Greek Frappe is famous worldwide. But what is this coffee which Greeks drink with so much pleasure?

By Maria Athanasopoulou

It’s a cold instant coffee with foam on top and you will find it on the menu of every cafe throughout the country. It was invented by accident in 1957 by Dimitris Vakondios from Thessaloniki.

Its great success is due to its addictive flavour- plus the fact that it can easily be prepared in your own kitchen- has made it a hit in Greek households.

A simple shaker is the only utensil you need to make one. Sugar, coffee, and a quarter of glass water are poured into a shaker, and after shaking it well you add several ice cubes, more water and some milk (optional). Your Greek Frappe is ready. Remember to always serve it in a tall glass.

Today, a Freddo Cappuccino is also very popular (the younger generation by far prefer this style) but the Greek frappe is still the most well known cold coffee not only in Greece but amongst Greeks abroad who can order it in Greek-owned cafes around the world, and they also make it at home. In recent years it has been introduced in other countries too, mostly by those who have happened to spend a holiday in Greece during summer, tasted the Greek Frappe, loved it, and took the concept back home.

One of the most “classic” scenes defining a relaxing getaway in Greece, is watching large groups of people at seaside cafes, enjoying the sun and the beach, with a tall glass of Frappe in hand. This beverage really has become synonymous with friendly discussions and warm weather. If you have already tasted it, then most likely you have been fascinated by its original taste. If you have not tried it yet, then do so, and discover what this popular type of Greek coffee is all about!

Maria Athanasopoulou is the founder of the tourism marketing company Respond On-Demand, co-founder of the non-profit company Top Tourism, Chairwoman of the World Food Travel Association, Ambassador in Greece of Evintra and Ambassador in Greece and Cyprus of World Gourmet Society. She likes exploring new places and cultures and loves discovering unexplored tourism destinations. During her trips, she does her best to find out and present the most interesting aspects of the destination she has just visited.

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Guest Writer

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