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Discover Milos’ Most Beautiful Beaches

Milos, with its beautiful beaches, has now become one of Greece’s most sought-after summer spots. 

This Cycladic island of volcanic origin features over 70 stunning beaches – from Sarakiniko, the most famous thanks to its unique lunar landscape, to Kleftiko, with its crystal clear waters- you really are spoilt for choice here! 

What makes these beaches so unique is their interesting rock formations that create an impressive landscape, and although you can’t go wrong with any of them- when visiting Milos these are the spots I highly recommend for an unforgettable swim! 

-Start off at the one-of-a-kind, lunar landscape of Sarakiniko which is featured on countless postcards (and for a good reason). 

-Then make your way over to the beach of Firiplaka for crystal clear waters and breathtaking rock scenery as its background. A huge sea boulder divides the organised part with a beach bar and sun loungers (for rent) from the “untouched” side. 

-Tsigrado is a magical beach that owes its existence to perlite (a type of obsidian from the volcano of Firiplaka) that can be reached by boat or by climbing a rope ladder. 

-Add the caves of Papafragas to your wish list; a long-narrow fjord-like inlet featuring blue-green waters and grey-white rocks. Swim under the caves of Papafragas, alongside the ruins of the prehistoric town of Fylakopi, while listening to the hum of the Aegean Sea, and the turquoise waters rising beside you.

–  If you prefer sandy beaches then make your way over to Agios Konstantinos. Also known as Alogomandra, it features soft, fine sand and is the perfect place for a quiet swim. 

– Don’t leave Milos until you’ve been to Fyropotamos, a small settlement with a lovely beach and shady trees. On the right side of the beach, you will find the “Syrmata”, which are colourful and unique- highlighting the raw beauty of Milos.

Where the locals go: The residents of Plaka, the island’s capital, head to their secret sandy beach of Plathenia, which is perfect for sunset watching as well.

Tip: On the days when the meltemia (winds) blow on the northern shores, the beaches of the southern side are ideal. At the beach of Paliochori, hot springs well up so check it out. And look out for the Mediterranean monk seal, an endangered and protected species, that roams around the Milos western coast.

Extra tip: take a tour around Milos in order to discover the famous bay of Kleftiko with crystal clear waters and perfectly white rock formations in the background, the underwater sea caves of Sykia, -among others- and certainly the uninhabited island of Polyegos with exquisite waters. I would strongly recommend choosing Thalassitra, a replica of the dominant early 20th-century, traditional Milos craft. The captain cooks (onboard) ten authentic Milos recipes in Sifnos clay dishes- making it a really memorable experience for more reasons than one. 

All Images by Polina Paraskevopoulou ©


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