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Top 16 Cafes in Larissa: Greece’s Coffee Capital

Larissa is the fourth largest city in Greece- welcoming tens of thousands of visitors each day – it is filled with cafe after cafe. Known as Greece’s coffee capital, here you will be able to enjoy some of the best specialty caffeine in the country.

Just to put it into perspective, Larissa has around 162,000 residents and more than 1600 cafes, which means there is one cafe for every 120 people. From small family-owned cafes to large chain stores, here you’ll discover traditional places to more modern cafes that are always packed with people of all ages- who sit for hours each day enjoying a catch up with friends.

From popular Tachydromeon Square to famous Papakyriazi Street and its charming laneways- we’ve rounded up the best places in the city for you to try a Greek, espresso, or a cold coffee of your choice!  

42 Papakiriazi

This cool little spot in town will make you feel as though you are in Rome, as you can sit at the bar and sip on your espresso, or take a seat outside and enjoy your coffee. 

A: Papakiriazi 42, Larissa  


This cafe is all about the quality of the coffee and the talented baristas’ techniques used to make it- it has lovely indoor and outdoor spaces- making it a great place to catch up with friends. 

A: Protopapadaki 12, Larissa


An eco-friendly cafe, it’s the perfect place to grab a coffee on the run, as you head to work or uni; they also serve fresh juices, fruit salads, waffles, and sandwiches.

A: Papakiriazi 38, Larissa

Ermis Cafe

A modern cafe in the centre of town, locals come here after a day of shopping to enjoy an afternoon coffee and a light snack. 

A: Rousvelt 42, Larissa

Insights Greece - Top 16 Cafes in Larissa: Greece’s Coffee Capital

Las Rambras 

This was the first place in Larissa to serve brunch and with their enticing morning menu, you can also order a great coffee. 

A: Apollonos 8, Larisa Asklipiou 20, Larissa


Good location in the city centre, it offers lovely indoor and outdoor spaces that are modern and light. Come here for a morning coffee and stay till late. 

A: Karditsis 181, Larissa


Launched in Larissa, this is Greece’s answer to Starbucks. With stores now all over the world including in the UK, Australia, and the U.S, Mikel’s offers a full breakfast menu, a wide range of coffee and espresso products. 

A:  Merarchias 1, Larissa

Insights Greece - Top 16 Cafes in Larissa: Greece’s Coffee Capital

Gossip Downtown 

Having opened in the year 2000, this has become a local favourite thanks to its great range of coffee as well as its burgers and homemade desserts. 

A: Kouma 5, Larissa


What was designed as a space for uni students to hang out, has now become a favourite cafe space for people of all ages. 

A: Papakiriazi 18, Larissa

Undo Appetizer Curve

This cozy all-day cafe is the perfect place to start the day, as they serve a great range of dishes for breakfast and a great coffee to go with it. 

A: Asklipiou 23, Larissa 

Dantes Pairing Culture

This stylish all-day cafe/bar is packed from morning till night with locals who come here to sip on their coffee and catch up with friends. 

A: Papakiriazi 36, Larissa


After a long walk around Larissa’s Ancient Theatre, a great coffee awaits you at Aperitton where you can sit at their lovely outdoor setting. 

A: Rousvelt 18, Larissa

Sicily Cafe

Bringing a taste of Italy’s south to Larissa, this coffee chain has become a favourite amongst the locals who also come here to grab a traditional Italian sandwich.

A: Ir. Politechniou 129, Mandilara 21, Larisa, Kouma & Panagouli, Larissa

Bruno Cafe 

Another coffee chain that first opened in 2008, Bruno’s offers an exclusive range of coffees, sweets, and snacks that make up the stores’ menu. With shops all over Greece, there are 24 cafes in Larissa alone.

A: See the full list here.


With chain stores in Thessaloniki, Ioannina, and Trikala, this is a great place to grab a range of takeaway coffees and sweets. 

A: Farsalon 76, Larissa

Kiou The Workshop

A chic little cafe that serves a good range of coffee, tea, homemade sweets and savoury treats. 

A: Ir. Politechniou 26, Larissa 


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