Sure, you’ve got a lot to see, do and buy as you casually stroll the elegant streets of Kolonaki, but to experience the real magic of this famed Athenian neighbourhood you need to check out the cool cafes, trendy bars, and classy restaurants.

So, to make your life easier, we’ve come up with the ultimate guide to eating and drinking your way around this ultra-chic district. We suggest you do yourself a favour and just bookmark this list.


Matzarou 3

For exceptional cocktails, a fabulous set-out, and a great vibe head to Matzarou 3 where you can enjoy your drink of choice amongst the local crowd who can be found upstairs at the cozy terrace or spilling out onto the street. 

A: Mantazarou 3, Kolonaki 

Mai Tai

Some of the best cocktails in Athens can be found at Mai Tai, a stylish spot where the talented barmen create specialty drinks such as Tsipouro infused with Florina peppers, olives, and elderflower tonic. Enough said.

A: Ploutarchou 18, Kolonaki 


Fancy a drink in between all that shopping? T5 is a cozy all-day bar with a very attractive crowd that come here for the tasty concoctions and tempting bar menu- with lots on offer to accompany your Martini.

A: Tsakalof 5, Kolonaki 

Minnie the Moocher

For a more glamorous atmosphere, Minnie the Moocher is a classy bistro with a wide selection of deluxe spirits, signature cocktails, as well as an extensive wine list. And we can’t forget to mention the gorgeous glassware and chic serving dishes that make the experience extra special.

A: Tsakalof 6, Kolonaki 

The Stinking Bishop

For a more laid-back vibe, The Stinking Bishop is a great place to grab a drink and enjoy a lovely cheese platter with friends. The extensive wine list includes local varieties as well as many whites and reds from Italy, France, and Spain.

A: Loukianou 36 & Spefsippou, Kolonaki 



For an all-day wine bar, Warehouse sits on the border of Kolonaki and neighbouring Exarcheia. This local favourite is loved for its range of wines and refreshing cocktails. Providing a chilled atmosphere, it’s a perfect spot to sit back and have a glass, or two, or three…

A: Valtetsiou 21, Athina 

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