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Visiting Assos, Kefalonia’s Prettiest Village

This pretty seaside village in Kefalonia will undoubtedly steal your heart. Filled with beautiful bougainvillaea and colourful villas- as well as a small little bay that’s surrounded by a handful of seafood taverns- Assos is the perfect spot to spend some time over the summer. 

If you are looking for a spot that offers relaxation and stunning scenery, add Assos to your list. And don’t worry if you decide to stay elsewhere on the island, just make sure you set some time aside to visit- as it’s the perfect day trip that can easily be combined with a stop off to popular Myrtos Beach, which is close by. 

Assos Beach 

There are only two beaches in Assos and the clear waters make them both ideal for snorkelling. The larger one of the two is organised with umbrellas, loungers and there is also a shower and changing facilities. Two footsteps away there is a small eatery that offers a casual lunch menu including burgers, chips, and club sandwiches; there is also a little store that sells sunscreen, water toys, and other souvenirs. The smaller bay is completely unorganised and by far less crowded- perfect if you are after a spot that offers some privacy. They are both pebble beaches and boast stunning views over the bay. What makes Assos so picturesque is its crystal clear waters contrasting with the beautiful backdrop of the bright villas that line the naturally shaped harbour.

Sail Around 

Insights Greece - Visiting Assos, Kefalonia's Prettiest Village
Visit nearby beaches by boat

We highly recommend you hire a boat and sail around the little village. Hiring one on your own allows you to explore the gorgeous surrounding beaches that are remote and only accessible by sea. However, if you do not feel confident enough to sail on your own, there are also many great tour options available and you can book them from travel agents in Argosotoli (the main town in Kefalonia) or through locals in the village. 

Ammos tou Grammatikou

One of the most stunning secluded beaches close to Assos village is Ammos tou Grammatikou and you can get there either by a short swim (easier if you are travelling without kids) or otherwise, as mentioned above, there are also boats available for rental through a travel agent. You can also ask some of the local fishermen on Assos, who combine the tour with some fishing. Speed boats are also available and offer parachute gliding that land on the local beach- making it a really memorable experience. 

Village Square 

Insights Greece - Visiting Assos, Kefalonia's Prettiest Village
French-inspired Town Square

The village square may be tiny but it’s packed with charm and boasts traditional Ionian architecture. There is quite a bit of Parisian influence here thanks to the French that came to help the locals rebuild their houses after the catastrophic 1953 earthquakes. In fact, the square is dedicated to the French, and is referred to as “Paris Square.” The village square is centrally located near the waterfront where you will also discover the village war memorial, as well as an anchor and an old cannon honouring the French. 


There are only about a handful of eateries in Assos and most of them specialise in seafood dishes (it is a seaside village after all). There are also two cafes with splendid views of the harbour and Assos Castle, which is set on the opposite side of the hill. No matter which one you decide to try, you will be able to select from a menu that includes a range of fish, octopus, calamari, vegetarian dishes and fresh salads- the perfect way to end your day after a long swim! 

Assos Castle 

Insights Greece - Visiting Assos, Kefalonia's Prettiest Village
Traditional Ionian villas

Assos’ historical 1570’s castle is a fine example of Venetian architecture and although visiting the site requires effort (it’s a long walk) it is worth the visit (just make sure you don’t go during the peak of the day while it’s still very warm). The hike will take you through olive tree forests to an arched entrance, which is well-preserved. Set right on top of the village, from here you can enjoy some of the best views of the island.  Tip: We recommend you try and get there just before sunset to enjoy the beautiful shades of the Ionian. 

Getting there 

Insights Greece - Visiting Assos, Kefalonia's Prettiest Village
Stroll through the village

The easiest way to visit Assos village is by car, or you can also arrive by taxi. If you opt to hire a boat or sail on a yacht, you are also able to enjoy the many small and private beaches nearby. Assos is located around 40 km from Argostoli Town and within 48 km of Kefalonia International Airport. Mytros Beach is only 10 km away, while Fiskardo Village (also worth a visit) is 20 km away. Note: Assos is located at the bottom of a very steep and windy hill and there’s only one main road in and out. There is a large parking space when you get to the end of the road, however, it does get packed over summer, so you may need to try to park your car on the side of the road. 

Staying in Assos

What makes Assos even more special is there are no major hotels or resorts as of yet. However, there is a range of apartments and stunning villas available- both right on the water and more towards the town square.  Tucked away in the spectacular cliffs of the west coast of the island, you will find small, family-owned luxury villas including Assos View and Braunis Horio Villas. 

Images by IN+SIGHTS GREECE © (Copyright) 


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