Best Greek Summer Beauty Products for Glowing Skin

Golden, tanned and glowing are some of the adjectives thrown around when contemplating the appearance of Greeks in summer. 

With endless days that turn into nights spent at idyllic beaches in great company, savouring delicious cuisine and enjoying the best cocktails, make like the Greeks and be sure you have the following Greek beauty products and tools to get you through your summer days in the sun.

Insights Greece - Best Greek Summer Beauty Products for Glowing Skin


Carroten, the word that has become synonymous with Greek summer as the cult beach product for over 30 years. Using carrot for its exceptional antioxidant properties and the ability to amplify tanning as a source of its inspiration, it went on to expand its range with products to satisfy the needs of every skin type. Choose from a selection of 42 unique safe, dermatologically tested products. IG’s pick? The original, timeless Carroten oil for intense tanning, with the unique combination of rich tanning oils. This will give a fast and wonderful natural tan while nourishing and moisturising your skin.  


Don’t be fooled by the shades of bronze on the sun-kissed bodies strewn on those sun loungers, SPF is always a must, and the one that Greeks turn to for is Carroten Wet Skin, the transparent sunscreen spray boasting SPF30 ease of application on wet or dry skin, and offering enhanced protection thanks to the advanced AQUASKIN technology. It also leaves no white residue. SPF is not just for your skin – don’t forget your tresses!  Protect your hair against the sun’s rays by spritzing it with Apivita Sunscreen Hair Oil for Protection and Hydration. Featuring a cocktail of oils (organic olive oil, abyssal oil, grape and jojoba oil) and carrot extract, it will protect and maintain the shine, colour and health of your hair under the sun. The intoxicating summery aroma will have you turning heads. 

After-sun care 

Give your thirsty skin and hair a cool drink after your day in the sun with refreshing after-sun products. Slather your body with Carroten’s After Sun Cool Gel, with organic Aloe, which helps soothe the skin and the process of cell regeneration. It is enriched with Panthenol and is deeply hydrating for up to 24 hours. Just as important is the non-stick texture and immediate absorption. Then apply an Express Beauty Apivita Face Mask with prickly pear to soothe and hydrate your face.  Prickly pear is a favourite summer fruit of the rural areas of the Mediterranean and immediately moisturizes and soothes the skin – perfect for use after sun exposure. 

A mini beauty fridge filled with Apivita masks 

Apivita needs no introduction as a brand that has innovated skincare for decades, and when it ran a competition to win a mini beauty fridge filled with its collection of face masks on its Instagram feed fans and followers went wild. The perfect way to store all your skincare and cosmetics on your travels, this cute, portable storage solution will keep your products cool, extend their shelf life, and add some pizzazz to your hotel bathroom.


Insights Greece - Best Greek Summer Beauty Products for Glowing Skin