Where to Eat and Drink in Hydra

A small island in the Saronic Gulf (just 2 hours away from Athens), Hydra is a stunning and aristocratic destination that is one of the only islands in Greece without vehicles, making it a tranquil and laid-back spot to sit back, relax and unwind. 

Perched among thousands of steps and little alleyways, Hydra island offers an easy-going atmosphere, romantic sunsets, and some breathtaking places where you can enjoy fabulous food and drinks. 

When it comes to where to eat and drink in Hydra, our list has it all: from early evening cocktails with light pre-dinner bites to the finest and freshest seafood dishes on offer – you won’t waste a meal, and you certainly won’t leave hungry.

So, if you’re heading to Hydra…here’s where you should eat and drink! 

Techne Restaurant & Social

This seaside eatery is set in a renovated historic building, which, in fact, was an 1870s former boat factory. Located above Avlaki beach, a 10-minute walk from Hydra harbour, they serve great Mediterranean dishes on a stunning terrace that has great views out to the Aegean Sea (perfect place to enjoy a cocktail as you watch the sunset). 

Omilos Restaurant

Boasting an old-world charm, it’s also set right by the water, making it an ideal place for a late lunch or dinner. This chic, all-white waterside restaurant serves modern dishes and local cuisine using fresh ingredients and seasonal produce. 

To Piato

This is a traditional restaurant with a big collection of plates, decorated by guests who eat here. Located in a prime spot, you can see the port while enjoying fabulous dishes. It’s actually located under the shade of the Clocktower of Hydra, right next to the Byzantine Museum and is famous for its great Greek food, relaxing vibe, and warm service.


Is an Italian trattoria, only 150m from the port and is decorated with old photos, tools, and equipment used by sponge divers. Serving traditional Italian recipes made using fresh Greek ingredients, it’s located at a hidden spot behind Hydra’s port. 

Il Casta

Another authentic Italian restaurant found in the alleyways of Hydra’s town, here they serve food from Napoli and the South of Italy. Located just off the port, it features a nice indoor dining space as well as a charming private courtyard. We recommend you try the handmade pasta with fresh seafood and top Italian wines. 

Ostria Tavern 

This is the place to go to for locally caught calamari and other fresh shellfish. Located on the corner of the port, next to the side entrance of Hydra’s Cathedral Temple, it’s the perfect spot for a casual meal. 


Hydra’s most famous café-bar is carved into the rustic coastline near Hydra’s harbour. Embraced by rocks and enwrapped by the sea, it offers a picturesque spot for swimming, diving, as well as a good place to spend the afternoon alternating between a drink and a dip. With a great cocktail menu- make sure you are here in time for the sunset.


Cocktail lovers should head to Amalour and Isalos Café- they are by far the best spots for an aperitivo, wine or any drink of choice! Tip: Isalos is famous for its Caffe del Doge, a specialty coffee from Venice. 

Insights Greece - Where to Eat and Drink in Hydra

Pirate Bar

Another spot for pre-dinner drinks. Located on the corner of the harbour, it’s open all day and is a great place for people-watching or for those wanting to mingle with locals.

Main Images: Techne Restaurant and Social 

Exploring Samothrace’s Natural Pools

Samothrace is a beautiful island of the Northern Aegean, filled with evergreen forests, splendid waterfalls and dreamy natural pools named Vathres.

The island captures visitors with its unspoilt natural beauty as it boasts waterfalls, rivers, springs, natural pools, hiking trails, gorges, and tall rocks. There are more than 100 natural pools located all around the island; found amongst lush vegetation, tall plane trees, waterfalls, and streams. 

Insights Greece - Exploring Samothrace’s Natural Pools
Swim in the waterfalls | Image @marie._tsol

If you enjoy hiking, you will love the imposing Mount Saos that reaches a height of 1,600 meters. From here trails will lead to the well-known Vathres of the island. Starting from the village of Therma known for its thermal, sulfur springs, there are two trails that lead to Gria Vathra. 

The largest stream of the island comes from Fonias and one of its waterfalls, Klidosi reaches an impressive height of 35 meters. The waterfalls of Kakia Plaka, of Karia, those of Xiropotamos, Arapi, Karagiannakis, and the other rivers of Samothrace are also worth a visit, as you are able to stay close to nature and make the most of the lush foliage surrounding the water.

You may also want to visit Vdelolimni, one of the island’s most important wetlands, located at the start of the Fonias water stream.

Also make sure you visit Kremastos, the largest waterfall in the Mediterranean Sea,  whose waters fall directly into the sea from a height of 100 meters. Generally, the southern part of the island is full of waterfalls that fall into the crystal sea water of remote beaches you can reach only by boat. 

Insights Greece - Exploring Samothrace’s Natural Pools
Stunning waters year-round

If you are seeking more adventure you can also explore the wild mountains and the beautiful nature, after the waterfalls, you can also try climbing. Feggari is the highest peak of the island, while Sfentami is a hot spring in a mountain plateau, where you will be able to enjoy the theapeutic benefits of a natural spa.

Getting there

The best way to get from mainland Greece to Samothrace is via the port of Alexandroupoli in Northern Greece, which takes around 2 hours and is available year-round. During the peak summer season, from Athens, you can catch a ferry from the port of Lavrion.

10 Best Things to do in Patmos

The Aegean island of the Apocalypse is known as the place where Saint John the Theologian wrote the Book of Revelation. 

It’s a nostalgic destination, offering wild beauty, a striking coastline with light blue waters, a medieval Chora, a maze of alleyways filled with cascading bougainvillea, and beautiful doors; the imposing Holy Monastery of Saint John the Theologian, great food, and friendly locals. Patmos is an unspoiled island that you should explore at your own pace. 

Make sure you add these 10 things to do in Patmos to your list for when you visit! 

1. Get wonderfully lost in the alleys of Patmos’ Chora 

Insights Greece - 10 Best Things to do in Patmos
Charming alleyways

The capital of the island, Chora, stands on top of a hill overlooking the Aegean Sea. It is perhaps one of the most charming Choras of Greece. The whitewashed houses, the elegant fortified medieval mansions with the magnificent low doors, and characteristic small windows stand out as they contrast with the dark, fortified walls of the Monastery of Saint John. Take a serene stroll through the alleyways and passages and feel the peaceful and spiritual atmosphere. For dinner choose “Vaggelis” that sits in one of the most intimate squares in the world. The setting is gorgeous, likewise the food. 

2. Have breakfast or a “meze” at Katoi 

Insights Greece - 10 Best Things to do in Patmos
Traditional eatery

At the entrance of Chora, you will find a breathtaking place that has been open since 1627 and carries memories of over 300 years. “Katoi” is a traditional kafenio with an atmosphere that reminds visitors of old Patmos through engravings, photos, old objects, and true Greek hospitality.  Here the steaming coffee is accompanied by handmade sweets while the mezedes that accompany the tsipouro and ouzo came are straight from Yiayia’s secret treasure chest. The small veranda outside with the stunning view is a reminder of how beautiful life is. 

3. Enjoy the sunset from Jimmy’s Balcony

Insights Greece - 10 Best Things to do in Patmos
Polina enjoying the majestic views

Housed in a traditional 1795 building, at the entrance of Patmos Chora, very close to the Monastery, Jimmy’s balcony is the place to be for panoramic views across the north side of the island. Here you can see the nearby islands and the port of Patmos in Skala while enjoying tasty and very well-cooked dishes. The owner, Jimmy, has many stories to tell you, so you should definitely take the time to chat with him. 

4. Relax all day long at Atmos Patmos

At the beach of Kambos, there is a new gem, under the name of Atmos Patmos. It is an exquisite and authentic beachside restaurant that provides high-quality food for those that wish to combine fun and enjoyable ambiance with skillful cooking into one extraordinary dining experience. From morning until night, you can unwind by the sea. 

Insights Greece - 10 Best Things to do in Patmos
Meet local artisans

5. Meet the artist Andreas Kalatzis at his unique gallery in Chora 

It is not easy to pass by his gallery, settled in a 1740s traditional home, and not take a look. You will probably spot Andreas Kalatzis, barefoot, working on an art piece, or other artists painting on the floor. Everything about him, his life, and his work are incredibly inspiring. If you ask for his business card, he will take a small piece of paper and draw at that very moment something different each time, depending on what he sees. On the back, he will write his name and telephone number. In the gallery, you will find a beguiling mix of abstract oils, sculptures, and quirky photography. 

6. Explore Skala, the main port of the island

Insights Greece - 10 Best Things to do in Patmos
Wander around the port

Skala is the largest settlement on the island, located right at the center of Patmos. Here you can discover the 17th century Church of Agia Paraskevi of Cavos with its magnificent view, an ancient ruin of an acropolis, the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi, and the church of Panagia Koumana. After sightseeing sit down at the long-standing taverna of Pantelis (running since 1950) and enjoy traditional Greek cuisine. Once a week, there is live Greek music where everybody dances in the middle of the street. And don’t leave before tasting the delicious handmade Italian ice cream from Gelateria Marechiaro, known as “O Italos”.  


7. Have a romantic dinner by the sea at “To Tsipouradiko Mas”

Insights Greece - 10 Best Things to do in Patmos
Discover nearby villages

At this place, you sit on tables that are literally on the sand next to the waves; enjoy the sunset and the sea breeze while you savor seafood delicacies at its’ best. This is the exact image of a heavenly dinner in Greece we all have in mind as we try getting through winter.  

8. Take a day trip to the islands of Arki, Marathi, and Lipsi

Join a boat excursion that runs daily from the northwest end of Skala quay to the islets of Arki, Marathi, and Lipsi. Arki and Marathi offer exquisite sandy beaches while Lipsi has more to see and do.

9. Visit the Monastery of St. John and the cave of Apocalypse

Head to the thousand-year-old monastery early in the morning in order to avoid the heat and enjoy the breathtaking views. The Cave of Apocalypse is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The tour guides explain the story of St John and the revelations he received from God through a cleft in the rock in the year 95AD. 

10. Have dinner at Benetos

Insights Greece - 10 Best Things to do in Patmos
Seaside dining

Located at a charming spot by the sea, Benetos is an elegant restaurant set on a farm by the sea, at Sapsila, just outside the town of Skala. Benetos serves classic Mediterranean dishes with a modern twist, while also including some Asian-infused dishes. The eclectic menu is a result of the chef’s extensive traveling and sampling of unique regional dishes throughout Europe and the United States. Emphasis is placed on using the freshest ingredients including local fish, and fresh vegetables and herbs from their own organic garden, located in front of the restaurant. Note: it is a little bit pricey and you should make a reservation.  

How to get there

The fastest way to reach the island of Patmos is by air, via Samos, Kos, Leros, or Kalymnos. Catamarans and ferryboats depart from these islands, daily. Alternatively, you can take the boat from Piraeus that leaves 3-5 times a week and the duration of the journey is approximately 7-8 hours. 

Where to stay

Onar Patmos, a resort hotel just a few metres away from the shore, close to the fishing village of Grikos. Ideal for families, couples, or a group of friends who are looking for a luxurious and tranquil feel. 

Langada traditional farmhouse, which was developed during the centuries, around a small chapel and a central patio, overlooking Kambos beach. 

All images by Polina Paraskevopoulou © (Copyright) 

Why Now May Be the Best Time to Work Remotely from Greece

If answering business calls and sending work emails with the Aegean Sea as a backdrop sounds like a dream, now could be the best time for you to pack your laptop and head to Greece, as the country is looking to make the move as easy as possible for digital nomads. 

According to the publication Protothema, Greek authorities are looking to launch a special visa for digital nomads, who are classified as people who work remotely, telecommuting rather than being physically present at a company’s office.

With more and more people working from home and realising they have the ability to perform their duties from anywhere in the world, Greece is set to draw an increasing number of digital nomads, with authorities looking to introduce a special visa for remote workers. 

“We must create an attractive environment for people that choose this advanced way of working,” said Migration and Asylum Minister Notis Mitarachi in an interview with Protothema. 

This comes after legislation passed in Greek Parliament last December, allowing digital nomads to half their income tax for the first seven years. From January 2021, the scheme opened to both employed and self-employed workers as long as they have not previously been a tax resident of Greece. 

And if you still aren’t convinced Greece should be your next stop for work and play, chief economic adviser Alex Patelis says, “Greece is naturally blessed with a great climate, lots of sunshine, and it has both beaches and mountains.” Apart from the great weather and beautiful landscapes, he also added that working from Greece has other benefits, such as “a strong currency, the euro, and the safety of the EU.” 

And from a technical perspective, the rollout of 5G networks has already begun in major Greek cities and towns and will also be introduced to the Greek islands, which is expected to be viewed as an advantage for those looking to live and work anywhere across the country. 

12 Best Things to Do at Cape Sounio

Less than an hour’s drive from Athens, Cape Sounio is the ideal weekend getaway or perfect day trip from the Greek capital. There are plenty of things to see and do at this beautiful spot and we reveal what not to miss when visiting! 

1. Explore the 444BC Temple of Poseidon, honouring the Olympian God of the Sea. It is located at the edge of Cape Sounio at the southern coast of Attica, with breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. If you can only be here for a few hours make sure it’s during sunset from the temple’s ruins, which is by far one of the best sights in all of Greece.

Insights Greece - 12 Best Things to Do at Cape Sounio

2. With its crystal clear and calm waters, the beaches surrounding this area are ideal for people of all ages who can take in the blue sea and its surrounding beauty. For a swim that offers amazing views of the Temple, head to Sounio Beach or the Aegean Hotel, which are organised and offer umbrellas. Legrena is also one of the largest and most popular beaches in the area. 

3. KAPE deserves a mention of its own. With a beach bar right on the water, you can order a Freddo/Frappe, cocktail or a light lunch. It’s a relaxing place to sit and watch the sun and the sea while tanning away or dipping into the crystal clear water. 

4. Have a pampering day at Elixir Spa Retreat. The spa offers a range of natural therapies based on Greek herbs and flowers. After a pampering therapy, you can enjoy the nearby gardens whilst sipping on a freshly-prepared tisane from the resort’s organic garden, or enjoy the Greek sun along with your favourite book by the pool.

Insights Greece - 12 Best Things to Do at Cape Sounio

5. If you are after some action head to Lavrio where you can rent boats or equipment and go scuba diving or sail into the Mediterranean Sea.

6. For some great Asian check out So Oriental,  one of the most unique Asian restaurants near Athens. Here you can relax on one of the outdoor swing-beds which doubles as your dining table.

7. If you love seafood Cape Sounio offers plenty of fish taverns to choose from. Our favourites include Marida, Taverna Syrtaki and Stamatis

8. For an unforgettable fine dining experience, The Restaurant, located on the rooftop terrace at the Grecotel, is a gourmet eatery that boasts a Greek-French menu designed by acclaimed chef Sakis Tzannetos.

9. Chill out at the stylish Panorama Lounge Bar overlooking the Temple at Sounio and take in the splendid atmosphere while you relax on the peaceful terraces beside the water and fire fountains.

10. Book a scenic sunset sailing tour, where you can truly enjoy the magnificent Athenian coastline, as you swim in crystal blue waters and secluded bays far from the crowds. In the early evening you can enjoy the magical sunset; and for those who really want to indulge,  book a private chef who prepares your lunch and dinner on board. 

Insights Greece - 12 Best Things to Do at Cape Sounio

11. Stroll along Lavrion, which is on the tip of Attiki and famous for its lovely marina. The Ancient Theater of Lavrion is a fantastic historical landmark situated very close to the shores of the marina and will surprise you with its unique architecture. 

12. Last but not least, make sure you snap away as Sounio really is one of the most iconic sights in mainland Greece and a must for photographers. Have your camera ready as there will be plenty of great shots that are more than just Insta-worthy! 

Getting there

Take the bus (KTEL) from Athens, or travel by car along the coast of Athens and Attica, as you pass by Athens’ Riviera and its glamorous neighbourhoods including Glyfada, Vouliagmeni, Varkiza and Lagonisi. 

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