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Visiting the Beautiful Giola Lagoon in Thassos

Giola Lagoon known as “Aphrodite’s Tear” in Thassos is one of the world’s most beautiful natural swimming pools – separated from the sea by a narrow strip of rocks, it looks like a pool of crystal clear water, carved into a coral reef that rises above it.

According to Greek mythology, Giola was created by Zeus as a lagoon for his wife Aphrodite to bathe in. This beautiful natural rock pool on the south coast of Thassos has now become one of the most popular spots on the island because of the experience of swimming in it and the mesmerizing contrast of its water with the wild and rocky landscape surrounding it. 

With water warmer than the sea beside it and the colours constantly shifting from shades of blue and green, visitors come here for the perfect Instagram shot. Laying on the rocks or diving into the water, it’s just as wonderful to sit back and take in the view across to the uninhabited island of Astiriotiko opposite the lagoon. 

Giola Lagoon

Carved into the southeast coast of Thassos, several kilometers from the village of Astris, Giola is approximately 20 metres long and over 15 metres wide. It’s enclosed by rock terraces that rise up to eight meters high, creating great platforms from which visitors can jump and dive into the crystal-clear water, which is refreshed by waves from the sea.

This stunning natural pool is where thousands of local and international visitors gather each year to swim and to take images as the location is popular amongst photographers who want the perfect shot of someone jumping from the rocks into the pool. 

Located near the village of Astris, it may not be the easiest place to get to as there is a dirt road you must take and an off-road vehicle is highly recommended. This seaside gem is quite a trek, but for those willing to make the journey, you will definitely be rewarded with an incredible natural pool to soak in the gorgeous views of the sea. The scenery along the 10-15 minute walk is part of the wonderful experience. Keep in mind there is a bus service available to Giola during the summer months.

Insights Greece - Visiting the Beautiful Giola Lagoon in Thassos

Even though many think it’s a beach, it is in fact a natural seа lagοon and the Aegean Sea rinses its shores and fills the pool with water. But since the pool is separated from the sea with a rock wall, the water in the lagoon is much warmer, making it much more pleasant to swim in.

If you decidе tо visit Giοla for а swim, remember that you will need to leave your bеaсh tοwels on the rоcks and thеre is nο sаnd, shade, sunbeds or umbrellas at Giola, so make sure to pack your hat, sunscreen, and water. A tavern recently opened up nearby, where you are able to eat lunch or dinner, otherwise, pack snacks with you as there are no other shops nearby. 

Getting there 

The way to this little slice of heaven is a tad tricky and in order to arrive at Giola, drive from Poto to Astris. After the hotel Aeria you will find a sign directing you to Sirens. Turn left and follow the dirt road. After a while, you will get to a beach. From there you leave your vehicle at the car park and you need to walk. There are many signs with arrows showing the direction. As mentioned above, it is recommended that you hire a high four-engined or an off-road vehicle, and the distance from the main road is about 2k


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