Top 10 Souvlaki Shops in Athens

Souvlaki is by far Greece’s most popular and famous street food. And with so many souvlaki shops in Athens to choose from, we’ve narrowed it down to our Top 10 Souvlaki spots for you to try on your next visit to the Greek Capital. 


For the coolest souvlaki joint in Athens, head to Hoocut (created by five talented Greek chefs) it features a butchers counter, bakery, and grocer store on site. Everything here is made from scratch, including the pita bread and homemade fries; and you can watch the creative chefs in action as they cook your meat exactly the way you like it. 

A: 9 Agia Eirini Square, Monastiraki

O Thanassis 

By far one of the most well-known souvlaki stores in Athens, the family-run shop opened its doors in 1964 and is located in the heart of Monastiraki, at the bottom of Mitropoleos Street. Here you will find crowds of people waiting to try Thanassis’ famous pork, beef, or chicken souvlaki.  

A: 69 Mitropoleos, Monastiraki

Lefteris O Politis

Located right behind Omonia Square, Lefteris o Politis opened back in 1951 and has been a local favourite ever since. Don’t expect to find a menu here, as there is only one souvlaki served- spicy meat made of beef (which originated in Constantinople) cooked on a traditional grill and served with tomato, onion, and parsley. 

A: Satovriandou 20, Athina


A new stylish souvlaki restaurant that’s just opened up in the Athens Riviera neighbourhood of Glyfada. Nomsy serves traditional kebab, skewers, gyros dishes and they process all the meat themselves using their own recipes. Nomsy’s have unique Black Angus gyros and some international influences or fusions too. 

A: Artemidos 3, Glyfada 

Insights Greece - Top 10 Souvlaki Shops in Athens

O Kostas 

By far the most popular souvlaki store amongst Athenians, Kostas’ has been serving its traditional souvlaki for over 70 years. Don’t expect anything fancy, here it’s all about quality and authenticity. The meat is cooked to perfection and served on pita bread with plain Greek yogurt (not tzatziki), tomatoes, and onion. Hands down one of the best souvlaki we’ve ever tasted.  

A: 5 Pentelis, Syntagma


This traditional souvlaki and gyros shop located in the centre of Athens, at Exarcheia, is a great spot for a traditional souvlaki wrap on the run. Here you can choose from chicken, pork, kebab, or sausage.

A: Valtsetsiou 62, Athens


Another local fave, Kostas (not O Kostas) always has queues of people waiting to grab a simple yet tasty pork kalamaki that is served with homemade fries, onion, tomato, and a rich and spicy homemade tomato sauce (their own secret recipe). 

A: 2 Agia Eirinis, Monastiraki 


Tsi Tsi 

With three shops in Athens, one located on the main shopping strip of Glyfada, another in Agia Paraskevi and the third in Kifisia, Tsi Tsi serves traditional souvlaki made using high-quality meat. The modern eatery has indoor and outdoor seating, or you can order your souvlaki and take it away as you enjoy your day of shopping. 

A: Leof. Dimarchou Aggelou Metaxa 50, Glyfada; Agia Paraskevi in Agio Ioannou 42; Kifisia Street Ilision 25

Kalamakia O Elvis 

With one store in Kerameikos and another in Pangrati, Elvis’ offers great pork and chicken souvlaki. Open till late, it’s the ideal place to stop off in the early hours of the morning (after a big night out).  

A: 29 Plateon, Kerameikos; 1 Archimidous, Pangrati

Insights Greece - Top 10 Souvlaki Shops in Athens

Kalamaki Bar 

Located in Koukaki and only three blocks away from the famous Acropolis, this modern grill house serves good quality meat skewers using free-range chicken, lamb, or pork that can be served traditionally or for something different, combine it with Haloumi (cheese) or mushrooms.   

A: Drakou 15, Koukaki

Nomsy, a Smart New Arrival in the Athens Souvlaki Scene

Keri Golas was creating and making things ever since her childhood in Philadelphia PA, but hadn’t imagined then that she’d be opening a stylish souvlaki restaurant in Athens one day. 

Driven by a thirst to explore the art world, Keri studied visual arts in university, focusing on metal sculpture, printmaking, and glass blowing. Food was her other passion and skill and especially unique and cultural foods that she often convinced her family to try. Cooking for family and friends has always been one of her greatest pleasures, although she also cooked professionally for several years and many different restaurants.

What brought you to Greece?

I met my husband in Philadelphia, PA, and we decided to get married and move back to Greece, which he always knew he wanted. I was always up for travelling and adventure, so jumped right in and we came to Greece to live and start a family at the very end of 2005 and have been here since. We now have three children, all with a deep love and appreciation for good food, maybe to a fault!

Insights Greece - Nomsy, a Smart New Arrival in the Athens Souvlaki Scene

Why did you decide to open Nomsy? And why Glyfada?

I cook constantly and my husband has thought about me opening something for a long time, and I’ve always thought about doing something with cooking but wasn’t sure what. While my husband doesn’t cook much himself, he grew up around and worked in his
father’s business, “O Thanasis” in Monastiraki, Athens. He appreciates good food and the world of restaurants and knows the business pretty well.

Glyfada was a happy accident. We live in the northern suburbs, so were looking for something closer to home, when a friend of ours introduced us to a RE agent in Glyfada with a few well-priced options. And we found something we were happy with and went for it. In the end, we decided to go in the direction of the business my husband and his sister knew so well, with a modern and maybe somewhat American style from me. And, Nomsy was born.

Insights Greece - Nomsy, a Smart New Arrival in the Athens Souvlaki Scene

What does Nomsy mean?

We liked Nomsy because we felt like it bridged the two worlds in a smart way, “nostimo gefsi” and nom-nom – which is a food expression for “incredible tasty” used in the US.

What is the main concept of the restaurant?

Modern day Athenian foods made with great care and respect to their history, while introducing new ways to see and experience these flavours.

Can you give us a glimpse of your menu?

We have many of the traditional kebab, skewers, gyros dishes, but we make and process all the meat ourselves with our own recipes. We have a unique Black Angus gyros, and do not sell any pork. We have some international influences or fusions, and just try to keep things fresh, healthy and done well, we added a few vegetarian and vegan options as I think this important to include.

Insights Greece - Nomsy, a Smart New Arrival in the Athens Souvlaki Scene

Will you will be introducing more meat-free dishes to Nomsy’s menu in future?

I was a vegetarian for a long time and know that it can be hard to find a restaurant that includes both meats and vegetarian options on their menu, so wanted to have something that went along with our food concept, was fun and tasty. Of course, I have so many ideas of things we could do, but we take it slow, and as business gets better we will start to introduce more items and change things to try new ideas out.

Any future plans?

My husband and I are really focused on creating a great place to work and eat in the Athens area. Somewhere that inspires people and shares the passion and beauty of Greece with them. We really care about people having a great experience with us. Part of my need to create things and cook for people is that I have a deep desire to bring joy, beauty, and a deep caring to people’s lives. Food is a great, and very accessible way to do this.

A: Artemidos 3, Glyfada , Athens