8 Best Patisseries in Athens Right Now

Athens is a haven for sweets and pastries. And over recent years, the Greek capital has seen the world of patisseries coming to life with a new wave of talented artisans creating some amazing pastries, tarts, macarons, cheesecakes, and other sweet treats that are mini-masterpieces. 

So we’ve put together a list of the best patisseries in Athens right now- and yes, ok, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve stepped inside a Parisian cake store! 


Katerina Liva was formally trained in Greece and Italy and has now opened her own workshop and chic patisserie in Agia Paraskevi. With a signature cheesecake (a daily sell-out- so make sure you get there early) Katerina also bakes other beautiful sweets that are not only mouthwatering but stunning to look at.

A: Ellinoservikis Filias 64, Agia Paraskevi

Pavlov’s Lab

For the past 10 years, the Pavlov’s have been creating high-end sculpture cakes, themed cookies, and desserts for their loyal clients. Using the latest techniques and freshest ingredients for baking; they create masterpieces on a daily basis, featuring fresh fruits, eggs, and nuts that are the basis of their quality desserts.

A: Patriarchou Grigoriou E 15, Nea Erithrea 

Kokakias Pastry

Step inside Kokakias Pastry store and you will be blown away by the gorgeous displays of decadent desserts, gelato, and handmade chocolates that are placed in pretty packaging for you to take away and enjoy. From their famous chocolate cream puffs, profiteroles, and fruit tarts- there is something here to satisfy all tastes. 

A: Patriarchou Ioakim 48-50, Kolonaki

Dimitris Economides

Referring to himself as a “pastritect,” Dimitris’ immaculate patisserie is located in Neo Psychiko. Here you will find sweet creations featuring fresh flavours that satisfy all the senses. Using some of the most up-to-date pastry techniques- Dimitris’ eye-catching and insanely decadent desserts look like a piece of art! 

A: Leof. Kifisias 340, Neo Psychiko


If you are searching for some delightful desserts and pastries showcasing traditional French flavours combined with innovative Greek flair- Ourse is your kind of place. The talented team is passionate about pastry-making and focuses on fresh ingredients and artisanal techniques- creating a range of indulgent treats that are perfect for cheat days (or any day really!) 

A: Mistra 39, Glyfada

Souit by Babis Zidilis

Babis Zidilis is a well-known local pastry chef who opened his own store last year in the seaside suburb of Paleo Faliro. Creating delicious sweets that are based on fresh, seasonal produce- here you will be able to taste a range of international desserts as well as traditional Greek sweets with a modern twist. 

A: Terpsitheas 47, Paleo Faliro

Sweet Alchemy

Greece’s most popular pâtissier Stelios Paralios’ small boutique store Sweet Alchemy is located on Irodotou Street, in the chic suburb of Kolonaki. Here you will find a wide range of chocolate truffles, handmade biscuits, and a variety of Stelios’ famous cakes- deciding what to choose here is not easy! 

A: Irodotou 24, Kolonaki

In Love Again

One of the newest pastry stores in Athens, In Love Again opened its doors in September 2021. This cool new concept store was launched by the talented team from Athens’ award-winning bar Baba Au Rum. Visitors can step inside a warm and open space that is filled with lush plants (for sale) and sit at the communal table to enjoy an artisanal coffee, along with a palatable dessert inspired by the famous Baba Au Rum cocktail list! 

A: Klitiou 3, Athina

Featured image: Dimitris Economides 

7 Best Places for Dessert in Psirri

The culturally rich, historic, vibrant and cool Athenian neighbourhood of Psyrri is packed with precious antiques, talented local artisans, authentic Greek tavernas, boho bars, charming cafes and loads of visitors who come here time and time again to enjoy a spot where the modern world blends in beautifully with old-time charm. 

With so many amazing dessert places to choose from, we’ve rounded up our favourite spots to enjoy some delicious sweets in Psirri, for your next visit to the Greek capital! 

Ta Serbetia Stou Psirri  

One of Athens’ most loved patisseries, Ta Serbetia Stou Psirri is a family-run shop that first opened its doors in 1997. Since then, they have been serving mouthwatering homemade sweets created using family recipes that have been passed down through generations. From traditional Greek classics to cheesecakes, there is something here to satisfy all tastes.  

A: Eschilou 3, Psirri

Marika Tarts

For some of the most delicious handmade tarts in Athens, head to Marika’s, who bakes sweet and savoury tarts each day, using seasonal and fresh products. Here you’ll taste traditional Greek flavours through to more modern variations- including pumpkin, lemon meringue and banoffee tarts. 

A: Pallados 4, Psirri  

To Serbetospito Tis Nancys

Otherwise known as Nancy’s Sweet Home, here you will find big servings of desserts that are mouthwatering. From rich chocolate cake to traditional Galaktoboureko (custard pie), it’s a local favourite that’s always packed, so make sure you go early. 

A: Iroon 1 Square, Athens

Bougatsadiko Thessaloniki

For traditional Bougatsa, like you would find in Thessaloniki (where this famous dessert originated) head to Bougatsidiko, where you can also watch the masters open their filo by hand! 

A: Iroon 1 Square, Athens


Serving some of the most authentic Greek desserts in Psirri, including Baklava, Kataifi and Ekmek, (drenched in their secret syrup), this stylish patisserie is the perfect spot to catch up with friends. 

A: Eschilou 4, Athens 

Crepa Holic 

Who doesn’t love a good crepe? Specialising in crepes and waffles, Crepa Holic is open seven days a week, until 3 am in the morning- so if you are searching for something sweet after midnight, this one is for you! 

A: Pallados 17, Psirri 

To Koulouri Tou Psyrri

Most famous for its Koulouri (a round bread sprinkled with sesame seeds) this hole in the wall bakery also serves a sweet version, which is fried dough dusted with sugar, as well as homemade muffins and cakes. 

A: 23 Georgiou Karaiskaki, Psirri


Cover image Zoubourlou