Hot sand, reviving water, ice coffee, a sweet little breeze, as you dip in and out of your dreams – in a fantasy-like landscape! This is the time to start planning your trip to Greece, and one of the best ways to may your way is to plan according to the beaches you’ll be visiting.

Here we skip out on the most famous beaches that are written about everywhere and focus on other Instagrammable, drone-worthy coastlines with lovely waters that will probably be a little to a lot less touristy. Tip: June and September are the ideal months for a less busy beach vibe.

Sarakiniko, Milos

Have you been to the moon? Here, you’ll find yourself in a scene surrounded by white volcanic rocks as soft as chalk and shaped like other-worldly sculptures. Admire the deep cove with sparkling green waters that turn to shades of blue in deeper parts. While on Milos, make sure to have a swim at Fyriplaka beach, with powdery white sand and turquoise waters, not to mention the impressive cliffs that change colour (from pink to neon yellow) every few meters. 

Xi Beach, Kefalonia

A somewhat eerie landscape is located in the area of Palika, south of Lixouri. It took its name from the letter “Xi” in the Greek alphabet because of the shape of the bay where it’s located. But what makes Xi beach stand even more is the unusual reddish-cherry colour of the sand. Here you’ll also find clay that you can slap onto your skin for a DIY spa treatment. The most beautiful time for diving is at sunset when the colour of the sand is enhanced and the scenery becomes exceptionally seductive.

Canal D’amour, Corfu

Between Sidari and Peroulades lies this impressive landscape with turquoise waters, white sculptured rock, caves and small beaches. There’s a legend about the Channel of Eros, especially impressive from above (get your drone out) that says that whoever swims in the narrow passage in front of the beach, will meet the love of his life on the other side.

Seychelles, Ikaria

Greece has its own Seychelles! On an island where the beaches are pretty but unremarkable, this beach stands out for its fine white pebbles mixed with sand, massive white rocks that make the landscape space-like, and crystal clear and deep blue waters.

Giola, Thassos

Giola is a spectacular natural rock pool in the Astris area of Thassos. The height of the rocks, which reach about 8 meters high, and the luscious green waters of Giola – in contrast to the dark blue waters of the sea that surrounds it – make this sea pool very special.

Balos, Crete

Admire one of the most exotic beaches in Greece, considered one of the best in the Mediterranean, Balos in the prefecture of Chania. The sand here glistens with white and red hues. The most incredible shades of blue and green compete in the waters, while the islet of Gramvousa with its Venetian castle makes the scene even more magical.

Mavra Volia (Mavros Gialos), Chios

Landscape like a sci-fi movie! It stands out for its black pebbles due to the inactive volcano Psaronas, as well as the crystal clear icy waters that also get their dark colour from the colour of the pebbles.

Saliara, Thassos

The white-white beach with crystal blue waters, known to foreigners as marble beach, owes its colour to the white stone that adorns the coast!

Porto Timoni, Corfu

These are actually two different beaches in sheltered bays, separated by a narrow strip of land. The smaller one is called Limni, while the larger one is called Porto Timoni. The waters here are turquoise and crystal clear. Nature was in a good mood when it formed Porto Timoni in Corfu!

Trypiti or Gala, Koufonisia

The location of Gala is an indentation in the rock that looks like a hole (in the past the locals called it Tripiti) and inside it hides a small beach! You will find it in Ano Koufonissi, very close to Pori beach. In the area, you can also explore the caves of Xylobatis, as well as the cave “The Eye of the Devil”. Beyond Gala, Koufonisia has a coastline that hides incredible landscapes that seem to belong to this land.

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