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Baba Au Rum: Athens’ Bar That Leaves You Wanting More

Pretty much a star bar since it opened, Baba Au Rum is the kind of place you will probably want to return to again and again.

Its service is generally professional and friendly enough but can feel painfully slow on a busy, thirsty night. Keep in mind, here it’s all about the moreish alchemical concoctions.

Making delectable cocktails with spirits, herbs, and spices from around the world as well as homemade Greek liqueurs, syrups and bitters artfully created using local ingredients, the menu offers something for everyone. There’s a real buzz in the bar, especially during the summer months when the outside pavement pours over with clients who arrive for one drink and stay for four.

The décor is a mix of old-fashioned accessories, vintage eye candy, and antique furnishings, a mix reflected in the drinks menu, which features 19th-century classics like juleps and crustas as well as American-style Tiki drinks like the Guadalupe Punch.

If you don’t like rum, you’ll still have plenty of options to enjoy. Creative and perfectly mixed drinks from skilled barmen who have earned Baba Au Rum world status as one of the best establishments in Europe. Take the ‘Brains Are Great’ cocktail for example: When Baba Au Rum travelled to Cognac, France, it researched the local spirits and concluded that they must be tasted and reveled by all! This concoction blends the famous vanilla and oak aromas of Hennessy with apple and lemon as well as notes of absinthe and celery.

There is also a gratifying enough selection of beers and wines for those tagging along with cocktail-drinking friends. For the fine drinkers out there, this refreshingly rich suggestion truly is a no brainer. The bar has charm, a warm ambiance, humour, grace, and above all a progressive stance that introduced a new perspective to Athens, which is why it continues to be loved and admired without a stop.

Location: Klitiou 6, Athina

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday: 7 pm to 3 am | Saturday 1 pm to 4 am 


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