7 Stunning Ionian Islands You Need to Explore

By far the lushest of all the Greek island chains, the Ionian Islands offer the most breathtaking cliff-backed beaches, with striking milky white sand that blends in beautifully with the azure turquoise sea.  

Featuring seven main islands that attract many visitors from around the world each year, the Ionian still retains a sense of authenticity and a mysterious allure waiting to be discovered. 

Here are the 7 main islands of the Ionian- that are all ideal for a summer getaway!  


Boasting crystal waters, a cosmopolitan Old Town, and remarkable landscapes, Corfu with its Venetian fortresses, British mansions, grand royal palaces and fine French arcades- is the perfect place to explore both day and night. The elegant Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre, filled with monuments and museums; here you will feel as though you are taking a mini- stroll through Europe! Corfu is paradise who those that love the sea and can explore the Aqualand and the Corfu aquarium for water adventures and getting up close to sea life. 

Best beaches: Prasoudi, Voutoumi, Halikounas, Marathia; Glyfada Beach, Canal d’Amour, Paleokastritsa, Barbati, Issos, Agios Giorgios Agios Stefanos and Avlaki Beach should all be added to your list!  


By far one of the greenest islands, where lush emerald hills meet the bright blue Ionian sea- there is so much to see and do on this large island that’s filled with so many beautiful coves, great restaurants, luxury hotels and of course- the Navagio/ Shipwreck (the view is breathtaking from the cliffs) – one of the most famous beaches not only in Greece but in the world; you can’t visit Zakynthos without capturing a glimpse of this beauty. 

Best beaches: Marathonissi island (a small boat ride), Gerakas, Dafni, Limnionas, Porto Vromi, Porto Zorro, Banana, Makris Gialos (pebbly), Xyngia, Pelegaki. Best swimming caves: Blue Caves and Keri Caves. 

Note: much of the island’s south coast is a nature reserve due to endangered turtles who hatch in the sand. You can’t enter the turtle beaches, but there are so many beautiful coves to discover. From Keri, you can cast away for Marathonisi island, another turtle sanctuary.


Reachable by car, Lefkada is known for its gorgeous white sand beaches and turquoise waters; The island is a paradise for water babies –swimming,  windsurfing, kayaking and kite-surfing. This Ionian isle boasts remarkable natural landscapes, world-famous beaches, verdant mountains, delightful local cuisine, a noteworthy winemaking tradition, and an exciting range of things to see and do. 

Best beaches: Standouts are Porto Katsiki, Egremni, Kathisma, Perfkoulia, Agiofylu and to avoid the crowds head to the local faves: Mylos, Ammousa, Megali Petra and Avali Beach. 


Boasting spectacular azure waters and charming architecture, Paxos is one of Greece’s most beautiful islands. Boasting some of the most stunning and exotic beaches in the world; as well as a wonderful natural landscape with lush vegetation it combines a cosmopolitan feel with natural beauty. Popular with the yachting crowd, here you can rent a small boat and spend the day dipping in and out of the sea. 

Best beaches: Make sure to swim in the passage between Mongonissi and Kaltsonisi. Jump into the deep blue waters that are famous worldwide and enjoy the mesmerising beaches including Alati, Kaki Lagada, Kipiadi, Magonisi and Marmari. 

Tip: Take a day trip to Antipaxoi- this tiny unspoiled island boasts one of the most impressive natural landscapes; the most famous beaches of the island are Vrika and Voutoumi- pure paradise!

Insights Greece - 7 Stunning Ionian Islands You Need to Explore


The largest of the Ionian Isles, Kefalonia remains pure and protected from mass tourism. What makes this place so special is the pride locals take in keeping their island clean, fresh, modern, yet warm and inviting, all while encouraging its natural charm and authentic beauty to shine through. From the main town of Argostoli where you’ll find a range of eateries, bars, and boutiques through to gorgeous fishing villages and quaint towns, there’s so much to see and do on this lush island.

Best beaches: The most famous beach of Kefalonia is Myrtos, which you have to see, however depending on where the wind is blowing it may not be perfect for swimming. Also head to Antisamos and local favourite Petani (with the most amazing little tavern). For families, we recommend Platis Gialos, Makris Gialos, and Lassi. If you want to stay away from the crowds head to Gradakia and Xi beach with its orange sand. And you can’t leave without having a dip in the most stunning emerald waters of Assos. 


Ithaca island the birthplace of Odysseus, is set in the Ionian Sea and flies very much under the radar compared to its neighbouring islands Kefalonia and Zakynthos, however, we suggest you put Ithaca at the top of your Greek island holiday list. Boasting stunning blue beaches, verdant green landscapes, charming villages, breathtaking views, and Venetian architecture; there is plenty to see and do when visiting the island home of Homer’s mythical hero who found peace on an island that also leaves its visitors feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after spending time here. 

Best beaches: There are so many beautiful beaches and bays on Ithaca and some of our favourites include: Filatro (organised beach with sunbeds), Skinos (a gorgeous secluded beach), Gidaki (which can only be reached by boat), as well as Aetos, Agios Ioannis and Sarakiniko.

Insights Greece - 7 Stunning Ionian Islands You Need to Explore


This undiscovered island is filled with rich history, secret caves, medieval architecture, wonderful natural setting and amazing beaches. Located off the south coast of the Peloponnese, one of our favourite spots here is Avlemonas, a traditional fishing settlement built in Cycladic style and boasts stunning gulfs and lush vegetation that create a beautiful natural backdrop. The whitewashed houses and lush gardens draw visitors here each summer, as they take a quick dip in the sea. 

Best beaches: Paleopoli, Kapsali, Fyri Ammos, Kaladai, Melidioni, Likodimou, or Chalkos and Kombonada- you can’t go wrong!  

Main Image by IN+SIGHTS GREECE ©

Mini Guide to Ithaca Island

Ithaca island the birthplace of Odysseus, is set in the Ionian Sea and flies very much under the radar compared to its neighbouring islands Kefalonia and Zakynthos, however, we suggest you put Ithaca at the top of your Greek island holiday list. 

Boasting stunning blue beaches, verdant green landscapes, charming villages, breathtaking views, and Venetian architecture; there is plenty to see and do when visiting the island home of Homer’s mythical hero who found peace on an island that also leaves its visitors feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after spending time here. 

What to see

Vathi, the capital of Ithaca is a beautiful spot featuring deep blue waters, natural charm, and traditional Ionian architecture. Filled with taverns, cafes, restaurants, all-day bars, museums, and boutiques, this is the main part of town where visitors have great options for wining, dining and shopping. 

Perachori, Frikes, Stavros and Anoghi are charming and authentic villages that offer wonderful views over the island; it’s also the perfect place to sit at a traditional kafenion (cafe) and catch the locals sipping slowly on their Greek coffee while chatting away. 

Insights Greece - Mini Guide to Ithaca Island

-The caves in Ithaca are a must: check out the Cave of the Nymphs (legend has it this is where Odysseus hid the gifts of the Phaeacians), Evmaios Cave in southern Ithaca, and the Loizis Cave are also worth a visit, Loizis is named after a man who became very wealthy from selling gold coins he found in this very cave. 

Kioni a stunning fishing village is by far a stand-out! Here you’ll find gorgeous villas filled with bougainvillea, quaint taverns and cafes as well as beautiful restaurants and waterfront bars- the perfect place to catch the sunset. 

– The Monastery of Panagia tis Kathariotissas, the Protector and Patron Saint of the island is situated at an altitude of 600m in the center of the island. From here you will enjoy breathtaking views of the island and Vathi.

Where to Swim

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful beaches and bays on Ithaca and some of our favourites include: Filatro (organised beach with sunbeds), Skinos (a gorgeous secluded beach), Gidaki (which can only be reached by boat), as well as Aetos, Agios Ioannis and Sarakiniko. 

Where to eat

Dine at Ageri tavern at the tiny port of Frikes; we also recommend O Batis, Kantouni, Serirines and Tsiribis– here you will find a great range of freshly made Greek dishes. For a cocktail or aperitif head to Spavento Café Bar, Rhapsody, or Lea’s Beach Bar in Sarakiniko.  

Where to stay

Art hotels, boutique hotels, luxury villas with private pools, check out Levendis Estate, Peratntzada Hotel, Adastra Ithaca Luxury Suites, and Familia a 19th Century olive press converted into a boutique hotel.  

How to get there 

There is no airport on Ithaca island, the closest is Kefalonia airport and there are no direct ferries from Athens to Ithaca, but you can reach Ithaca from Astakos, Kefalonia and Lefkada. You can also reach Ithaca from the port of Kyllini in the Peloponnese (just over 3 hour’s drive from Athens). 

10 Best Beaches in Lefkada

Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are found on Lefkada island- making this Ionian isle world-famous thanks to its stunning white cliffs, beautiful sandy spots and azure turquoise waters.

So, if you are planning a summer holiday for 2022- simply based on diving into paradise- we’ve rounded up the best beaches in Lefkada, that guarantee an unforgettable swim every time!

Porto Katsiki

No trip to Lefkada is complete without a swim at Porto Katsiki and if you think the photos are filtered- no chance. Once you arrive, you’ll quickly realise that it’s even better in real life as this beach really is a slice of heaven. Striking white cliffs form a rusticly beautiful backdrop to the deep blue waters- creating one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world. Porto Katsiki can be reached by car, boat cruise, taxi boat, or private yacht and here you’ll find numerous sunbeds and umbrellas lined across the famous sandy beach; as well as a few shaded spots for a bit more privacy. At the top of the stairs, you’ll also discover a beach bar and small shops where you can grab some drinks, light snacks, sunscreen and other beach items.

Insights Greece - 10 Best Beaches in Lefkada


The natural beauty of Egremni has made it one of the most photographed places in Greece, with this long white sandy beach boasting crystal-clear waters and stunning surroundings. There is an organised section with sun loungers on one side and on the other, you’ll find plenty of quiet spots for some peace and privacy. Egremni is located 38 km southwest of Lefkada Town and can be reached by boat cruise or a private yacht.

Insights Greece - 10 Best Beaches in Lefkada


This is by far one of the most stunning beaches of Lefkada, located 17 km southeast of the main town, Kathisma is one of the longest beaches on the island and features fine white sand and different shades of turquoise waters. The beach is surrounded by an idyllic mountain backdrop, which offers a feeling of total privacy. There’s also an organised section with sunbeds and umbrellas too.

Insights Greece - 10 Best Beaches in Lefkada


This is a wonderful large sandy beach located 10 km southwest of Lefkada Town (close to the fishing village of Agios Nikitas). The waters at Pefkoulia Beach feature a wonderful turquoise colour and it’s loved by locals and international visitors alike, thanks to its natural beauty. Easily accessible by car, there are quite a few taverns nearby too.

Insights Greece - 10 Best Beaches in Lefkada


Located about 40 km south of Lefkada Town, Agiofili is another brilliant beach in Lefkada, with crystal clear waters and white soft sand. Surrounded by white stone cliffs that create a beautiful setting; the best way to get here is by boat. Tip: during peak season make sure you arrive early to grab a spot, as it really does get packed throughout the day.


For a gorgeous little bay that’s perfect for the whole family, make your way to Ammousa, which is found 37 km from the town. Featuring green surroundings and the clearest waters, you can enjoy the entire day here swimming, sunbathing on one of the sunbeds, or making your way over to the bar or amazing little tavern for some incredible local summer dishes. 

Megali Petra

This is by far a local favourite and for a good reason! Located 25 km west of Chora, Megali Petra (large rock) is partly organised with sunbeds and umbrellas scattered between the rocks. The rustic yet beautiful landscape of Megali Petra offers a wonderful feeling of peace and privacy.

Insights Greece - 10 Best Beaches in Lefkada


Offering amazing natural scenery, surrounded by lush vegetation on the slopes of the mountains, Avali can be reached by car; and although the road that leads here is quite narrow, the effort really is worth the visit! Featuring a cool beach bar, here you can enjoy some nice local food and drinks, as you take in the incredible views of the beach.


This hidden gem to the south of Agios Nikitas village is nowhere near as known as the other beaches making it appealing to those who enjoy privacy. Located 15 km southwest of Lefkada Town, it’s surrounded by striking green cliffs that offer a beautiful backdrop. It’s not an organised beach and has no facilities nearby, so make sure you come prepared with drinks, food, and a sun umbrella. 

Insights Greece - 10 Best Beaches in Lefkada


Located on a picturesque fishing village 38 km southwest of Lefkada Town, Vasiliki Beach is famous for its windsurfing and sailing conditions. Offering endless water sports facilities, here you can swim all day or enjoy some kayaking, sailing and windsurfing. 

Corfu’s Most Stunning Seaside Lounge

Right in the centre of Corfu town; north of the old palace of Saint Michael and Saint George, you will come across Imabari; a stunning all-day lounge, featuring chic hammock seating, earthy-tone parasols, and a secluded little beach. 

This is the only spot within Corfu town that allows you direct access to the beach and the best part is you are able to enjoy this beautiful set up from early morning until late at night.

The chilled vibe, fusion cuisine, delicious cocktails, smooth sounds, and inviting steps that lead you directly into the crystal turquoise water- are enough to make you want to visit time and time again. 

In the evening you can sit back and watch the magical sunset as you sip on a drink of your choice and listen to live music. 

Serving brunch, lunch, and dinner; dishes are internationally inspired and include light options such as the Royal Club Sandwich, Truffle Eggs Benedict, and Royal Pancakes; or try the Pork Spicy Tacos, Seared Salmon Poke Bowl, Fish’n’Chips or a fresh salad. There’s also a range of Sandos, Baos and Burgers; and for mains, you can choose from a Salmon Steak, Crispy Chicken, or a Chimichurri Steak. 

There’s also a delightful cocktail menu with signature drinks and unique recipes, plus a wide range of smoothies and coffees. All light dishes can be enjoyed while chilling on a sun lounge or you can move over to the outdoor restaurant area right by the water and choose from the main menu, while you enjoy the spectacular views and summer breeze.

Opening hours: 10 am to 2 am 

A: Faliraki beach 49100, Kerkyra

Visiting Assos, Kefalonia’s Prettiest Village

This pretty seaside village in Kefalonia will undoubtedly steal your heart. Filled with beautiful bougainvillaea and colourful villas- as well as a small little bay that’s surrounded by a handful of seafood taverns- Assos is the perfect spot to spend some time over the summer. 

If you are looking for a spot that offers relaxation and stunning scenery, add Assos to your list. And don’t worry if you decide to stay elsewhere on the island, just make sure you set some time aside to visit- as it’s the perfect day trip that can easily be combined with a stop off to popular Myrtos Beach, which is close by. 

Assos Beach 

There are only two beaches in Assos and the clear waters make them both ideal for snorkelling. The larger one of the two is organised with umbrellas, loungers and there is also a shower and changing facilities. Two footsteps away there is a small eatery that offers a casual lunch menu including burgers, chips, and club sandwiches; there is also a little store that sells sunscreen, water toys, and other souvenirs. The smaller bay is completely unorganised and by far less crowded- perfect if you are after a spot that offers some privacy. They are both pebble beaches and boast stunning views over the bay. What makes Assos so picturesque is its crystal clear waters contrasting with the beautiful backdrop of the bright villas that line the naturally shaped harbour.

Sail Around 

Insights Greece - Visiting Assos, Kefalonia's Prettiest Village
Visit nearby beaches by boat

We highly recommend you hire a boat and sail around the little village. Hiring one on your own allows you to explore the gorgeous surrounding beaches that are remote and only accessible by sea. However, if you do not feel confident enough to sail on your own, there are also many great tour options available and you can book them from travel agents in Argosotoli (the main town in Kefalonia) or through locals in the village. 

Ammos tou Grammatikou

One of the most stunning secluded beaches close to Assos village is Ammos tou Grammatikou and you can get there either by a short swim (easier if you are travelling without kids) or otherwise, as mentioned above, there are also boats available for rental through a travel agent. You can also ask some of the local fishermen on Assos, who combine the tour with some fishing. Speed boats are also available and offer parachute gliding that land on the local beach- making it a really memorable experience. 

Village Square 

Insights Greece - Visiting Assos, Kefalonia's Prettiest Village
French-inspired Town Square

The village square may be tiny but it’s packed with charm and boasts traditional Ionian architecture. There is quite a bit of Parisian influence here thanks to the French that came to help the locals rebuild their houses after the catastrophic 1953 earthquakes. In fact, the square is dedicated to the French, and is referred to as “Paris Square.” The village square is centrally located near the waterfront where you will also discover the village war memorial, as well as an anchor and an old cannon honouring the French. 


There are only about a handful of eateries in Assos and most of them specialise in seafood dishes (it is a seaside village after all). There are also two cafes with splendid views of the harbour and Assos Castle, which is set on the opposite side of the hill. No matter which one you decide to try, you will be able to select from a menu that includes a range of fish, octopus, calamari, vegetarian dishes and fresh salads- the perfect way to end your day after a long swim! 

Assos Castle 

Insights Greece - Visiting Assos, Kefalonia's Prettiest Village
Traditional Ionian villas

Assos’ historical 1570’s castle is a fine example of Venetian architecture and although visiting the site requires effort (it’s a long walk) it is worth the visit (just make sure you don’t go during the peak of the day while it’s still very warm). The hike will take you through olive tree forests to an arched entrance, which is well-preserved. Set right on top of the village, from here you can enjoy some of the best views of the island.  Tip: We recommend you try and get there just before sunset to enjoy the beautiful shades of the Ionian. 

Getting there 

Insights Greece - Visiting Assos, Kefalonia's Prettiest Village
Stroll through the village

The easiest way to visit Assos village is by car, or you can also arrive by taxi. If you opt to hire a boat or sail on a yacht, you are also able to enjoy the many small and private beaches nearby. Assos is located around 40 km from Argostoli Town and within 48 km of Kefalonia International Airport. Mytros Beach is only 10 km away, while Fiskardo Village (also worth a visit) is 20 km away. Note: Assos is located at the bottom of a very steep and windy hill and there’s only one main road in and out. There is a large parking space when you get to the end of the road, however, it does get packed over summer, so you may need to try to park your car on the side of the road. 

Staying in Assos

What makes Assos even more special is there are no major hotels or resorts as of yet. However, there is a range of apartments and stunning villas available- both right on the water and more towards the town square.  Tucked away in the spectacular cliffs of the west coast of the island, you will find small, family-owned luxury villas including Assos View and Braunis Horio Villas. 

Images by IN+SIGHTS GREECE © (Copyright) 

Wandering the Beautiful Streets of Corfu Town

Corfu Town is one of the prettiest and most romantic places in all of Greece. Named the “Greek Venice,” it’s located on the Ionian’s second biggest island and is filled with Byzantine, Venetian, French and British influence- this is felt throughout the Old Town which has, in its entirety, been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

From Venetian fortresses and British mansions to grand royal palaces and fine French arcades- a walk around the Old Town of Corfu is like taking a mini- stroll through Europe!

Things to See & Do In Corfu Town 

The Old Fortress

Insights Greece - Wandering the Beautiful Streets of Corfu Town
Old Town from up high

The Fortezza Vecchia is located on a hill on the eastern end of the city. Stroll the canal, through the gates, and on towards the Church of St George, and from the top, you will enjoy the stunning views. Here you will also find a historic library, a Byzantine collection, and a café within the grounds, as well as a small marina.

New Fortress

Short walk west and you will arrive at the New Fortress (the Venetian’s 16th-century Fortezza Nuova), built on the hill of St Mark above the old port.

The Palace of St Michael and St George

Built by the British in 1815, this was once a British governor’s mansion and a summer house for the Greek Royal Family. Today, it houses the Museum of Asian Art, featuring Japanese, Chinese and Indian paintings, sculptures, and many other oriental treasures.

Town Hall

Corfu’s Town Hall (formerly a club for noblemen) is located at the town square, near the 16th-century Catholic Cathedral of San Giacomo. The town square and surrounding streets are filled with cafes, restaurants, bars, and boutiques.

Historic Churches

Insights Greece - Wandering the Beautiful Streets of Corfu Town
Saint Spyridon Bell Church

There are close to 40 Greek Orthodox churches in Corfu Town with the Church of St Spyridon being the most famous; this 15th-century church with an impressive bell tower houses relics of the island’s Patron Saint and Protector, Agios Spyridon. Nearby is also the Byzantine Church of St Jason and St Sosipater; built in the 11th Century inside you will see icons and frescoes of Greek Orthodox Saints.

The Spianada Esplanade

The large grass-filled park between the Old Fortress and the Liston fountain has a lovely café and open areas, where events, concerts, and cricket matches are played.

The Liston

Next to the Spinada is The Liston, the “French” part of town, a pretty promenade whose arcade is lined with chic cafés, restaurants, and boutiques. Although it dates back to Venetian times, it was the French, who gave it a Parisian feel, with its 19th-century colonnade modelled on Paris’ Rue de Rivoli.


The Archaeological Museum and the Byzantine Museum are definitely worth a visit. Heading north, you’ll find a museum dedicated to Greece’s national poet, Dionysios Solomos. Heading up to Nikiforou Theotoki Street, you will find the Casa Parlante, a 19th-century mansion that’s now a museum, bringing to life the Count and Countess, who called this manse home in the 1800s, by using robotic technology and animated figures.

Mon Repos

Built in 1831 and set in a beautiful park, is the Neoclassical palace of  Mon Repos,  the birthplace of the late HRH Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, who was born in 1921. It has beautiful large gardens and artifacts and the walk leads you to a private beach.

Open-Air Markets

Insights Greece - Wandering the Beautiful Streets of Corfu Town
Charming town squares

As you wander around the Old Town, down the cantounia (pedestrianized little streets) you will come across an array of stores selling local products and delicacies, and open-air markets, where you can pick up some local, oil, honey, spoon sweets and liqueurs.


This is the oldest and most popular quarter where locals can be found socialising any time of the day. Featuring endless narrow cantounia, carved wells, pretty town squares, and grande buildings with balconies that are often decorated with bougades (pots) and ropes. From here make sure you visit the Venetian Well opposite the Church of Panagia Kremasti and the Metropolitan Church.

Jewish Quarter

Corfu’s Jewish community, which dates from the 12th century, was persecuted during the Nazi occupation but played an important part in the island’s cultural and daily life. Originally, there were three synagogues in the Jewish Quarter. The only one surviving is the ‘Scuola Greca’ on Velissariou Street, built in the Venitian style in the 18th century, on the site of an older Jewish temple. The area is filled with rich history and is now alsohome to some great eateries that serve traditional local cuisine.

Eat and Drink

Insights Greece - Wandering the Beautiful Streets of Corfu Town
Strong Italian influence

For coffee go to Josephine which is a cafe bar in Liston and was named after Napolean’s wife, Josephine. For drinks, head to Azur Bar in the city overlooking the sea and old fortress. Make sure you have a drink at the rooftop bar of the Cavalieri Hotel. For dinner, head to the Old Venetian Well in the old town and also dine at Rex Restaurant in the city behind Liston for traditional Corfu food.

How to Get to Corfu Old Town? 

From the port

-To the New Fortress: 1.9km (bus No16). -To the Palace of St Michael and St George: 2.8km (bus No2).

From the airport

-To the Old Fortress: 2.5km. -To Spianada Square and Liston: 2.2km (bus No15 to Saroko Square and from there by foot).

*Main image courtesy of Cavalieri Hotel

Our Complete Guide to Lefkada

As you drive from one side of this beautiful Ionian island to the other, you are warmly welcomed by quaint villages, lush greenery, and the most breathtaking turquoise waters! Read more to discover our complete guide to Lefkada.

From remarkable natural landscapes and world-famous beaches (that are even more beautiful in real life) to verdant mountains, delightful local cuisine, and a noteworthy winemaking tradition- this is the perfect spot for a summer getaway. Here we reveal where to eat, stay and play when visiting Lefkada. 

Getting there & getting around 

This is the only Greek island connected to the mainland (via a bridge). Located in the Ionian Sea, Lefkada is set on the west coast of Greece, and the closest airport is in Preveza; from here it’s a 30-minute drive. If you are arriving from Athens, the distance is 280km, which is around 4.5 hours by car. You can also reach Lefkada by ferry from the islands of Ithaca, Kefalonia, and Meganisi.

Seeing it’s a large island, hiring a car will allow you to explore more areas. Alternatively, you can use public transport, with most buses departing from Lefkada Town.

Where to stay

Lefkada Town is located North of the island. This is where you will find a range of restaurants, cafes, shops, and plenty of sandy beaches close by – making it a suitable option for families. A few kilometres away is Agios Ioannis, a beach town popular amongst those who like wind and kite surfing. Nikiana is a quaint little village town with a small beach and a nice range of waterfront taverns. Nidri is Lefkada’s main resort town with lots of places to eat and drink- just keep in mind it’s packed with tourists over the summer. Vassiliki is the perfect spot if you enjoy water sports, plus there is plenty of taverns and shops to choose from. Whereas Agios Nikitas is the prettiest part of the island- ideal for couples. 

Where to sleep

If you are looking for apartment-style accommodation (run by local families) check out Sappho Boutique Suites or Kavadias Apartments, which are both located in Vassiliki. For a modern stay in the heart of town, we recommend the Secret Boutique Hotel. And for couples seeking privacy, Katouna Suites in Lygia is a luxury adults-only hotel. Crystal Waters located in Nikiana village is one of the newest hotels on the island and offers stunning water views, while Pavezzo Retreatwhich is set in Katouna village offers a unique, secluded escape. 

Where to eat

When it comes to dining, there are plenty of good restaurants scattered all over the island. For traditional Greek cuisine try Andreas Tavern in Ponti, To Balkonaki tis Zois in Agios Petros, Sesoula Tavern in Dragano, Batzanakias The Tavern of the Village in Vassiliki, T’Agnatio in Agios Nikitas, Tavern Ionio or Avra Tavern in Athiani, and Kollokas Taverna in Katouna. Also, add Mavros Lagos and Nirikos to your list for their tasty local dishes. T’ Aloni is definitely a standout, with dishes that are made using fresh ingredients from the owner’s garden. And for a good range of fish taverns head to Sivota (our pick is Spiridoulas). For a more creative and modern food experience try Kato Rachoula Nouvell and Rachi in Exanthia, where you can also catch a beautiful view of the sunset. And for the freshest seafood by the water book Errikos in Meganisi.

Sweet treats

For some handmade gelato head to Ciao Gelateris. If you are looking for traditional Greek pastries and desserts check out Once Upon A Pie, and for a variety of local sweets and biscuits head to Sivota Bakery, My Bakery in Nidri, and Loli Bakery in the Old Town. 

Where to drink

For delicious cocktails in Lefkada Town head to Xartes or Karma Café. If you are looking for a nice little wine bar, make your way over to Mavros Lagos, which is also in the heart of town. For late-night drinks with water views check out Amente Restaurant & Café Bar in Kathisma, I Gonia Bar in Agios Nikitas, Tree Bar in Nidri, and NV Bar or Pavezzo Vintage Bar in Nikiana. With plenty of beach bars to choose from, some of the most popular spots are Areaia and Copla Beach Bar at Kathisma, NV Beach Bar in Nikiana, and Island Beach Bar in Nidri. Also, add Mylos Bar to your drinks list- this converted windmill serves great cocktails and splendid views of the sunset. 

Local delicacies & dishes

Lefkada is renowned for its Lentils of Egklouvi, which are grown in the most mountainous village on the island. They are served as a salad during summer and as a soup over the cooler months. The other famous legume dish to try here is Lathiria (field beans grown in the plains). For mains, we recommend Kokoras Kokkinisto (chicken and handmade pasta in a red sauce), Savoro- freshly caught fish that’s cooked in onion, garlic, and rosemary, or the Octopus with Macarotsinia (handmade pasta). This island is also famous for its Riganda, a hot roasted bread with olive oil and oregano, and the Ladopita, an olive oil-based dessert featuring almonds, sesame, semolina, and cinnamon. 

For small goods, the local salami and sausages made with pork and peppercorns are a standout. And if you would like to take some local delicacies home, look for some Pasteli (sesame seeds with honey), Mantolato (nougat), and homemade spoon sweets. Lefkada also produces some good local wine- if you find Vertzamo or Syflogo on the menu, we recommend you try a glass. Speaking of beverages, also taste Soumada– made from bitter almonds, then finish off with a sip of Rozolo– a traditional liqueur with subtle hints of orange and cinnamon. 

Where to swim

Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are found in Lefkada and let’s be honest, the crystal clear waters are one of the main reasons people visit here year in, year out. The beaches located on the west coast of Lefkada (between Agios Nikitas and Vassiliki) all magnetize visitors who can’t wait to dive in. And when you are on this side of town, add Mylos (a local secret), as well as Kalamitsi and Lygia to your list.

In no way is a trip to Lefkada complete without a swim at Porto Katsiki. If you think the photos are filtered- no chance- images actually don’t do it
justice. This beach really is a slice of heaven.

The other absolute standouts are Egremni, Kathisma, Pefkoulia, and Agiofyli, which are all sublime with their white sand and turquoise waters. For a gorgeous little bay, that’s perfect for families and not so crowded drive over to Ammousa.

Surfers from all over the world make their way over to Poros Mikros Gialos each year, while those that enjoy windsurfing can be found at Vassiliki or Sivota– home to the World Windsurfing Championships. And if you get a chance, also dive into the stunning waters at Megali Petra and Avali Beach- favourites amongst locals thanks to their clear waters and stunning landscape. 

Lagoons and waterfalls

Divari and Ivaria lagoons surround the historic town of Lefkada, and don’t miss the stunning waterfalls of Nydri- it’s one of the best in Greece. The walk to the waterfalls is about 15-20 minutes and is quite easy to get there (even with kids). For even cooler waters and just a short drive from the town of Nydri, the Dimosari Waterfalls offer a refreshing dip during summer. 

Discover history

-For a deeper understanding of Lefkada’s history and culture, visit the Archaeological Museum, which presents artifacts dating from the Paleolithic era to the late Roman period. 

-Make your way over to the Temple of Apollon and also check out the medieval Castle of Agia Mavra, which was built by the Franks in 1924. The castle was later occupied by the Ottomans, who built mosques, a couple of schools, barracks, and several other buildings inside its walls. 

-The 1913-constructed lighthouse located in Cape Doukato at the very south of the island offers a breathtaking view of the open sea and the surrounding white rocks. 

Naos Pantakratora was built in the 18th century and is the first neo-classical building of Lefkada; here you will also see the Tomb of the famous Greek poet, Aristotelis Valaoriti. 

Viviliothiki Lefkas is a historical library founded in 1953 at the Palio Neoklasiko and has more than 60,000 books. 

– Tour the Venetian Olive Grove, a historically unique and living environmental monument that is home to olive trees that were planted in 1684 with the support of the Venetians, who took over the island and wanted to turn the people of Lefkada away from the sea and towards agriculture. Here you can enjoy a walk or a bike ride through the everlasting olive trees.

Spiritual sites

-Agios Nikolaos Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries dedicated to

Saint Nicholas. Here you will be greeted by a friendly nun who produces a range of honey, oil, and oregano.

-Panagia Faneromeni is the most important monastery of Lefkada and houses a small ecclesiastical museum with Byzantine icons and other religious relics.

-Agios Ioannis about 3km from Lefkada Town is the oldest church on the island. It is said that Apostle Paul walked here on his way to Rome.

-The church of Panagia Hodegetria is one of the oldest Byzantine monuments of Lefkada and is also popular amongst pilgrims. 

Must visit villages

Drive through Lefkada’s pine and chestnut-filled mountainous villages and on your way make sure you stop off at Agios Nikolaos, Agios Petros, and Eglouvi (famous for its lentils). Sit at one of the traditional cafes and enjoy a Greek coffee with the friendly locals. 

-Walk to the charming village of Agios Nikitas (cars are not permitted here) and explore the wonderful surroundings on foot.

-Exanthia is worth a visit for its unique architecture and local traditions.  

-Karya is one of the most picturesque villages on the island. Here you will be able to see traditional embroidery “Karsaniko”. The textile technique is very unique, as all pieces of art are still handmade by locals using traditional methods. You can discover more at the textile museum.

-Sivota is a quaint little fishing village, an ideal spot for lunch. 

Stroll through Lefkada Town

The capital of Lefkada is filled with narrow cobbled alleyways and traditional architecture. Here you can buy some local souvenirs and delicacies such as homemade liquor, honey, and spoon sweets that are all unique to the island. You will also come across numerous cafés, taverns, a nice harbour, and a welcoming sea breeze on a warm night. Make sure you walk across the wooden bridge, which is one of the island’s landmarks and a good spot to catch the sunset. 

Can’t leave until you… 

-Fly above the beautiful landscapes. If you are a thrill seeker make sure you paraglide!

-Grab yourself some locally made pine honey from the street stalls on Dragano on Epar Od. Komiliou.

-Hike up to Profitis Ilias. It offers a wide view of the surrounding landscape and sea- the perfect spot to take photos.

-Go windsurfing, kitesurfing, scuba diving, flying on a propeller plane, horseback riding, mountain biking, and sailing around the surrounding islets- these are some of the adventurous activities on offer in Lefkada.

-Drive through the Stavrota Mountains. Lefkada is not only blessed with beautiful beaches but also lush greenery and an endless horizon. The open roads allow visitors to capture the best of both worlds. 

– Soak up the views from the Lighthouse in Cape Lefkatas (sunset is the best time to visit). Here you will also find the rubble that was once the Temple of Apollo, where sacrifices were made to the gods in ancient times.

Day trips from Lefkada

Lefkada is also an ideal base for those who want to explore nearby islands. Kalamos Island across the village of Mitikas is a remote spot that offers complete privacy. You are also able to sail to Ithaca, Meganisi, and Fiskardo harbour in nearby Kefalonia. Other great day trips include Pringiponisa and Kastos. If you get the chance, also cruise to the famous Skorpios “The Island of Onassis,” which is set to become a resort for the super-rich and famous.

All images by IN+SIGHTS GREECE © 

20 Best Things to Do in Paxoi

Paxoi is one of the most beautiful islands in all of Greece and one that deserves to make it on everyone’s bucket list. 

Located on the Ionian, Paxoi island boasts some of the most stunning and exotic beaches in the world; as well as a wonderful natural landscape with lush vegetation. Combining a cosmopolitan feel with natural beauty, Paxoi is a Greek island that has been described by many visitors as a “paradise on earth”.

Insights Greece - 20 Best Things to Do in Paxoi
Sail around the isle

We’ve put together a list of the 20 best things to do in Paxoi that shouldn’t be missed! 

1. A boat ride around the island is the best way to see it all. Rent your own boat and slowly sail around, as you stop off and swim at the dreamiest of beaches. 

2. Take a day trip to Antipaxoi. There are a few places in the world, where you feel like you’ve found paradise and Antipaxoi is one of them. This tiny unspoiled island boasts one of the most impressive natural landscapes; full of olive groves and a vineyard that produces delicious local wine. The most famous beaches of the island are Vrika and Voutoumi. On the hill behind Voutoumi beach, you will also find a charming little tavern serving authentic Greek dishes. 

3. Enjoy a spectacular sunrise over Gaios, it is pure magic! 

4. And for the best sunset make your way over to Erimitis. 

Insights Greece - 20 Best Things to Do in Paxoi
Lovely seaside village of Loggos

5. Make sure to have dinner at Loggos, a small seaside village with lovely taverns. Try to visit Loggos at night, when the scenery is particularly pretty. Stroll around its narrow streets and then sit down at one of the taverns or cafes which are all lit up in the evening.

6. Have an Aperitivo in Mongonnisi, a little islеt of Paxoi. Here you will find a smаll pоrt fοr yасhts, оnе tаvеrn bу thе sеа аnd а tiny sаndy bеасh. Make sure to swim in the passage between Mongonissi and Kaltsonisi.

7. Enjoy a late lunch at Carnayo, which is tucked away from the harbour down a back street around 200m from the main square. Carnayo has a charming outdoor area with stone floors, fairy lights, colourful pot plants and wooden chairs.

8. Sail across to Panagia, the islet of the Virgin Mary which is located in Gaios Bay of Paxos. The Holy Monastery on the islet is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and has been declared as a listed monument. 

Insights Greece - 20 Best Things to Do in Paxoi
Islet of Agios Nikolaos

9. Paxoi is also protected by the islet of Agios Nikolaos, where you will find a castle designed by Leonardo da Vinci and has landmark status. The Venetians began construction on this amazing attraction in 1423 and finished it in 1510.  It was built from plans prepared by none other than da Vinci himself and they are now preserved in the city’s archives. 

10. Jump into the deep blue waters that are famous worldwide and enjoy the mesmerising beaches including Alati, Kaki Lagada, Kipiadi, Magonisi and Marmari. 

11. Dive into the Reef of Agrila and explore the glorious white cliffs and grottoes including the Cave of Angelos, cliffs at Ermitis and the Cave of Seals. You will find diving centres in the villages of Gaois and Lakka. 

12. Try the amazing olive oil and head to the Museum of Olive Oil at the village of Magazia, which has been created to preserve the unique oil making tradition of the island. 

13. Also make sure to taste the black wine made exclusively in Paxoi. Dark and sweet, this wine is made from grape varieties such as Pheidias and Petrokodrynthos. Production is on a small scale, so you won’t find it everywhere, but if you do spot it on the menu, it’s worth a try. 

14. Famous since ancient times, the hot springs of Paxoi are known for their therapeutic properties and a must when visiting the island. The best hot springs of Paxoi are those of Glyfada, Yianna and Ozia. 

Insights Greece - 20 Best Things to Do in Paxoi
Swim through one of the many caves

15. Visit the small fishing village of Lakka, surrounded by lush green hills and located in the heart of a gorgeous cove, here is where luxurious yachts and boats arrive every year. Stroll around the narrow paved alleyways of the village and check out the beautiful villas. 

16. When it’s not too hot making the most of the many footpaths that lead to tiny chapels, small settlements, secluded beaches and hilltops with breathtaking views is a must. Hiking is recommended in autumn and spring, not at the peak of summer. 

17. Have a picnic under the Centuries-old trees. Forming amazing shapes, they block out the sun, throwing their dense shade over the entire island. For the locals, these trees are sacred and their history dates back to when the Venetians ruled the Ionian.

18. Sail across to Ortholithos. As its name suggests, it’s an enormous rock in the shape of one of Obelix’s menhirs that rises straight out of the water.

Insights Greece - 20 Best Things to Do in Paxoi
Stunning Vrika beach

19. Stay at a traditional stone-built villa with a private pool and a splendid sea view, hidden away amid lush vegetation. 

20. Have a coffee at Kalimera in Gaios, which is one of the oldest cafes and unchanged since it opened. We also recommend a late lunch at Bella Vista restaurant in Antipaxoi, which offers the most magnificent views of the entire island. 

Getting there

You can reach Paxoi by ferry either from Corfu or from Igoumenitsa. The trip from Corfu to Paxoi is around 30 minutes and it is carried out by a hydrofoil ferry. If you depart from Igoumenitsa, the ferries for Paxi are larger and you are able to bring a vehicle across too. This trip is around one and a half hours. Also note, there is no airport at Paxoi, the closest one is located in neighbouring Corfu.

A Tranquil Getaway in Zakynthos

Boasting stunning views of the island from a hillside location, this unique 5-star hotel in Zakynthos is the ideal getaway.

Located on a lush green hill in Tsilivi, a small village on the island, Olea All Suite Hotel evolves organically around an impressive, 4000 sqm pool that marks the tranquil, relaxing feel of the entire space.  

Calming water is Olea’s main element; present in various forms throughout the hotel, seamlessly connecting the indoors with the outdoors with streams and pools flowing between island-like clusters of tropical-modernist cube structures, communal areas under skylights, hidden gardens, and historical olive trees.

Insights Greece - A Tranquil Getaway in ZakynthosLocation

Set on a picturesque hill and surrounded by layers of lush greenery, it is within walking distance of Tsilivi resort, 10 minutes from Zakynthos town and the airport; and it’s very close to the nearby village and the sandy beaches. 

Character & Style

Inspired by the island’s beautiful landscape and the calming effect of water, leading Greek architects Block 722 created a sprawling hotel featuring 93 suites revolving around a stunning pool that resembles a lake. The result is a contemporary, peaceful retreat that combines Mediterranean architecture with tropical modernism, seamlessly blending into the relaxing natural landscape that surrounds it.

Insights Greece - A Tranquil Getaway in ZakynthosRoom Types

All 93 suites boast modern charm and a romantic ambiance; they all feature outdoor living spaces with impressive views of the hotel’s surroundings, allowing guests to relax while enjoying views of the Ionian sea or the hotel’s lavish green gardens.

The Superior Suite Swim Up and the Superior Water Suite offer a shared pool, while the Executive Suite, the Honeymoon Suite, and the Presidential Suite come complete with a private swimming pool. 

Food & Drinks 

The hotel’s three restaurants and three bars serve a wide variety of culinary delights that celebrate Greek and Mediterranean cuisine with a modern spin. Enjoy a fine dining meal at Omikron, or for a more laid back vibe head to Cocoon Restobar, while Flow Wine and Dine serve creative Mediterranean dishes; while O Bar and F Bar serve a fantastic selection of Greek and international wines and signature cocktails.

Insights Greece - A Tranquil Getaway in ZakynthosFacilities 

A big part of the Olea experience is their dedication to wellness, with their Royal Spa offering soothing therapies using special aromatic and essential oils therapies using Mediterranean herbs. With indoor and outdoor pools, cryotherapy, hammam, a fully-equipped gym, a beauty salon, and a yoga pavilion, there is plenty of places to unwind and soothe the body, mind, and soul. 

Ideal for… Couples in search of a romantic getaway, solo travellers, or groups of friends in search of a wellness retreat and a place that offers complete privacy and moments of peace and quiet. 


  • Free WiFi
  • Free parking
  • Private check-in/check-out
  • Concierge service
  • Luggage storage
  • Ticket service
  • Tour desk
  • Express check-in/check-out
  • 24-hour front desk


Tour a Luxury Villa in Corfu

Corfu has long been an isle of refuge and respite. Unsurprising then, that recent years have seen this Greek island sanctuary welcome waves of worldwide visitors, many hoping to eclipse the pandemic beneath the Mediterranean sun. From creatives to billionaires and their friends, a flurry of activity is transforming once summer-only residences into cozier year-round homes.

With a rare 360-degree view of the Ionian sea, this family residence is full of natural light and a colour palette inspired by the Mediterranean below. Set on 2.9 acres, Anassa is located just off the main road to Agni Bay, and was built with local stone, maintaining the traditional character of the island.

Offering privacy throughout, the estate features three properties, including the main home and two villas. The main home boasts six bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a steam room, gym and cinema. The interiors are elegant and romantic, furnished in pastel tones it has an elegant yet cozy feel.

Insights Greece - Tour a Luxury Villa in Corfu

Double gates open up onto a tarmac driveway which leads to a large garage and there is also an elevator, which leads to the main entrance of the villa and its guesthouse.

Outside you will find a terrace carved into the rock, providing natural protection for the shaded lounge/ dining area, which leads to a free-form infinity pool with spectacular sea views. From here you can also walk down to a small private cove, which is the ideal spot to relax and enjoy the crystal clear waters.

Insights Greece - Tour a Luxury Villa in Corfu

Taking its cue from the immutable light of Greece, every aspect of this 12.8 million € listed property exudes a radiance that captures all its guests. With bright white interiors and a large outdoor lounge overlooking the azures of the private pool and the bay below, this property is the perfect retreat for those seeking privacy within a gated community.

Just a short walk away from the picturesque Agni Bay, an unspoilt sandy beach on the north east of Corfu, it’s just under 30km from Kerkyra town, which is less than an hour’s drive. 

Click here to view the property 

An Adults Only Oasis in the Ioanian Sea

Ah, serenity. If peace and quiet are high on your list of holiday priorities for 2021, this luxurious resort in Kefalonia is the perfect setting for the ultimate wellbeing escape.

It comes as no surprise that the trend at the moment among couples, business people, retirees, and parents is to search for a getaway that offers complete rest and relaxation. F Zeen, located on this stunning Ionian island is an adults-only resort that boasts chill-out zones, gourmet restaurants, and a simplistic and natural approach to all its services and facilities- with incredible attention to detail! 

Insights Greece - An Adults Only Oasis in the Ioanian Sea


Overlooking the serene bay of Lourdas in Southern Kefalonia, Argostoli, the island’s capital, is 30 minutes drive from the resort and it’s just 20 minutes from the International airport. F Zeen is found on the quieter south-west coast of the island; with mountains and the sea nearby, you have the best of both worlds right here.

Style & Character

Showcasing culture and a relaxed Greek island lifestyle, the family-run retreat places a huge emphasis on natural beauty, health and wellbeing. Here you will find a mix of modern, luxurious, and rustic design and decor, engulfed by nature. Make the most of the facilities whether that be relaxing by the pool, simply walking along the beach, participating in the daily yoga, fitness, and meditation classes, or indulging in organic dishes prepared with fresh local ingredients. At F Zeen you will always find something to do. Or you can simply choose to do nothing at all apart from taking in the spectacular natural surroundings.

Insights Greece - An Adults Only Oasis in the Ioanian Sea

Room Types

The resort comprises of four intimate Kefalonian style buildings built amongst nature. The 54 rooms consist of Classic Garden Retreat, Classic Retreat, Superior Retreat, Luxury Retreat, Terraced Penthouse Suites, Superior Raw Retreat with Side Sea View, Superior Raw Retreat, Superior Raw Retreat with Pool, and 3 Bedroom Villas with Private Pool. We must mention
that the cozy rooms are filled with materials and furniture that have been sourced from around Greece.


Boasting three beautiful freshwater swimming pools, two holistic spas, an outdoor gym and yoga decks, two bars, two restaurants as well as a boutique shop at the resort, here you will also find an outdoor cinema and a vegetable garden. Daily fitness classes are offered in the outdoor gym and on the yoga decks. Throughout the season there is also a wide variety of health retreats that encourage relaxation and healing of both the body and the mind.

Insights Greece - An Adults Only Oasis in the Ioanian Sea

Food & Drinks

You can enjoy freshly caught fish and a range of seafood, as well as fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs handpicked each morning from the in-house vegetable gardens. The resort has two restaurants and bars, ‘Gaia’ meaning Earth and ‘Selini’ meaning moon in Ancient Greek. Both offer great dishes prepared by some of Greece’s top chefs. Selini has an exceptional dinner menu with fresh Specials each day, whereas Gaia is the more casual spot out of the two. 

Ideal for…

Couples who are after a romantic escape, those in search of a luxurious wellbeing retreat, and anyone who is making sustainability a priority, as no plastic is used in the hotel and all paper is recycled. F Zeen is also great for those wanting to take part in a range of activities including kayaking, hiking, and jeep safari to name a few.

Insights Greece - An Adults Only Oasis in the Ioanian Sea


  • Lockers
  • Private check-in/check-out
  • Concierge service
  • ATM/cash machine on site
  • Luggage storage
  • Ticket service
  • Tour desk
  • Currency exchange
  • Express check-in/check-out
  • 24-hour front desk
  • Free parking
  • Free WIFI 
  • Business Centre 

Skorpios Island Set to Become Home to VIP Resort Club

A 165 million euro investment project on Skorpios island, by Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev, has been given the go-ahead by the Greek government. 

The new development of the Ionian island, formerly owned by the family of Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, has entered the next phase after a Joint Ministerial Decision was signed on December 31st, 2020.

Insights Greece - Skorpios Island Set to Become Home to VIP Resort Club

According to reports, the construction and operation of the “VIP Exclusive Club” are set to proceed this year and scheduled to be completed in 2024. The project is expected to create new local jobs and benefit the Greek economy. 

The high-end club will include a 5-star luxury resort, an amphitheater, a new helipad, a large road network, the creation of farms, and other infrastructure and leisure amenities on 161 acres of the island. Sports facilities will also be added, and the island’s ports will be expanded.

Rybolovlev’s vision is also said to include luxury villas, an artificial lake, power generating facilities, an orchard, poultry farms, a vineyard, and vegetable gardens. 

In addition to the main building of two levels with seven luxury suites, another 12 new luxury villas will be built between 500 to 1,200 sqm. each. Also, the existing old coastal houses on the east and south side of the island, where many celebrities had been hosted in the past by Aristotle Onassis will be renovated.

Where is Skorpios? 

Insights Greece - Skorpios Island Set to Become Home to VIP Resort Club

Skorpios is a private island in the Ionian Sea off the western coast of Greece and just to the east of the island of Lefkada, right across from Nidri village. Despite its small size, this island has become famous and popular after it was transformed from an unspoiled paradise to a hot destination for celebrities. 

Onassis’ development of Skorpios 

Skorpios was bought back in 1963 by Aristotle Onassis for 3 million euros. He married Jackie O Kennedy, on the island in 1968. The couple loved Skorpios and had a clear vision of what they wanted it to look like. Onassis brought sand from the shores of Salamina and turned the coastline into soft, sandy beaches. He also planted thousands of trees, to create a lush oasis. Onassis also built villas and provided 5-star accommodation to his wealthy guests.

Throughout the years, an array of international celebrities and socialites, including Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Winston Churchill, Grace Kelly; and more recently, Beyonce and Rihanna, have stayed on the private island. 

After Onassis’ death in 1975, his daughter Christina inherited the island, which was in turn given to his granddaughter Athena in 1988, who sold it for more than 100 million euros. Since 2013, Skorpios belongs to the daughter of Dmitry Rybolovlev, Ekaterina.

*Main image by Eurokinissi