
Saliara, Thassos

The white-white beach with crystal blue waters, known to foreigners as marble beach, owes its colour to the white stone that adorns the coast!

Insights Greece - 10 Amazing Greek Beaches to Put on Your Bucket List
Porto Timoni, Corfu

These are actually two different beaches in sheltered bays, separated by a narrow strip of land. The smaller one is called Limni, while the larger one is called Porto Timoni. The waters here are turquoise and crystal clear. Nature was in a good mood when it formed Porto Timoni in Corfu!

Insights Greece - 10 Amazing Greek Beaches to Put on Your Bucket List
Trypiti or Gala, Koufonisia

The location of Gala is an indentation in the rock that looks like a hole (in the past the locals called it Tripiti) and inside it hides a small beach! You will find it in Ano Koufonissi, very close to Pori beach. In the area, you can also explore the caves of Xylobatis, as well as the cave “The Eye of the Devil”. Beyond Gala, Koufonisia has a coastline that hides incredible landscapes that seem to belong to this land.

Insights Greece - 10 Amazing Greek Beaches to Put on Your Bucket List

Main Image by Find Us Lost ©

Greece’s Summer Season Opens March 1, as Travel Restrictions Ease  

As of Monday, February 7, 2022, travellers to Greece with a European vaccination certificate can enter the country without showing a negative COVID-19 test, as the country prepares to open early for the summer season- marking March 1 as the day that the industry begins to officially welcome international visitors. 

On Friday, Greece’s Health Minister Thanos Plevris announced, “Starting Monday, February 7, those entering the country with a European certificate will do so without a mandatory test.”

Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias supported Greece’s decision on easing travel restrictions for European Union citizens, as the country plans on opening the tourism sector earlier than ever. 

“Our country is taking all the vital steps this year to welcome our visitors for the summer season, earlier than ever before, as of March 1,” Minister Kikilias said. 

“Greece sends a strong message of security to its visitors with a valid European Covid Certificate. The decision follows a number of measures that facilitate potential travellers to plan their visit to Greece,” added Kikilias.

Greece welcomed more than 7.2 million tourists during the January to November period of 2021, however, the government is hoping these numbers increase to pre-pandemic times, with record levels of 2019, when travellers to the country spent more than 18 billion euros, according to receipts. 

For non-European citizens, it should be noted that so far, 33 non-EU countries (and territories) have joined the EU Digital COVID Certificate system, based on EU equivalence decisions. 

The COVID certificates issued in those 33 countries (and territories) are accepted in the EU under the same conditions as the EU Digital COVID Certificate. These countries are: Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Cabo Verde, El Salvador, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Israel, Iceland, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Norway, Panama, San Marino, Serbia, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia, Togo, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the Crown Dependencies (Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man), Uruguay and The Vatican. 

Lufthansa’s New Flights to Greece for Summer 2022

Lufthansa has released its 2022 summer flight schedule, which offers an expanded portfolio of new European destinations, including direct flights from Munich to Kalamata, as well as new flights to the Greek islands of Samos and Skiathos.  

Lufthansa’s summer flight schedule will launch on March 27, 2022 and the airline also announced frequency increases on current routes and the resumption of services. It will now serve over 160 destinations in Europe, with more destinations from its Frankfurt and Munich hub.

According to Lufthansa officials, the number of intra-European connections from Frankfurt and Munich will almost reach the 2019 level with around 5,000 weekly flights.

In Europe, Lufthansa is offering six new holiday destinations from Munich- Kalamata in the Peloponnese, Menorca island in Spain, Varna on the Black Sea, Billund in Denmark and Bergen in Norway are new destinations in northern Europe. Starting in April, Air Dolomiti will also fly from Brindisi in Italy.

Starting with the 2022 summer flight schedule, the company’s Eurowings Discover will also be taking off from Munich with a summer schedule that features 12 Greek islands with the addition of sunny Samos in the Northern Aegean and stunning Skiathos in the Sporades.

Lufthansa also notes that it continues to offer all customers maximum booking security and flexibility. This enables risk-free vacation planning, as all fares can still be rebooked. Customers can find the latest information on entry requirements at Lufthansa.

Image: Samos Island 

Greece’s Tourist Season 2022 to Begin on April 1 

Greece plans on extending its tourist season in 2022, as it will officially kick off on the 1st of April, announced Greece’s Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias on Friday, during the annual general assembly of the Rhodes Hoteliers Association.

“We must be ready by the end of March, as in any case, the new tourist season will commence on April 1st,” said Minister Kikilias, during his speech. 

“The Greek government’s aim is to extend the tourist season. And what we seek is quality in tourism, as well as higher hotel occupancy numbers,” he stressed.

According to the latest reports, Greece welcomed more than two million international visitors in the months of July and August 2021 alone- the highest of any other European nation- with the country looking towards a very optimistic 2022. 

The minister added that the contacts he made at the International French Travel Market, during his recent visit to Paris were very positive, with Greece being a favourite destination for the French this year. More than 450,000 French tourists visited the Greek islands this summer and according to the latest travel agent bookings, those numbers are expected to increase in 2022. 

Minister Kikilias went on to thank the hoteliers of Rhodes and the Association’s President Manolis Markopoulos, for supporting not only the Dodecanese island but the Greek tourism industry in general by operating quarantine hotels and for increasing the salaries of the employees during the challenging last two years. 

15 Greek Islands to Visit for Dekapendavgoustos

One of the most wonderful and unique experiences for visitors to Greece over summer is attending a Panigiri (festival), which take place all over the country. The most glorious Panigiri of all is that of Dekapedavgoustos, which honours Panagia (Virgin Mary) and is celebrated with reverent services and wonderful festivities. 

Held during the peak of summer, August 15 celebrates the assumption of the Virgin Mary– a date that is one of the most important in the Greek Orthodox calendar. Also known as the ‘Summer Easter,’ August 15 is a national holiday that is celebrated throughout the country and includes festivities and fairs that last for days. 

During this period you will find central squares in villages and the courtyards of the churches filled with locals and international visitors who celebrate a day filled with good food, drinks, music, dancing, fireworks and a taste of local culture and traditions. 

Every destination in Greece celebrates August 15 in its own wonderful way and to honour this special occasion, here we’ve put together a list of our 15 favourite Greek islands to experience Dekapendavgoustos. 


The most popular celebration in the country for the commemoration of Panagia’s passing takes place on the island of Tinos, which is home to the Greek Orthodox Church’s holiest church, the Panagia Evangelistria. Thousands of pilgrims arrive in Tinos each year on August 15 to the church that is home to a miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary, discovered underground in 1823. 

Insights Greece - 15 Greek Islands to Visit for Dekapendavgoustos


August 15 is a day-long celebration of the Monastery of Faneromeni in Frini, above Lefkada Town. This is a popular pilgrimage on Lefkada island from the 14 to the 15th of August. Panagia is the Patron Saint of Lefkas and all the orthodox churches of the island honour Panagia during these days with church services and celebrations that includes lots of local food and drinks. 


Celebrating the Virgin of Portaitissa over three days with numerous festivities and events; here you will eat, drink, dance and be merry amongst locals who celebrate in the main town with musicians who make sure the crowds are up and dancing day and night. 


Although there are festivals taking place all over the island, the villages of Pyles, Olympos and Menetes celebrate August 15th until the following day. Here you will find women dressed in their traditional costumes and as they walk to the church service you will see women with bread baskets decorated with flowers as an offering to Panagia. The services are followed by a huge feast, with local music and dancing. 

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The largest island of the Dodecanese has many traditional festivities and events celebrating Dekapendavgoustos, however, the biggest of all takes place at Panagia Kremasti, a village known for its huge panigiri dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Locals come here to take part in the huge street fair that includes free food, drinks and music. During this time the island also celebrates Panagia Tsambika, the island’s holy and miraculous monastery. 

Insights Greece - 15 Greek Islands to Visit for Dekapendavgoustos


Ikaria, is by far the most famous island in Greece for panigiria, and during Dekapendavgousto, the village of Lagada is most well known. Here you will find thousands of locals and tourists of all ages dancing in a giant circle to the Ikariotiko. There is also plenty of local dishes and drinks going around- making it an experience to remember. 

Insights Greece - 15 Greek Islands to Visit for Dekapendavgoustos


On the 15th of August, the most popular celebrations in Lesvos take place in the village of Agiassos, home to Panagia Agiasotissa. Along with a church service and plenty of food and drinks, visitors are also invited to enjoy cultural events such as theatrical performances, dances, exhibitions and concerts. 



August 15th is celebrated in the port town of Parikia, where you will enjoy spectacular fireworks. The Ekatontapiliani church next to the port of Paros is the spot where most people head to on 15 August, as Navy ships also pay their respects to Panagia. There is a procession of the Epitaph of the Virgin Mary and the peak of the celebration is in the evening, with a large festival featuring local music and a fantastic fireworks display from the boats in the bay. 

Insights Greece - 15 Greek Islands to Visit for Dekapendavgoustos


The island of Sikinos hosts one of the Aegean’s most famous panigiria on August 15th in its Hora. During the celebration, the icon of Panagia is carried around during a procession. In the afternoon there is a church liturgy and the day ends with a huge feast and non-stop music and dance. 

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The largest Cycladic island is known for its wonderful festivals and on the 15th of August the entire island hosts events with traditional food, music and dancing. The most popular one takes place in Filoti village, however, there are also great festivals celebrating Panagia at Agersani, Apollona and Apeirantho.


In Spetses, the church of the Dormition of Theotokos in Kasteli celebrates Dekapendavgoustos with wonderful traditions and the whole island attends the festivities to honour the great occasion.

Insights Greece - 15 Greek Islands to Visit for Dekapendavgoustos


Every year in Hydra, the beginning of August marks the start of the “Theomitorika” events, which are organised by the Church of the Dormition of the Theotokos. Festivities peak on August 15 and last all the way through to August 22, as the entire month of August is dedicated to Panagia. 


Nisyros’ largest panigiri dedicated to Panagia is held in Emporio, a charming mountainous village. Locals and visitors gather at communal tables and spend hours eating, drinking, singing and dancing together. Locals start preparing dishes days in advance, as they feed their visitors all day long. 


On the day of the Dormition of the Virgin, Patmos celebrates with a big feast at the Monastery of Panagia Geranou. Traditional dancing, singing, and food are served at events that take place all over the island, mainly in Skala, Kambos and Chora. Church services are held on the 14th and 15th including the procession of Megali Panagia in Chora, next to the monastery of Saint John. 

Insights Greece - 15 Greek Islands to Visit for Dekapendavgoustos


Locals celebrate this Holy Feast from August 6 through to the 15th in the village of Markopoulou, home to Panagia Fidousa, where many snakes of all kinds and sizes are found inside and outside the church. According to legend, this began when the island was attacked by the pirate Barbarossa in 1705 and the nuns in the convent at Markopoulou prayed to Panagia to help them escape and were turned into snakes. Since then, “Virgin Mary’s snakes” enter the Dormition of the Virgin Mary Church and head for the icon of the virgin. The snakes are harmless and, according to locals, bring good luck to the island.

Insights Greece - 15 Greek Islands to Visit for Dekapendavgoustos