10 Best Beaches in Lefkada

Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are found on Lefkada island- making this Ionian isle world-famous thanks to its stunning white cliffs, beautiful sandy spots and azure turquoise waters.

So, if you are planning a summer holiday for 2022- simply based on diving into paradise- we’ve rounded up the best beaches in Lefkada, that guarantee an unforgettable swim every time!

Porto Katsiki

No trip to Lefkada is complete without a swim at Porto Katsiki and if you think the photos are filtered- no chance. Once you arrive, you’ll quickly realise that it’s even better in real life as this beach really is a slice of heaven. Striking white cliffs form a rusticly beautiful backdrop to the deep blue waters- creating one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world. Porto Katsiki can be reached by car, boat cruise, taxi boat, or private yacht and here you’ll find numerous sunbeds and umbrellas lined across the famous sandy beach; as well as a few shaded spots for a bit more privacy. At the top of the stairs, you’ll also discover a beach bar and small shops where you can grab some drinks, light snacks, sunscreen and other beach items.

Insights Greece - 10 Best Beaches in Lefkada


The natural beauty of Egremni has made it one of the most photographed places in Greece, with this long white sandy beach boasting crystal-clear waters and stunning surroundings. There is an organised section with sun loungers on one side and on the other, you’ll find plenty of quiet spots for some peace and privacy. Egremni is located 38 km southwest of Lefkada Town and can be reached by boat cruise or a private yacht.

Insights Greece - 10 Best Beaches in Lefkada


This is by far one of the most stunning beaches of Lefkada, located 17 km southeast of the main town, Kathisma is one of the longest beaches on the island and features fine white sand and different shades of turquoise waters. The beach is surrounded by an idyllic mountain backdrop, which offers a feeling of total privacy. There’s also an organised section with sunbeds and umbrellas too.

Insights Greece - 10 Best Beaches in Lefkada


This is a wonderful large sandy beach located 10 km southwest of Lefkada Town (close to the fishing village of Agios Nikitas). The waters at Pefkoulia Beach feature a wonderful turquoise colour and it’s loved by locals and international visitors alike, thanks to its natural beauty. Easily accessible by car, there are quite a few taverns nearby too.

Insights Greece - 10 Best Beaches in Lefkada


Located about 40 km south of Lefkada Town, Agiofili is another brilliant beach in Lefkada, with crystal clear waters and white soft sand. Surrounded by white stone cliffs that create a beautiful setting; the best way to get here is by boat. Tip: during peak season make sure you arrive early to grab a spot, as it really does get packed throughout the day.


For a gorgeous little bay that’s perfect for the whole family, make your way to Ammousa, which is found 37 km from the town. Featuring green surroundings and the clearest waters, you can enjoy the entire day here swimming, sunbathing on one of the sunbeds, or making your way over to the bar or amazing little tavern for some incredible local summer dishes. 

Megali Petra

This is by far a local favourite and for a good reason! Located 25 km west of Chora, Megali Petra (large rock) is partly organised with sunbeds and umbrellas scattered between the rocks. The rustic yet beautiful landscape of Megali Petra offers a wonderful feeling of peace and privacy.

Insights Greece - 10 Best Beaches in Lefkada


Offering amazing natural scenery, surrounded by lush vegetation on the slopes of the mountains, Avali can be reached by car; and although the road that leads here is quite narrow, the effort really is worth the visit! Featuring a cool beach bar, here you can enjoy some nice local food and drinks, as you take in the incredible views of the beach.


This hidden gem to the south of Agios Nikitas village is nowhere near as known as the other beaches making it appealing to those who enjoy privacy. Located 15 km southwest of Lefkada Town, it’s surrounded by striking green cliffs that offer a beautiful backdrop. It’s not an organised beach and has no facilities nearby, so make sure you come prepared with drinks, food, and a sun umbrella. 

Insights Greece - 10 Best Beaches in Lefkada


Located on a picturesque fishing village 38 km southwest of Lefkada Town, Vasiliki Beach is famous for its windsurfing and sailing conditions. Offering endless water sports facilities, here you can swim all day or enjoy some kayaking, sailing and windsurfing. 

Our Complete Guide to Lefkada

As you drive from one side of this beautiful Ionian island to the other, you are warmly welcomed by quaint villages, lush greenery, and the most breathtaking turquoise waters! Read more to discover our complete guide to Lefkada.

From remarkable natural landscapes and world-famous beaches (that are even more beautiful in real life) to verdant mountains, delightful local cuisine, and a noteworthy winemaking tradition- this is the perfect spot for a summer getaway. Here we reveal where to eat, stay and play when visiting Lefkada. 

Getting there & getting around 

This is the only Greek island connected to the mainland (via a bridge). Located in the Ionian Sea, Lefkada is set on the west coast of Greece, and the closest airport is in Preveza; from here it’s a 30-minute drive. If you are arriving from Athens, the distance is 280km, which is around 4.5 hours by car. You can also reach Lefkada by ferry from the islands of Ithaca, Kefalonia, and Meganisi.

Seeing it’s a large island, hiring a car will allow you to explore more areas. Alternatively, you can use public transport, with most buses departing from Lefkada Town.

Where to stay

Lefkada Town is located North of the island. This is where you will find a range of restaurants, cafes, shops, and plenty of sandy beaches close by – making it a suitable option for families. A few kilometres away is Agios Ioannis, a beach town popular amongst those who like wind and kite surfing. Nikiana is a quaint little village town with a small beach and a nice range of waterfront taverns. Nidri is Lefkada’s main resort town with lots of places to eat and drink- just keep in mind it’s packed with tourists over the summer. Vassiliki is the perfect spot if you enjoy water sports, plus there is plenty of taverns and shops to choose from. Whereas Agios Nikitas is the prettiest part of the island- ideal for couples. 

Where to sleep

If you are looking for apartment-style accommodation (run by local families) check out Sappho Boutique Suites or Kavadias Apartments, which are both located in Vassiliki. For a modern stay in the heart of town, we recommend the Secret Boutique Hotel. And for couples seeking privacy, Katouna Suites in Lygia is a luxury adults-only hotel. Crystal Waters located in Nikiana village is one of the newest hotels on the island and offers stunning water views, while Pavezzo Retreatwhich is set in Katouna village offers a unique, secluded escape. 

Where to eat

When it comes to dining, there are plenty of good restaurants scattered all over the island. For traditional Greek cuisine try Andreas Tavern in Ponti, To Balkonaki tis Zois in Agios Petros, Sesoula Tavern in Dragano, Batzanakias The Tavern of the Village in Vassiliki, T’Agnatio in Agios Nikitas, Tavern Ionio or Avra Tavern in Athiani, and Kollokas Taverna in Katouna. Also, add Mavros Lagos and Nirikos to your list for their tasty local dishes. T’ Aloni is definitely a standout, with dishes that are made using fresh ingredients from the owner’s garden. And for a good range of fish taverns head to Sivota (our pick is Spiridoulas). For a more creative and modern food experience try Kato Rachoula Nouvell and Rachi in Exanthia, where you can also catch a beautiful view of the sunset. And for the freshest seafood by the water book Errikos in Meganisi.

Sweet treats

For some handmade gelato head to Ciao Gelateris. If you are looking for traditional Greek pastries and desserts check out Once Upon A Pie, and for a variety of local sweets and biscuits head to Sivota Bakery, My Bakery in Nidri, and Loli Bakery in the Old Town. 

Where to drink

For delicious cocktails in Lefkada Town head to Xartes or Karma Café. If you are looking for a nice little wine bar, make your way over to Mavros Lagos, which is also in the heart of town. For late-night drinks with water views check out Amente Restaurant & Café Bar in Kathisma, I Gonia Bar in Agios Nikitas, Tree Bar in Nidri, and NV Bar or Pavezzo Vintage Bar in Nikiana. With plenty of beach bars to choose from, some of the most popular spots are Areaia and Copla Beach Bar at Kathisma, NV Beach Bar in Nikiana, and Island Beach Bar in Nidri. Also, add Mylos Bar to your drinks list- this converted windmill serves great cocktails and splendid views of the sunset. 

Local delicacies & dishes

Lefkada is renowned for its Lentils of Egklouvi, which are grown in the most mountainous village on the island. They are served as a salad during summer and as a soup over the cooler months. The other famous legume dish to try here is Lathiria (field beans grown in the plains). For mains, we recommend Kokoras Kokkinisto (chicken and handmade pasta in a red sauce), Savoro- freshly caught fish that’s cooked in onion, garlic, and rosemary, or the Octopus with Macarotsinia (handmade pasta). This island is also famous for its Riganda, a hot roasted bread with olive oil and oregano, and the Ladopita, an olive oil-based dessert featuring almonds, sesame, semolina, and cinnamon. 

For small goods, the local salami and sausages made with pork and peppercorns are a standout. And if you would like to take some local delicacies home, look for some Pasteli (sesame seeds with honey), Mantolato (nougat), and homemade spoon sweets. Lefkada also produces some good local wine- if you find Vertzamo or Syflogo on the menu, we recommend you try a glass. Speaking of beverages, also taste Soumada– made from bitter almonds, then finish off with a sip of Rozolo– a traditional liqueur with subtle hints of orange and cinnamon. 

Where to swim

Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are found in Lefkada and let’s be honest, the crystal clear waters are one of the main reasons people visit here year in, year out. The beaches located on the west coast of Lefkada (between Agios Nikitas and Vassiliki) all magnetize visitors who can’t wait to dive in. And when you are on this side of town, add Mylos (a local secret), as well as Kalamitsi and Lygia to your list.

In no way is a trip to Lefkada complete without a swim at Porto Katsiki. If you think the photos are filtered- no chance- images actually don’t do it
justice. This beach really is a slice of heaven.

The other absolute standouts are Egremni, Kathisma, Pefkoulia, and Agiofyli, which are all sublime with their white sand and turquoise waters. For a gorgeous little bay, that’s perfect for families and not so crowded drive over to Ammousa.

Surfers from all over the world make their way over to Poros Mikros Gialos each year, while those that enjoy windsurfing can be found at Vassiliki or Sivota– home to the World Windsurfing Championships. And if you get a chance, also dive into the stunning waters at Megali Petra and Avali Beach- favourites amongst locals thanks to their clear waters and stunning landscape. 

Lagoons and waterfalls

Divari and Ivaria lagoons surround the historic town of Lefkada, and don’t miss the stunning waterfalls of Nydri- it’s one of the best in Greece. The walk to the waterfalls is about 15-20 minutes and is quite easy to get there (even with kids). For even cooler waters and just a short drive from the town of Nydri, the Dimosari Waterfalls offer a refreshing dip during summer. 

Discover history

-For a deeper understanding of Lefkada’s history and culture, visit the Archaeological Museum, which presents artifacts dating from the Paleolithic era to the late Roman period. 

-Make your way over to the Temple of Apollon and also check out the medieval Castle of Agia Mavra, which was built by the Franks in 1924. The castle was later occupied by the Ottomans, who built mosques, a couple of schools, barracks, and several other buildings inside its walls. 

-The 1913-constructed lighthouse located in Cape Doukato at the very south of the island offers a breathtaking view of the open sea and the surrounding white rocks. 

Naos Pantakratora was built in the 18th century and is the first neo-classical building of Lefkada; here you will also see the Tomb of the famous Greek poet, Aristotelis Valaoriti. 

Viviliothiki Lefkas is a historical library founded in 1953 at the Palio Neoklasiko and has more than 60,000 books. 

– Tour the Venetian Olive Grove, a historically unique and living environmental monument that is home to olive trees that were planted in 1684 with the support of the Venetians, who took over the island and wanted to turn the people of Lefkada away from the sea and towards agriculture. Here you can enjoy a walk or a bike ride through the everlasting olive trees.

Spiritual sites

-Agios Nikolaos Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries dedicated to

Saint Nicholas. Here you will be greeted by a friendly nun who produces a range of honey, oil, and oregano.

-Panagia Faneromeni is the most important monastery of Lefkada and houses a small ecclesiastical museum with Byzantine icons and other religious relics.

-Agios Ioannis about 3km from Lefkada Town is the oldest church on the island. It is said that Apostle Paul walked here on his way to Rome.

-The church of Panagia Hodegetria is one of the oldest Byzantine monuments of Lefkada and is also popular amongst pilgrims. 

Must visit villages

Drive through Lefkada’s pine and chestnut-filled mountainous villages and on your way make sure you stop off at Agios Nikolaos, Agios Petros, and Eglouvi (famous for its lentils). Sit at one of the traditional cafes and enjoy a Greek coffee with the friendly locals. 

-Walk to the charming village of Agios Nikitas (cars are not permitted here) and explore the wonderful surroundings on foot.

-Exanthia is worth a visit for its unique architecture and local traditions.  

-Karya is one of the most picturesque villages on the island. Here you will be able to see traditional embroidery “Karsaniko”. The textile technique is very unique, as all pieces of art are still handmade by locals using traditional methods. You can discover more at the textile museum.

-Sivota is a quaint little fishing village, an ideal spot for lunch. 

Stroll through Lefkada Town

The capital of Lefkada is filled with narrow cobbled alleyways and traditional architecture. Here you can buy some local souvenirs and delicacies such as homemade liquor, honey, and spoon sweets that are all unique to the island. You will also come across numerous cafés, taverns, a nice harbour, and a welcoming sea breeze on a warm night. Make sure you walk across the wooden bridge, which is one of the island’s landmarks and a good spot to catch the sunset. 

Can’t leave until you… 

-Fly above the beautiful landscapes. If you are a thrill seeker make sure you paraglide!

-Grab yourself some locally made pine honey from the street stalls on Dragano on Epar Od. Komiliou.

-Hike up to Profitis Ilias. It offers a wide view of the surrounding landscape and sea- the perfect spot to take photos.

-Go windsurfing, kitesurfing, scuba diving, flying on a propeller plane, horseback riding, mountain biking, and sailing around the surrounding islets- these are some of the adventurous activities on offer in Lefkada.

-Drive through the Stavrota Mountains. Lefkada is not only blessed with beautiful beaches but also lush greenery and an endless horizon. The open roads allow visitors to capture the best of both worlds. 

– Soak up the views from the Lighthouse in Cape Lefkatas (sunset is the best time to visit). Here you will also find the rubble that was once the Temple of Apollo, where sacrifices were made to the gods in ancient times.

Day trips from Lefkada

Lefkada is also an ideal base for those who want to explore nearby islands. Kalamos Island across the village of Mitikas is a remote spot that offers complete privacy. You are also able to sail to Ithaca, Meganisi, and Fiskardo harbour in nearby Kefalonia. Other great day trips include Pringiponisa and Kastos. If you get the chance, also cruise to the famous Skorpios “The Island of Onassis,” which is set to become a resort for the super-rich and famous.

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