Unique Greek Christmas Gifts

Bring a touch of Greek charm to your loved ones this Christmas with our hand-picked selection of gifts.

The clock is ticking but you still have a little more time before Santa beats you to it—and to help, we’ve put together the absolute best treats for all tastes, ages and interests.

These made-in-Greece brands create unique items we love giving and receiving – and no doubt you will also find the perfect piece (or two) here for family, friends, or yourself! 

For everyone…

11 Modern Muses

Greek brand 11 Morden Muses has beautiful minimal calendars, scented candles and art prints that you will fall in love with. Perfect for gifting this season, their new planner aspires to keep your creative fire alive throughout the new year and will help you stay organised and grateful for each new day. 


Naked Summers

Visual artist Christina Mandilari paints with a special technique on both fabrics and ceramics, which remind us of warm, carefree, “naked” summers. Mandilar’s gorgeous creations include plates, painted vases, woven pillows, paintings and posters. Ideal gifts for those who can never get enough of the wonderful Greek summer.



Is there anything better than enjoying a warm, strong tea by the fire at Christmas? Whatever image this short description created for you comes to life through the notes of Rhoeco’s Christmas blend tea, a small business that produces beverages inspired by Greek nature. And what’s even more ideal is that they come beautifully packaged in pots that can be reused. 


Contrust Collective

Even though this concept store is small, there is lots to see. Owned and operated by a group of five local designers and artisans, it features lovely neutral ceramics, jewellery, and bags made of cork, leather, and canvas. It’s the prints, though, that truly catch the eye here; some of them are prints or sort of pop-up books featuring Greek cities that are vividly coloured and abstract.


For foodies


Savour delicious, nutritious dishes and enjoy a healthy diet, the Mediterranean way! An easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide is the perfect gift for those wishing to cook traditional, delicious and nutritious dishes that have stood the test of time. The Art of Greek Cooking has a recipe to satisfy everyone. You can discover this and plenty more cookbook choices in English at the famous bookstore Politeia, at the centre of Athens. 


Olive Wood Land Shop

Buying kitchen accessories made of authentic olive wood is a quality and timeless choice. You can either visit this unique store in the historic centre of Athens in Monastiraki, just a few hundred meters from the Acropolis, which specialises in creating products from the olive wood, of your choice, or head to their online shop. 


For kids…

Wandering Workshop

If you are looking for original stylish wooden toys that can stimulate children’s imagination and enhance their creativity then look no further than the online store Wandering Workshop. “Our toys wander carefreely between the earth, sea and sky, inviting children to invent the play,” say the creators’ Hose Navaro and Athina Doukaki.


Greek Games 

Discover the magic word of Greek games-literally, with a series of games, posters, card posts, t-shirts and more fun items. These products entertain children (adults as well) and at the same time, provide knowledge of Greek mythology and history, with an artistic twist. It’s the lovechild of Effie Karagouni and Christos Papachristou, two creators with a passion and respect for the arts, museums, the history of Greece and above all, with deep love and caring for children and their education.


Your Greek Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is around the corner and it’s time to discover the cornucopia of amazing Greek gifts you can find online to send to your loved ones near and far.

Here we have selected the best stores and products that scream “have a happy Christmas and blissful New Year!” From cosmetics and jewellery to home décor items, foods and traditional games like tavli, you’ll find everything at these eclectic stores that showcase some of the most sophisticated varieties of Greek products.

Choose from an exciting selection:

Inspired by holidays on the Aegean, The Nomad Edit offers thoughtfully collected pieces that have us dreaming of summer vacations. Each piece invites us to the Mediterranean; colorful markets, days leisurely spent seaside and sunset dinners alfresco. An online experience that lets you take a slice of the Mediterranean home with you.

Greek Cargo brings you authentic and carefully crafted pieces, sourced for their creativity by local and overseas Greek artisans. Experience the love of Greece with unique and quality made fashion, jewellery, homewares and exclusive products including lush candles and cute kids wear that are designed by Greek Cargo.

Some of our other favourite online stores that feature a range of amazing Greek items that are shipped worldwide: Made In Greece, The Greek Source and Forget Me Not. 

Hellenic Aesthetic is America’s first Greek fashion retailer offering a selection of Greece-based designers, whose thoughtfully made products reflect the beauty and vitality of Greek culture. Their aim is to make Greek-made products more accessible globally while promoting Greek craftsmanship, travel and culture.

Trending item:

Slippers are a big fashion item this winter, with lockdown life reminding us how essential home comfort is! Slippers are now even being worn outdoors but regardless of whether you want to keep your PJ look private or not, the Wooppers by Chryssa Adrakta are handcrafted, 100% woollen slippers with a breathable insulation that makes for are a super comfy choice.

…And then there are the foot-hugging, feel-good traditional Greek slippers, which apart from being extremely warm because they are made with pure wool, add a touch of Hellenic playfulness with their folksy designs and pompoms.


Designed to calm the mind and in some cultures used for meditation and prayer (mala beans in India and the rosary beads in the Roman Catholic religion), the komboloi comes in endless varieties. From giant komboloi that can be used as beautiful decorative items for a table to smaller renditions to carry in one’s pocket, with tassels in different colours and sizes, there’s something very calming about playing with beads. The semi-precious stones or other materials like seeds or wood are thought to go beyond a matter of aesthetic tastes and offer different qualities depending on the stone. Amber is the most famous type of bead for anxiety-relief, while amethyst is said to help create peace of mind and quartz crystal to help focus.

Food & Drink

There’s no greater pleasure than having a taste of home arrive in a beautiful box or basket to enjoy completely for yourself or share with loved ones. Elenianna has put together some lovely hampers to choose from, such as this Touch Of Greece Wicker Gift Basket overflowing with gourmet goodies.

Taste of Greece is another online store selling artfully presented, high-quality Greek food products, such as this Christmas Star hamper bringing traditional smells and flavours into your home.

Serious foodies may want to splash out on the Grecian Masterchef Gourmet Hamper by The Greek Purveyor, a box filled with a jaw-dropping array of high-end products that can be used to create Greece-inspired culinary magic.

Museum Shops

Athens’ most famous museums are always a reliable place to seek out original, creative and elegant gifts made by Greek designers.

The Theocharakis Foundation, which hosts permanent and periodic art exhibitions, concerts, talks and gatherings, presents items in its shop that reflect its cultural spirit. We love their sculptural pieces such as Elia, Karavaki and the Lovers.

Cycladic Art Museum
You’ll also find a wide and inspiring selection of things – from décor items to jewellery and artworks, from abstract and modern to classical and antiquity-inspired, at the Cycladic Museum shop. We like the very unique Cycladic figurine Xmas tree decoration.

Benaki Museum
At the Benaki Museum store you’ll find an incredible variety of art, utilitarian items, decorative pieces, jewellery and more made by Greek designers in commemoration of Greece’s 200 Years since the War of Independence. There are also more Christmassy items to choose from, such as their three-dimensional Christmas tree balls made out of material and hand painted balls, ceramic pomegranates inspired by famous Greek artists and handmade origami decorations.


Main Image by Greek Cargo 

Traditional Handmade Gifts From Greece

If you are searching for some beautiful handmade gifts from Greece that are made by talented local artisans, including traditional ceramics and paintings, you can find them at Delfis Art Studio in Kos. 

Delfis is an art workshop and gift store located in the beautiful mountain village of Zia. It’s doors first opened in 1997 and here you will meet owner and local artist Maria, who launched her studio with the idea of satisfying the wishes and needs of local and international visitors looking for unique handmade Greek creations that are affordable.

Insights Greece - Traditional Handmade Gifts From Greece

“The idea is for the pieces to have authenticity and Greek identity, away from the mass produced and imported “tourist” products. This is the main idea behind our work,” says Maria. 

Every object is original and reflects the personality of each artist who created it. Here you will find a wonderful selection of ceramics, paintings on wood, as well as paintings on Greek marble. Maria cooperates with small workshops from Crete, Athens, Patras and other regions of Greece to ensure all the pieces in her store are different to what you will find at an average tourist shop. 

Inside the studio is a ceramics workshop, where Maria herself produces a wide variety of pieces that are both made for use and as decorative pieces. The ‘Delfis‘ range is one of the most popular amongst international visitors who purchase the tiny ceramic Greek churches and homes to take home with them as a reminder of their holiday to Greece. 

In the wide selection of products you will find dinnerware, coffee and tea sets (made without toxic colours and glazing) that are all available in a variety of colours and designs. Each item is painted with fire colours and baked in the oven with lead-free glazing.

Insights Greece - Traditional Handmade Gifts From Greece

Maria also works with her clients to create one off pieces that can be custom ordered in the colours and designs of your choice. Orders can also be shipped internationally. 

However, if you are in Kos, we definitely recommend you pay Delfis Art Studio a visit! 

Where is Zia? 

Zia is a picturesque mountainous village scattered on the northern slopes of Mountain Dikeos (17 km from Kos town). It is one of Kos’ most popular spots thanks to its breathtaking sunset. The area around Zia boasts outstanding natural beauty with free-flowing springs and the village itself has been declared a traditional settlement. Here you will find restaurants, cafes and shops. 

A: 85300 Zia – Kos

Greek Winter Hygge

Let’s face it, this is going to be a long winter of spending time at home, so we might as well make the experience as cosy, comfy and stylish as possible. Here IN+SIGHTS GREECE selects some 100% made in Greece warm winter comforts to have in your wardrobe and home right now.


Warm silk scarves, leather gloves, soft traditional pom pom slippers and a modern rendition of the classic Greek fisherman’s hat are some of the lovely Greek buys can brighten up your lockdown life.

Home, Greek Home

There’s nothing like a fluffy Greek flokati rug made of wool to roll around on and a handmade blanket to wrap around yourself as you sip a perfect cup of home-brewed, aromatic Greek coffee.


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