Nara Camicie, Bringing Italian Designs to Athens Each Season

Italian fashion brand Nara Camicie is known for designing classic, high-quality shirts that are perfect to wear both day and night.

Paired easily with casual jeans for weekend brunching, or worn with a pencil skirt for a night out in the town- each elegant and stylish shirt is made using fine fabrics that last for many seasons.

Having introduced Athenians to Nara Camicie in 1988, since then the Patouras family has opened 6 stores throughout Athens and expanded its range to include other in-demand pieces including jackets, trousers, dresses, skirts and accessories.

We recently had a chat with Sales Manager Stefania Patouras, about the brand’s popularity in Greece, their new Autumn/Winter collection, as well as some of her favourite places to eat and drink in her home city of Athens.  

What made your family decide to bring Nara Camicie to Greece?

Nara has a long-standing presence in Greece, as it was my father’s vision that prompted him 37 years ago to believe in the idea of a one-product specialty store. In the case of Nara, this item happens to be the classic women’s and men’s shirts.

How would you describe Nara Camicie’s designs? 

The brand’s philosophy is to create comfortable, everyday modern shirts that can be worn during all moments of life- and which combined with other pieces, bring out an individual’s personality. Each season more than 200 exciting styles enrich our collections, following both fashion trends and timeless classic elegance.

Why do you think Nara has become so popular in Athens?

Our clients know that they can pop into any Nara store whether it’s in Kifissia, Kolonaki, Glyfada, or Piraeus and we will happily help them pick out pieces for their wardrobe that they can wear for years to come. What they love most, is that our collection can be worn throughout the day at work and it can also take them into the evening- whether it be on a date, or catching up with friends- knowing they will feel comfortable and confident with what they are wearing. 

What are some classic pieces for both women and men that you think should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe? 

A simple white cotton shirt is an absolute must for every season! I also think a classic tailored jacket that can be worn casually with jeans and dressed up with a pair of nice pants or a dress is something everyone should invest in.  

What colours and designs are in for Fall/Winter ’23?

Bright pinks, blues and purples are dominating our collection this season, as is the always classic black and whites. Red is also very much a hot theme for 2023, as well as bell-bottom pants and double-breasted jackets. 

What are some of your favourite pieces from Nara Camicie’s collection? 

I’ve been living in our comfortable, white linen shirt throughout the entire summer – and I just love the iconic Mininare recycled leather bag that I can take everywhere with me. 

After work, where do you head for some good food and drinks? 

There are so many spots that I love, but mostly you will find me at Kuzina for the great food, cocktails and views of the Acropolis, Hytra for some fine dining and amazing atmosphere, Vezene is also one of my favourites – it’s a bistro-style restaurant that’s located in the city. Upupa Epops for a great cocktail and to unwind after a long day. Beefbar at Four Seasons in Athens Riviera is a gorgeous spot year-round, and for more seaside dining in Vouliagmeni I head to Akti and Krabo. Finally, if you are after some amazing seafood, I recommend Varoulko in Piraeus. 

Some of your favourite places for a weekend escape? 

We really are spoilt for choice and for a great weekend away from the city, we usually head to Sounio or Nafplio. And for close island getaways, I love Kea and Kythnos. 

Finally, what do you always pack with you when you travel?

My camera, a good mood and of course… my favourite linen shirt!  

Nara Camicie is available in-store and online at Nara Camicie 

Autumn Cultural Events on the Greek Islands 

Autumn Cultural Events on the Greek Islands

We’ve gathered a list of great cultural events taking place on the Greek islands during autumn – that shouldn’t be missed!

Perhaps a well-kept secret that few know about, is that the incredible summer vibe on the Greek islands does not end in August. On the contrary, the heart of many cultural events beats strongly on the Aegean during September, October and early November. Picturesque islands come alive, as locals and visitors join to celebrate a range of festivities!

First stop… the island of Rhodes
Insights Greece - Autumn Cultural Events on the Greek Islands 

Festival European Polyphony

The Old Town of Rhodes with its stone-paved alleys and elegant mansions is a listed World Heritage Site, and over the last 5 years, this wonderful place has hosted a festival dedicated to classical music, photography and cinema. The event was born after a long-term collaboration between the French organisation Arts Spontanés and Ars Artis, which has its headquarters in Rhodes. For fifteen consecutive days, the medieval city of Rhodes turns into a music and art workshop, giving the audience an opportunity to take part in numerous interactive music workshops and high-quality concerts featuring internationally renowned artists and musical ensembles.

When: 18th – 30th of September, 2023

Where: Rhodes

Entry: Free

Website: el.festivaleuropeanpolyphony

Over to the “Queen” of the Cyclades… Syros
Insights Greece - Autumn Cultural Events on the Greek Islands 


Ermoupoli, the main town of Syros is stately and grand; from the marble-paved squares in the port to the fairytale mansions in town- the diverse character of the island helps attract international artists every year as part of the ANIMASYROS International Animation Festival. It’s the largest of its kind in Greece and one of the largest in Europe. And from the 26th of September, a rich artistic program full of awarded animations, educational programs and parallel activities, such as exhibitions, concerts and parties will take place in Ermoupoli. Having in mind that Syros was the first place in Greece to hold a film screening in 1900, the festival takes on another significance – making the experience unique for animation-cinema lovers and not only.

When: 26th September – 1st October, 2023

Where: Syros


Discover… marble art on Tinos Island
Insights Greece - Autumn Cultural Events on the Greek Islands 

Yanoulis Halepas: The sculpture’s highest lesson

Tinos, the island of marble is home to great Greek sculptors whose admirable creations raised the island’s marble-carving tradition to new heights. One of them was renowned artist Yanoulis Halepas, who will now have some of his stunning pieces presented for the very first time at a major exhibition titled Yanoulis Halepas: the sculpture’s highest lesson. The exhibition brings together two significant sets of works by Yannoulis Halepas: the collection of the Cultural Foundation of Tinos and the collection of the Onassis Foundation. Curated by Alexandra Goulaki-Voutyras, it will give visitors the chance to view pieces from his first works through to his later sculptures that were produced in Athens.

When: 10th June- 16th October, 2023

Where: Cultural Foundation of Tinos (Chora, Tinos)


Melodies and music… also in Tinos
Insights Greece - Autumn Cultural Events on the Greek Islands 

Tinos World Music Festival 

Launched in 2013, this popular event has hosted over 100 musicians from Greece and abroad and each year draws more and more crowds from different parts of the world. Featuring unique concerts that aim to highlight instruments including the clarinet, violin, cello, bouzouki, oud, rabab and the sasz, the program will include a range of artists’ own compositions as well as traditional songs from the Greek, Turkish, Armenian and Arab world.

When: 3rd – 5th November, 2023

Where: Tinos


The other side of… Mykonos
Insights Greece - Autumn Cultural Events on the Greek Islands 

Mykonos Running Festival

Mykonos is renowned for its cosmopolitan lifestyle, intense nightlife, and vibrant beach clubs – and now it’s also attracting those seeking a wellbeing escape with a three-day program that’s spread out into three races- the Half Marathon Mykonos Gold, the 10km Mykonos Run and the 2.5km Mykonos Family Fun. There will also be a Kids Athletics program, a holistic retreat wellness event, a music concert and beach party, a local gastronomy festival, a guided tour of attractions and places of archaeological and religious interest, as well as various other events, which will turn the new festival into an incomparable autumn event of sports and culture.

When: 22nd – 24th of September, 2023

Where: Mykonos

Entry: Free


Keen athletes head to… Spetses
Insights Greece - Autumn Cultural Events on the Greek Islands 

Spetses Mini Marathon

Sitting in the heart of the Saronic Gulf, Spetses has a lot to offer in terms of beaches, sightseeing and activities. This international sporting event is taking place over three days and is aimed at runners who are both experienced and beginners, with a range of options for participants, including races of 5,10, and 25 km, and three swimming races of 1.5 km, 3 km, and 5 km, as well as fun events for children.

When: 29th September – 1st October, 2023

Where: Spetses

Entry: Free


Chat With Luxury Travel Expert Cleo Anderson

Cleo Anderson, a luxury travel expert, and the Principal and Founder of multi-award-winning PR agency The Anderson Group, recently landed her own travel show with LUXE.TV.

In less than a year since its premiere, the talented media personality has already won ‘Broadcast Media Host and Producer of the Year 2023’ for ‘Wanderluxe with Cleo Anderson’ at the Influential Businesswoman Awards.

From carefully sourcing the finest stays in the world – to place inside each impressive Oscar nominee gift bag, to finding unique ways to launch new products for high-end brands – no two days are the same for Cleo, who loves travelling the world and sharing her 5-star experiences. 

We recently had a chat with Cleo about luxury travel, her time filming LUXE.TV in Athens, as well as her favourite getaways. Read on to discover more. 

What have been some of your career highlights so far?

I feel that anyone who builds something of their own and sustains that over some time has managed to do something that many do not, so for me that is an overarching accomplishment. Lately, there have also been some really exciting highlights, including being hailed a luxury travel expert in Forbes in 2020, which was fantastic. Early on in my PR career, landing the UK contract to do the PR for Monte Carlo SBM’s 150th Anniversary was a career highlight, as they are such a revered brand in the hotel world. Being crowned the Luxury Travel Curator for The Oscar Nominee gift bag has been great, too, but landing my travel show with LUXE.TV – ‘Wanderluxe with Cleo Anderson’ – has been the pinnacle of my career to date and is a dream job – it’s something I have wanted to do for a while.

As owner of an award-winning luxury PR agency, what do you enjoy most about your work?

I love the variety in terms of the types of clients we work with; working with luxury hotels, I will often visit and stay to get a feel for what they have to offer. I have visited a myriad of places like Cambodia, Bali, Turkey, Vietnam, and Monaco on client visits, which has been great. We also work with some gorgeous luxury products; recently we worked with a standout luxury olive oil made in Greece, which we did a fantastic global PR campaign for. Whether it be working on a campaign for gourmet vegan chocolates or a boutique hotel in some remote place, no two days are the same, so it’s never boring.

Insights Greece - Chat With Luxury Travel Expert Cleo Anderson

When did your passion for travel begin?

In the early days, it was a trip I did with a group of friends and my sister – we went to Miami’s South Beach. That was my first transatlantic girl’s trip and that piqued my interest in world travel. Shortly after that, I went to Thailand with another group of friends, and it became a habit to visit new places when I was able. Once I started, I realised that I was born to travel the world.

In the year 2023, how would you define “Luxury Travel”?

People are travelling more than ever after being grounded for so long, and I believe that luxury travel is about the individualised, bespoke travel itinerary. For me, that’s what 2023 travel is all about following the pandemic.

What type of travel experiences do you think people are currently searching for?

I feel that it has given people a new perspective on life, and I think that people are looking to tick off their big bucket list trips. People want to live their lives more fully than before.

Insights Greece - Chat With Luxury Travel Expert Cleo Anderson

What have been a few standout hotels you’ve recently visited?

We work with a company in Germany that converts lighthouses into luxury boutique hotels – one such hotel in the Canary Islands, Spain is Faro Cumplida. That stay was fantastic, and the location is great. Al Sahel by Anantara in Abu Dhabi was also an enjoyable stay; Anantara is one of my favourite hotel brands, and Al Sahel, in particular, is a nature lover’s dream. The dwellings have a ‘glamping’ feel – luxury on the inside, with a gorgeous setting and a much-needed plunge pool for the heat. I have memories of sitting on the patio with my morning coffee and watching the wildlife -deer, peacocks, and more – stroll past me completely unfazed. It was beautiful.

On the Athenian Riviera, Dolce by Wyndham in Vravrona was a pleasant find. It’s a delightful family resort, but many people don’t know that it also has a handful of private villas with your own private butler, private pool and stunning sea views. I stayed there during filming, and we feature the villa on the show. It was a gorgeous stay. I also love the Four Seasons Astir Palace

One of your most memorable getaways?

I remember a stay at a hotel called Argos in Cappadocia; the location is like nowhere else on earth. The terrain is out of this world, and the landscape is incredible. In the mornings you can watch scores of hot air balloons rise into the sky and I loved going up in a hot air balloon myself one morning, with a champagne and strawberries breakfast laid out once we landed. It is a unique place and a must-see for anyone who loves travel.

Insights Greece - Chat With Luxury Travel Expert Cleo Anderson

Tell us more about your new travel series ‘Wanderluxe With Cleo Anderson’.

It’s a brand-new luxury travel show that premiered on LUXE.TV earlier this year, with 462 million subscribers in 65 countries. Each episode features different ways to enjoy luxury, from exclusive hotels and resorts to unique experiences in each location. The show is available to watch in Greece on Cosmote TV and Vodafone, as well as other channels. The cinematography is beautiful, and it’s a dream to film.

Your first series is based in Athens. Can you share some of your favourite experiences filming in the Greek capital?

We feature several gorgeous places, including a penthouse with Acropolis views. It was beautiful to wake up to that historical view in the morning after filming – I never get tired of it. Walking around Plaka and filming there was stunning; the Greek people were really hospitable and interested in what we were doing, so it was fun. We also enjoyed going out to sea – we wanted to highlight the things that people don’t seem to know about both Greece and Athens; being in Greece is not just about visiting the islands – the Athens Riviera also has a lot to offer and it’s so close to the city centre.

Insights Greece - Chat With Luxury Travel Expert Cleo Anderson

What are a few of your favourite Greek islands?

Visually, Santorini for me is the most elegant and beautiful island. I also enjoyed Mykonos – walks around the island are just lovely. In my teen years, I would visit Skiathos and Rhodes with my sister each year, so I’ve been coming to Greece for some time and know it pretty well. There are always more places to explore, which is what I love about Greece.

What do you always pack with you when travelling?

I always have my laptop so that I can keep up with work – it’s my portable office. A good face and body moisturiser is a must and is always in my bag. My portable speaker by Bose goes everywhere with me, especially if I’m going to be poolside. Vaseline for my lips is essential – the small tins with cocoa butter are perfect. I also switched from sugar to Stevia last year, so I always keep liquid Stevia in my bag for my coffee in the morning. When travelling I also make sure I have a chic bathing suit or two with me – in Athens, I really enjoyed swimming in the sea.

Finally, if you could go anywhere tomorrow, where would it be?

St Barth’s had been on my bucket list for so long and that’s where one of the next episodes was filmed. As I’m half Caribbean, I feel right at home there!

5 Greek Shoe Brands You Should Know 

If you are looking for a new pair of stilettos, slides, pumps, or mules, you are in the right place, as we’ve rounded up the best Greek shoe brands to shop for your next kicks!

From a few old favourites that we’ve loved for years to some new names offering the latest must-have designs, these are some of Greece’s leading shoe brands to get your hands (and feet) on.

Tsakiris Mallas 

One of the most well-established shoe brands in Greece, Tsakiris Mallas has been creating and selling his stylish designs since 1969. With a new collection for each season (depending on the time of year) you can choose from a wide range of classic strappy sandals or the latest must-have winter boots. There are 39 stores throughout Greece, a global online shop, and with the brand also stocked in 23 countries, it’s easy to pick up a pair (or two) anywhere you are!

W: tsakirismallas

Iride De Portu 

Meticulously curating every item, and keeping a close eye on the entire process from the design and production stages to manufacturing, it’s no surprise leading designer Iride De Portu’s handcrafted shoes are not only stunning to look at but also wonderful to wear! 

W: iridedeportu

The Workshop

Handcrafted in Greece, with 100% leather and fine quality fabrics, these are the kind of shoes you never want to take off! From classy wedges and flattering sandals that you can wear during the day, to striking stilettos and chic boots that are perfect for the evening, The Workshop has a shoe design to match every outfit! 

W: theworkshop

Kotsonas Shoes 

A family brand based in Athens, the Kotsonas’s have a philosophy of creating feminine and unique shoes that will be loved by anyone who wears them. Here you will find stunning tailor-made pumps, strappy sandals and peep-toe heels that are 100% handmade and custom-designed. 

W: kotsonasshoes

Femme Fanatique 

Having started designing tango shoes in 2014, since then the company has gradually expanded and is now creating a great range of made-to-wear evening shoes. All designs are entirely handmade with an exceptional fit, and the entire collection (with its soft vintage look) is carefully created to make a statement.

W: femmefanatique

Introducing Kear, Natural Greek Beauty Skincare 

Multi-award-winning brand Kear is known for its sustainable skincare range that is an ode to natural Greek beauty.

By embracing the use of authentic elements and scents, each product is made exclusively in Greece and features pure raw ingredients sourced from local producers. We recently had a chat with founder Ypatia Mitsatsou about what makes the brand unique, Kear’s best-selling products, and asked her to share her own beauty routine. 

Can you tell us a few ancient Greek beauty secrets that have influenced your products?

Ancient “kallos” – beauty in ancient Greek – is a holistic concept. It is not only about the outer appearance but mainly about the connection between mind, body and soul. Ancient Greeks believed that nothing and no one was separate and that everything was connected. Inner wellness is expressed with outer beauty. The common denominator is energy, which is what Kear wishes to express through its holistic skincare; the energy derived from the sun, the sea, nature and potent herbs. 

What are some of the key ingredients used? 

Kear uses only natural ingredients and we are committed to explicitly sourcing them from local producers or cooperatives around Greece. Our olive oil comes from a farm in the Peloponnese region, famous for its quality olive oil. Our beeswax comes from Crete and our herbs and essential oils from all around rural Greece. Although it is not an ingredient, even our packaging is produced in Greece!

Who do you have in mind when creating Kear products?

The women and men of ancient Greece respected the earth and used its produce for therapeutical and cosmetic purposes, gracefully and ethically. We are inspired by the simplicity of each woman who grows up in this wonderful place using pure products, made from the best raw materials. The woman “nurtured” by Greek elements; the sea, the sun, and its perpetual energy. She has a clean, pure beauty and an earthy freshness! 

What makes Kear unique?

First of all, “κέᾰρ” means heart in ancient Greek, but it is pronounced exactly like “care” in English. And as a brand, it has a real story to tell about ancient Greek beauty heritage. We adapted timeless formulas passed down to us by scholars and philosophers into conscientious products, to meet the needs of today’s fast-paced daily personal care routine. The result? Products that are natural, potent, safe, versatile and multifunctional. Not to mention non-toxic, cruelty-free, and long-lasting. With a comprehensive range, Kear has everything one needs for healthy, natural and glowing Grecian skin. Every product is carefully designed to embrace both its ancient roots and its modern presence. 

What are some of your best-sellers?

From the soap bar categories, the Exfoliating Herbal Soap is by far the best-selling soap we have. Loved by both women and men, it leaves your skin feeling so soft and velvety you will not believe it. If you use Hydrate Relax Body Oil afterward you will be amazed at how supple your skin will feel and how hydrated it will be.

From the face balms, AgeDefying is a best-seller as it is both an anti-aging balm and a moisturiser. Soothing Body Balm is a wonder in a jar, packed with the goodness of arnica extract which is a natural anti-inflammatory. And SofiLip Lip Balm is preferred for its soothing and hydrating properties. 

What do you highly recommend for glowing skin?

Kear face balms are one-pot wonders, as they provide a “mini-lift effect”! For glowing skin, the natural way, use AntiOxidant Face Balm with a high content of sea-buckthorn berries. Hippophae rhamnoides Oil (as this is its botanical name) is a rich source of rare fatty acids that regenerate and revive skin cells. It is rich in “beauty vitamin” C, which can reduce inflammation, boost collagen for plump, firm skin, and provide radiant skin! Lastly, it can also balance sebum production in oily skin.

And what would you use for aging skin?

We are very proud to have created a bespoke fusion of skin-beneficial nutrients that gives AgeDefying Face Balm its silky texture. Suitable for ages 35+ it is the ultimate anti-aging balm that is versatile and easy to use. Beeswax, calendula, and propolis soothe and regenerate the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Antioxidant superstars, extra virgin olive oil, sea-buckthorn berry, and grapeseed oil, fight free radical damage and promote moisture restoration. 

What does your daily beauty routine look like?

I always prefer soap bars to emulsion cleansers, so I wash my face with either Mastic Herbal Soap (especially when I wear makeup, as it is a fantastic makeup remover) or Sage Olive Leaf Herbal Soap if it tends to be more oily than usual; sage is known to regulate sebum production in oily and combination skins. Then I take just a pinch (or pea-size) amount of my favourite face balm, rub it on my palms to liquefy it, and I apply it on my face and neck. I wait a couple of minutes and then I apply either makeup or blush. Simple as that. 

Ideally, I rotate the face balms morning and night: AntiOxidant Face Balm with sea buckthorn to protect against free radicals in the morning, and AgeDefying Face Balm with sea buckthorn, calendula, propolis and red grape to prevent fine lines and wrinkles in the evening when our body enters restoration mode.

And at nighttime, I never forget to apply our SofiLip Lip Balm. In the morning my skin is velvety and my lips are soft, supple and so moisturised. I also use SofiLip as a base, under my regular lip gloss or lipstick. 

What do you always pack in your beauty travel bag?

Although I love to travel light, my beauty bag has all the essentials to keep my skin hydrated, nourished and protected. A soap bar to use as a face cleanser, and Kear travel minis; a versatile face balm to use day and night, a body balm (usually Soothing Body Balm to deal with any unnecessary accidents), and Hydrate Relax Body Oil to use as a body moisturiser. As my lips tend to become dehydrated and chapped easily, I always carry one SofiLip; I love cinnamon!

Lastly, can you tell us a few of your favourite places to travel to around Greece, for both work and play?

I try to combine work and play and visit places that have unique energy as well as flora. One of my favourite places is the Zagori region in Epirus, home to a large variety of herbs. It is one of the most beautiful and rich ecosystems in Europe. The energy it emits is magnificent, as each season has something else to offer! You feel as if you open the door to a wonderland!

And now, off to the islands of the Aegean to get some sea air! Using Paros island as my base, where my brother and his family live, we embark upon day sea excursions to forgotten beaches and small islands far away from the crowds. 

Still, this land has so much to offer that I wish I could have the time to travel all around Greece to receive the energy of each place! 

Chat With Best-Selling Author Mireille Giuliano

As soon as “French Women Don’t Get Fat” hit the shelves it became one of the world’s best-selling books, making Mireille Guiliano an inspirational and in-demand author overnight.

Gaining international recognition after her first book was published 18 years ago, people began asking Mireille for more simple and practical lifestyle tips and advice on how to adopt a balanced and mindful approach, not only to eating well but also to living well.

Having emphasised the importance of good food and embracing a lifestyle that includes daily movement, eating fresh, seasonal ingredients, as well as making home-cooked dishes in “French Women Don’t Get Fat,” in her other books, Mireille explores various aspects of French culture, work, etiquette and aging “with attitude.” 

We recently had a chat with Mireille about her timeless writing, her fond memories of visiting Greece every summer, and how she travels the world with ease. 

What do you think makes your books so popular worldwide?

People have huge weight challenges and are looking for solutions. Most want the fast way, and we all know that doesn’t work. Today there are so many diet books and traps; it’s embarrassing. Alas, the food industry has not done its job either, and people seem to want “convenience” simply over cooking at home. People should look for a simple approach and those who get my lifestyle approach seem to do well. I feel so happy that I’m still receiving emails from women and men who say I changed their lives. It’s the best reward.

What experiences of your own do you think have inspired your readers most? 

The fact that I talk the talk, and at 77 feel strong, fit and full of energy. Eating well takes a bit of learning/planning/doing but once you know the basics you can apply it for life, knowing that little indulgences here and there are okay. The fact that it’s not a diet but a lifestyle is appealing, and today the multiple versions of the Mediterranean diet should help, though most people still don’t have a sense of portions, varieties, and seasons. Here in the U.S., I am appalled to see unripe cardboard tasteless tomatoes, strawberries, etc. in January, February, March, and so on. They are expensive and tasteless, and that money would buy some nice greens and fresh, seasonal fruit.

What are some of your tips for staying mindful, healthy, and happy in the year 2023?

Live for the moment, the past is over and alas we have very little control over the future. So, my look at a week of eating/living well at a time like this is more appropriate than ever. It takes a bit of planning but again after a few months of practice, it becomes automatic. The key is also to eat seasonal produce and buy at outdoor markets when possible. 

To say healthy also means to move, and my easy and cheap movements can be done by all, such as walking and doing steps. I still do my 225 steps up and down my apartment building when I’m in NYC.

As for happiness, that comes when one is at peace with body and mind. Having daily connections with people is essential, being around family and friends. And doing something good for the world and society no matter how little, is what brings joie de vivre in a world that has so much negativity.

How can we maintain balance and pleasure throughout the working week? 

Take some “me” time every day. Stop every hour or so even for just a few minutes to drink a glass of water. Also, add a few movements stretch/aerobics/stairs/rope- they are all good and help stimulate energy, relax and restore the body and mind. 

In your book “French Women Don’t Get Facelifts” you share advice on how women can “age with attitude.” What would you say to anyone afraid of aging?

Accepting it is not easy, and we go through phases. Some women feel old at 25, 40, 70. My low point was 75. I had to accept my “more” wrinkles, looking sometimes 20 years older, sometimes 20 years younger, depending on sleep/food intake/stress, and so on. 

Each woman has different issues and too many are always complaining about wrinkles, hair, weight, and so on. One needs to choose one’s battles and we all age (gravity) some faster than others, some easier than others. I think maintaining the 3 C’s -curiosity, confidence, courage- is key, but also taking on new and challenging activities, getting involved in communities, or taking care of young children are among the key factors to forget about aging. And just be thrilled every morning to be alive and healthy!

Insights Greece - Chat With Best-Selling Author Mireille Giuliano

How would you describe your own personal style? 

Authenticity is key in a world where so much is fake. I am at ease with the person I am and understand that I can’t please everyone but I do my best to give the most to those who appreciate and/or need it. My personal style has always been about being not about having. Life is not a dress rehearsal and whatever you do, your heart must be in it. Loving and smiling are also key. My mum used to say, “A smile is zee best accessory!” 

Being a frequent flyer how do you maintain a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle while being away from home?

For me, it’s not a problem. The one thing I maintain no matter what/where is my yoga first thing in the morning. As well as a healthy breakfast packed with protein/carbs/fat, which may include oatmeal, eggs (made in a variety of ways), and sometimes I indulge in French Toast (my husband makes the best with brioche) or a pain au chocolat, but it has to be really good otherwise it’s not worth it to me. I still enjoy a square of dark chocolate or two after lunch or as an en cas on the plane!

 What do you always pack with you when travelling?

A warm cashmere scarf that is starting to fall apart as it has gone around the world three times and all the back-and-forth from New York to Paris. Some good walking shoes- especially for Paris where I can walk 15-25,000 steps a day. My basic cleanser, moisturiser, and sunscreen. I still pack in a small carry-on so I don’t need to check in (except occasionally on those discount European flights) no matter whether I go for 3 days or 3 months.

Speaking of travel, what are some of your fondest memories of Greece? 

As a student, I used to go to Greece each summer and stay at people’s homes like many other students in those days. But for me, it was also to practice my Greek, as I was taking Saturday classes in Paris with a friend, so I would visit different islands and people were wonderful to let me stay for free. It was the five dollars a night fare- usually for a mattress on the terrace roof and they would offer me coffee and a shower because I was the only one speaking the language.

One of my favourite moments was with a lovely lady in Crete, who was lonely and offered me to stay for the entire summer but I couldn’t. I stayed for around 2-3 weeks and every night she would tell me stories and I surely improved my Greek! Of course, I have forgotten most now, except when I meet a cab driver in NYC, and say a few words but I love the language and especially Greek writing, it’s so beautiful.

Insights Greece - Chat With Best-Selling Author Mireille Giuliano

What are some of your favourite spots around Greece? 

There are so many. I loved the friends I made in Athens, and discovering the city over time. Picking my dinner of fresh fish at a restaurant in Piraeus and eating along the seaside. I also love the architecture, monuments and little churches I went to with my Greek friends in the Peloponnese. I also love the islands. Particularly Hydra, Poros, Aegina, Crete, Santorini, Skiathos and Corfu. 

Lastly, are there any new books you are currently working on? 

During the lockdown, I lived in my little village in the south of France (how lucky we were, we cherished each day there) and wrote a book on Provence (unpublished for now) as well as some short stories about women from around the world who had become friends over the years (also unpublished). The latter was aimed at my now 14-year-old goddaughter and they were strong stories about love, life, work, family, and career to show her how each of us has her own story with ups and downs. I may eventually release both as blogs, as the publishing industry has changed so much.

To discover more about Mireille and her books, head to Mireille Giuliano 

Images by Andrew French & Tim Knox ©

Acropolis Museum is Celebrating its 13th Birthday Today

To celebrate its 13th birthday today, Monday 20 June 2022, the Acropolis Museum is inviting visitors to its exhibition areas with reduced tickets (5 euro), a live concert and the opening of a wonderful new exhibition. 

The Museum will be open from 8 am to 4 pm today with reduced tickets to all exhibition areas, and at 3 pm, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy music by the Woodwind Quintet of the Athens State Orchestra.

Insights Greece - Acropolis Museum is Celebrating its 13th Birthday Today
Image by the Acropolis Museum

From today until January 8, 2023 the Acropolis Museum will present the exhibition program “Ton Athinithen athlon. Panathenaic amphorae from Toronto, Canada back to their birthplace”, with two exquisite vessels created in Athens over 2,500 years ago. They are Panathenaic amphorae, vessels filled with oil that was given as a prize to the victors of contests held during the festival of the Great Panathenaia. One side is decorated with the figure of Athena Promachos and the other with scenes related to the games for which they were given as prizes.

The two vessels from the Royal Ontario Museum will be exhibited in the Parthenon Gallery, relating to the great temple’s frieze, where Pheidias and his collaborators artfully carved the Panathenaic procession.

This presentation is an event taking place simultaneously with the presentation “From Athens to Toronto: A Greek Masterpiece Revealed” at the Royal Ontario Museum where the Acropolis Kore 670 is on display from March 2022. The event has been organised as part of cultural exchanges between the Acropolis Museum and other great museums abroad, contributing to the enhancement of friendly relations between the people of different countries.

For more details head to The Acropolis Museum

Andrea Bocelli to Perform at Halkidiki’s Sani Festival 2022 

The Sani Festival in Halkidiki will be celebrating its 30-year anniversary with a special performance by the world’s beloved tenor, Andrea Bocelli.

Every summer, from July to August, Sani Festival at Sani Resort brings together Greek and international artists. Set in glorious open-air surroundings of the natural amphitheatre surrounding the castle ruins upon Sani Hill, this unique location provides the perfect atmospheric arena that holds up to 3,000 guests.

Insights Greece - Andrea Bocelli to Perform at Halkidiki's Sani Festival 2022 
World’s leading tenor Andrea Bocelli

Rooted in jazz, the first Sani Festival took place in 1992 and since then, the programme has diversified and the venues expanded to accommodate a wide programme of music and performing arts, from classical music to modern dance and musical theatre. 

“This year, 2022, we’ll be honouring the history of the Festival, celebrating its 30th anniversary with a wonderful range of performances including Andrea Bocelli, who will put his signature on the last day of the celebratory Sani Festival on August 20th, the most anticipated music event of the summer! Recognised as an icon of the greatest Italian vocal tradition, he has managed to bring classical music to the top of the global charts, with albums like Romanza, Sacred Arias, Sì and Believe,” announced the organisers of the event this week. 

From July 9 through to August 20, there will be a range of top-class concerts with some of the world’s best artists on stage from the jazz, pop and rock genre, including renowned musician Bob Geldof and the Bobkatz, Afro-Cuban artists Chuco Valdés and Paquito D’Rivera, beloved artist and a Greek audience favourite, Jack Savoretti; as well as leading Greek performers such as Manolis Mitsias, Christos Thivaios, Eleni Tsaligopoulou, Penni Baltatzi Dimitris Basis, Rena Morfi, Doros Dimosthenous, Rita Antonopoulou, Kostas Thomaidis and Kalliopi Pouska.

“This musical embrace of the Mediterranean is a tribute to Sani Festival in Halkidiki, which has always celebrated multiculturalism in music. With performances in Greek and foreign languages, the programme features songs much loved in our country and abroad,” conclude the event’s organisers. 

For more details head to Sani Festival 2022

Summer 2022’s Best Greek Swimwear Brands 

It’s time to put those sweaters and coats away and bring out the bikinis and classic one-pieces for your summer 2022 holidays, with the best Greek swimwear brands.

As the bright spring weather transitions into warm summer days, it’s officially time to ditch the winter wardrobe and start celebrating the summer season with some sophisticated new swimwear.  

And when it comes to finding new summer pieces, there are so many options and designs to choose from, so we’ve rounded up the best Greek swimwear brands for you- that will have you looking cool and stylish this season! 


Each piece is carefully thought out, as the modern, yet timeless designs are made for every body type; and their range can easily take you from a long, lazy day at the beach, straight to an outdoor bar for evening drinks. Holyday’s latest collection has us obsessing over their baby blue range!

Insights Greece - Summer 2022’s Best Greek Swimwear Brands 

Georgia Theodosiou

A swimwear and resort wear brand with floral suits, classic bikinis and one-pieces; this year Georgia Theodosiou has added a few scoop neck one-pieces, and classic white bikinis. Our fave is the navy one-shoulder piece!

Sophie Deloudi

Each season, the designer experiments with new materials and styles- and whether it’s bold colours, classic black bikinis, or geometric patterns you are after- the 2022 collection has something to suit every style and taste. 

Stefania Frangista 

Whether you are off to the Amalfi Coast, Cycladic islands, (or anywhere in between) this swimwear range is made for sunny European days and balmy nights!  

Zeus + Dione 

Creating sophisticated and effortless swimsuits, Zeus + Dione has kept with the brand’s overall classic style this season, with the pieces being Grecian-inspired in both design and colour. For 2022, we can’t get past their elegant and timeless one-pieces! 

Discover the Best Greek Sandal Brands for 2022 Here

“Eleftheria” Celebrations in Komotini

On the 14th of May 1920, Komotini was freed after centuries of Ottoman and Bulgarian occupation.

It was one of the last cities that joined the newly established Hellenic Republic after the country’s independence. To commemorate this, every year in May, the people of Komotini celebrate the Freedom of Thrace in a row of festivities called “The Eleftheria”. Starting on the second day of the month, the festivities last for 16 days with several events taking place around the city including traditional dances, exhibitions, feasts and more.

This year an extra special event takes place, the International Conference on the 100 Years of Komotini’s Freedom which was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions for the past two years, consecutively.

Here is the program of anniversary events for the 102 Years of Freedom in detail.

Monday, May 2
8.00 p.m. In the streets of the city starting from the Tobacco Warehouse up to the square, bagpipers of the Laboratory of the House of Tradition and Folklore “Philotechnes” will play music across the city.

Tuesday, 3 May
8.30 p.m. Cultural Movement
Mikros Diakomos presents the play “Minotaur”.
It is a musical performance with elements of performance and dance.

Wednesday, 4 May
6.30 p.m. Read of the book “Deceiving Time” written by Anastasis Vistonitis at the local public library, Tsanakleios School organized by the Directorate of Secondary Education of Rodopi.

8.30 p.m. The Cultural Movement of Rodopi
organises a Jazz Concert with the 14-member Big Band “Allegro” under the direction of Nikos Ieronymos.

Thursday, 5 May
6.30 p.m. A presentation on “Konstantinos Karatheodori in Smyrna on the eve of the Asia Minor Catastrophe”. A history lesson presented by the Karatheodori Museum on the life, work and educational activities of Konstantinos Karatheodori, the famous Greek mathematician of Einstein. The event takes place at Tsanakleios School.

9.00 p.m. Live with the band “Endless Stream” at the city’s Central Square.

Friday, 6 May
10.00 a.m. The first GREEN FEST, a festival underlying the ecological issues are planet is currently facing, organised by The Youth and Volunteering Center “Exagono” of the Municipality of Komotini in collaboration with the Directorate of Primary Education of Rodopi and FOLLOW GREEN takes place. The event includes educational floor games and interactive actions for the environment such as the importance of recycling and the negative effects of sea pollution. The event is mainly for the students of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 8th, 9th and 13th High School of Komotini.
Moreover, vegan food cooked by the students of the Public vocational school of Komotini in collaboration with the Association for the Care of People with Special Needs “Agioi Theodoroi” will be available to the public.

07.00 p.m.
The formal opening of the Conference for the 100 years of Komotini’s Freedom with Konstantinos Hatzopoulos presenting “The entry of the Greek army in Thrace and the integration of the region in Greece”
The conference will take place at the Papanikolaou Foundation, from 6-8 May.

9.00 p.m. A live music concert – Tribute to the great composer Mikis Theodorakis with Giannis Kallaris “In the Dream the Balcony” will take place at the Komotini Summer Theater. The mixed choir of the Association of Evrites of “E.CHO” participates.

Insights Greece - "Eleftheria" Celebrations in Komotini

Saturday, May 7

9.30 a.m. The second day of the Conference for the 100 years of Komotini’s Freedom at Papanikolaou Foundation.

12.00 p.m. A presentation on “The 1st POCKET PARK IN KOMOTINI” at the Intersection of Vyronos and Makedonias streets.
The Municipal Council of Youth of Komotini with the Youth and Volunteering Center “Exagono” contribute to the transformation of an abandoned space into a cradle of greenery, a pocket of green! The members of the Municipal Council of Youth of Komotini, volunteers and citizens will meet at the site where the park will be created and will make the first tree and aromatic plants planting.

8.00 p.m.
Folklore dance groups from the area will dance under the music of the local band “Thrakomelo”.

8.30 p.m.
Myrsini Latzouraki Theatrical Workshop “On Stage” presents the play “Flight 1702 08, Kosovo” at DIPETHE Komotinis.

9.00 p.m.
The “Evmolpos” Choir under the direction of Mr. Sakis Vargemetzidis will sing at the Cultural Movement.

Sunday, May 8
9.30 a.m.
Last day of the Conference for the 100 years of Komotini’s Freedom at Papanikolaou Foundation.

9.00 a.m.
The Youth and Volunteering Center “Exagono” in collaboration with the Mountaineering Association of Komotini and the Panhellenic Association of Foresters and Natural Environment Managers, plan educational hiking on the beautiful and picturesque trails in the areas of Nymfaia, Parcharia, Neromuloi. The meeting point where the excursion will start is The Great Heroon (Spathi). During the hike, a representative from the Forest Service will share with the participants their knowledge and useful information regarding the flora of the forest. After the hike, there will be a climbing demonstration at the Symbols. The action is supported by the Greek Red Cross.

11.00 a.m.
The House of Culture, Tradition and Folklore “Philotechnes” celebrates World Dance Day at the courtyard of I.N. Annunciation of the Virgin.

8.30 p.m.
Myrsini Latzouraki Theatrical Workshop “On Stage” presents the play “Flight 1702 08, Kosovo” at DIPETHE Komotinis.

Monday, May 9
6.00 p.m. “Exagon” in collaboration with the Ecological Group of Rodopi, grO2be and the ORGANIZATION EARTH is planning an open dialogue about Nature for those with ecological concerns. The event takes place at Pandrosos Museum of Natural History.

06.00 p.m.
Opening of an exhibition of Thracian artists at Papanikolaou Foundation. The exhibition will last until the 14th of May.

6.30 p.m.
Tribute to the Mayors of Epirus of Komotini at the Tsanakleios School.

Insights Greece - "Eleftheria" Celebrations in Komotini

Tuesday, 10 May
10:00 a.m. At the Vegetable Gardens of Komotini (OAED)
“Exagono” in collaboration with the GI (Earth) Organization, the Spores of Rodopi and the support of environmental organizations of the city, plan the “From the field to the plate in a sustainable way”, an interactive way for people to learn more about food production and waste.

7.30 p.m.
Presentation of the novel “Tracca The Witch of Thrace” by Nagia Dalakoura in collaboration with KLEIDARITHMOS publications and the DIMOKRITIO bookstore at the Byzantine castle of Komotini.
Marika Pournara, a local lawyer, will talk about the book.

8.30 p.m.
Traditional song concert with Theodosis Abatzianis
“With two homelands in the heart,” A journey to the ends of the Universe guided by the song at the central square of Komotini.

Wednesday, 11 May
6.00 p.m.
Annual photo exhibition of the Photographic Group of Komotini at the Tobacco warehouse. The exhibition will last until the 18th of May.

7.00 p.m.
Festive Byzantine Music live concert at the Papanikolaou Foundation in collaboration with the Association of Friends of Byzantine Music of the Metropolis of Maronia.

8.30 p.m. REX
Concert with Zoe Tiganourias and Michalis Sourvinos. The two distinguished soloists masterfully combine the sounds of their musical instruments (accordion & guitar) in a program based on the Nuevo Tango of Argentina (celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of the unique Astor Piazzolla), but also in masterpieces of great composers from Europe and America to their own compositions. Stelios Generalis also participates in percussion.

Insights Greece - "Eleftheria" Celebrations in Komotini

Thursday, 12 May
6.30 p.m.
Book presentation for “The first rains” by Spyros Kiosse at the Tsanakleios School.
Tassos grew up in a popular provincial neighborhood of Komotini in the late ’70s, a transitional period for Greek society. A short story about adulthood, with all the innocence and tragedy that characterizes the most critical period of human life.

7.30 p.m.
“1922 -2022: 100 years since the Asia Minor catastrophe” at the Papanikolaou Foundation. Speech by Mr. Nikolaos Intzesiloglou, Emeritus Professor of History, Philosophy and Sociology of Law.

9.00 p.m.
“Here to stay” is a live concert with the magnificent Eleftheria Arvanitaki at the central square.

Friday, 13 May
10:30 a.m.
Official raising of the historic flag of the city by the Mayor of Komotini, Ioannis Garanis at the Central Heroon (Spathi). Representatives of the Local Government, the authorities of the XXI Armored Brigade and the Honorary Military Procession will be present. A Memorial prayer and laying of wreaths will follow.

07.00 p.m.
Reception of the holy icon of the Mother of God of the holy monastery of Panagia Faneromeni Vathyrryakos.
Reception of the icon and its procession to the Holy Cathedral of the Annunciation of the Theotokos of Komotini, where a vespers with a bread class will be held.

8.00 p.m.
Folklore dance groups will dance under the melody of the band “Orpheus”.

9.00 p.m.
Speech about the Freedom of Thrace by Prof. Angelos Palikidis, Associate Professor of History Teaching, Department of History & Ethnology, Democritus University of Thrace at the Papanikolaou Foundation.

Insights Greece - "Eleftheria" Celebrations in Komotini

Saturday, 14 May
7.00 a.m. Doxology at the Holy Cathedral of the Annunciation of the Virgin. After the eulogy, the solemnity of the day will be recited. Laying of wreaths at the Central Heroon and a parade of The Cultural Organizations, the students, the Armed Forces and the Greek Police will follow.

8.00 a.m.
2nd “Brevert Eleftheria Thrace” 2022 at the Central Square. The event with the international code title “Brevet Eleftheria Thrace” has received an official license to organize events Brevets de Randonneurs Mondiaux (BRM) and has been part of the official international calendar ACP program since September 2020. It concerns the crossing of 210 km through many five local houses and five different municipalities (Municipality of Komotini, Municipality of Arriana, Municipality of Maronia Sapon, Municipality of Vistonida, Municipality of Iasmos) in two Regional Associations of Rodopi and Xanthi.

8.00 p.m.
Dance groups are accompanied by the band “Lalitades of Rodopi” at Central Square.

Sunday, 15 May
11.00 a.m. At the west entrance of Panthrakikos Stadium, the Equestrian Club of Komotini is waiting for the public to show them their four-legged friends.

9.00 p.m.
Concert with Georgia Ntagaki at the Central Square.
With her beautiful melodies, songs and lyre, Georgia Ntagaki travels and enchants the people of Komotini with her band.

Insights Greece - "Eleftheria" Celebrations in Komotini

Monday, 16 May
7.30 p.m.
Since 1977 the International Museum Council has been organizing the International Museum Day at the Folklore Museum of Komotini. The aim of this year’s theme of celebration “The Power of Museums” is to highlight the role of museum spaces in the issue of Mental Health in the difficult times of modern society.

Tuesday, 17 May
9.00 p.m.
Concert with the band “As Old” at the Central Square.

Wednesday, 18 May
7.30 p.m.
Revival of chant in the streets of the city and around the Komotini Club starting from the Central Square.
Organization: Cultural Association of the Byzantine Fortress of Komotini. The “Evmolpos” Choir participates.

The program is presented by journalist Irini Tsakiri.

Images of Komotini by Anastasia Fountouli ©

7 Greek Sandal Brands You Need to Know 

Sandals are a summer wardrobe essential and Greek designers are leaders in creating these sensible yet stylish shoes that can effortlessly be worn from day to night!  

We’ve rounded up our favourite Greek sandal brands that produce elegant flat shoes; handmade by highly skilled local craftsmen, using traditional, and in some cases centuries-old techniques. 

Elina Linardaki

This Athens-based brand was created in 2014 by a mother and daughter duo and has now become an internationally known luxury made-to-order shoe brand- featuring pom-poms, semi-precious stones; as well as bold and colourful embellishments. 

Kyma Sandals

These traditional Greek leather sandals are inspired by the beauty and aesthetic of the Greek islands. Handmade in Athens, using a range of vegetable-tanned vachetta leather, KYMA sandals are designed to be worn from a casual day at the beach through to evening drinks by the sea. 

Ancient Greek Sandals

Established in 2012, Ancient Greek Sandals are a modern footwear label for both men and women. Inspired by traditional Greek myth and style, the label is focused on creating wearable and laid-back sandals using local artisans and traditional techniques. Each sandal is handmade using sustainable, natural, and chemical-free vegetable-tanned leather. 

Valia Gabriel

These carefully handmade sandals are created using the finest leathers from all around the country, with each pair reflecting minimalist lines and earthy tones. The design blends together classic and modern elements, creating timeless shoes that can be worn for many seasons. 

Olympian Sandals

These handcrafted luxury Greek sandals are made of quality leather and are well-designed, using traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation for centuries. Each pair is uniquely inspired by original ancient Greek culture, art, and mythology and blended with modern designs.


Inspired by the minimalism and simplicity of the Greek lifestyle, Sandalaki (based in Thessaloniki) designs sandals that combine Ancient Greek tradition with modern touches. Each pair is exclusively handcrafted in Greece using the highest quality and traditional techniques by local craftsmen.


Melissinos in Monastiraki, Athens has been a favourite sandal destination for celebrities including Sophia Loren, Jackie O, The Beatles, Barbara Streisand, Jeremy Irons, Sarah Jessica Parker and Leonard Cohen. Established in 1920 by Georgios Melissinos, whose son, Stavros aka ‘The Poet’, took over in 1954 and who passed it on to his own son Pantelis (Poet & Artist), in 2004. 

Insights Greece - 7 Greek Sandal Brands You Need to Know 

Main Image by Valia Gabriel 

Piraeus Tower to Become Greece’s First “Green” High-Rise Building 

The iconic Piraeus Tower is undergoing a major redevelopment that will see it become a contemporary, bioclimatic landmark of Athens and Greece’s first certified “green” high-rise building. 

Located along the starting point of Athens Riviera, Piraeus Tower is a 34,600 sqm, 22-storey building that rises 88 metres above sea level. Once completed, the sustainable building that boasts panoramic views will host the first “green” retail, food and beverage space in Greece, along with luxury office spaces and a terrace overlooking Piraeus Port. 

The original tower was completed in 1975 but except for the first three floors, the interior has never been occupied. In 2020, Dimand SA and Prodea Investments came to an agreement with the Municipality of Piraeus to transform the tower into modern offices, retail, and restaurants, with architecture studio PILA redesigning the façade of the building. 

According to officials, the Piraeus Tower “will consist of a structure that is visually intriguing and incorporates strategies in order to drastically reduce the energy consumption of the building. The façade is conceived in order to integrate the structure into the daily life of the city and to enhance the lives of citizens and the users of the building.

“The design mediates the scale of the city and that of the tower, engaging the prospect of offering amazing exterior spaces and sharing breathtaking views. A shading structure consisting of vertical and horizontal overhangs clads the volume of the tower. Each vertical fin is horizontally displaced from one floor to the next and creates a spring pattern that wraps around the building.” 

The rejuvenation of Piraeus Tower is expected to be completed by September 2023.