Rents Rise for Homes by the Sea in Athens

Winter or summer, a place by the beach has always a special appeal. With demand for homes shifting away from central Athens due to the pandemic, there is a clear preference for larger, more spacious houses in the capital’s less crowded suburbs.

This has boosted the average price of renting a house in the southern suburbs by 2.1 percent to 10.21 euros per sq/m in the third quarter of the year, data shows. This compares with 9 euros per sq/m in the city center and 9.47 euros per sq/m in the northern suburbs, where demand has been strongest recently.

A recent breakdown of figures provided by RE/MAX shows that rent prices along the southern Athens coast vary.

Progress on the construction of the Ellikino complex at the former international airport has boosted demand in the area as the development project is seen transforming the southern stretch, boosting its strong appeal among locals and foreigners. The beach area does not have access to the Athens subway which services the southern suburbs but further inland, along Vouliagmenis Avenue.

Most of the stretch, however, on the beach is well serviced with buses and the tram line. The majority of areas are also in close proximity to central Athens and landmarks, such as the Acropolis.

Glyfada remains a popular choice, costing 9.60 euros per sq/m, according to RE/MAX data. Next door in Voula, rents are cheaper at 7.80 euros per sq/m.

In Alimos, monthly rents for houses are at 7.9 euros per sq/m, versus 7.80 euros per sq/m in Elliniko and 7.30 euros per sq/m in Paleo Faliro.

Further out, the affluent area of Vari-Varkiza tops the rent price list at 9.50 euros per sq/m.

Near the Port

Down by the port of Piraeus, the country’s largest, prices are lower but fast-rising. Figures show that the price of renting a home in the suburbs of Piraeus rose 14.7 percent in 2021 to 6.88 euros per sq/m, from 6 euros previously. Along with improving infrastructure in the area, the construction of new office buildings has drawn large multi-national tenants, boosting housing needs.

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Glyfada’s Healing Salt Cave

I live in the centre of Athens, and regardless of how much Lykavvitos’ greenery replenishes my spirit when gazing out at it every day, the air (and sound) pollution is an accumulative problem.

Insights Greece - Glyfada's Healing Salt Cave
A range of massages available

With autumn in the air, I’ve been fantasising about a holiday near the mountains, but my commitments are keeping me firmly rooted in urban existentialism. When I nagged a friend about this she suggested I try halotherapy in southern Athens. Does that entail becoming a saint and getting my own wreath of golden light? I asked. Not really. Halotherapy, a Greek-origin word based on the words halo or ialo for salt, and also known as salt therapy, involves sitting in a space made up completely of kinetically activated dry salt. The salt is usually mined from Poland and Kashmir, India from a depth of 350 metres underground, as well as from the Dead Sea. Apparently, just 45 minutes in a salt cave equates to three days of frolicking in a seaside paradise; health benefits include an uplifting disposition, detoxification of the respiratory system (the negative ions in salt have antimicrobial, anti-fungal and antibacterial qualities) and the regulation of the nervous and immune systems. 

Insights Greece - Glyfada's Healing Salt Cave
Yoga classes at the salt cave

Seeking a good dose of physical-emotional seasoning I visited the Salt Cave in Glyfada to experience it for myself. I’m not one to skimp on therapeutic, hands-on treatment, especially when it comes at very reasonable prices, so I also booked a massage to boost the benefits. The manager informed me that many come here to just sit and breathe, while some come to meditate and attend popular yoga classes. Once a week, sound baths (with gongs and singing bowls) take place, and independent therapists periodically book the space for their own healing workshops. 

The womb-like ‘cave’ is a room in which the ceiling, floors and walls are all completely covered in tons of salt, with a tranquillising soft pink-orange light glowing through. There are two fountains that create humidity (around 50-60%) and the temperature is at 22 degrees C, which feels neutral in winter and refreshing in summer. A skilled massage therapist helped me stretch and ‘open’ my tightly-wound body with a mix of traditional Thai massage and deep-muscle oil massage, followed by a facial that sent me into a deep sleep. I woke up feeling deeply renewed and was breathing more deeply, as lately. All the products she used included salt combined with oils, herbs and flowers with sweet aromas that enhanced the floaty feeling I walked out with. She told me that salt isn’t just detoxifying for the skin (and beneficial for conditions like eczema and psoriasis) but also makes it softer and soothes inflammations because it is so rich in minerals. Most people come here to relieve stress, although some people with more chronic conditions like insomnia, depression, digestive issues or a weak immune system have found that coming here has alleviated their symptoms. 

I’ll be honest, as I approached the Salt Cave, located in Glyfada, I wasn’t sure what to expect; but I found the experience refreshing, unique (and it is the only one of its kind in Greece) and therapeutic, and recommend it – unless you suffer from kidney problems, are allergic to iodine or are undergoing chemotherapy. The service was friendly and I felt the benefits for at least a few days. This will definitely be on my stuck-in-the-city list of weird and wonderful places to go.

Visit the Glyfatha Salt Cave here. 

16 Coolest Neighbourhoods to Visit in Athens

Planning a trip to Athens soon? We’ve chosen a handful of the top neighbourhoods in the Greek capital that are perfect to visit during your holiday. And with so much rich history and culture, plus great cafes, eateries, and boutiques, these spots are sure to delight all the senses.


The oldest part of Athens, Plaka is a picturesque neighbourhood filled with beautiful houses, loads of restaurants and cafes, and some of the city’s best museums and archaeological sights. 

Insights Greece - 16 Coolest Neighbourhoods to Visit in Athens



Reminiscent of a small Cycladic island with its white cubic houses and blue doors and windows, this area is partially covered by beautiful bougainvillea. Anafiotika is an oasis of tranquility in the centre of the Greek capital and a spot to take amazing photos. 

Insights Greece - 16 Coolest Neighbourhoods to Visit in Athens


An older residential neighbourhood, Koukaki is close to Plaka, but far less touristy and much quieter than the more popular central neighbourhoods. Here you will find some great spots to grab a coffee and bite to eat. 

Insights Greece - 16 Coolest Neighbourhoods to Visit in Athens
Image @athensguide


One of Athens’ most upmarket neighbourhoods, Kifissia is about 45 minutes from the centre of Athens via metro. Perfect place to stroll around and enjoy the greenery, and also the place to go if you are looking for some boutique stores and gorgeous cafes. 

Insights Greece - 16 Coolest Neighbourhoods to Visit in Athens
Image @pinterest


A wonderful place buzzing with colourful taverns, cafes, and bars, Psirri comes alive at night with locals and international visitors who gather to enjoy a casual dinner at one of the many traditional taverns. 

Insights Greece - 16 Coolest Neighbourhoods to Visit in Athens


This is Athens’ central square and home to the Greek Parliament House and where you will catch the Evzones (changing of the guards.)  It’s also the top of famous Ermou Street, the city’s busiest shopping strip. 

Insights Greece - 16 Coolest Neighbourhoods to Visit in Athens


Upscale, and filled with designer shops, museums, cafes, restaurants, and bars, Kolonaki is a glamorous neighbourhood at the foot of Lykavittos Hill and a place where you will find locals wining and dining on any given evening. 

Insights Greece - 16 Coolest Neighbourhoods to Visit in Athens
Image @travelzonegreece


The Northern suburb of Chalandri is one of the hippest neighbourhoods in Athens and a great place to visit. From a great range of eateries, bakeries, and cafes to unique bookstores, jewellery shops, and cinemas, there is something here to suit all tastes. 

Insights Greece - 16 Coolest Neighbourhoods to Visit in Athens


With an array of amazing places to eat and drink, Pangrati features some trendy shops, art galleries, and some amazing buildings. Pangrati is also home to Athens’ oldest cinema, Pallas, which opened in 1925.

Insights Greece - 16 Coolest Neighbourhoods to Visit in Athens
Image @cntraveller


This neighbourhood in Athens has received a major makeover over the last few years and has now become one of the most popular spots for Athenians. With some must-see galleries, all-day cafes, and ancient sites, you can spend all day here and it’s still not enough. 

Insights Greece - 16 Coolest Neighbourhoods to Visit in Athens


A great place, especially over summer as it’s a favourite venue for open-air events and festivals. Athenians love coming here for a catch-up with friends at one of the many cafes. Make sure you check out the museums and the open-air Cinema, which opened in 1935. 

Insights Greece - 16 Coolest Neighbourhoods to Visit in Athens
Image @trip2athens


Another upscale area of Athens, Glyfada features seaside living complete with endless restaurants, bars, and boutique stores. The area is very popular, especially over summer where it gets packed with international visitors making the most of the Athenian Riviera views. 

Insights Greece - 16 Coolest Neighbourhoods to Visit in Athens

Voula/ Vouliagmeni

Also along Athens Riviera, here you will find some of the city’s best beaches and swimming spots, as both neighbourhoods (located next to each other) are upscale residential areas. The “downtown” of Voula has lots of restaurants and cafés, and Vouliagmeni is home to some of the most luxurious hotels in Athens. 

Insights Greece - 16 Coolest Neighbourhoods to Visit in Athens


From fine dining restaurants to little-known archaeological treasures, there’s a lot more to Piraeus than its port. With great bakeries and cafes to the Piraeus Archaeological Museum, make sure you add this neighbourhood to your list. Zea Harbor is also located here; it’s a promenade of restaurants, cafés, and home to lots of fancy yachts.

Insights Greece - 16 Coolest Neighbourhoods to Visit in Athens


This is actually a small section of the central suburb of Pangrati that has a character of its own. Less than a 10-minute walk to Syntagma Square and to the Acropolis, where you feel as though you are in a small town rather than a big city. It’s away from the crowds and tourists and a place where you will get a real sense of old Athens.  

Insights Greece - 16 Coolest Neighbourhoods to Visit in Athens


Only a ten-minute walk from the Acropolis Museum and lots more historical sites, this is another lesser-known neighbourhood in Athens. Full of charming cafés with outdoor tables, it’s a great place to stroll around. Make sure you stop off at the National Museum of Contemporary Art. 

Insights Greece - 16 Coolest Neighbourhoods to Visit in Athens
Image @greeka

20 Best Things to Do on the Athens Riviera

Heading south from the Greek capital you will come across a stunning coastline known as the Athenian Riviera. Here you will discover fabulous bars, fine restaurants and luxurious resorts, not to mention some of the city’s best beaches, tailor-made tours and designer shopping.

With neighbourhoods such as Cape Sounio, Faliro, Alimos, Glyfada, Vouliagmeni, Voula, Kavouri, Varkiza, and Lagonissi side by side, this is the ideal spot to enjoy a luxurious getaway.

Explore Pireaus

A gateway to Greece for those arriving or departing by cruise ship to the islands, many people merely transit Piraeus, the starting point of Athens Riviera. You should make time to explore the cafés at Zea Port offering views across the Saronic Gulf and luxury yachts moored; it’s the perfect place to unwind and sip on your Frappe or Freddo. Here you can dine at the Michelin star seafood restaurant Varoulko, also make sure to check out the Hellenic Maritime Museum; Kastela and Mikrolimano have a great range of traditional Greek dishes too. 

Insights Greece - 20 Best Things to Do on the Athens Riviera

Visit Lavrio Town

On the other side of the Riviera peninsular, you will find Lavrio, a smaller and prettier port town, filled with luxurious yachts and lots of locals and international visitors walking across the busy harbour. For a cultural experience, head to the small Archeological Museum and the Mineralogical Museum that showcases the area’s once famed mining district; several mines can be found in the surrounding villages. 

Swim at one of the Beach Inlets

Athens Riviera is the most popular place for swimming in the Greek capital. You will find the beach inlet of Limanakia along the coast road to Vouliagmeni; explore the small coves and deep blue waters reached by walking down rocky paths.  The second inlet in this area features Lefteris’ Canteen, an authentic spot to have a coffee and treat. Windsurfers head to Anavyssos beach where there is also a playground, beach volleyball court and a stretch of sun loungers and umbrellas.

Spend an Entire Day at a Beach Bar

The beach bars on the Athens Riviera are super glamorous and you can arrive here from the early morning and stay for sunset and sunrise! Some of the most popular are Balux Seaside Cafe in Glyfada. Yabanaki in Varkiza is great for water sports (from SUP and windsurfing to wakeboarding and banana boat rides for kids). The House Project is great for families; you can rest assured kids will be entertained for hours on end here.  

Insights Greece - 20 Best Things to Do on the Athens Riviera

Check out the Famous Astir Palace 

For the most upmarket experience, lounge at the newly renovated and reopened Astir Palace in Vouliagmeni, where the luxurious services are second to none. The Astir Beach Club is one of the most exclusive organised beaches of the Riviera. Set along 900 feet of coastline, it offers beach beds and cabanas, massage therapists, sports such as paddleboarding and yoga classes, designer Greek shopping boutiques, and attentive food and drinks service at your beach bedside. There’s also a selection of fine dining restaurants, including Italian, a modern Greek tavern, Latin American Grill House, a seafood restaurant, as well as a golden-age glamour, exclusive cigar lounge. 

Insights Greece - 20 Best Things to Do on the Athens Riviera

Take a Dip at Lake Vouliagmeni 

For an unforgettable swimming experience, head to Lake Vouliagmeni. It’s a natural spa lake with fresh spring and seawater where the water is warm in summer and winter, making it a popular spot year long. Here you can also have a natural pedicure as it’s full of garru rufa fish—also known as the Dr Fish that nibble off dead skin. 

Insights Greece - 20 Best Things to Do on the Athens Riviera

Visit Cape Sounio and the Temple of Apollo 

A visit to Sounion is a must when you are on this side of the world. Here lies the Temple of Poseidon, at the top of the cliff; one of the most significant monuments of Ancient Greece and a cornerstone of history. Here you’ll see the ruins of the 6th century B.C. Temple of Apollo. Built in 444 B.C. atop the headland to honor the sea god. Locals and overseas guests visit Cape Sounion and the Temple at sunset to catch one of the most spectacular images.

Insights Greece - 20 Best Things to Do on the Athens Riviera

Savour Farm to Table Dishes

For something completely different, Margi Farm, in the countryside of the Riviera at Kalivia, 13 miles from Vouliagmeni beach, showcases fresh vegetables and herbs, grown to provide produce that is used by the chefs to create fresh and organic dishes. Surrounded by vineyards and olive trees it’s available for private or group bookings and giving people the chance to experience authentic farm life and organic Greek dining in a beautiful natural rural environment. Each menu is carefully selected and based on the vegetables in season, from farm to fork.

Cruise the Athens Riviera in a Vintage Car 

For an unforgettable experience, drive a classic car on the coastal road of the Athens Riviera and take in the magical scenery. Offering transfers and tours to popular destinations along the Athenian Riviera, there is a unique collection of classic cars to choose from at Odeego’s fleet, which consists of classic cars of the 1960s and 70s, which have been fully restored and available for tours. 

Insights Greece - 20 Best Things to Do on the Athens Riviera

Eat Your Way Around Athens Riviera

There are so many great options and some of the standouts are Krabo in Vouliagmeni; while Matsuhisa Athens serves Nobu’s signature sushi and for great Italian check out Mercato. If you like to rub shoulders with the rich and famous, head to Island- here you will surely spot international designers, artists and athletes. For one of the best views and great food, make your way to Helios. One of the area’s most loved spots, which frequently serves some of the world’s leading A-listers on their visits to Athens is Ithaki in Vouliagmeni’s Laimos. While Moorings, in the same location, is another must. We also recommend Kastelorizo in Varkiza, Ark, Sardelaki and Mezze in Glyfada and if you are in the mood for something sweet don’t miss the waffles and ice cream at the famous Waffle House.

Shop Till You Drop 

The southern district is well-known for its chic shopping strip in Glyfada, where you’ll find a wide range of boutiques and concept stores such as SOHO-SOHO, Ensayar,  with a range of jewellery, sandals, high-end fashion; as well as international stores such as Tommy Hilfiger, Zara, H&M and Pull&Bear. 

Explore Athens Riviera with an Archaeologist

Bespoke travel specialists such as Alternative Athens can take you to Cape Sounion in a chauffeured limo for a sunset date with Poseidon’s mighty temple, or to another historical site nearby, accompanied by an archaeologist who will reveal the rich history of the area. 

Insights Greece - 20 Best Things to Do on the Athens Riviera

Sail the Athens Riviera

Admire the Athens coastline from the deck of a luxury catamaran on a private half-day or full-day cruise with Sailing Athens, while you swim or snorkel the day away in clear blue waters along the way.

Eat Freshly Caught Fish by the Sea

Milos at Sea—a new venture from the world-famous seafood restaurant—will take you on a culinary odyssey aboard a 113-foot yacht. Dine on freshly caught fish, enjoy a cooking lesson and wine and cheese tastings, and work off all the delicious meals paddle boarding or kayaking.

Insights Greece - 20 Best Things to Do on the Athens Riviera

Take a Helicopter Ride Over Athens Riviera 

Get a different perspective on the Athens Riviera on a helicopter tour with Athens Heli Tours. The epic landmarks and glittering beaches look even more spectacular from the sky. 

Spend a Day at Stavros Niarchos Cultural Centre

In Kallithea, you will find the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre, a new state of art facilities and a landmark of cultural exhibitions within Athens. It includes the brand new facilities of the National Library, the National Opera and the Park that hosts various performances and events- a great spot for families. 

Walk Along Flisvos Marina

Either you just want to walk around or enjoy a coffee and sweet at one of the many cafés along Flisvos. It’s particularly pretty at night and here you will come across a wonderful open-air cinema- make sure to catch a movie here if time permits. 

Make the most of Alimos

Alimos is a great place to spend a day. Here you can enjoy a swim at one of the organized beaches and have coffee or drink at the popular Nalu café or Bolivar beach bar. If you are lucky you may even get to see a free concert as both beach bars are known to host a range of local and international artists. 

Insights Greece - 20 Best Things to Do on the Athens Riviera

Watch the Sunset at Balux The House Project 

One of the most beautiful and popular places in Athens Riviera is Balux, which received a makeover a few years back and has now become a spot where you can spend endless hours relaxing, eating and drinking with friends. It’s also perfect for families as there are so many kid-friendly options here. 

Dive off the Rocks at Vouliagmeni

Choose your favourite spot and dive off the rocks at Limanakia, located at the base of the coastal road of Vouliagmeni in the direction of Varkiza! 

Nomsy, a Smart New Arrival in the Athens Souvlaki Scene

Keri Golas was creating and making things ever since her childhood in Philadelphia PA, but hadn’t imagined then that she’d be opening a stylish souvlaki restaurant in Athens one day. 

Driven by a thirst to explore the art world, Keri studied visual arts in university, focusing on metal sculpture, printmaking, and glass blowing. Food was her other passion and skill and especially unique and cultural foods that she often convinced her family to try. Cooking for family and friends has always been one of her greatest pleasures, although she also cooked professionally for several years and many different restaurants.

What brought you to Greece?

I met my husband in Philadelphia, PA, and we decided to get married and move back to Greece, which he always knew he wanted. I was always up for travelling and adventure, so jumped right in and we came to Greece to live and start a family at the very end of 2005 and have been here since. We now have three children, all with a deep love and appreciation for good food, maybe to a fault!

Insights Greece - Nomsy, a Smart New Arrival in the Athens Souvlaki Scene

Why did you decide to open Nomsy? And why Glyfada?

I cook constantly and my husband has thought about me opening something for a long time, and I’ve always thought about doing something with cooking but wasn’t sure what. While my husband doesn’t cook much himself, he grew up around and worked in his
father’s business, “O Thanasis” in Monastiraki, Athens. He appreciates good food and the world of restaurants and knows the business pretty well.

Glyfada was a happy accident. We live in the northern suburbs, so were looking for something closer to home, when a friend of ours introduced us to a RE agent in Glyfada with a few well-priced options. And we found something we were happy with and went for it. In the end, we decided to go in the direction of the business my husband and his sister knew so well, with a modern and maybe somewhat American style from me. And, Nomsy was born.

Insights Greece - Nomsy, a Smart New Arrival in the Athens Souvlaki Scene

What does Nomsy mean?

We liked Nomsy because we felt like it bridged the two worlds in a smart way, “nostimo gefsi” and nom-nom – which is a food expression for “incredible tasty” used in the US.

What is the main concept of the restaurant?

Modern day Athenian foods made with great care and respect to their history, while introducing new ways to see and experience these flavours.

Can you give us a glimpse of your menu?

We have many of the traditional kebab, skewers, gyros dishes, but we make and process all the meat ourselves with our own recipes. We have a unique Black Angus gyros, and do not sell any pork. We have some international influences or fusions, and just try to keep things fresh, healthy and done well, we added a few vegetarian and vegan options as I think this important to include.

Insights Greece - Nomsy, a Smart New Arrival in the Athens Souvlaki Scene

Will you will be introducing more meat-free dishes to Nomsy’s menu in future?

I was a vegetarian for a long time and know that it can be hard to find a restaurant that includes both meats and vegetarian options on their menu, so wanted to have something that went along with our food concept, was fun and tasty. Of course, I have so many ideas of things we could do, but we take it slow, and as business gets better we will start to introduce more items and change things to try new ideas out.

Any future plans?

My husband and I are really focused on creating a great place to work and eat in the Athens area. Somewhere that inspires people and shares the passion and beauty of Greece with them. We really care about people having a great experience with us. Part of my need to create things and cook for people is that I have a deep desire to bring joy, beauty, and a deep caring to people’s lives. Food is a great, and very accessible way to do this.

A: Artemidos 3, Glyfada , Athens

12 Best Things to Do at Cape Sounio

Less than an hour’s drive from Athens, Cape Sounio is the ideal weekend getaway or perfect day trip from the Greek capital. There are plenty of things to see and do at this beautiful spot and we reveal what not to miss when visiting! 

1. Explore the 444BC Temple of Poseidon, honouring the Olympian God of the Sea. It is located at the edge of Cape Sounio at the southern coast of Attica, with breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. If you can only be here for a few hours make sure it’s during sunset from the temple’s ruins, which is by far one of the best sights in all of Greece.

Insights Greece - 12 Best Things to Do at Cape Sounio

2. With its crystal clear and calm waters, the beaches surrounding this area are ideal for people of all ages who can take in the blue sea and its surrounding beauty. For a swim that offers amazing views of the Temple, head to Sounio Beach or the Aegean Hotel, which are organised and offer umbrellas. Legrena is also one of the largest and most popular beaches in the area. 

3. KAPE deserves a mention of its own. With a beach bar right on the water, you can order a Freddo/Frappe, cocktail or a light lunch. It’s a relaxing place to sit and watch the sun and the sea while tanning away or dipping into the crystal clear water. 

4. Have a pampering day at Elixir Spa Retreat. The spa offers a range of natural therapies based on Greek herbs and flowers. After a pampering therapy, you can enjoy the nearby gardens whilst sipping on a freshly-prepared tisane from the resort’s organic garden, or enjoy the Greek sun along with your favourite book by the pool.

Insights Greece - 12 Best Things to Do at Cape Sounio

5. If you are after some action head to Lavrio where you can rent boats or equipment and go scuba diving or sail into the Mediterranean Sea.

6. For some great Asian check out So Oriental,  one of the most unique Asian restaurants near Athens. Here you can relax on one of the outdoor swing-beds which doubles as your dining table.

7. If you love seafood Cape Sounio offers plenty of fish taverns to choose from. Our favourites include Marida, Taverna Syrtaki and Stamatis

8. For an unforgettable fine dining experience, The Restaurant, located on the rooftop terrace at the Grecotel, is a gourmet eatery that boasts a Greek-French menu designed by acclaimed chef Sakis Tzannetos.

9. Chill out at the stylish Panorama Lounge Bar overlooking the Temple at Sounio and take in the splendid atmosphere while you relax on the peaceful terraces beside the water and fire fountains.

10. Book a scenic sunset sailing tour, where you can truly enjoy the magnificent Athenian coastline, as you swim in crystal blue waters and secluded bays far from the crowds. In the early evening you can enjoy the magical sunset; and for those who really want to indulge,  book a private chef who prepares your lunch and dinner on board. 

Insights Greece - 12 Best Things to Do at Cape Sounio

11. Stroll along Lavrion, which is on the tip of Attiki and famous for its lovely marina. The Ancient Theater of Lavrion is a fantastic historical landmark situated very close to the shores of the marina and will surprise you with its unique architecture. 

12. Last but not least, make sure you snap away as Sounio really is one of the most iconic sights in mainland Greece and a must for photographers. Have your camera ready as there will be plenty of great shots that are more than just Insta-worthy! 

Getting there

Take the bus (KTEL) from Athens, or travel by car along the coast of Athens and Attica, as you pass by Athens’ Riviera and its glamorous neighbourhoods including Glyfada, Vouliagmeni, Varkiza and Lagonisi. 

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Our Essential A-Z Athens Guide for Wine Lovers

You’ll probably find decent, perhaps even great wine at most decent bars around Athens today. But if you want a place that specialises in wine and offers amazing varieties -that you can enjoy by the glass too – look no further than our guide! You’re welcome! 

A For Athens

Vibe: Smart-casual, friendly, relaxed rooftop bar with stunning views of the Acropolis and city.

Wine List: Greek and foreign wines in a newly extended cellar that can house up to 2,500 labels.

Food: Anything from the restaurant’s dinner menu, from burgers and malt chicken to finger foods and meze dishes. The sommelier is happy to suggest foods that pair well with your wine of choice.

Location: Miaouli 2, Monastiraki


Vibe: Cosy, casual-chic, friendly, all-day bar-restaurant with small tables as well as a large monastic bench and an outdoor square.

Wine List: Around 140 labels from Greece and abroad, 42 of which can be sampled by the glass. Baratin’s knowledgeable and friendly sommeliers are happy to help you imbibe on exactly what you desire.

Food? Try the carefully sourced Greek cheeses, salads, sea bream risotto and cold cuts for an ideal accompaniment.

Location: Dekeleias Avenue 120, Nea Filadelfia


Vibe: Trendy, chic, hipsterish

Wine List: Around 200 labels from Greece and abroad as well as cocktails made using Greek wines (not easy to find elsewhere!).

Food? Indulgent accompaniments to share with your wine buddies include cevice, roast beef with truffle sauce and homemade mayo, stuffed figs with caramelised onion and creamy goat cheese and bruschetta with Greek cheeses.

Location: Anastasiou Zinni 36, Koukaki

By The Glass

Vibe: In an elegant arcade facing the Russian Orthodox Church, chic, buzzy.

Wine List: You can choose among 250 Greek and global wine labels, 50 of which can be served by the glass using the Coravin system.

Food? An array of modern Mediterranean platters and appetizers, many of them designed especially to be paired with their wines.

Location: Filellinon and Georgiou Souri 3, Syntagma.

Cava Vegera

Vibe: Friendly, laid back and smart-casual.

Wine List: Over 1000 Greek and foreign labels.

Food? A menu based on deli products that are seasonal and make for great accompaniments to your wine of choice. The menu changes every three months.

Location: Poseidonos 11 & Vas. Pavlou 61, Voula.

Cinque Wine Bar & Deli

Vibe: An ebullient ambiance usually pervades in this compact, cosy and familial locale.

Wine List: Very special because here you’ll find only Greek indigenous varieties passionately sought out by the wine-fanatic owners. The Monastiraki store organizes excellent wine tastings.

Food? Homemade chutneys, great platters of deli foods from Greece and abroad.

Location:Agatharchou 15, Psyrri & 10 Vorreou St Monastiraki

Fabrica De Vino

Vibe: Modern, upbeat, elegant but unpretentious. A-buzz during weekend nights.

Wine List: 600 labels by 150 producers from around Greece, 20 of which that can be sampled by the glass.

Food? Mainly fish and seafood (try the fish fillet sandwich), as well as some well-prepared meat dishes.

Location: Emmanouil Benaki, Exarcheia

Fiali Wine Bar

Vibe: Elegant, minimal and fresh décor with a laid back, chic crowd.

Wine List: Selective and lesser-known but good-quality labels from small wine producers around the world, 40 of which can be sampled by the glass.

Food? A gratifying selection of tasty, cold and hot Tapas, salads, pizza and other comfort food.

Location: Dekelias 108, Nea Filadelfia


Vibe: Cultural, homey, low-key chic.

Wine List: Over 200 labels from Greece and abroad.

Food? Homemade quiches and pies, platters of cheese and cold cuts.

Location:Fokionos 2 & Petraki 30, Monastiraki

Kiki de Grece

Vibe: Elegant, upbeat, smart-casual.

Wine List: Around 60 Greek and foreign wine labels.

Food? From appetizers to mains, you’ll find a great selection of Greek-Mediterranean dishes.

Location: Ipittou 4, Syntagma

Materia Prima

Vibe:  Contemporary, urban-chic and cosy.

Wine List: Over 500 wines from around Greece and abroad, including labels you won’t find in most other places. Expensive wines can be sampled by the glass using the Coravin method. Wines can also be bought to go.

Food? Breakfast and brunch during the day, finger foods and Mediterranean meals in the evenings.

Location: Falirou 68, Koukaki, across the EMST National Museum of Contemporary Art.

Monk grapes and spirits

Vibe: Arty post-industrial open terrace with a laid-back ambiance.

Wine List: 200 labels from 136 wineries in Greece and 16 countries, many expensive labels can be sampled by the glass via the Coravin method.

Food? Modern Greek cuisine.

Location: Aghias Eirinis Square, Monastiraki


Vibe: Originally a wine shop that has now added seating, this is very much a wine-centric point in town for those who take wine seriously.

Wine List: Over 1000 labels from all over the world. Every week there is a new selection of wines that can be sampled by the glass.

Food? Cheese platters and Mediterranean dishes.

Location: Voulis 45-47, Syntagma.


Vibe: Wine bottles line the high-ceilinged stone walls of what was once an old storehouse, and at the end of the room from top to bottom stands a large cava.

Wine List: Over 350 labels mainly from southern France, Spain, Italy and Greece.

Food? A decent range of Greek-Mediterranean cuisine, from appetisers to mains.

Location: Polidekous 39, Piraeus.

Scala Vinoteca

Vibe: Sophisticated, intense, stylish.

Wine List: Over 200 labels from Greece and abroad.

Food? Refined and contemporary Mediterranean dishes with influences from Latin America, Spain and Italy.

Location: 50 Sina str. & Anagnostopoulou, Kolonaki


Vibe: A stylish and classical-modern large open space ideal for work dos and larger gatherings.

Wine List: Over 250 labels from quality Greek winemakers and abroad, including a selection of hard to find Italian wines. Here you can try any wine you like by the glass via the Coravin method.

Food? Try the platter with aged cheeses and cold cuts, as well as other Mediterranean dishes.

Location: Marangou 18, Glyfada


Vibe: A large, modern open space for smart-casual wining and dining with great service.

Wine List: The only place in Athens where you can choose among 600 labels to try by the glass – either a full glass or even just a half glass.

Food? Platters with quality cheeses and/or cold cuts, original Greek-inspired appetisers like Pastitsio croquettes and mains.

Location: Mitropoleos 66-68, Syntagma


Vibe: Sophisticated but unpretentious, laid back and indulgent.

Wine List: With a wine cellar stocked with over 500 Greek and foreign wine labels, Warehouse has become known for its quality selections and serves around 150 of them.

Food? Greek ingredients farmed by select small producers around the country, food platters and salads.

Location: Valtetsiou 21, Exarcheia

Wine Not

Vibe: Swing jazz music, after-work chill, industrial décor.

Wine List: Around 90 wine labels, 20 of which can be sampled by the glass.

Food? Try the cheese and cold cuts platter with homemade chutneys and jams.

Location: Kalogrezis 12, Halandri

Wine o’ Clock

Vibe: A tiny place with a few benches on the pavement where you can people-watch as you sip wine.

Wine List: Around 70 well selected wine labels, many of them from Greece and 20 of them that can be sampled by the glass.

Food? Small platters with flavoursome bites that are just what you need to accompany good wine.

Location: Lebessi 10, Makryianni

Wine Point

Vibe: Usually busy and lively, with occasional live gigs and a laid back, smart-casual crowd.

Wine List: Over 200 labels to choose from, and with a different Greek winery and its wines presented as a special every month.

Food? Finger foods and bites like bruschetta, olives, cold cuts and cheeses from around Greece.

Location: Athanasiou Diakou & Porinou 2, Makriyianni

Wine Station @ Chocolat Royal

Vibe: Jazzy (with occasional live gigs too) and easygoing with a chic twist. Beautuifully scenic outdoors with a view of the Parthenon to get drunk on.

Wine List: Regional wines from Greece that are really hard to find elsewhere, as well as top selections from foreign wineries. Around 160 labels of which 40 can be sampled by the glass.

Food? Choose anything you like from the Chocolat Royal Restaurant menu of contemporary Mediterranean cuisine.

Location: Apostolou Pavlou 27, Thisseio

Wine Up

Vibe: With a lovely outdoor garden, this is the ideal place to relax with friends in a casual set-up and simply enjoy great wine in the summer months, but gets a little more trendy and modern indoors during cooler months.

Wine List: Featuring over 200 Greek labels, many of which are organic and produced by small quality wineries around Greece.

Food? A variety of platters starring quality Greek seasonal ingredients from creamy cheeses and punchy olives to juicy tomatoes.

Location: Eleftheriou Venizelou 86, Petroupoli

Own property in Greece? What to do and what not to do  

Οwning property in Greece brings with it some exciting prospects but what exactly do you do with it? 

Greek laws are complex, the market is constantly changing and finding the right people to work with is a key challenge in an economy that lacks the stability seen in many other parts of the world.

The action plan depends on the type of asset owned, whether it is an apartment or a block of land. Those who have in their possession a stand-alone home or an apartment may have less to do but face many factors when making a decision.

With the arrival of Covid-19, the trend in the market right now is clear.

Home owners in Greece have been removing their apartments from short term rental platforms at a fast pace and putting them up for regular long-term rents. The number of visitors looking for a place to stay in the country for a few nights has dried up amidst the pandemic and not expected to see any strong growth any time soon.

The increase in supply has driven rents lower in some areas though prices are generally holding ground. Data from home classifieds site shows that the price of renting in central Athens in the second quarter of the year eased 0.64 percent from the first three months of the year, to 9.38 euros per square meter. Having a place in southern Athens, in areas like Glyfada and Voula, may fetch you 10.37 euros (sqm), while in the northern suburbs the monthly rate is 8.46 euros (sqm), according to the site.

Those in possession of a block of land, have more work to do.

Architect Katerina Sirouni tells IN+SIGHTS GREECE that to get the ball rolling, the first step is the due diligence process.

“In the event of inheritance, I would recommend them to consult with a notary public to guide them on the steps needed to be taken as well as inform them on any possible hidden surprises,” she says.

“After dealing with the ‘not so fun’ challenging process of ensuring ownership rights, the next step is to answer the question of what to do with the land. Factors such as up-keeping expenses need to be considered if keeping the property but it’s important any decisions should not be based on emotional connections,” she said.

Whether a land owner wants to build their own Graceland in Greece or looking for something smaller, there will be large demands on their time and budget. Some estimates place the cost of constructing a home at about 1,200-1,300 euros (sqm).

“It’s important to connect with your architect and discuss all the possible challenges and contingencies involved from making design choices to maintaining a realistic budget. From ideas to completion, there are three main phases to follow. Based on the zoning restrictions of what can be built and the factors of the plot such as size, shape and orientation, we work on a concept design which leads to the final design layout,” says Sirouni.

“The next phase involves issuing the building permit with a team of other engineers needed to implement the project, structural and mechanical. The final issuing may vary, depending on specific approvals that may be required. Once the permit is issued, we’re all set to go,” she adds.

Image via Hidden Greece