Our Favourite New Greek Beauty Brand

Nemertes combine the principles of self-care, holistic wellness, eco-conscience and the purest natural ingredients. Here are the reasons why they’re our favourite new Greek beauty brand and my tried and tested account of some of their feel-good products. 

The Greek company collaborates with award-winning producers from around the country to source the best raw materials each region or farmer can provide, such as organic extra virgin olive oil from Crete, the Peloponnese and Western Greece as one of the base ingredients in their face and body care ranges. Their products also contain many valuable and skin-loving oils such as argan oil, wheat germ oil, castor oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter, and are enriched with essential oils, herbs, and other ingredients with healing properties used since antiquity. 

The brand sees its luxurious products as a means to an end, and it’s not just about looking good: “Your physical health, mental euphoria, and a positive attitude to life are the most vital qualities we seek to offer! Our products represent something deeper than just beauty and health; they stand for self-love and everyday evolution. Our goal is to help each person develop the confidence to realize any self-improvement goal and inspire them to contribute meaningfully to society.”

Being environmentally friendly is another key priority for the company, so they use alternative energy sources to supply their production unit. Their product core ingredients extraction is being granted without the use of chemical solvent and their products are packaged in recyclable packaging Meanwhile they’re setting up a new service through which collaborating artists will create art on the packages of used products that customers will be asked to return, turning them into decorative objects.

Nemertes products are sold online via their eshop as well as in luxury Spas, 5-Star hotels (for which they’ve created a Welcome Gift Kit for guests) and high-end clothes boutiques. In the near future, the brand plans to create a children’s product series in collaboration with parenting and mental health consultants. “We will be creating a holistic package including practical advice on the physical care of babies, their dietary habits and also their spiritual and mental wellbeing.” Soon they will also be launching a new Exclusive series that will be based on award-winning organic wild oil and will contain gold leaves.

Tried & Tested Products

I had the pleasure of trying the following products-

Moisturizing body oil (Mandarin) & Moisturizing body oil (Sweet Fig)
These indulgent oils – the mandarin cheering and invigorating and the fig sensual and relaxing – smell incredible, like the real thing. I used a few drops of either oil in my bath, or as a perfume on my chest, neck and behind my ears, because the aroma of each is both therapeutic and lasts a long time. They leave the skin feeling soft and plump.

Insights Greece - Our Favourite New Greek Beauty Brand

Face oil

Nemertes Face Oil is 100% Organic and offers a unique formula designed to maximize the results of your overall skincare regime. Containing Wild Rose oil, Rose Essential Oil and Evening Primrose oil, the formula is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Rose Essential Oil has properties that moisturize dry skin and anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties to treat redness and inflammation. Evening Primrose oil is packed with crucial Omega-6 Fatty Acids and strong antioxidant properties that help prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Although rich, it doesn’t leave an oily residue on the skin and it smells amazing! I found that it made my skin feel plumper and look more glowy, rosy and alive.

Bath & Shower Mandarin

Like the mandarin oil, this shower gel has a vibrant, mood-boosting and natural smell of mandarin that stays on the skin after you’ve dried off. It feels soothing and refreshing at once. 

5 Greek Skincare Brands You Should Know About

During the last few years, our attention has shifted to natural skincare products -made in Greece- using the purest elements that mother earth has to offer.

Whether you live in Greece or you visit the country for a holiday, embracing the “shop local” philosophy is the perfect reason to clean up your top shelf and make room for these under-the-radar Greek eco-friendly skincare brands.


Yiayia Euthalia learned from a very young age how to use the beneficial herbs of her island, Skopelos, and to include them in her daily routine. She created her own recipes for soap and waxes, which gave inspiration to her granddaughter (who also inherited her name) to launch Euthalia Natural Cosmetic Values in 2012. Τhe Greek word “euthalia” describes a state of flourishing or thriving.  

The key ingredient of Euthalia is the extra virgin olive oil combined with essential oils and extracts of aromatic and medicinal plants- creating beneficial compositions for the body and soul. 100% natural, Euthalia cosmetics, pay tribute to the eternal power of nature and to the traditional values and virtues of Greek culture.


Marialena Baklatzi spent her childhood in the colourful, enchanting rose garden kept by her family. While the women of the house produced rose water extracts for personal use, Marialena observed, recorded, and slowly developed her love for nature and the treasures it has to offer.

She began to produce creams for her personal use and after three years of extensive research and development, in cooperation with an excellent team of internationally renowned scientists and dermatologists, MIELĒV from dream became a reality in 2020, launching her company in Athens. MIELĒV is derived from the French verb “Je m ‘élève” which means “to elevate me”. A range of natural and organic skincare lines, with ingredients that heal the skin, satisfy the senses, and offer immediate, visible results. 

Tzimas Cosmetics

In 1957, a family of chemists-cosmetologists, John, George and Lila Tzimas dedicated time to the research and production of Greek skincare, beauty and wellness products, that cover the needs of face, body, and hair. “Every skin is different and has unique needs”. With this belief, the company began producing personalized products and services.

The treatment line offers solutions for hydration, cleansing, freshening, anti-aging, regeneration, firming and sun protection for all skin types. The composition of Tzimas cosmetics consists of ingredients of natural origin, herbal extracts, mainly from the Mediterranean flora, Greek extra virgin oil and other vegetable oils, amino acids and bioactive peptides, algae extracts and other elements of marine origin, vitamins and essential oils.


The production of Greek cosmetic company Nemertes, is based on pure, virgin olive oil of superior quality and blends of precious oils, herbs and healing materials from the Greek land, creating personal care and wellbeing products respecting people and the environment.

Nemertes is a mythological figure mentioned in the Iliad. Daughter of Nereus and Oceanida Dorida, granddaughter of the Ocean, nymph of the sea and one of the fifty Nereids. She represents philanthropy and people who follow and achieve their goals. They combine the precious legacy of Greek tradition with the most modern scientific methods and high aesthetics- passionately creating what a contemporary person needs today; physical health, mental euphoria and a positive attitude to life! Their products are produced in small quantities to ensure excellent quality and full control capability.

Bee Naturalles

After completing their studies in science, environment, and art, George and Chara decided to leave the city and settle in Evia. They set up their workshop there in order to combine tradition with nature. They managed to “enclose nature” into their products. Bee Naturalles was founded in 2013 and their products’ 100% natural composition encloses the beneficial and healing power of nature.

Bee Naturalles products are mixtures of natural raw materials, such as organic bee products, herbal extracts and essential oils, with only natural preservatives. Their production is “dictated” by nature, according to its own rhythms and seasonal alternations.

Greek Organic Cosmetics That Made my Summer!

Over the last decade, Greek cosmetics companies have seriously upped their game and are now creating products that can easily compete with some of the world’s best brands.

High-quality cosmetics made with pure, innovative, natural, and sweet-smelling ingredients make me very happy. They don’t just make me feel and look better, they help reverse problems, offer deep nurturing, and prevent future issues. As with almost everything by now, I like to shop local, not only for environmental reasons but also to support the many charismatic producers around the country. 

This summer I stocked up on sophisticated products to use on my one-month island holiday as well as the city, choosing from three of the country’s top natural/organic brands: Eolia Cosmetics, Dos Cosmetics, and BioSelect. Here are the tried and tested products that have added beauty, joy, feel-good textures, and aromas – not to mention noticeably impressive results – to my summer:

Eolia Cosmetics 

Eolia Lip Balm with St John’s Wort Oil
The only lip balm I’ve ever used that has a light texture and immediately and ongoingly soothes my lips. The sweet smell of St John’s Wort herb with honey, propolis & beeswax reminds me of the delicious aromatic wafts that come from island fields that have been sitting under the sun. 

Greek Sun-kissed Bronzer
This dry oil bronzer with Argan oil, vitamin E oil, and olive oil for deep moisturisation & nourishment has added daily nourishment and glamour to my arms, chest, legs, thighs and even hair. It’s perfect for adding a glow any time of day and helps to prolong your suntan while soothing the skin from sun exposure.

Pomegranate & Aloe Vera body butter
A mix of fruits and herbs from Laconia, plus St John’s wort oil, natural beeswax, and honey that smells soothingly sweet and fruity and has a rich, nutritive texture. A bedside buddy that I used regularly on my hands, legs, and feet before sleep. 

Instant Lift Serum
Lifting active pearls combine hyaluronic acid molecules with natural bio-saccharides that form a three-dimensional grid of instant tightening and are proven to provide deep and lasting hydration, improve skin appearance, reduce blemishes, smoothen wrinkles and give a bright, youthful, restful look. This gel dries quickly and revives the skin, making it perfect for application before makeup on evenings when I’m heading out.

After Sun
This incredibly cooling cream-gel with aloe, Greek yogurt, cucumber, and vitamin E instantly soothes away any kind of redness, dryness, or irritation that can result from overexposure to the sun (guilty as charged!). Even better when kept in the refrigerator.

DOS Cosmetics 
A 100% natural glitter oil was my other secret weapon in creating post-beach glow!

Tanning Oil
This tanning oil only has a 3SPF, with oils that accelerate the natural tan while protecting the skin from premature aging. It contains antioxidants that bind free radicals while maintaining the elasticity and moisture of the skin. The best part is the delightfully exotic aroma that Dos describes as a Californian-Caribbean-Greek blend!

Sunscreen 50+ SPF | UVA UVB Light Serum
This face sunscreen was my daily face serum, which I applied pre-sun and again at the beach after several hours. With 50SPF it protects from UVA / UVB rays while preventing dark spots and hyperpigmentation through its powerful antioxidant action. 



Face Tonic Lotion
This gentle skin toner with dictamelia, hibiscus, aloe (which soothes, softens and revitalizes) and green tea, which protects from oxidative damage was part of my morning skincare routine. It helped wipe away any greasiness from the night and tighten my pores.

Nourishing Body Butter
A rich, natural buttery cream, which provides intensive hydration to your skin also has dictamelia, which protects from oxidative damage as well as shea butter, which is rich in vitamin E and aloe, so it offered my sun-kissed body a deep nourishing action.


Hair & Body Fragrance Mist Piña Colada
Several people asked me what fragranced I was wearing whenever I liberally spritzed this cheering stuff on myself. With exotic coconut and monoi de tiare oils and a light hint of pineapple, it both revived and soothed me. 

Body Sugar Scrub – Exfoliate & Polish – Piña Colada
I used this delicious organic sugar scrub with coconut oil, organic olive oil, orange essential oil & monoi de tiare oil in the shower every four to five days to scrub off dead cells and enjoy a smooth, silky result.

Best Greek Summer Beauty Products for Glowing Skin

Golden, tanned and glowing are some of the adjectives thrown around when contemplating the appearance of Greeks in summer. 

With endless days that turn into nights spent at idyllic beaches in great company, savouring delicious cuisine and enjoying the best cocktails, make like the Greeks and be sure you have the following Greek beauty products and tools to get you through your summer days in the sun.

Insights Greece - Best Greek Summer Beauty Products for Glowing Skin


Carroten, the word that has become synonymous with Greek summer as the cult beach product for over 30 years. Using carrot for its exceptional antioxidant properties and the ability to amplify tanning as a source of its inspiration, it went on to expand its range with products to satisfy the needs of every skin type. Choose from a selection of 42 unique safe, dermatologically tested products. IG’s pick? The original, timeless Carroten oil for intense tanning, with the unique combination of rich tanning oils. This will give a fast and wonderful natural tan while nourishing and moisturising your skin.  


Don’t be fooled by the shades of bronze on the sun-kissed bodies strewn on those sun loungers, SPF is always a must, and the one that Greeks turn to for is Carroten Wet Skin, the transparent sunscreen spray boasting SPF30 ease of application on wet or dry skin, and offering enhanced protection thanks to the advanced AQUASKIN technology. It also leaves no white residue. SPF is not just for your skin – don’t forget your tresses!  Protect your hair against the sun’s rays by spritzing it with Apivita Sunscreen Hair Oil for Protection and Hydration. Featuring a cocktail of oils (organic olive oil, abyssal oil, grape and jojoba oil) and carrot extract, it will protect and maintain the shine, colour and health of your hair under the sun. The intoxicating summery aroma will have you turning heads. 

After-sun care 

Give your thirsty skin and hair a cool drink after your day in the sun with refreshing after-sun products. Slather your body with Carroten’s After Sun Cool Gel, with organic Aloe, which helps soothe the skin and the process of cell regeneration. It is enriched with Panthenol and is deeply hydrating for up to 24 hours. Just as important is the non-stick texture and immediate absorption. Then apply an Express Beauty Apivita Face Mask with prickly pear to soothe and hydrate your face.  Prickly pear is a favourite summer fruit of the rural areas of the Mediterranean and immediately moisturizes and soothes the skin – perfect for use after sun exposure. 

A mini beauty fridge filled with Apivita masks 

Apivita needs no introduction as a brand that has innovated skincare for decades, and when it ran a competition to win a mini beauty fridge filled with its collection of face masks on its Instagram feed fans and followers went wild. The perfect way to store all your skincare and cosmetics on your travels, this cute, portable storage solution will keep your products cool, extend their shelf life, and add some pizzazz to your hotel bathroom.


Insights Greece - Best Greek Summer Beauty Products for Glowing Skin