Natural Greek Products Celebrating the Sacred Honeybee

As a big fan of bee products and bees, I was thrilled to discover this organic Greek brand, created by scientists Giorgos Athanasiadis and Chara Mangana on the island of Evia. I interviewed the couple to learn all about their vision and life, and tried some of their products, sharing my experience here.

Insights Greece - Natural Greek Products Celebrating the Sacred Honeybee
Giorgos and Chara

Having finished their studies in natural sciences, environmental physics and art, the visionary duo behind the Bee Naturelles beauty, healing and edible product range decided to leave Athens and relocate to Evia island. “We were enamoured by its nature and biodiversity and eager to discover its secrets. We both believe that the sacred honeybee is the connection integrating nature and human beings. Since we had both spent a lot of our childhood years living in natural habitats where honeybees always fascinated us, we wanted to celebrate them. We believe, and there’s a lot of evidence showing, that honeybees are the regenerating force behind nature and humanity,” they say. 

Biotechnologist and Tutor Chara Mangana and her partner Giorgos Athanasiadis, an Organic Apiarist, Physicist and Tutor are organic producers with expertise in bee science, natural sciences and remedies, such us beeswax cosmetics (the so-called “Apiceuticals”) who are passionate about bee products and natural ethics and determined to spread knowledge and awareness on this topic. They are partners in life and live year-round with their two sons in Evia. “We’ve been in the bee-siness for a decade now, lovingly creating products in which we combine unprocessed natural ingredients, such as organic beekeeping products, plant and herbal extracts, and essential oils produced with methods that are truly gentle and respectful to nature. The Bee Naturelles mission is to help prevent diseases and enhance your quality of life and overall health, by delivering our multi-awarded (more than 28 awards of quality and taste worldwide!) and highly reputed for their health benefits organic and natural products to the world!”

“Bees are the natural fertilizing power that gives life to everything, literally! They have been declared the most important living beings on this planet by the Earthwatch Institute, because of their pollination activity and so more. Bee products and bee medicine science provide everyday-life solutions to a huge spectrum of skin, body and mental problems. We, as bee ambassadors and Bee Naturalles as a brand, envision that every household should be using bee edible and cosmetic products for its everyday routine solutions and, by that the individual will actively help to the sustainability, regeneration and ethical contribution to and of mother nature and the honey bee!”

Tried & Tested Bee Naturelles Products Review


This yellow cream has a rich but lightweight texture and although initially (for only a couple of minutes) it leaves a shiny residue on the skin it is then completely absorbed and feels like it’s activating the skin’s circulation, making it rosy and bright. This bestselling 24-hour firming facial cream is enriched with propolis, cistus and helichrysum essential oils to provide rich hydration, healing and restoration to tired, dry, or mature skin. I’ve been using it mainly as a night cream to leave it to do its magic while I sleep, and on particularly cold mornings to protect my skin from icy winds.


Made with pure beeswax with skin-soothing and regenerative calendula and chamomile oils, this ‘Keralifi’, an ointment used traditionally in Greece for millennia and known to have immediate skin-healing properties, is especially recommended for baby skincare, dry and sensitive skin, mild skin irritations and rashes. I used it on my son’s upper lip and nose, which became red and cracked when he had a cold, and literally saw the skin heal considerably within hours of my first application.


A rich body cream designed to deliver deep nutrition to the skin and has a strong aroma of relaxing, meditative sandalwood, one of the seven essential oils used in it. It’s suitable for all skin types, especially for dry skin. Using this as I step straight out of the shower and my skin is still a little damp, a little goes a long way and the feeling of hydration and aromatic comfort is lovely.


Propolis helps stimulate the immune system, while also being high in antioxidants, antiseptic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It’s also recommended for countering lethargy, brain fog, healing gums and perimenopausal/menopausal symptoms. I have been taking 15 drops in a glass of water (the medicinal taste is a little pronounced but pleasant enough) daily and I have been feeling more energised and clear-headed.


I’ve really been enjoying switching my shower gel for this creamy soap with a lovely aroma of rose and geranium essential oils that offers a sense of well-being and relaxation. The soothing oils don’t just smell good, they offer the skin moisture. For my face, I’ve been trying the NATURAL SOAP BAMBOO CHARCOAL & SHEA BUTTER in which the essential oils of antibacterial and soothing lavender, invigorating bergamot, mood-lifting patchouli and detoxifying bamboo charcoal with hydrating shea butter leaves my skin soft and nourished.