20 Best Things to Do in Paxoi

Paxoi is one of the most beautiful islands in all of Greece and one that deserves to make it on everyone’s bucket list. 

Located on the Ionian, Paxoi island boasts some of the most stunning and exotic beaches in the world; as well as a wonderful natural landscape with lush vegetation. Combining a cosmopolitan feel with natural beauty, Paxoi is a Greek island that has been described by many visitors as a “paradise on earth”.

Insights Greece - 20 Best Things to Do in Paxoi
Sail around the isle

We’ve put together a list of the 20 best things to do in Paxoi that shouldn’t be missed! 

1. A boat ride around the island is the best way to see it all. Rent your own boat and slowly sail around, as you stop off and swim at the dreamiest of beaches. 

2. Take a day trip to Antipaxoi. There are a few places in the world, where you feel like you’ve found paradise and Antipaxoi is one of them. This tiny unspoiled island boasts one of the most impressive natural landscapes; full of olive groves and a vineyard that produces delicious local wine. The most famous beaches of the island are Vrika and Voutoumi. On the hill behind Voutoumi beach, you will also find a charming little tavern serving authentic Greek dishes. 

3. Enjoy a spectacular sunrise over Gaios, it is pure magic! 

4. And for the best sunset make your way over to Erimitis. 

Insights Greece - 20 Best Things to Do in Paxoi
Lovely seaside village of Loggos

5. Make sure to have dinner at Loggos, a small seaside village with lovely taverns. Try to visit Loggos at night, when the scenery is particularly pretty. Stroll around its narrow streets and then sit down at one of the taverns or cafes which are all lit up in the evening.

6. Have an Aperitivo in Mongonnisi, a little islеt of Paxoi. Here you will find a smаll pоrt fοr yасhts, оnе tаvеrn bу thе sеа аnd а tiny sаndy bеасh. Make sure to swim in the passage between Mongonissi and Kaltsonisi.

7. Enjoy a late lunch at Carnayo, which is tucked away from the harbour down a back street around 200m from the main square. Carnayo has a charming outdoor area with stone floors, fairy lights, colourful pot plants and wooden chairs.

8. Sail across to Panagia, the islet of the Virgin Mary which is located in Gaios Bay of Paxos. The Holy Monastery on the islet is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and has been declared as a listed monument. 

Insights Greece - 20 Best Things to Do in Paxoi
Islet of Agios Nikolaos

9. Paxoi is also protected by the islet of Agios Nikolaos, where you will find a castle designed by Leonardo da Vinci and has landmark status. The Venetians began construction on this amazing attraction in 1423 and finished it in 1510.  It was built from plans prepared by none other than da Vinci himself and they are now preserved in the city’s archives. 

10. Jump into the deep blue waters that are famous worldwide and enjoy the mesmerising beaches including Alati, Kaki Lagada, Kipiadi, Magonisi and Marmari. 

11. Dive into the Reef of Agrila and explore the glorious white cliffs and grottoes including the Cave of Angelos, cliffs at Ermitis and the Cave of Seals. You will find diving centres in the villages of Gaois and Lakka. 

12. Try the amazing olive oil and head to the Museum of Olive Oil at the village of Magazia, which has been created to preserve the unique oil making tradition of the island. 

13. Also make sure to taste the black wine made exclusively in Paxoi. Dark and sweet, this wine is made from grape varieties such as Pheidias and Petrokodrynthos. Production is on a small scale, so you won’t find it everywhere, but if you do spot it on the menu, it’s worth a try. 

14. Famous since ancient times, the hot springs of Paxoi are known for their therapeutic properties and a must when visiting the island. The best hot springs of Paxoi are those of Glyfada, Yianna and Ozia. 

Insights Greece - 20 Best Things to Do in Paxoi
Swim through one of the many caves

15. Visit the small fishing village of Lakka, surrounded by lush green hills and located in the heart of a gorgeous cove, here is where luxurious yachts and boats arrive every year. Stroll around the narrow paved alleyways of the village and check out the beautiful villas. 

16. When it’s not too hot making the most of the many footpaths that lead to tiny chapels, small settlements, secluded beaches and hilltops with breathtaking views is a must. Hiking is recommended in autumn and spring, not at the peak of summer. 

17. Have a picnic under the Centuries-old trees. Forming amazing shapes, they block out the sun, throwing their dense shade over the entire island. For the locals, these trees are sacred and their history dates back to when the Venetians ruled the Ionian.

18. Sail across to Ortholithos. As its name suggests, it’s an enormous rock in the shape of one of Obelix’s menhirs that rises straight out of the water.

Insights Greece - 20 Best Things to Do in Paxoi
Stunning Vrika beach

19. Stay at a traditional stone-built villa with a private pool and a splendid sea view, hidden away amid lush vegetation. 

20. Have a coffee at Kalimera in Gaios, which is one of the oldest cafes and unchanged since it opened. We also recommend a late lunch at Bella Vista restaurant in Antipaxoi, which offers the most magnificent views of the entire island. 

Getting there

You can reach Paxoi by ferry either from Corfu or from Igoumenitsa. The trip from Corfu to Paxoi is around 30 minutes and it is carried out by a hydrofoil ferry. If you depart from Igoumenitsa, the ferries for Paxi are larger and you are able to bring a vehicle across too. This trip is around one and a half hours. Also note, there is no airport at Paxoi, the closest one is located in neighbouring Corfu.