2022 Be Good To Me! Best Greek Lucky Charms to Buy

Every year Greece’s top jewellery designers create gouria or lucky ornaments that we can hang from our neck or wear on our wrist as a symbol of hope, dreams coming true and protection for the new year.

With all that the world has been going through, we need now more than ever some beautiful symbolic jewellery to offer us an added sense of strength and grace. Here we have selected the best and most classic brands for you to consider as a gift to yourself or a loved one.


An inspiration to marine biologists, deep-sea divers and artists alike and a symbol cherished since the Minoan times that represented healing properties, coral has resilience and vulnerability at once that’s reminiscent of the human spirit. And this particular amulet (€290) comes with the added bonus of supporting a worthwhile ecological initiative. Famous jewellers Lalaounis write on their website: “In the depths of the Greek Seas lie the oldest, most complex and productive marine ecosystems: Coralligenous Habitats. They are some of the least protected habitats and their survival today is at great risk. With our 2022 good luck pendant, we wish to support the ARCHIPELAGOS Institute of Marine Conservation in their work to protect the biodiversity of the NE Mediterranean and to halt the ongoing destruction of Coralligenous Habitats.”

Antonia Karra

Antonia Karra’s macrame bracelet (€39) is her good luck design for 2022, depicting an engraved compass to lead you on the right path and always help you find your way in the new year. On a more esoteric level, the design is also a reminder to always follow your inner guidance.

Acropolis Museum

Designer Kostas Dimpoulos has chosen a classic Greek symbol of good fortune, prosperity, abundance and fertility that can arrive with new beginnings. His gold-plated brass pendant (€32) sold at the Acropolis Museum is an engraved pomegranate with a red tassel hung just above it. The pomegranate, the star component of the Greek New Year tradition that involves smashing the fruit into the ground in one’s front entrance, makes for a very hopeful gift.

Insights Greece - 2022 Be Good To Me! Best Greek Lucky Charms to Buy

Katerina Psoma

Be A Poem cuff €138 playfully combines rock chic with art deco glamour, this gold-plated cuff with the ‘Be a Poem’ affirmation written on is a reminder to live your life as if you are a work of lyrical art. Psoma’s All Fine pendant (€155) is a hopeful reassurance after trying times and ahead of more uncertain days ahead that everything’s going to be just fine. Gold-plated and decorated with colourful zircon stones, it can be just the right amount of sparkle to wear on a dreary day.


Cosmos is a collection of charms based on the celestial bodies and their orbits, which includes pendants and bracelets decorated with precious stones. The famous jewellery house says that the use of stones was very symbolic, “reflecting the four elements of the world: Emerald and Opal for Water, Tiger’s Eye and Malachite for Earth, Sapphire, Lapis lazuli and Amethyst for Air, Ruby and Agate for Fire.” The Cosmos pendants (€35) are designed to light our new year up, bringing to 2022 fullness and harmony, balance and peace.

Cycladic Art Museum

This autumn/winter hosting the ‘Ancient Kallos’ exhibition dedicated to beauty in antiquity, the Cycladic Art Museum has chosen a mirrored pendant (€75) as its good luck charm for 2022. The handheld mini mirror is meant to represent self-reflection as well as self-love in the coming year and beyond.

Insights Greece - 2022 Be Good To Me! Best Greek Lucky Charms to Buy

Marina Vernicos

With a nudge to biker bravura, angelic blessings, love and freedom of the heart, designer Marina Vernicos’ stand-out necklace (€38) depicts the number 22 in the shape of a heart with wings.


Designer Niki Orfanou made her amulet (€30) inspired by a painting by Nikos Hatzikiriakos Gikas depicting a Hydra landscape, created this handmade good luck charm out of brass and silk. The charm is reminiscent of ‘fylakto charms made in folk tradition around Greece out of threads and beads and is sold at the Benaki Museum shop. Also at the Benaki is the ‘Angel’ charm for 2022 (€60) designed by Savvas Dimou and inspired by the sculptural artwork by acclaimed artist Yiannis Tsarouchis.

Zeus + Dione 

Zeus+Dione’s lucky charm, for the new year, depicts the power number ‘22’, which is said by numerologists to double the power of anything. The design is inspired by retro mailing stamps which feature waves under the number; in this case, the waves are meant to amplify the power of the number and augur good luck, change and determination to head forward confidently toward change.

Greek Fashion Brands to Know and Shop for Autumn Winter 21

Fall is a great season when it comes to fashion because you can finally wear your favourite jackets, jeans, coats, shirts, and boots — which is the perfect mix for a chic autumn/winter wardrobe.

The quintessential autumnal outfit can take you from brunch to work, then evening drinks- all in one effortless look. What you need is a timeless collection made up of essential classics that are suitable for any place, or event. Think good-quality blazer, neutral colour trench coat, long sleeve dress, polished pants, versatile jeans. Never dated or over-the-top, just sophisticated, understated, and, of course, comfortable. 

If you could use some inspiration for your own Autumn Winter wardrobe for 2021, keep reading to discover the must-have Greek fashion brands that are perfect for the season. 

Zeus + Dione

Inspired by their admiration of Greece’s traditional craftsmanship and talented local artisans, Zeus+Dione is a modern (yet timeless) brand that has now become one of the most sought-after labels in the international fashion world. Each piece is designed and produced in Greece, as one by one, the custom-made textiles are weaved, dyed, embroidered, and cut by expert artisans using traditional techniques with sophisticated flair. This AW21 collection is in honour of the 200 Year Anniversary of Greek Independence. 

Editor’s picks for AW21 

Ancient Kallos

Ancient Greek symbols printed on cotton fabrics, authentic embroideries on shirt dresses, cotton broderie, silk fabrics and handmade tassels are only a few of the striking details that define Ancient Kallos. The brand has also dedicated its Fall Winter 21 collection to the 200 year anniversary of the Greek War of Independence, 1821- praising the Greek heroine Bouboulina.

Editor’s picks for AW21 

Themis Z

Inspired by her Hellenic heritage, talented international designer Themis Zouganeli creates simple and timeless pieces that are all carefully handcrafted in Greece. Using locally sourced natural materials and traditional artisans, the classic collections include signature and graceful ready-to-wear pieces that are adored by women worldwide.

Editor’s picks for AW21 

Mallory The Label

Mallory represents all women of today: stylish, beautiful, and hard-working. It’s a brand created by friends Mara and Irene, that offers casual and elegant all-day clothes, evening looks, and chic styles. The clean lines and unconventional cuts compliment the female figure proving that comfort and style can be compatible.

Editor’s picks for AW21 


Designer Christos Costarellos blends his love for colour and unique cuts in his distinct creations. Inspired by the spirit of ancient Greek philosophy, Christos infuses a breath of fresh air into his creations, which can be found in exclusive department stores worldwide-  including Harrods, Moda Operandi, and Harvey Nichols. Below are pieces from the brand’s pre-fall collection, which can easily be worn throughout the cooler months. 

Editor’s picks for AW21 

Ioanna Kourabela 

With designs inspired by Greek geometry, Ioanna Kourabela uses natural raw materials, innovation, production exclusively made in Greece and high-quality fabrics to preserve precious pieces of Greek tradition and heritage- while adding a modern touch to take the timeless Greek aesthetics to other parts of the world. 

Editor’s picks for AW21 

Kose Resort

Kose Resort is a luxury womenswear brand founded in Greece. All garments are made with the highest quality standards by local artisans. Founder and owner Ioannis Koseloglou, places a huge emphasis on using elegant and luxurious fabrics, as well as developing sustainable ways of production. 

Editor’s picks for AW21 


7 Greek Swimwear Brands You Should Know 

When it comes to swimwear, Greece certainly knows how to do it right. The country’s seemingly endless summers, stunning beaches, and love of the outdoor lifestyle make Greek designers leaders on how to dress for a long day out in the sun!

And let’s be honest- a good swimsuit is an integral facet of a summer wardrobe; so here, we round up Greece’s coolest swimwear brands (inspired by the Aegean Sea) to have on your radar, because there’s nothing quite like summer in Greece!  

lile Du Soleil

This new brand was born on the Ionian island of Corfu and launched in April 2020. With “The island of the Sun” as its main inspiration, the brand’s SS 21 collection features limited-edition swimwear designs that are elegant and sophisticated. Using high-quality fabrics and premium local craftsmanship; each piece is sleek, minimal, and crafted in a way that makes the wearer feel stylish and confident. 

Stefania Frangista 

Stunning swimwear that embodies joyfulness and femininity- Stefania Frangista’s brand aims to be modern yet classic, unique yet sophisticated, high-quality yet sustainable. The designer’s pieces celebrate, sculpt, and protect the form while aiming to leave as little environmental impact as possible. 

Ancient Kallos

With simple and striking designs that will last almost a lifetime, Ancient Kallos is renowned for its ready-to-wear collections. Clean considered lines and romantic cuts set the mood for nostalgic and classic swim sets and one-pieces. This season there is a one-piece and a bikini swimsuit featuring the traditional Akrokeramo design. 

Zeus + Dione 

This timeless brand has risen to international fame; offering design-led innovation. With attention to detail, and quality craftsmanship, Zeus + Dione’s sophisticated and effortless swimsuits arrive to make the modern woman look and feel their best. In keeping with the brand’s overall Greek feel, the pieces are Grecian-inspired in both design and colour. 


Classic swimwear through and through. If HOLIDAY Swim doesn’t spark memories of spending time on a Greek island, we don’t know what will. Each piece is carefully thought out, as the modern, yet timeless designs are made for every body type and can easily take you from a long, lazy day at the beach, straight to a fun evening of dancing and drinks.


Beautiful, must-have pieces that are executed to the highest standard- each design is treated as a piece of art. With an emphasis on fit, simplicity, and fabric, Mitos celebrates the female form with premium swimwear that enhances and endures. Influenced by art, life, and Greece (of course), Mitos designs blend retro nostalgia with crisp, clean lines.

Maa Boo

Maa Boo launched in 2013 and soon evolved into a swimwear brand offering a wide range of fits and shapes, respecting and celebrating the multiple facets of the female form. Created with an intention to celebrate all bodies, their collections immediately gained a reputation for their sophisticated but joyful patterns, contemporary cuts, and the soft buttery fabrics that shape each body in the most flattering ways.

Zeus+Dione: Greece’s Leading Fashion Brand

Inspired by their admiration of Greece’s traditional craftsmanship and talented local artisans, visionaries Dimitra Kolotoura and Mareva Grabowski launched Zeus+Dione in 2012, creating a stunning and modern (yet timeless) brand that has now become one of the most sought after labels in the international fashion world.

Zeus + Dione is leading the scene not only for their immaculate designs- but also for placing a huge emphasis on ethical and sustainable practices. Each piece is proudly designed and produced in Greece, as one by one, the custom made textiles are weaved, dyed, embroidered, and cut by expert artisans using traditional techniques with sophisticated flair.

Insights Greece - Zeus+Dione: Greece's Leading Fashion Brand

The collections focus on lifestyle and resort wear- think chic kaftans, classic capes, column-like dresses, intricate Doric detailing, stylish sandals, bold gold jewellery, and Cycladic inspired silhouettes.

With many of their stunning pieces now being stocked in cities all over the world- from London and Paris to Miami and Dubai; as well as being found on luxury online shopping sites such as Net-A-Porter, Farfetch, and Matches Fashion- IN+SIGHTS GREECE recently spoke with co-founder Dimitra about the brand’s ongoing success, her favourite places to travel, eat/drink, and shop in her beloved homeland!

What is the story behind the label?

Insights Greece - Zeus+Dione: Greece's Leading Fashion Brand
Zeus+Dione co-founder Dimitra Kolotoura

Zeus+Dione was born from a passion to revive and redefine local craftsmanship and traditions. Mareva and I decided to start a brand that would showcase our country’s rich cultural heritage. It came from a romantic reaction to what was happening at the time in our country – a deep financial crisis. We wanted to create fine, sustainable clothes and accessories that would be designed and made in Greece. The concept was to produce something of high quality that would make us proud.

What inspires your creations and how would you describe your designs?

Our inspiration comes from the sky, the sea, the stones, and the rocky wild islands. With the aim of celebrating our heritage, very often our references come from folk costumes, Ancient Greek garments, marble statues, and modern Greek paintings. Artisanal finishes such
as cording (used in our blazers and dresses) are reminiscent of those seen in traditional Doulamas coats. Contrasting black and ivory handmade embroidery, tassels and fringing often seen on folk costumes, are used as design highlights within our garments.

Even though many of the pieces we have produced have often been adorned with intricate detailing that has deep-rooted connections to the past, the overall silhouette is streamlined and timeless, “Doric” as we say. There is also a certain simplicity to each collection we create. Some of the textiles such as the raw silks, crepe, and linen have a dry texture that marks the modesty of each item.

What do you love most about what you do?

Insights Greece - Zeus+Dione: Greece's Leading Fashion Brand

I consider myself lucky, as I really enjoy every moment of my daily work life. The interaction I have with young creative people is such an instant energy booster. I love everything about putting together a collection, analysing the references, and choosing elements that highlight our vast heritage. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Do you have a few favourite pieces from your latest collection? 

Our new collection is a tribute to the “1821” national anniversary. As we all know the year 1821 marked a turning point in the story of modern Greece. It is the year when, after centuries of Ottoman rule, a rebellion erupted that subsequently led to the establishment of the country the way we know it. To commemorate the 200-year anniversary of the historic event, this S/S 2021 collection takes the revolutionary heroes and heroines, that paved the way for independence, as its starting point. I love the entire collection – there isn’t a single piece I wouldn’t wear. And I’m definitely going to wear the white “foustanela” skirt with the 400 symbolic pleats.

Your collections are all made in Greece. Tell us more about the materials used and artisans you work with, in order to to make each piece so special? 

We are proud to say that we are of the very few brands worldwide that create our own fabrics. Each custom made textile is weaved, dyed, embroidered, and cut by expert artisans utilizing traditional techniques with a contemporary edge.

Zeus+Dione’s exclusive silk textiles are crafted uniquely for us in Soufli, a town in the Northeast part of Greece, with a long history of producing fine silk.  Shirts made of this material are embroidered in Argos and Metsovo, while dresses and skirts are knitted by craftswomen of the Cyclades and Attica. Beyond the production of custom textiles, selected designs are adorned with traditional patterns and intricate motifs handwoven in Crete, ensuring an elegant signature collection each season.

Insights Greece - Zeus+Dione: Greece's Leading Fashion Brand

How would you describe the current fashion scene in Greece? 

It’s becoming extremely interesting with more and more brands creating and producing items with reference to our Greek heritage. It’s a very exciting place to be at the moment- not only for those in fashion but all creative types. Loads of artists, painters, multi-media creators, directors from all over the world are making Athens their home.

Can you share a few of your favourite Greek Summer destinations?

Coming from a country like Greece, it goes without saying that I have many favourite places. However, my number one destination is always my island, which is Syros – the capital of the Cyclades complex. A few more islands I love visiting over the summer are Tinos, Milos, Astypalaia, and Anafi.

Top spots in Athens to wine and dine your overseas guests? 

Insights Greece - Zeus+Dione: Greece's Leading Fashion Brand

The all-time classic venue for my overseas friends is the rooftop restaurant of the Grande Bretagne Hotel, with breathtaking views of the Acropolis. I would take them there for a sunset dinner. Another beautiful beach restaurant is called Krabo in the Athenian Riviera – a beautiful combination of relaxed food and a swim if the weather is warm. I can think of quite a few new entries to the Athenian scene, such as a Greek mezze restaurant Cherchez la femme and Ergon, which is an open kitchen, market-place with modern cuisine. My list is endless really, as the new culinary scene in Athens is exciting, vast, and ready to be explored.

A few of your favourite places to shop in Greece’s Capital? 

I should mention here that we recently opened our flagship store in the heart of Athens, 6 Voukourestiou St, a small but wonderful Zeus+Dione shop full of surprises. I would start my shopping day here as I love to see how our collection is displayed and to curate some of our limited creations. I have to admit that I really enjoy shopping, and my two favourite stores in the city are Louisa and Enny di Monaco- they carry most of the well-known designer brands. At the same time, I love to navigate through second-hand shops that are spread around Monastiraki and also small ceramic stores that are situated in Plaka.

Insights Greece - Zeus+Dione: Greece's Leading Fashion Brand

Lastly, what do you always pack with you when you travel?

I do travel a lot and I only take a few key pieces with me, as I always try to fit everything in my hand-luggage. I usually take two silk shirts, a pair of black jeans, a pair of cool-wool trousers, and I always pack a cashmere top. If it’s a summer weekend getaway, I just take Zeus+Dione kaftans and swimsuits!

Zeus + Dione

*Images of Dimitra Kolotoura taken exclusively for IN+SIGHTS GREECE by Vasiliki Apeltsotou/Blue Mandarin Photography © (Copyright)