7 Reasons to Spend Your Summer in Karpathos

The second-largest island of the Dodecanese, Karpathos is a picture of wild, untouched beauty.

Once you’ve driven around the island, explored its stunning beaches and taken in the unique geology that surrounds you, you’ll feel like part of a secret club of those who have been fortunate enough to visit this very special part of Greece. 

Taking in the beauty of Apella beach

The road to Apella beach along the east coast of the island boasts a view of deep blue that sets the tone for the beaches of this island. Somewhere on the road from Kyra Panagia beach to Apella is a section of the road where you can stop the car and take in the beauty of Apella from above. After taking in the majestic bird’s eye view of the turquoise sea lapping against white rocks, drive down the winding road towards the nearby taverna and head the rest of the way on foot. Once you pass through the rocky corridor leading to the beach, find a spot to leave your things and, quite simply, forget about them. You’ll spend the rest of your time floating blissfully in the salty, clear water that will softly nudge you into vacation mode. Insider tip: Apella is, with good reason, a popular beach. Get in early or on a weekday to enjoy this spot without the masses that often follow. 

Strolling through the village of Menetes

The village of Menetes sits between the two coasts of Karpathos. Its alleys lined with colourful homes perched upon the mountain make for a magical late afternoon walk. As the sun starts to set slowly, it leaves a soft glow on the colours of peach, pink, lemon yellow and soft blue. Once you’ve strolled through the town, head to the Church of the Assumption for a picture-perfect view of the town in all its colourful glory. 

Lunching at Folia Taverna 

Spoa is a small, slow-moving village, and that is exactly how the locals like it. Folia Taverna is the quintessential village taverna, serving up classic dishes like souvlaki, fried garidakia (baby prawns) and calamari. Spoa’s close proximity to the small port of Agios Nikolaos means that the seafood is freshly caught, and it also means you have the perfect swimming spot before or after your lunch. The balcony at Folia boasts sweeping views of the village and sea below, however, there is a more authentic local experience to be had at the street-side tables which are usually frequented by the older inhabitants of the village who spend the afternoon in discussion over a beer. 

Swimming at Diakoftis beach

Also dubbed “Paradise beach”, Diakoftis is a beach that lives up to its name. Slightly tricky to find (drive around and behind the airport and take the bumpy road all the way to its end), the reward is a pristine stretch of turquoise that could leave you thinking you’ve been magically transported to the Maldives. Lined with soft white sand, the beach of Diakoftis has two sides to choose from and both promise clear, slightly cooler water. Insider tip: try to plan your trip to Diakoftis on a less windy day for maximum enjoyment. 

Chasing the sunset along the west coast

After taking a late-afternoon dip at the beautiful Lefkos beach, hop in the car and follow the road along the west coast of the island. The low sunlight throws a magical glow on the rocky landscape of the island and leads you all the way to the traditional village of Olympos, where time seems to have stood still. Aside from the ladies dressed in traditional Karpathian costumes selling trinkets, you’ll find a sunset that’s so breathtaking, that even the locals stop what they’re doing to take the view in.

Sampling the local speciality – Makarounes 

When the Italians invaded Karpathos in the early 1900s, they brought with them their love of pasta. Makarounes is the Karpathian combination of handmade pasta and local Greek cheese. A soft, curled pasta made from flour and water, Makarounes are usually served with sautéed onions and topped generously with grated sheep’s or goat’s cheese. Makarounes are found on almost every menu in Karpathos and must be tried at least once. You can also find them dried and available to buy in packets throughout the island to take home with you.

Spending a blissful day at Mikri Amoopi beach

For a day of doing absolutely nothing other than relaxing by the most crystal clear beach you can imagine, head directly to Mikri Amoopi beach. Located next to the larger Amoopi beach, Mikri Amoopi is a smaller bay with a handful of sun beds, often nabbed early in the day. There’s a tavern and a hotel restaurant nearby, which is a good thing because once you arrive at Mikri Amoopi, you’ll want to stay all day.

A Guided Trek Tour Through Nestos Gorge

It’s a sunny Sunday and the early morning drive to Nestos riverside is filled with Abba songs, caffeine and excitement. A three-hour hike through Nestos Gorge is definitely something to be excited about! 

River Nestos separates Macedonia from Thrace and flows into the Thracian Sea, in its famous Delta, which is a National Park. According to Greek mythology, Nestos (or Nessos), a name associated with the verb Nasso, was born at the beginning of time -before humans even existed- along with 12,456 rivers and 3,000 Nymphs. His father was Oceanus and his mother was Tethys.

Nestos is divided into two parts- the Nestos Gorge at Toxotes, Xanthi and the Nestos Delta at Chrysoupoli, Kavala. The views of both are quite frankly breathtaking. 

We arrived at the meeting point, Nestos Adventure Park minutes before our guided trek group departed. The route is not a difficult one to follow but seeing as this was our first time, we figured it would be best to book tickets and go with a guided group- “jaywalking” is my middle name after all. 

The sandy beach at the start of the tour, Galani Beach of Nestos, smelled like fresh river water and pine trees, a beautiful scent that set the mood for the rest of the day. We stopped to stare at the children playing on the shores and the adults about to embark on a kayak adventure. ‘This must be fun,” I exclaimed and my husband agreed that this would be next on our list of baby-free weekend activities. 

The path across the river basin of Nestos on which we were currently loping certainly seemed rather narrower than I had been anticipating. But the golden alluvial land and the blue lagoon unfolding views ahead compensated for the lack of it. 

We were only 10 minutes into our walk when we stopped to admire the views of the continual train tunnels- there are around thirty tunnels along the total stretch of the railway built by French engineers during the Ottoman Empire to create a route that connects Thessaloniki to Constantinople for the famous Orient Express train to pass through. The railway line does not operate anymore but these are a reminder of a once-famous train journey connecting not only the West and the East but also Thessaloniki to Alexandroupoli with multiple picturesque villages in between. 

Further down, the path was getting steeper but the views of the river meanders, the rocky gorge and the stunning mountain backdrop made it impossible not to feel humble and realise that this was perhaps one of the best hiking experiences I’ve ever had in my life! Bridges and 19th-century stone-built tunnels formed a setting that few can forget.

A few benevolent stray dogs accompanied us, wagging tails each time lunch-packed sandwiches made their appearance. After an hour we reached the Viewpoint Nestos Gorge and it was then that our guide shouted that we are halfway through the tour. The views from up here are spectacular – from one side you have the best valley and mountain views and from the other side you can see the stretch of the river. Unintentionally, we found ourselves gazing at the deep end of the mountain and experiencing a feeling of inner peace and solitude. 

Even though there are many trek routes to follow, we chose the hiking route Toxotes – Kromniko, which took four hours to complete and get back to the starting point. The path was walkable and ideal for people of all fitness levels and ages. Among the many things we loved was crossing the riparian forest, watching free horses running in the mountain, having lunch outside the abandoned Kromniko train stop and admiring the three main meanders of the river, which, according to Greek mythology, were created while Nestos was looking for his way between the wild slopes of the mountains.

Once we made it back to the car park, we had a much-needed coffee break to gather some energy and loosen the muscle knots in our legs at Canteen Galani by the beach. The rest of the group went on to have a late lunch at the nearby taverna ‘Ta Tempi tou Nestou’ but we left as we had an hour’s drive to make it home. 

This is the kind of weekend activities I want to see myself doing more of in 2022! 

Tip: Dromeas Thrakis organises guided tours take place every two weeks. You can find more information or book your tickets here

Images by Anastasia Fountouli © (Copyright) 

Where to Eat and Drink in Hydra

A small island in the Saronic Gulf (just 2 hours away from Athens), Hydra is a stunning and aristocratic destination that is one of the only islands in Greece without vehicles, making it a tranquil and laid-back spot to sit back, relax and unwind. 

Perched among thousands of steps and little alleyways, Hydra island offers an easy-going atmosphere, romantic sunsets, and some breathtaking places where you can enjoy fabulous food and drinks. 

When it comes to where to eat and drink in Hydra, our list has it all: from early evening cocktails with light pre-dinner bites to the finest and freshest seafood dishes on offer – you won’t waste a meal, and you certainly won’t leave hungry.

So, if you’re heading to Hydra…here’s where you should eat and drink! 

Techne Restaurant & Social

This seaside eatery is set in a renovated historic building, which, in fact, was an 1870s former boat factory. Located above Avlaki beach, a 10-minute walk from Hydra harbour, they serve great Mediterranean dishes on a stunning terrace that has great views out to the Aegean Sea (perfect place to enjoy a cocktail as you watch the sunset). 

Omilos Restaurant

Boasting an old-world charm, it’s also set right by the water, making it an ideal place for a late lunch or dinner. This chic, all-white waterside restaurant serves modern dishes and local cuisine using fresh ingredients and seasonal produce. 

To Piato

This is a traditional restaurant with a big collection of plates, decorated by guests who eat here. Located in a prime spot, you can see the port while enjoying fabulous dishes. It’s actually located under the shade of the Clocktower of Hydra, right next to the Byzantine Museum and is famous for its great Greek food, relaxing vibe, and warm service.


Is an Italian trattoria, only 150m from the port and is decorated with old photos, tools, and equipment used by sponge divers. Serving traditional Italian recipes made using fresh Greek ingredients, it’s located at a hidden spot behind Hydra’s port. 

Il Casta

Another authentic Italian restaurant found in the alleyways of Hydra’s town, here they serve food from Napoli and the South of Italy. Located just off the port, it features a nice indoor dining space as well as a charming private courtyard. We recommend you try the handmade pasta with fresh seafood and top Italian wines. 

Ostria Tavern 

This is the place to go to for locally caught calamari and other fresh shellfish. Located on the corner of the port, next to the side entrance of Hydra’s Cathedral Temple, it’s the perfect spot for a casual meal. 


Hydra’s most famous café-bar is carved into the rustic coastline near Hydra’s harbour. Embraced by rocks and enwrapped by the sea, it offers a picturesque spot for swimming, diving, as well as a good place to spend the afternoon alternating between a drink and a dip. With a great cocktail menu- make sure you are here in time for the sunset.


Cocktail lovers should head to Amalour and Isalos Café- they are by far the best spots for an aperitivo, wine or any drink of choice! Tip: Isalos is famous for its Caffe del Doge, a specialty coffee from Venice. 

Insights Greece - Where to Eat and Drink in Hydra

Pirate Bar

Another spot for pre-dinner drinks. Located on the corner of the harbour, it’s open all day and is a great place for people-watching or for those wanting to mingle with locals.

Main Images: Techne Restaurant and Social 

Guide to Karpenisi, Greece’s Charming Winter Destination

Whether it’s skiing at the Velouchi Ski Centre, climbing to the Black Cave, or rafting in the Tavropos River – Karpenisi’s rich natural wonders keep adventurers busy and red-cheeked for days.

Located in Evrytania, this traditional and verdant mountain destination offers all the winter charms – pretty architecture, good food and great places where you can curl up by the fire.

Here are the Best Things to See and Do in Karpenisi! 

Ski at one of Greece’s largest resorts

The Velouchi plateau is one of the largest and most challenging ski resorts in Greece. Spread over 5,500 square metres, at an altitude of 1,850 to 2,000 metres, it features 11 slopes. Here you can ski, snowboard, or just sit back and sip on a glass of wine or warm tea as you enjoy the incredible views.

Insights Greece - Guide to Karpenisi, Greece’s Charming Winter Destination
One of Greece’s best winter destinations

Stroll around town

Take a walk around the square to see the historic monuments, including statues of Antonis Katsantonis and Markos Botsaris (heroic figures of the 1821 Greek War of Independence). Also check out the church of Agia Triada, the beautiful plane tree in the centre of the square and the charming mountain-water spring. As you make your way down  Zinopoulou (the main road) you will come across a range of tavernas, kafenion (traditional coffee shops), bars, boutiques, and a variety of stores where you can pick up some local delicacies shopping (make sure your list includes aromatic herbal teas from the local mountains, as well as wild herbs.)  

Experience traditional village life

The beautiful villages surrounding Karpenisi give this place such a unique appeal and each village has its own warm feel. Make sure you check out Korsychades- through this historic settlement’s stone streets, with their well-preserved old homes. In the main square, you’ll find the church of Agios Athanasios, built in 1865, and the historic public school from 1901, which now houses the fascinating Museum of National Resistance. Megalo Xorio (a large village) and Mikro Xorio (a small village) are also must-see spots filled with captivating landscapes. 

Insights Greece - Guide to Karpenisi, Greece’s Charming Winter Destination
Holy Monastery of Panagia Prousso

Spiritual healing

Karpenisi is a very important religious destination in Greece. On the road from Karpenisi to Prousso, there are seven markings of white marble on the dark rock that can be seen on the slope; they have a distinct shape of human footprints which are said to be the actual footsteps of Panagia (Virgin Mary), from when she brought her miraculous icon to the cave. Every year, thousands of pilgrims from around the world also make their way to the historic miracle-working Monastery of Proussos. Here you will find the icon of the Virgin Mary (Panagias tis Prousiotissas), regarded as a miracle worker. The icon is said to have been brought here from Proussa (Bursa) in Asia Minor. 

Insights Greece - Guide to Karpenisi, Greece’s Charming Winter Destination
Bridge over Karpenitsios

Explore the stunning lakes and waterfalls nearby

For a day of adventure head out to Pantavrechi (meaning always rains), where you will discover some wonderful waterfalls. The gorge of Mavri Spilia stands out as one of the most impressive gorges of central Greece, if not of the entire country and is a must! Also, visit Dipotamo- this is where Krikellopotamis and Karpenisiotis rivers merge between two mountains and it looks like a canyon; a perfect spot for river rafting. This is a magical place with lakes, waterfalls, caves, and steep cliffs. Tip: make sure you are wearing comfortable and non-slippery shoes. 

Indulge in local cuisine

Most famous for its locally made fir honey, traditional sausages, katiki or tsalafouti (soft cheeses made with goats and sheep’s milk) here you can taste fresh river trout, as well as traditional pies with handmade filo pastry with various fillings. Karpenisi is also famous for its cold cuts- don’t miss its famous prosciutto.

Insights Greece - Guide to Karpenisi, Greece’s Charming Winter Destination
Rakomelo’s famous Galaktoboureko

You will find a lot of recipes that include locally grown mushrooms; and meat lovers should try the chasapiko (veal-based dish where the meat is slowly cooked in a clay pot on hot sand), wild boar and shallot stew, lamb in a pot, boiled goat, and pork with greens. Other Greek comfort foods to taste here are the giouvetsi (lamb cooked with orzo in a red sauce) and stifado (rabbit stew). We recommend you head to Paradisos Taverna, Ellinon Gefsis, Taverna Mesostrati, Antigoni Pame Platia, Panorama and Kapetanios Tavern for homemade-style dishes. Also, add Mylos Café and Foufis to your list. Last but definitely not least, Rakomelo Karvelis for the tastiest galaktoboureko and ekmek (Greek sweets). And for those who really want to warm up – sip on some Mouro, the local tsipouro made of mulberry distillate.

Stay at a charming boutique hotel

Insights Greece - Guide to Karpenisi, Greece’s Charming Winter Destination
Magemeno Vouno Hotel

For a traditional country-style hotel head to Magemeno Vouno where you will feel as though you have stepped back in time and you can smell the fresh mountain air. For a more modern boutique hotel Oniropetra is set amongst lush surroundings and is 5 km from the centre of Karpenisi, the stone-built Oniropetra Hotel has elegant studios with modern decor, a fireplace and balcony or patio overlooking Mount Velouchi. 

Getting there…

You can drive from Athens to Karpenisi, it takes around 3 hours and 20 minutes, otherwise a bus will take just under five hours. We highly recommend hiring a car, as you will need one to reach most of the areas we have mentioned above. 

Main Images: Magemeno Vouno Hotel 

Athens’ New Michelin Star Awarded Restaurants for 2021

The MICHELIN Guide Athens 2021 has just been revealed, and two new restaurants in the Greek capital were awarded with one Michelin Star, while others received high distinction in various categories. 

“Hospitality is an intrinsic part of Greek culture and our recommended restaurants in Athens show that it is as warm and sincere as ever. Local ingredients and, even more so, local wines have come to the fore in recent years, and it is great for visitors to feel part of the local community. Athens has restaurants for all occasions and they truly reflect all that is best about this amazing city,” announced Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guides.

First new entry to the 2021 MICHELIN Guide with a One Star edition is Pelagos Restaurant, run by Head Chef Luca Piscazzi, who formerly led the team at Two Michelin-starred La Dame de Pic in London. “This stylish, understated restaurant is set within the Astir Palace Hotel, on the Vouliagmeni Peninsula, and boasts stunning sea views. Seafood-based cooking blends refined French techniques with prime Mediterranean ingredients and is characterised by creativity, sophistication and bold yet harmonious flavours,” says the MICHELIN Guide team.  

The other newly awarded One Star restaurant CTC was in fact added to the MICHELIN Guide five years ago and has recently moved to a new location. “Experienced chef-owner Alexandros Tsiotinis leads guests on an 11 course ‘Voyage’ which takes in Greece’s culinary history and blends bold flavours with subtle innovation and originality. His enthusiastic serving team also help to create a charming and truly memorable all-round experience,” they added. 

Retaining their Stars for yet another year are Spondi (Two Michelin Stars) and Botrini’sHytra and Varoulko Seaside; all One Michelin Star.

Two restaurants – Nolan and Oikeîo – retain their Michelin Bib Gourmand for 2021. Joining them is Cerdo Negro 1985, a new addition to the guide; this is a small taverna, run by brothers Konstantinos and Yiorgos who have combined their Greek heritage with a passion for Spanish cuisine.

Five Restaurants Added to the Main Section

– Aleria “sits within a carefully restored mid-19 Century former residence and the jewel in its crown is its lovely walled garden. Classic Greek ingredients are showcased in interesting, colourful combinations.” 
– At Le Pavillon, “the chef-owner welcomes every diner personally. Seafood-focused cooking respects classic techniques but flavours are more delicate than the typical bold Mediterranean style.” 
Okio “has a cool atmosphere and a laid-back vibe. Touches of originality are added to traditional Mediterranean recipes to create vibrant dishes with some bold Asian flavours.” 
– Splendid art deco Athénée “has been lovingly restored by a family team and is once again a place to be seen. It opens all day and serves something for everyone, from Greek classics to sushi and afternoon tea.” 
Annie Fine Cooking “is a homely, colourfully decorated neighbourhood restaurant which spills out into the tree-lined street. Cooking celebrates the country’s produce, with natural flavours and a distinct balance of sweet and sour shining through.”

The MICHELIN Guides are a series of guide books that have been published by the French tyre company Michelin since 1904. The Guide awards up to three Michelin stars for excellence to a select few establishments.

Athens’ Chic New Rooftop Bistro With 360-Degree Views of the City

Located on the 8th floor of the Hondos Centre in Kallithea, a 10-minute drive from the centre of Athens, this stylish new all-day rooftop garden bistro overlooks the entire capital city from above.

So, if you are searching for a chic spot in Athens to grab brunch, lunch, or cocktails- add Delicate Café to your list! Here you can enjoy an artisan coffee of your choice, a delightful brunch menu, and handcrafted cocktails- all while enjoying 360-degree views of Athens. On the one hand, you have the striking Acropolis Hill, while the stunning Aegean Sea is on the other. And with a retractable glass roof- you can sit out here rain, hail, or shine!

The Parisian-inspired terrace is filled with a mix of soft pink and green velvet chairs, marble tables, a charming mint coloured fountain, and endless floral arrangements that add a soft touch to the open space. This has become a regular haunt for Athenians from all over the city who come to experience the wonderful atmosphere- and to grab an Instagram-worthy photo (of course)!

Choose from the brunch menu which includes scrambled eggs, Croque Madame, and pancakes; and if you are after a light lunch there is a range of sandwiches and salads including Caprese, Traditional Greek Salad, and Quinoa. If you are after something more filling there are also handmade burgers, pasta, and risotto; as well as grilled chicken, pork, and the special of the day.

Those with a sweet tooth will be spoilt for choice as there is a lovely range of cakes and pastries, as well as croissants and profiteroles on the dessert menu.

And if you’re just after a refreshment, you can choose from a long list of coffees, fresh juices, herbal teas, and of course a wonderful list of local wines, aperitifs, and cocktails; including the Delicate Mule, which features pink gin, lime, and homemade ginger ale.

A: El. Venizelou 108-110 Kallithea, Athens

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9:30 am to 9 pm, Saturday 9:30 am to 8 pm

Iconic Restaurant in Thessaloniki Set to Reopen After 30 Years

Thessaloniki’s iconic ‘Olympos Naoussa’ restaurant- internationally known as one of Greece’s best eateries of the 1960’s- has received a glamorous makeover and is finally set to reopen its famous doors after 30 years.

Set in a prime seafront location in the centre of the city, just 150 metres from Aristotelous Square, the restaurant is now part of a new stunning boutique hotel that is having its grand opening in January 2022.

The highly-anticipated renovation of Olympus Naoussa is a huge celebration for Greece’s co-capital, which is also known as the country’s centre of gastronomy.  

Featuring large windows that allow guests to enjoy the stunning sea views- the art deco inspired restaurant boasts an open kitchen, patterned floor tiles, chic lighting and pops of greenery that blend in beautifully with the earthy brown tones that dominate the open space.

The new Olympos Naoussa will introduce unique dishes highlighting both Greek and international gastronomy; redefining local flavours, aromas and traditional recipes in the most exciting ways.

“The local Thessaloniki cuisine will be presented as never before, introducing its cosmopolitan mosaic of flavours to locals and travellers. After all, Greek products deserve to be centre stage. Here they will be able to taste a world of unique gastronomy and step into a timeless legend where the menu truly showcases real, creative, incredible food,” says management.

Behind the new menu and leading the kitchen floor will be award-winning top chef, Dimitris Tasioulas, Chef Ambassador of Thessaloniki and chef at Thria, which the Sunday Times named “gourmet destination” in 2019.

Famous for his deep roots in the city’s multicultural cuisine and gastronomic past and present, Dimitris’ previous works of art at Sebriko attracted the New York Times, which recommended his extraordinary plates and unique recipes.

“As the Executive Chef, Dimitris will define his exclusive concepts of naturalness in a rich dining experience. He will bring back the success of the mythical restaurant and continue its legacy with new emblematic tastes and gastronomic forms,” adds management.

Insights Greece - Iconic Restaurant in Thessaloniki Set to Reopen After 30 Years

Along with fine dining, guests will also be able to enjoy pre or after dinner drinks at ON Tiger Loop, where award-winning bartender Achilleas Plakidas and other talented bar staff will be mixing handcrafted cocktails made with unique ingredients.  

“Here you will be able to unwind the senses glass after glass, sipping inspirational cocktails infused with secret ingredients in a totally majestic atmosphere with 80s and 90s music, interaction and a lively vibe that will make you want to return,” concludes management.

A: Leoforos Nikis 5, Thessaloniki

Great New Restaurant in Downtown Thessaloniki

L’Albero is a great new restaurant in downtown Thessaloniki, offering a gourmet menu filled with fresh quality ingredients, authentic flavours, and reasonable prices. 

With a refined-yet-traditional feel, the decor at L’Albero is warm, with earthy tones. And the charming courtyard with pops of greenery is ever-so-inviting. 

The small menu boasts a great collection of authentic dishes including the roasted sweet potato with a tarmac of black-eyed peas and a handmade country sausage with mustard seed. For starters, you can also choose from potatoes fried in smoked pancetta, Burrata with tomatoes and basil, as well as fava with Guanciale and caramelised onions. For a hint of Italian influence check out the light pasta with mussels or the fresh handmade Gnocchi with sage cream and beef cheeks.

For a unique culinary experience, order from the special cuts meat selection- such as the bottom sirloin, rump cap Picanha, butchers steak, and tri-tip- all from premium beef that is cooked at the table right in front of you on special cast iron pans.

Everything you taste at L’Albero is made with the finest ingredients, using the freshest and most seasonal produce that is carefully selected from local producers. 

And we suggest you also take a look at the dessert menu (the pavlova is a stand-out) and the wonderfully curated wine list, which compliments the menu. 

A: Filippou 17, Thessaloniki 

Top 16 Cafes in Larissa: Greece’s Coffee Capital

Larissa is the fourth largest city in Greece- welcoming tens of thousands of visitors each day – it is filled with cafe after cafe. Known as Greece’s coffee capital, here you will be able to enjoy some of the best specialty caffeine in the country.

Just to put it into perspective, Larissa has around 162,000 residents and more than 1600 cafes, which means there is one cafe for every 120 people. From small family-owned cafes to large chain stores, here you’ll discover traditional places to more modern cafes that are always packed with people of all ages- who sit for hours each day enjoying a catch up with friends.

From popular Tachydromeon Square to famous Papakyriazi Street and its charming laneways- we’ve rounded up the best places in the city for you to try a Greek, espresso, or a cold coffee of your choice!  

42 Papakiriazi

This cool little spot in town will make you feel as though you are in Rome, as you can sit at the bar and sip on your espresso, or take a seat outside and enjoy your coffee. 

A: Papakiriazi 42, Larissa  


This cafe is all about the quality of the coffee and the talented baristas’ techniques used to make it- it has lovely indoor and outdoor spaces- making it a great place to catch up with friends. 

A: Protopapadaki 12, Larissa


An eco-friendly cafe, it’s the perfect place to grab a coffee on the run, as you head to work or uni; they also serve fresh juices, fruit salads, waffles, and sandwiches.

A: Papakiriazi 38, Larissa

Ermis Cafe

A modern cafe in the centre of town, locals come here after a day of shopping to enjoy an afternoon coffee and a light snack. 

A: Rousvelt 42, Larissa

Insights Greece - Top 16 Cafes in Larissa: Greece’s Coffee Capital

Las Rambras 

This was the first place in Larissa to serve brunch and with their enticing morning menu, you can also order a great coffee. 

A: Apollonos 8, Larisa Asklipiou 20, Larissa


Good location in the city centre, it offers lovely indoor and outdoor spaces that are modern and light. Come here for a morning coffee and stay till late. 

A: Karditsis 181, Larissa


Launched in Larissa, this is Greece’s answer to Starbucks. With stores now all over the world including in the UK, Australia, and the U.S, Mikel’s offers a full breakfast menu, a wide range of coffee and espresso products. 

A:  Merarchias 1, Larissa

Insights Greece - Top 16 Cafes in Larissa: Greece’s Coffee Capital

Gossip Downtown 

Having opened in the year 2000, this has become a local favourite thanks to its great range of coffee as well as its burgers and homemade desserts. 

A: Kouma 5, Larissa


What was designed as a space for uni students to hang out, has now become a favourite cafe space for people of all ages. 

A: Papakiriazi 18, Larissa

Undo Appetizer Curve

This cozy all-day cafe is the perfect place to start the day, as they serve a great range of dishes for breakfast and a great coffee to go with it. 

A: Asklipiou 23, Larissa 

Dantes Pairing Culture

This stylish all-day cafe/bar is packed from morning till night with locals who come here to sip on their coffee and catch up with friends. 

A: Papakiriazi 36, Larissa


After a long walk around Larissa’s Ancient Theatre, a great coffee awaits you at Aperitton where you can sit at their lovely outdoor setting. 

A: Rousvelt 18, Larissa

Sicily Cafe

Bringing a taste of Italy’s south to Larissa, this coffee chain has become a favourite amongst the locals who also come here to grab a traditional Italian sandwich.

A: Ir. Politechniou 129, Mandilara 21, Larisa, Kouma & Panagouli, Larissa

Bruno Cafe 

Another coffee chain that first opened in 2008, Bruno’s offers an exclusive range of coffees, sweets, and snacks that make up the stores’ menu. With shops all over Greece, there are 24 cafes in Larissa alone.

A: See the full list here.


With chain stores in Thessaloniki, Ioannina, and Trikala, this is a great place to grab a range of takeaway coffees and sweets. 

A: Farsalon 76, Larissa

Kiou The Workshop

A chic little cafe that serves a good range of coffee, tea, homemade sweets and savoury treats. 

A: Ir. Politechniou 26, Larissa