Our Favourite New Greek Beauty Brand

Nemertes combine the principles of self-care, holistic wellness, eco-conscience and the purest natural ingredients. Here are the reasons why they’re our favourite new Greek beauty brand and my tried and tested account of some of their feel-good products. 

The Greek company collaborates with award-winning producers from around the country to source the best raw materials each region or farmer can provide, such as organic extra virgin olive oil from Crete, the Peloponnese and Western Greece as one of the base ingredients in their face and body care ranges. Their products also contain many valuable and skin-loving oils such as argan oil, wheat germ oil, castor oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter, and are enriched with essential oils, herbs, and other ingredients with healing properties used since antiquity. 

The brand sees its luxurious products as a means to an end, and it’s not just about looking good: “Your physical health, mental euphoria, and a positive attitude to life are the most vital qualities we seek to offer! Our products represent something deeper than just beauty and health; they stand for self-love and everyday evolution. Our goal is to help each person develop the confidence to realize any self-improvement goal and inspire them to contribute meaningfully to society.”

Being environmentally friendly is another key priority for the company, so they use alternative energy sources to supply their production unit. Their product core ingredients extraction is being granted without the use of chemical solvent and their products are packaged in recyclable packaging Meanwhile they’re setting up a new service through which collaborating artists will create art on the packages of used products that customers will be asked to return, turning them into decorative objects.

Nemertes products are sold online via their eshop as well as in luxury Spas, 5-Star hotels (for which they’ve created a Welcome Gift Kit for guests) and high-end clothes boutiques. In the near future, the brand plans to create a children’s product series in collaboration with parenting and mental health consultants. “We will be creating a holistic package including practical advice on the physical care of babies, their dietary habits and also their spiritual and mental wellbeing.” Soon they will also be launching a new Exclusive series that will be based on award-winning organic wild oil and will contain gold leaves.

Tried & Tested Products

I had the pleasure of trying the following products-

Moisturizing body oil (Mandarin) & Moisturizing body oil (Sweet Fig)
These indulgent oils – the mandarin cheering and invigorating and the fig sensual and relaxing – smell incredible, like the real thing. I used a few drops of either oil in my bath, or as a perfume on my chest, neck and behind my ears, because the aroma of each is both therapeutic and lasts a long time. They leave the skin feeling soft and plump.

Insights Greece - Our Favourite New Greek Beauty Brand

Face oil

Nemertes Face Oil is 100% Organic and offers a unique formula designed to maximize the results of your overall skincare regime. Containing Wild Rose oil, Rose Essential Oil and Evening Primrose oil, the formula is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Rose Essential Oil has properties that moisturize dry skin and anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties to treat redness and inflammation. Evening Primrose oil is packed with crucial Omega-6 Fatty Acids and strong antioxidant properties that help prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Although rich, it doesn’t leave an oily residue on the skin and it smells amazing! I found that it made my skin feel plumper and look more glowy, rosy and alive.

Bath & Shower Mandarin

Like the mandarin oil, this shower gel has a vibrant, mood-boosting and natural smell of mandarin that stays on the skin after you’ve dried off. It feels soothing and refreshing at once. 

Natural Greek Products Celebrating the Sacred Honeybee

As a big fan of bee products and bees, I was thrilled to discover this organic Greek brand, created by scientists Giorgos Athanasiadis and Chara Mangana on the island of Evia. I interviewed the couple to learn all about their vision and life, and tried some of their products, sharing my experience here.

Insights Greece - Natural Greek Products Celebrating the Sacred Honeybee
Giorgos and Chara

Having finished their studies in natural sciences, environmental physics and art, the visionary duo behind the Bee Naturelles beauty, healing and edible product range decided to leave Athens and relocate to Evia island. “We were enamoured by its nature and biodiversity and eager to discover its secrets. We both believe that the sacred honeybee is the connection integrating nature and human beings. Since we had both spent a lot of our childhood years living in natural habitats where honeybees always fascinated us, we wanted to celebrate them. We believe, and there’s a lot of evidence showing, that honeybees are the regenerating force behind nature and humanity,” they say. 

Biotechnologist and Tutor Chara Mangana and her partner Giorgos Athanasiadis, an Organic Apiarist, Physicist and Tutor are organic producers with expertise in bee science, natural sciences and remedies, such us beeswax cosmetics (the so-called “Apiceuticals”) who are passionate about bee products and natural ethics and determined to spread knowledge and awareness on this topic. They are partners in life and live year-round with their two sons in Evia. “We’ve been in the bee-siness for a decade now, lovingly creating products in which we combine unprocessed natural ingredients, such as organic beekeeping products, plant and herbal extracts, and essential oils produced with methods that are truly gentle and respectful to nature. The Bee Naturelles mission is to help prevent diseases and enhance your quality of life and overall health, by delivering our multi-awarded (more than 28 awards of quality and taste worldwide!) and highly reputed for their health benefits organic and natural products to the world!”

“Bees are the natural fertilizing power that gives life to everything, literally! They have been declared the most important living beings on this planet by the Earthwatch Institute, because of their pollination activity and so more. Bee products and bee medicine science provide everyday-life solutions to a huge spectrum of skin, body and mental problems. We, as bee ambassadors and Bee Naturalles as a brand, envision that every household should be using bee edible and cosmetic products for its everyday routine solutions and, by that the individual will actively help to the sustainability, regeneration and ethical contribution to and of mother nature and the honey bee!”

Tried & Tested Bee Naturelles Products Review


This yellow cream has a rich but lightweight texture and although initially (for only a couple of minutes) it leaves a shiny residue on the skin it is then completely absorbed and feels like it’s activating the skin’s circulation, making it rosy and bright. This bestselling 24-hour firming facial cream is enriched with propolis, cistus and helichrysum essential oils to provide rich hydration, healing and restoration to tired, dry, or mature skin. I’ve been using it mainly as a night cream to leave it to do its magic while I sleep, and on particularly cold mornings to protect my skin from icy winds.


Made with pure beeswax with skin-soothing and regenerative calendula and chamomile oils, this ‘Keralifi’, an ointment used traditionally in Greece for millennia and known to have immediate skin-healing properties, is especially recommended for baby skincare, dry and sensitive skin, mild skin irritations and rashes. I used it on my son’s upper lip and nose, which became red and cracked when he had a cold, and literally saw the skin heal considerably within hours of my first application.


A rich body cream designed to deliver deep nutrition to the skin and has a strong aroma of relaxing, meditative sandalwood, one of the seven essential oils used in it. It’s suitable for all skin types, especially for dry skin. Using this as I step straight out of the shower and my skin is still a little damp, a little goes a long way and the feeling of hydration and aromatic comfort is lovely.


Propolis helps stimulate the immune system, while also being high in antioxidants, antiseptic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It’s also recommended for countering lethargy, brain fog, healing gums and perimenopausal/menopausal symptoms. I have been taking 15 drops in a glass of water (the medicinal taste is a little pronounced but pleasant enough) daily and I have been feeling more energised and clear-headed.


I’ve really been enjoying switching my shower gel for this creamy soap with a lovely aroma of rose and geranium essential oils that offers a sense of well-being and relaxation. The soothing oils don’t just smell good, they offer the skin moisture. For my face, I’ve been trying the NATURAL SOAP BAMBOO CHARCOAL & SHEA BUTTER in which the essential oils of antibacterial and soothing lavender, invigorating bergamot, mood-lifting patchouli and detoxifying bamboo charcoal with hydrating shea butter leaves my skin soft and nourished. 

5 Pure Greek Soap Companies You Should Know About

One step closer to nature. Many Greek companies use invaluable ingredients direct from mother earth to create pure handmade soaps that smell heavenly, come stylishly packaged and most importantly leave our face and body feeling soft and smooth.

From Tinos to Crete, these are the 5 Greek Soap Companies we suggest you should get into your bathroom.

Ena Karo

Ena Karo is a small workshop located in Tinos, Cyclades. They create handmade soaps and toiletries with the most natural ingredients. Using essential oils and natural colourants, their soaps are prepared using the cold method process to ensure that the ingredients retain their quality.

You will not know which one to choose from. ‘Miss Rose,’ is loaded with dried rose petals and full of moisturizing ingredients including Shea butter, Almond oil, Castor oil, Sunflower oil, Coconut oil and of course Greek Olive oil. ‘Poppy,’ featuring poppy seeds for mild exfoliation, ‘Mpe e,’ a luxury soap with goat’s milk, ‘Barber’s,’ an aloe vera soap for nourishing your skin, ‘Cinderella,’ a mild exfoliation soap with ash & pumpkin, ‘Herby,’ with beeswax and herbs, are some of their soaps, all wrapped in a package that allows visual contact with the product. 

If we had to choose only one: The colourful felt soap, made with sheep wool; ideal for everyday peeling, suitable for face and body use.


Sapoon is a natural and eco-friendly cosmetic soaps company that has developed a processing plan that essentially eliminates the negative effects on the ecosystem, contrary to large industrial processes of high-temperature saponification. 

With an emphasis on organic virgin olive oil, wisely blended with unique and precious cosmetic and essential oils- Sapoon soaps are a luxury product that only nature can guarantee. Each soap bar is packed in a unique handmade way- with outstanding aesthetic and design, similar to what you will experience when using a Sapoon soap. Featuring the ‘Mastic-Silk, with antiseptic and hydrating properties, ‘Chocolate-Goat milk,’ which is exfoliating and nourishing for the skin and ‘Saffron-black pepper,’ with beneficial action in acne cases. 

If we had to choose only one: The Pomegranate soap, suitable for facial cleansingThe pomegranate extract, rich in vitamins and antioxidants, is three times richer than red wine or green tea. It stimulates the skin’s redress mechanisms and prevents the formulation of wrinkles, while the pink clay offers an ideal treatment for sensitive skin and allergies. 

Snob Duck

Back in 2012, some furious… ducks in an olive grove made a fuzz. Behind them was Vassilis Douros, who introduced the most imaginative soaps, by taking advantage of his family olive grove. Snob aims to use traditional and modern concepts to create a leading product.

Snob Duck are 100% handmade soaps- from production through to packaging. Only the purest ingredients are used to create them: extra virgin olive oil (from Vassilis’ olive grove), Greek herbs and fruits, like fig, melon and lemon puree, Greek honey, recycled packaging paper and a lot of love! Soaps are made by the so-called “cold” method and their weight varies from “duck to duck”.

If we had to choose only one: The company’s really special product is the disposable soaps, which in fact are disposable soap peels.

Cool Soap

John Zagorianakos (chemist and artist) and Marina Koriolano Lykourezou (with years of experience in art galleries and anthropology) had nothing to do with soaps, nor did they have olive trees. But one day, they decided to move to Aegina and wanted to do something with nature. And so, soaps came into their lives. 

In addition to pure, virgin olive oil, Cool Soap also uses natural glycerin as a basic ingredient in saponification, enhancing the moisturizing character of soaps, which is completely skin-friendly.

They created three collections: Essentials, a range of 12 handmade natural extra virgin olive oil soaps made with the cold process and scented with essential oils and Elements, a range that includes 4 versions of Soap Bars, Shower Gels, Body Milks, Body Butters and Soap Flakes all-natural, made with olive oil. They also have a series of handmade objects for the home and bathroom.  

If we had to choose only one: Their third collection, Mood of The Day, a series of colorful soaps in seven colors, seven scents to put you in the mood for a beautiful day.

Olea Soaps

The inspiration for handmade soaps came to the creators of Olea Soaps when they started looking for the purest soap for their children. The final idea was to make available to others, the natural products they were using. Olea Soaps handmade with Cretan olive oil, do not harm the environment during their production. They consist of saponified oils, herbs and essential oils that are completely biodegradable after each use. 

The most important part of the production of their soaps is the search for fine raw materials from Greek producers (olive oil, herbs, essential oils, etc.). The preparation of the ingredients is based on specific recipes and the saponification process begins following the cold method. The mixture is molded until it becomes solid, then cut into bars and stored until it matures (for 2 months), then its quality is checked and packaged.

If we had to choose only one: The black detox soap with active carbon for both face and body. 


Best Greek Summer Beauty Products for Glowing Skin

Golden, tanned and glowing are some of the adjectives thrown around when contemplating the appearance of Greeks in summer. 

With endless days that turn into nights spent at idyllic beaches in great company, savouring delicious cuisine and enjoying the best cocktails, make like the Greeks and be sure you have the following Greek beauty products and tools to get you through your summer days in the sun.

Insights Greece - Best Greek Summer Beauty Products for Glowing Skin


Carroten, the word that has become synonymous with Greek summer as the cult beach product for over 30 years. Using carrot for its exceptional antioxidant properties and the ability to amplify tanning as a source of its inspiration, it went on to expand its range with products to satisfy the needs of every skin type. Choose from a selection of 42 unique safe, dermatologically tested products. IG’s pick? The original, timeless Carroten oil for intense tanning, with the unique combination of rich tanning oils. This will give a fast and wonderful natural tan while nourishing and moisturising your skin.  


Don’t be fooled by the shades of bronze on the sun-kissed bodies strewn on those sun loungers, SPF is always a must, and the one that Greeks turn to for is Carroten Wet Skin, the transparent sunscreen spray boasting SPF30 ease of application on wet or dry skin, and offering enhanced protection thanks to the advanced AQUASKIN technology. It also leaves no white residue. SPF is not just for your skin – don’t forget your tresses!  Protect your hair against the sun’s rays by spritzing it with Apivita Sunscreen Hair Oil for Protection and Hydration. Featuring a cocktail of oils (organic olive oil, abyssal oil, grape and jojoba oil) and carrot extract, it will protect and maintain the shine, colour and health of your hair under the sun. The intoxicating summery aroma will have you turning heads. 

After-sun care 

Give your thirsty skin and hair a cool drink after your day in the sun with refreshing after-sun products. Slather your body with Carroten’s After Sun Cool Gel, with organic Aloe, which helps soothe the skin and the process of cell regeneration. It is enriched with Panthenol and is deeply hydrating for up to 24 hours. Just as important is the non-stick texture and immediate absorption. Then apply an Express Beauty Apivita Face Mask with prickly pear to soothe and hydrate your face.  Prickly pear is a favourite summer fruit of the rural areas of the Mediterranean and immediately moisturizes and soothes the skin – perfect for use after sun exposure. 

A mini beauty fridge filled with Apivita masks 

Apivita needs no introduction as a brand that has innovated skincare for decades, and when it ran a competition to win a mini beauty fridge filled with its collection of face masks on its Instagram feed fans and followers went wild. The perfect way to store all your skincare and cosmetics on your travels, this cute, portable storage solution will keep your products cool, extend their shelf life, and add some pizzazz to your hotel bathroom.


Insights Greece - Best Greek Summer Beauty Products for Glowing Skin

Tried & Tested: DOS Cosmetics’ Awarded Night Products

Several months ago I discovered DOS Cosmetics, a new beauty company run by a dynamic female duo (see our interview here). For over two decades I have loved exploring and professionally reviewing beauty and wellbeing products from around the world, but especially those made in Greece.

There are more and more exciting, highly sophisticated and effective products – from supplements to skincare cosmetics – being produced here, and made using organic native ingredients. DOS definitely fits this category and there was no doubt that I wanted to try two of their most well known and awarded products out for myself. I was promised that even within a week I would see results, but I waited for five weeks before writing this review.

The Products:

After taking DOS’ awarded Personalised Skin Diagnosis (a test one can take in 5 minutes online) I was recommended the Ascorbin Night Serum and the Mandelicum Night Solution, as well as a rose quartz Gua Sha tool for facial massage.

PRODUCT 1: Ascorbin Night Serum DOS

Description: A serum designed with 7 pure active ingredients, offers anti-aging, antioxidant, moisturizing, repairing and antimicrobial action. It soothes skin, maintains moisture at normal levels, discolors pigmentations, cleanses clogged pores and tightens Insights Greece - Tried & Tested: DOS Cosmetics’ Awarded Night Productsthem while enhancing natural metabolism of cells. Active ingredients: high concentrated and stabilized form of Vitamin C with a combination of antioxidants (such as plasma of curcumin, sea buckthorn and black rice).

My skin before

I’m in my mid 40s and my combination skin is thankfully not yet too affected by wrinkles, apart from on my forehead when I frown and on the sides of my mouth, but after several months of high stress from work overload and moving home, my skin was definitely in need of brightening, smoothing and toning, which is what these products promised to offer.


The serum is thick and comes in a sturdy white bottle with a pipette. Two or three drops dispensed in the hands or directly onto the face and massaged well into the skin suffice. Massage can be carried out using the fingers of the gua sha stone, which is said to help boost circulation and help smooth lines.


Never one to skip on my beauty routine, I religiously used the serum every night. I actually looked forward to its lovely smell and thick texture, as well as the deep yet lightweight feeling of hydration it left in my skin. A few close friends and family remarked that my skin looked more glowy. I couldn’t see that as much as that it had become firmer and smoother, with a much better texture. Especially, as I mentioned above. Considering the stressful days and sleepless nights I experienced over the last few months.

PRODUCT 2: Mandelicum Night Solution (Pure Beauty Global Awards Winner 2020)

Description: A refreshing, gently exfoliating and toning lotion that deeply cleanses skin, enhances cellular longevity and protects against oxidative stress. Shields and enhances cell longevity, protecting their DNA on cellular level. Using macromolecular AHAs of Mandelic Acid derived from bitter almonds, we gently exfoliate the skin surface offering Insights Greece - Tried & Tested: DOS Cosmetics’ Awarded Night Productsantimicrobial and antibacterial action to control oil secretions and decongest the skin harmoniously. We thus allow skin pores to shrink to their normal size. With a natural combination of powerful antioxidants, such as plasma serum of curcuma and Greek mountain tea, using the product every other day is the ideal solution for all skin types.


This exfoliating lotion is to be used every other night, after cleansing and pre-serum. If I felt particularly fatigued, I sometimes used it two nights in a row, but generally tried to stick to the rules. This too has a lovely aroma and refreshing yet soothing texture that I looked forward to feeling on my skin every evening.


When you’re trying two new products at the same time it’s difficult to differentiate which one is doing exactly what, but in conclusion I feel that this product actually offered me bigger benefits than the serum. Although I loved both, I feel that the Mandelicum lotion made my skin firmer by tightening my pores and always left my skin feeling squeaky clean, without feeling at all dried out. Also, since I’m sometimes prone to adult acne, I noticed a significant reduction in breakouts of any kind.


I loved using both these cosmetics. I really enjoyed knowing I was using products made with love that contain organic, Greek ingredients grown by DOS. The textures and smells as well as the way they made my skin look and feel were all very rewarding. I definitely recommend them both and am very curious to keep trying other DOS cosmetics too, probably next their Collagen range.

How New Cosmetic Company DOS is A Glowing Example of Greek Innovation

In only two years since they set up DOS Cosmetics, Chrysanthi and Vasiliki put their heads together to create a line of top-quality cosmetic products.

Stylish and hip, modern and minimal, their line has already received several awards and many accolades. They grow their own organic ingredients, mostly indigenous herbs, flowers and plants and combine their expertise. Impressed by the quality, sophistication and branding excellence of their range, IN+SIGHTS GREECE sought to find out more about the dynamic duo and their plans.

How did you join forces and decide to create DOS Cosmetics?

Chrysanthi: As a teenager I had a bad case of acne. My father, who had trained in Houston, Texas at the PPCA in Pharmaceutical Compounding Specialized for Pharmacists, created some products to treat acne, making elixirs with herbs from Olympus. The combination of various products he created and the order in which I used them managed to resolve the problem. I was deeply inspired and wanted to share this level of expertise in cosmetic-creation and the philosophy behind it with the wider public, which is what led me to create DOS Cosmetics!

Vasiliki:  What brought us together was our shared philosophy. The skin is our largest organ and plays a vital role in keeping our immune system balanced and strong. People’s needs are affected by the seasons as well as a way of life. The combination of products used as part of one’s daily self-care routine is unique to everyone, but of equal importance to all!

Insights Greece - How New Cosmetic Company DOS is A Glowing Example of Greek Innovation

What was the main inspiration & what were the main challenges – if any – of setting up Dos? 

We love seeing beautiful people with glowing skin that brings them confidence. Our greatest challenge came from getting people to understand our inventive philosophy, which is different from what people are used to. Our philosophy is this: “Choose skin care products based on your personal needs, soothe and balance your skin, combine ingredients basing yourself on your individual requirements during different times of the year, create different combinations, familiarise yourself with the power of nature!”

What exactly is the process that goes into making your products?

We cultivate herbs that we need for creating our elixirs. In the spring and summer months we gather and process the herbs to extract the part of each plant that we use for our formulas. During the production process we create fresh elixirs based on different recipes. The fact that our products are so fresh and have such active ingredients is what makes them so innovative and effective.

Who are your products for?

Our products are created for all kinds of people– from teenagers with acne problems to adults seeking products with moisturisation, protection, firming, anti-ageing and antioxidant action. Personalised skin care is a novel conceptand is vital if you want direct results. We were the first to create a Diagnostic Skin Test that’s based on a data input algorithm and was awarded in 2019 as Best Innovation by the globally known Pure Beauty Global Awards. Consumers can take the test for free and discover the exact products they need for their skin type and needs.

 In a short time of being on the market you have already received awards!

We’re thrilled that despite only existing for two years, DOS Cosmetics has already gained a stead local and international fan-base. Last year we were awarded Beauty Stars by Greece’s most important cosmetics panel, Madame Figaro and Dubai’s Pure Beauty Global Awards for our Diagnostic Skin Test. Several of our products have received accolades too, such as our Collagen Face & Eyes Cleanser, our Whitening Night Cream and our Collagen Day Cream, while our Mandelicum Night Solution was awarded two years in a row.

What are your future plans for your range?

In a few months we will be launching a new skincare line designed especially for men! Meanwhile we’re launching a Skincare Premium Line Amenities range for top hotels, including the Four Seasons Astir Hotel Athens which already has our products as travel size, in-room amenities. We’re also very close to presenting our latest two-year project, which is the result of the Diagnostic Skin Test. It’ll come in the form of an app with several tools that will offer consumers personalised advice for their daily skincare routine and more. We want to offer every kind of youth and adult, both male and female, the ideal solutions for their skin and hopefully introduce them to healthier, intelligent self-care habits too.

About DOS’s Creators:

Chrysanthi is a pharmacist and certified acupuncturist who grew up in a family of pharmacists and started experimenting with chemical formulas and herbal properties since an early age. She was always drawn to holistic and natural philosophies and practises, which is what drove her to start creating her own range of products made along those lines, under the guidance of her father Vaios Papadopoulos. Vasiliki, her partner in DOS, is a make-up artist and skin expert who has a long experience working in TV and magazines. She followed a series of workshops in cosmetology by Italian beauty expert Pascal de Firenze and at ‘Paris-Berlin’ in Paris. Having worked with so many kinds of skin throughout her career has offered her a profound understanding of the different needs people have.

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All Your Essential Oils

Greece is dripping in addictive, magical oils that pack a rich, antioxidant punch, and I’m not just talking about the liquid gold that is their world-famous olive oil. Follow the lead of the Ancient Greeks and experience the plentiful benefits of these key oils.

Insights Greece - All Your Essential Oils
Prickly Pear Seed Oil

The Opuntia Plant grows wild in Greece, as well as other parts of the Mediterranean, and is lauded for being a miracle plant. The prickly pear seed oil contains the highest percentage (88%) of unsaturated fatty acids than any other beauty oil and is rich in protein, essential fatty acids, and vitamins E and K. Known to transform the skin by refining and tightening pores, reducing inflammation, brightening under the eyes, it also lightens dark spots, enhances skin tone and restores elasticity.

Find it in: Opuntia Luxury Oils,

Calendula oil

The Calendula flower holds many natural properties that assist in rehydrating dry, broken skin, as well as areas of redness. The oil from the flower is one of nature’s most powerful botanicals due to its therapeutic properties and contains vitamin C and and potent antioxidants.

Find it in: Dokimon Pure and Korres

Insights Greece - All Your Essential OilsOlive oil

Homer referred to olive oil as liquid gold, and the Ancient Greeks used their native olive tree for everything, including to hydrate and moisturize skin and hair. A natural source of vitamins, minerala, amino acida and antioxidants, make like the ancient Greeks and use it to deeply nourish your skin, lock in moisture, and restore elasticity to maintain youthful, soft skin.

Find it in: Supermarkets stocking good quality oil, Greek villages overflowing with their local pride and joy, and skin care from Korres and Apivita.

Insights Greece - All Your Essential OilsPropolis oil

In ancient Greece, Hippocrates, the most admired figure in the history of medicine, would use propolis to heal infections and wounds. Propolis is effective for treating acne, sensitive skin, protecting the skin against pollution, as well as soothing irritated skin. For its protective properties, it is also commonly used in lip balms amd multi purpose balms.

Find it in: Apivita products. In 2013, APIVITA won an Innovation Award for the Patent of Propolis Extraction against Premature Ageing, resulting from years of experience and the company’s extensive know-how on apicultural products. With effectiveness verified by 8 clinical studies, this particularly powerful antioxidant and anti-aging extract moderates significantly the influence of free radicals, increases skin vitality and enhances the production of collagen and elastin.