Views that Make You High at Prasini Tenta

We visited Prasini Tenta, the spectacularly scenic, born-again hangout on Lycabettus Hill that has now turned into a restaurant/café/bar that locals and tourists alike love.

As Athens’ tallest hill (277m high), Lycabettus and the white church of St George that crowns it, Greek flag a-flapping at its edge, is one of the capital’s most noticeable landmarks. Throughout the year, streams of tourists and visitors hike, jog and dog-walk up the verdant hill to enjoy nature and dazzling views, but now you can soak up the vistas while relaxing at Prasini Tenta with a drink or bite.  

Today’s trendy Prasini Tenta is the reborn version of a same-named, historical ouzeri in the same spot that existed since the late 1930s and was a popular hangout for students, poets, politicians, and lovers. Due to the ten-year hardship of Greece’s financial crisis, the scenic hangout was shut down in 2003, so 18 years later its return is very happy news for regulars and newcomers alike. Although some residents are disgruntled by the way the newer, more chichi place has been built – using cement, and lots of it – romantics are drawn in particularly by the spanning views of the city, the Acropolis and the sea in the distance.   

Made up of two large terraces, one for dining and the other for coffee and drinks, Prasini Tenta has been buzzily busy since it reopened in earnest this summer, only to close for small periods during and after the tragic forest fires in Evia and Attica for precautionary reasons. Aperol Spritz seems to be the popular drink of choice in the bar/café section, where visitors can arrive from early in the morning to late at night. The restaurant serves a variety of snacks, appetisers and simple meals, from open sandwiches and ceviche to salads, pasta, pizza and burgers. The prices match the view in that they are high, considering that this is not a fancy restaurant run by a famous executive chef. But the view clearly makes people shrug at the exaggerated costs, which include €10 for simple classic cocktails, €13 for a club sandwich and €12 for a salad because it is truly worth lingering over for hours on end. 

Prasini Tenta can be reached by foot – by walking up to Aristippou street from Ploutarchou, Loukianou or Marasli (beware, we see lots of stairs in your near future!) and then up the steps on Lycabettus hill (another 7-10 minutes’ walk uphill) or by driving and parking nearby.

TIP: To make the best of your experience, visit at sunset time and watch the sky change colours as the city below brightens with twinkling lights of different colours and the Parthenon turns to gold. 

Athens’ New Restaurant Serving Feel-Good Dishes

Tzoutzouka (slang for ‘adorable, pretty woman) is a new restaurant opened by Antonis Liolis in mid-May 2021 and has already become a success among the city’s top foodies, without letting its popularity get to its head.

Located in Rouf, an unremarkable yet slightly trendy post-industrial Athens neighbourhood and set in an old-style kafeneion with tables on the pavement, this low-profile, high flavour is a must if you love the combination of authentic Greek tastes and comfort food made with playful and loving intent.

Tzoutzouka’s charismatic and deeply intuitive kitchen artist, chef Argyro Koutsou used to be a Project Manager organising major cultural events until she stopped to question what she wanted to do with the rest of her life and turned to professional cooking ten years ago. Having grown up in a family with a strong connection to fishing and in which everyone cooked, she loved to observe how things are done in the kitchen from an early age. 

“When I was 17 my mother broke her arm and had to be hospitalised, so I asked her what my dad could eat for dinner. She said she would have made him a lamb fricassee but I could just cook him some potatoes with eggs,” she says. “Instead, I cooked the fricassee, which I ended up throwing out, together with the cooking pot! But I became set on learning how to cook well after that. I had six months free before starting college, so I ordered a series of books that arrived month by month titled ‘Cooking Around the World’ and I started making every single recipe – which was challenging at the time because we didn’t have all the ethnic food stores we have in Athens today – so I made do with the ingredients I could get my hands on. 

“Then I began to travel abroad and explore different cuisines, trying everything that excited and intrigued me, and finding wonderful flavours in all cuisines. Here, I cook the kind of food I like to eat at home and prepare for my loved ones. My dishes have a quirky side, what we call in Greek ‘alitiko’, (an ‘alitis’ is a tramp, outcast, vagabond) like my trahana* with mackerel and chilli’. Basically, I like to make comfort food that’s prepared according to professional-style cooking practices, for example using broths or sauces one wouldn’t generally make at home, but without needing to be technically brilliant. I don’t care about things looking perfect, I want the result to be unique, deeply satisfying and unpretentious,” says Argyro.

“The menu changes every few months according to the season and what ingredients are fresh at that time. There are some signature dishes, however, that don’t change. My favourite dishes are the trahanas, ewe casserole in a rich red sauce, aglio olio with anchovy, and fava with pickled calamari, but I love all the dishes I create, they’re like my children! I cook with the feeling of creating something that will nourish and nurture whoever eats it and transmit my love for the food and cooking.”

The wholesome and flavour-packed portions are large and very reasonably priced, in a near-anarchic answer to the overpriced and tiny – and sometimes unimpressively flavoured – portions one gets in haute cuisine. We started with a Greek salad, served only during summer when tomatoes are ripe and tasty and taramosalata with squid ink, which we generously slathered on thick hunks of sourdough bread. We went on with the smooth panna cotta with prentza cheese from Zakynthos and caramelised cherry tomatoes, sprinkled with crunchy sea salt; trahanas cooked to a soul-huggingly thick, creamy consistency enriched by mascarpone, topped with smoked mackarel and seasoned with lemon, chilli and thyme and fluffy meatballs cooked in a tomato sauce and served atop handmade hilopites short pasta and aged parmesan cheese. 

Everyone at the table was beaming with satisfaction by the end of the meal when our spoons battled over the chocolate ganache with orange and the lemon mousse made with white chocolate. With glasses emptied to the last drop – the restaurant has a wine list of around 20 top quality labels – we left feeling we had met people who welcomed us into their wonderful food tribe and already anticipating our next visit.

Well known Greek American chef Diane Kochylas described Trahanas in the following way:  “Trahana is one of the oldest foods in the Eastern Mediterranean, a tiny, pebble-shaped grain product that varies widely all over Greece. For the most part, it evolved as an ingenious way to preserve milk. Trahana is made with either semolina, wheat flour, bulgur or cracked wheat. Milk, buttermilk, or yogurt are mixed into flour or wheat to form a thick mass. In Thrace, a Lenten trahana is made with flour and vegetable pulp, seasoned with sesame seeds and hot pepper flakes.”

A: Meg. Vasiliou 32, Athens

Main image courtesy of One Man 

Take a Seat at Athens’ Prettiest Cafe 

Currently the city’s most Instagrammable café, pink and girlie Ellyz is fairly new to the city’s lively café scene.

With an entire wall blanketed in large pink flowers, tables decorated with gold candelabra, crystal chandeliers and colourful fantasy cakes and smoothies to match, this is probably the only place in town where you’ll find a doughnut sprinkled in gold dust and butterflies! 

In addition, there is a chic neon sign that writes “Happiness is coffee and flowers’’ – with this pretty little cafe quickly becoming the Greek capital’s most popular spot amongst locals and international visitors- who come to capture the perfect background for their Instagram feed.

Featuring velvet sofas and chairs in soft shades of pink and blue- the glamorous onyx bar with plush high stools is a dreamy set up- and crowds of people can be seen outside patiently waiting their turn to take a seat. Take note: try to get there early! 

Pink is not only the main theme for the cafe’s decor but it’s also a stand out on the menu- with a range of “pink” foods and drinks to choose from, including a Coffee Espresso with Pink Donut, a Pink Flat, freshly made Pink Grapefruit juice, Pink Velvet cake, Pink donuts and Pink inspired pancakes. 

Ideally located in the heart of Athens city centre, Ellyz café is a fairytale spot for brunch, lunch, or an afternoon drink with friends. 

And yes there is also a range of (non-pink) breakfast and lunch options to choose from, including truffled scrambled eggs, fresh sandwiches, healthy salads and protein bowls.  

And for those who are only after a drink, there are is a wide range of cocktails, wines and Aperitivo’s to choose from! 

A: Aghiou Filippou 11, Monastiraki

16 Coolest Bars in Psyrri Neighbourhood

The culturally rich, historic, vibrant and cool Athenian neighbourhood of Psyrri is packed with precious antiques, talented local artisans, authentic Greek tavernas, boho bars, charming cafes and loads of visitors who come here time and time again to enjoy a spot where the modern world blends in beautifully with old-time charm. 

With so many amazing bars to choose from, we’ve rounded up our favourite spots to grab a drink in Psyrri, for your next visit to the Greek capital! 


With a Parisian-bistro feel, this spot is ideal for champagne brunches, long lunches and dinner/ drinks with friends. 

A: Sarri 18, Athens 

Barrett Bar 

For a casual and sleek bar that offers a cool vibe all day long, make your way to Barrett. 

A: 11 Protogenous Street, Psyrri

The Hatters Athens

A chic and cozy little joint that’s loved by locals; perfect choice for a catch-up with friends. 

A: Lepeniotou 11, Athens 

Buena Vista Social Bar

For a great range of cocktails and bar food, head to Buena Vista, where you’ll also enjoy views of the Acropolis. 

A: Agiou Filippou 7, Athina

Cinque Wine Bar

Wine lovers this one’s for you! With a great range of local and international reds and whites- Cinque is laid back, casual and inviting. 

A: Agatharchou 15, Athina

Tranzistor Bistroteque

If you want to feel Psyrri’s charm, this is a great place to grab a table and sit back and enjoy a drink with the locals. 

A: Protogenous 10, Athina

Styl Café 

This traditional all-day cafe/bar is a great place to chill after a day of shopping or sightseeing. 

A: Evaggelistrias 1, Athina

Insights Greece - 16 Coolest Bars in Psyrri Neighbourhood

BOO café 

One of the coolest spots in terms of decor and ambiance, it’s the perfect place for a pre-dinner or late-night drink. 

A: Lepeniotou 22, Athens 

Foundry Hotel Rooftop Bar

On a warm Athenian night, there’s nothing better than heading to a rooftop bar like this to enjoy a refreshing drink and a fun vibe. 

A: Sarri 40, Psyrri 

Insights Greece - 16 Coolest Bars in Psyrri Neighbourhood

The Artist Rooftop Bar 

Another great spot in the Greek capital that offers lush cocktails on a buzzing rooftop! 

A: 7 Kalamida St, Psirri 

Kings Theatre Wine Bar

One of the most popular Bistrot and wine bars in the heart of Athens, Kings Theatre is not to be missed when visiting this vibrant neighbourhood- even if it’s only for one quick drink! 

A: Karaiskaki 26, Athina

Be Social

Perfect spot to grab a casual drink and then sit back and enjoy people-watching in this historic part of Athens. 

A: Agios Aanargiron 17 & Taki 10, Athina

To Lokali  

An all-day bar/restaurant that serves modern Greek mezedes paired with your drink of choice. 

A: Sarri 44, Athina

DOS Gardenias 

If you are looking for a funky Latin joint, look no further than DOS! Here you will enjoy a cool Cuban-inspired atmosphere as you sip on your Mojito. 

A: Ivis 21, Navarchou Apostoli 17, Athens

Insights Greece - 16 Coolest Bars in Psyrri Neighbourhood

Cantina Social

This locally loved cafe/bar is a great spot for a casual drink any time of the day. 

A: Leokoriou 8, Athina

Insights Greece - 16 Coolest Bars in Psyrri Neighbourhood

Clockwork Monkey Bistro 

A super chic spot that offers a great atmosphere, amazing food and delicious cocktails!

A: Agias Theklas 5, Psirri 

Insights Greece - 16 Coolest Bars in Psyrri Neighbourhood


Free Entrance to August Full Moon Cultural Events

Every year, the midsummer August full moon sees museums and archaeological sites around Greece opening their doors to the public free of charge. 

Greece’s Ministry of Culture has announced its program of events for this year’s full moon, which falls on this Sunday the 22nd of August 2021. 

Over 52 concerts, theatre, dance performances, poetry recitations, documentary screenings, art exhibitions, stargazing, and guided tours are the main events that will be taking place over the weekend, with free admission. 

Insights Greece - Free Entrance to August Full Moon Cultural Events
Full moon events around Greece

Also, a total of 120 archaeological sites, monuments, and museums will remain open until late at night on Sunday, August 22nd.

In Athens and around Attica, this includes events at The Acropolis Museum, the Numismatic Museum and the National Archaeological Museum. There are also events taking place in Macedonia, at the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, Archaeological Museum of Pella and the Museum of Byzantine Culture. In other parts of the country, special events are being held at the sites of Delphi, Olympia, Mystras, Atalanti, Thebes, The Palace of Nestor, and the Ancient site of Corinth; as well as on the islands of Zakynthos and Corfu, Lesvos, Chios, Kalymnos and Karpathos. Plus on the Cycladic islands of Kea, Antiparos and Andros. In Crete, there are events planned in Chania, Rethymno and Heraklion. 

Stay Cool at Athens’ Limanakia Vouliagmenis 

Every time you visit Athens over summer, a very important part is knowing where to cool down when temperatures soar! One of our favourite spots to swim in the Greek capital is Limanakia Vouliagmenis, where you will come across tiny coves and bays boasting crystal clear waters. 

Just 30 minutes from Athens’ centre and set between the coastal suburbs of Varkiza and Vouliagmeni, you can dive off the rocks into what seems like your own private cove. Known as Limanakia, or ‘small ports’, these rocky beaches with striking waters are most popular among locals (and in the know) international visitors who are looking for a secluded and peaceful place to swim.

Insights Greece - Stay Cool at Athens' Limanakia Vouliagmenis 
Dive off the rocks

Location of Limanakia Vouliagmenis 

You will find the beach inlet of Limanakia along the coast road to Vouliagmeni; explore the small coves and deep blue waters reached by walking down rocky paths. After departing from the more well-known organised beaches and beach bars of the famous Athenian Riviera neighbourhood, you will follow the coastal highway towards Varkiza. Firstly, you will come across Lake Vouliagmeni and then other small beaches and tiny coves that are known as Limanakia.

Surrounded by white rocks, don’t expect to find many signs for the coves and bays but look out for people walking back up from a swim; and after parking your car follow the short paths crossing through Mediterranean scrub. Most are easy walks and once you reach the coves and discover the deep blue waters and the stunning views of the Saronic Gulf and nearby islands- you will realise it’s worth the effort.

All these spots are unorganised, so don’t expect to find any umbrellas, sunbeds or shops but the water is crystal clear and ideal for relaxation, diving and scuba-diving. 

Limanakia Beach Bar 

Insights Greece - Stay Cool at Athens' Limanakia Vouliagmenis 
Limanakia Beach Bar

By day, you can swim off the rocks and at night you can enjoy a drink as you sit back and take in the stunning views of Athens Riviera at this cool seaside wooden bar nestled in the largest of the bays. As you listen to the latest summer beats, you can order a drink and watch the sunset. There are no official opening hours but over summer the bar is pretty much open 24 hours. 

How to Get There

The area of Limanakia is about a 30-45 minute drive from Athens centre and it is located in between Vouliagmeni and Varkiza. After passing Vouliagmeni Lake, you will find Limanakia around 2 km away, driving along Posidonos Avenue. On the right-hand side, you will find a parking space where you can leave your car and start walking to the beach. If you don’t have a car, you can also catch a bus which regularly departs from Syntagma Square, in the city centre. 

Tips for Visiting Limanakia Vouliagmenis

-All beaches, bays and coves are only accessible on foot, so make sure you wear comfortable shoes to get there.  

-There are no organised areas, so make sure to take a hat and sunscreen and keep in mind there is not much shade until later in the afternoon.

-When diving, watch out for sea urchins- as it can very be painful if you step on one. 

-If you want a completely quiet swim avoid heading to Limanakia Beach Bar, as it is the most crowded area. Instead, head to the right and find a more quiet spot.

Redesign of Syntagma Square Set to Begin

Athens’ Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis has announced the commencement date of the highly-anticipated makeover of the lower part of Athens’ popular Syntagma Square- scheduled to begin in early August 2021, following final approval by the Athens City Council.

The revamp is part of a huge urban regeneration project that was launched by the Athens Municipality. The overall aim is remodelling the Greek capital, with an emphasis on the historic city centre. According to authorities, the purpose is to improve everyday life for both residents and visitors of these areas.

As part of this project, Syntagma Square will see the widening of pedestrian walkways near Ermou Street; these sidewalks will be extended for pedestrian use, and the area will be made more accessible to locals and international visitors who visit this part of Athens year-round.

There will also be fresh landscaping (including 28 tall trees), the installation of smart road crossings, new shaded areas, and modern lighting. There will also be a new public space that will become an entrance point to Athens’ retail and historical centre.

An emphasis has also been placed on allowing people with disabilities to explore the city more easily- as there will be an increase in new accessibility ramps.  

The project also aims to increase road safety, and reduce noise and air pollution levels, thus making Syntagma Square more sustainable for current and future generations.

According to Bakoyannis’ statement, the design will blend in nicely with the area’s rich historic past, “Once completed, we will wonder why this project took 20 years to be approved,” says Bakoyannis. 

Athens’ 8 Best Museum Cafes

Athens’ museums have always been an essential part of a visit to the Greek capital, and lately, their cafes have become serious draws of their own. After hours spent wandering amazing galleries and exhibitions, these cafes are the perfect spot to sit back and relax. Here, we’ve rounded up 8 of Athens’ best museum cafes to pair a rich cultural experience with a cool cafe vibe! 

Acropolis Museum Cafe

When visiting Athens, the Acropolis Museum is an unmissable spot as it’s been named one of the best museums in the world. It also has a restaurant/café with magnificent views of the city. Serving delicious traditional recipes using locally sourced produce- where you can taste great dishes and homemade sweets while catching exquisite views of the Parthenon. 

A: 15 Dionysiou Areopagitou St, Athens 

Benaki Museum Cafe

Located across from the National Gardens, next to the chic Kolonaki neighbourhood- you will come across one of the most beautiful buildings. As soon as you enter the gates to the courtyard of the Benakis family mansion, you will understand why this is such a treasured cultural landmark. Here you can relax on the charming terrace overlooking the city. Perfect spot for a coffee, or a long lunch. 

A: 1 Koumpari St, Athens 

Numismatic Museum Cafe

Even if you have no interest in coins, the Numismatic Museum is worth visiting for the beautiful architecture of the neoclassical mansion where the museum is housed. Once the home of renowned archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann, it was designed by famous German architect Ernst Ziller. Boasting a lush garden filled with ancient Greek statues, the cafe is open daily from 9 am until midnight- where you can enjoy a coffee, catch up with friends, and live music. 

A: 12 Panepistimiou St, Syntagma 

Insights Greece - Athens' 8 Best Museum Cafes

Byzantine and Christian Museum, Illisia Cafe

This classical mansion was built in the 1840s and was made into the Byzantine and Christian Museum in 1926. After you explore the wonderful collection- sit in the charming gardens and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee at the Ilissia Cafe. Along with beautiful grounds, you will also be impressed with the menu which includes a range of starters, salads, and a few traditional Greek dishes.

A: 22 Vassilissis Sofias Avenue, Kolonaki

Museum of Cycladic Art Cafe

The ultra-modern café-restaurant of the Museum of Cycladic Art features striking marble benches and clean lines. The interiors are minimal, sophisticated, and light- giving it a very sleek yet inviting feel. The menu features Greek cuisine, using the finest quality ingredients and a philosophy of simplicity in terms of flavors and presentation. Perfect spot for brunch or a light lunch- and make sure you try one of the freshly baked sweets. 

A: 4 Neofitou Douka St, Athens

Insights Greece - Athens' 8 Best Museum Cafes

Athens City Museum, Black Duck Garden Cafe

This charming garden boasts lush greenery that is paired with marble tables and black chairs, giving it a cool and sophisticated vibe. Black Duck Garden is not only a cafe, it’s also a bar, gallery, museum, and event centre where many local artists come to feature their work. From a light brunch menu and coffee to dinner and drinks, this place is a must-visit if you are looking for a spot to stay cool during the summer heat.

A: 5, loannou Paparrigopoulou 7, Athens

Museum of Islamic Art Cafe

Located footsteps away from Thissio station, the charming café at the Museum of Islamic Art is a quiet spot to enjoy, with lovely views (including the Kerameikos cemetery and the Parthenon) and a good shot of coffee. You can also choose from a simple but tasty menu that includes light snacks, salads, and a great variety of loose tea.

A:  22 Ag. Asomaton & 12 Dipilou St., Thissio

Insights Greece - Athens' 8 Best Museum Cafes

B&E Goulandris Café-Restaurant

One of the best new museum cafes to hit the Greek capital- this beautiful gallery cafe in Pangrati opened in October 2019 and has been a hit with locals ever since. The menu has a great range of vegan and vegetarian options, and if you are looking for a healthy breakfast/brunch spot when visiting Athens- this is your place. 

A: 13 Eratosthenous St, Athens

Insights Greece - Athens' 8 Best Museum Cafes

5 Best New Places to Eat in Athens

Despite its ancient age, Athens is always blossoming with novelty of every kind – edible and drinkable being among the most exciting forms.

After a year of home delivery Athenians are rejoicing that they can be their good, old extrovert selves and spend endless hours dining out under the sky while watching the world go by. Here are the five hottest new food places to visit ASAP.


Near the Varvakios Market, you’ll find Dopios (Skouleniou 1 in Aghio Theodoroi Sq), which is themed on Asian cuisine and meze dishes and has a menu created by well-reputed chef Christoforos Peskias. Try almirikia boiled greens with Japanese-style oil and lemon sauce, or black garlic sauce (skordarlia) with popcorn shrimps. Although culturally playful the meze restaurant aims to showcase authentic Greek products made by local producers and small farms.


Greek street food served from a food truck in an old parking lot-turned pebble-covered eating space is what you’ll find at this new alfresco eatery in Metaxourgeio (Avdi Square, Iatrakou 4). Chef Gogo Deligianni invites guests to seat themselves on colourful barrels and soak up the summery Athenian vibes. Try the grilled meatballs (keftedakia) or soya sloppy joes with dairy-free mayo for vegans, the fish n chips and salad with strawberries, cherry tomatoes, and graviera cheese, and sip an icy cocktail. 

Cherry Blossom 

What’s a 50s American diner doing in the centre of Psyrri (Lepeniotou 26)? Cherry Blossom is like a time travel machine with checkered black and white tile floors, waitresses in A-line skirts, and cute neon signs. It serves American classics like burgers with gooey cheese pouring down the side, tall ice cream smoothies, sticky ribs, and fried eggs on stewed meat. Good old-fashioned comfort food a la Americana for anyone tired of souvlaki.


At Tzoutzouka in Rouf (Meg. Vasiliou 32) you shouldn’t expect the food to be artfully presented and perfectly Instagrammable, but you should definitely expect it to be flavoursome and authentic. Local recipes with bolshy creative touches by chef Argyro Koutsou evoke feelings of childhood nostalgia in Greeks and are made using lovingly grown, high-quality local ingredients from small farms. Try the fava from Schinousa with fresh pickled calamari, lemony giouvetsi with Tinos country sausage, and stuffed aubergines.


More of a wine bar than a restaurant, this new place on the roof garden of Utopia Hotel (Ermou 46) overlooking the Acropolis, Lycabettus, and the Athens Metropolis Cathedral serves a great variety of protected designation of origin (POP) products along with over 100 Greek wine labels. The all-day menu includes dishes as varied as finger foods, snacks, cheese, and cold cuts platters, burgers, scrambled eggs, and prawn dumplings.

Top 16 Eateries in Psirri

The culturally rich and cool Athenian neighbourhood of Psirri is packed with precious antiques, talented local artisans, authentic Greek tavernas, boho bars, charming cafes and loads of visitors who come here time and time again to enjoy a spot where the modern world blends in beautifully with old-time charm. 

With so many eateries to choose from, we’ve rounded up 16 of the best restaurants and taverns in Psirri, for your next visit to the Greek capital! 

Arodou– This mezedopolio also has a live band for guests to enjoy platters of dishes while listening to traditional Greek music. 

Insights Greece - Top 16 Eateries in Psirri

Voliotiko– A traditional tsipouradiko, it serves authentic Greek dishes and flavours, which are served indoors or in the charming courtyard. 

Oineas Restaurant- Has a mix of traditional and modern dishes that are based on fresh, seasonal produce. 

Stou Mamma– By far one of the more modern taverns in the neighbourhood when it comes to both decor and dishes; as the chef takes traditional recipes and adds modern twists.  

Krasopoulio Tou Kokkora– Once a historic music tavern, this long time local favourite serves homemade dishes, including the chef’s “plate of the day.” 

Insights Greece - Top 16 Eateries in Psirri

I Orea Penteli – Known for its grilled meat platters, this authentic taverna also serves great side dishes to add to your mains. 

Insights Greece - Top 16 Eateries in Psirri

Avli– A lovely spot where you can eat authentic dishes (cooked over a gas stove) in the charming “Avli” (garden). 

Insights Greece - Top 16 Eateries in Psirri

Lithos–  With both indoor and outdoor dining spaces, Lithos is a mezedopolio, where you can enjoy traditional Greek food and live music. 

Insights Greece - Top 16 Eateries in Psirri

Kafenio Tis Ivis– This tsipouradiko is popular amongst locals, who come here to catch up with friends in a casual setting.  

Insights Greece - Top 16 Eateries in Psirri

Atlantikos– For the freshest seafood in the heart of Athens, this psarotaverna has a huge range of grilled fish, octopus and lots of other seafood. 

Taverna Tou Psirri– Traditional tavern with indoor and outdoor areas, with a range of meat, seafood and vegetarian plates to choose from.   

Odos Aisxylou– If you are searching for a traditional grill house, this is it. Any meat you can think of is grilled to perfection and served with a side of your choice. 

Nikitas – One of the most popular taverns amongst locals and international visitors, Nikitas’ has a great reputation for both its food and service.  

Insights Greece - Top 16 Eateries in Psirri

Gostijo– This is the only kosher restaurant in Psirri, serving Sephardic Mediterranean cuisine.

Mavros Gatos– It’s a small, hole-in-the-wall, authentic Greek tavern serving a range of classics from dolmadakia and moussaka through to crispy pites (pies) and homemade sweets. 

Oinopoleion Cookhouse– A great choice if you are in search of an old-style tavern (surrounded by greenery) that serves good food and has live music.  


Top 10 Places to Eat Ice Cream in Athens 

The weather for melting scoops of gelato from morning till night has arrived and with so many gelato stores to choose from, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favourites for you to try when visiting Athens! 

Le Greche 

If you’re a gelato connoisseur head straight to Le Greche, where you will find delicious handmade artisanal gelato created from pure ingredients. All of the fresh products are carefully sourced from Greece and Italy; with a huge emphasis on fresh fruits of the season and premium chocolate. Yes, you will be forgiven for thinking you are in Rome! 

A: Syntagma, Mitropoleos 16; Faros Psihikou, Lykourgou 2; Ag. Paraskevi, Leof. Mesogeion 

Solo Gelato

Here you will find artisanal, award-winning ice cream with flavours featuring Sicilian pistachios, gianduja chocolate with Piemonte hazelnuts, and mascarpone with fig. Solo Gelato has become one of the most popular places for gelato in Athens, with locals also heading here to get their hands on the Sicilian cannoli filled with fresh ricotta cheese! 

A: Andrea Papandreou 44, Chalandri

Davinci Gelato 

If you are after a wide variety of flavours to suit all tastes, make your way over to Davinci Gelato where there is a wide selection of classic flavours through to a gourmet range. Here you will find Kinder Buono, Hazelnut and Parfait Cream, Season Fruit Sorbets; plus traditional Greek-inspired gelato such as Greek Yogurt, Ekmek and Kaimaki, and of course Italian flavours including Panetone, Tiramisu and Malaga.  

A: 58-60 Ermou St; 50 Adrianou St; 4 Sellei; 19 Kassaveti, St Kiffisia

Dicki Dee

If you are a fan of American style ice-cream, Dicki Dee’s offers artisanal soft serve and traditional banana split. The diner-inspired menu also includes some modern twists such as fior di latte, pistachio, rosewater and dark vegan chocolate. You can have it in a cup or a cone, and toppings include sprinkles, chocolate balls, caramel popcorn, mini meringues, candy, fairy floss and more! 

A: Voulis 23, Athina


IceRoll, which is located in the Athens Riviera neighbourhood of Glyfada, is based on a Thai technique consisting of ‘cold frying’ sheets of ice cream that is rolled. Fresh milk, fresh fruits and other ingredients come together on an icy surface to form tasty ice cream. Iceroll’s base is 100% natural, without preservatives or artificial additives and they serve a variety of flavours and toppings to cater to all tastes. Our fave is the bougatsa (traditional custard-filled pie) ice roll.

A: Athinas 2, Athina; Giannitsopoulou 2, Glyfada


Located in Monastiraki (right in the heart of Athens) Kokkion offers a variety of flavours made with fresh local ingredients. Eat it in a cone or a cup, the mandarin sorbet with ginger, mascarpone gelato (made with a recipe using molasses and bergamot orange) and anything that includes the French chocolate is a great choice! 

A: Protogenous 2, Monastiraki


Legendary Athenian ice cream parlour Tillas, still exists and offers the same rich ice cream flavours it did almost 60 years ago. Come here for huge servings of ice cream which are greatly paired with other traditional Greek pastries such as kataifi or ravani. The most popular flavour is ekmek with kaimaki ice cream.  

A: Eleftheriou Venizelou 10, Nea Filadelfeia

Ergastirio Pagotou 

This is one that only locals know about as there is no shop signage. What you will see though is crowds of people lining up to be served a scoop (or two) of their favourite ice cream. This small workshop in Dafni is owned by the Parisi family, who have been creating homemade ice cream for over 40 years using the same secret recipe and the same four flavours (vanilla, chocolate, peanut and strawberry).

A: Bouboulinas 4, Dafni

Insights Greece - Top 10 Places to Eat Ice Cream in Athens 


For traditional Italian- style gelato head to Maraboo where they serve handmade ice cream with handpicked fresh ingredients. Some of the most popular flavours are pomegranate, mango, fresh milk, chocolate mango, pure chocolate, almond fresh and lemon and lime sorbet.

A: Archelaou 17, Athina 


This may come as a surprise but the most popular flavour at Toula’s is a unique mustard flavoured ice cream made from whole almonds, caramel, honey, and sheep’s milk. The rest of the menu features more traditional flavours such as chocolate and vanilla but are equally satisfying!

A: 41 Eftihidou, Pangrati

Stylish Boutique Hotel in the Heart of Athens

A neoclassical townhouse dating back to 1880, set in a culture-rich neighbourhood of Athens, has recently been turned into one of the city’s most stylish boutique hotels. 

Built in the early 20th century, and sitting in the heart of Athens, in the upmarket Kolonaki quarter, Monsieur Didot is a beautifully renovated house providing guests with a ‘home-from-home’ feel; its mix of rooms and suites are spacious and luxurious, and interiors are a blend of modern architecture and contemporary aesthetics.

With attention to detail and an emphasis on authenticity, the hotel is ideal for those that love an old-world charm feel. Here travellers will find a genuine living experience and the warmest of hospitality; as spaces are designed to “host everyday stories unique to your being.”

Insights Greece - Stylish Boutique Hotel in the Heart of AthensLocation 

One of the hotel’s greatest assets is its location, as it’s set at the border of two extremely different yet genuinely characteristic districts of modern Athens. Kolonaki, an upmarket district on the one side, and Exarchia, a vibrant, hip, and alternative area of the city on the other. Just five minutes from the ‘Panepistimio’ metro station, the hotel is surrounded by theatres, museums, publishing houses, and historic bookstores, as well as countless cafés, bars, restaurants, and boutiques belonging to some of Europe’s largest fashion houses. Monsieur Didot’s house is the perfect setting from which to experience this extraordinary ancient city in all of its historic, cultural and creative glory.

Character & Style

A neutral palette and natural materials set the scene as some of Monsieur Didot’s suites and rooms are home to carved marble fireplaces; imposing bookcases; artwork; handmade ceramics; portraits of influential folk; lush greenery; marble balconies and private verandas that boast impressive city views. Intricately drawn ceilings and walls have been revealed and restored in the hotel’s main entrance, as well as in several guest rooms, whilst secret doors have been introduced to create a touch of mysticism. It also features custom-designed lighting that has been introduced into the building’s fabric, encouraging contrast, and a plurality of textures and shapes. And did we mention the show-stopping staircase?! 

Insights Greece - Stylish Boutique Hotel in the Heart of AthensRooms 

Featuring four rooms and two suites governed by luxurious simplicity and an overriding feel of elegance, its architectural characteristics take centre stage and subtle references to the “all-time classic” aesthetic of “old Athens,” which shapes the personality of each space. You can book the whole first floor; where three rooms and a communal cozy sitting area at the first floor of the residence are joined and transformed into a private space with the capacity to host a large group of guests. 

Food & Drinks

The day always begins with a lavish homemade breakfast, which guests can enjoy in their room or on the rooftop during the summer months. Inspired by the traditional Greek diet, carefully selected organic ingredients from all over the country are transformed into a delicious start to the day. Guests may also opt for a quick snack from the “all day” menu, designed by the hotel’s consultant chef, or have a bottle of wine accompanied with assortments of Greek deli products.

Guests also have the opportunity to experience the art of food and wine pairing with a wine connoisseur, who delights their senses with exquisite flavors and handpicked wines from Greece on Monsieur Didot’s terrace.

Finally, the team of Monsieur Didot has compiled a set of recommendations for the best restaurants, bistros, and cocktail bars in the neighborhood (and there are many of them) and in Athens in general, so guests can avoid tourist traps.

Insights Greece - Stylish Boutique Hotel in the Heart of Athens

Ideal for…

Monsieur Didot is a friendly place for all kinds of travellers; including couples,  families and small groups of friends (up to 7 people) can book the whole first floor of the residence and privately use the sitting area on that floor.

Larger groups (up to 16 people) can book the whole residence (4 double rooms, 2 suites, an indoor sitting area on the first floor, and an open-air terrace on the second floor). 


The rooftop features a cozy terrace, where visitors can have their breakfast or coffee on a sunny day, or a drink or glass of wine on warm nights. The open space offers a sense of discreet luxury and relaxation, incorporating a range of natural materials and exotic plant life to offer a living experience that is built around the principles of culture, well-being, and aesthetic pleasure.


• Free WiFi

• Airport Shuttle

• Pets Allowed

• Concierge service

• Luggage storage

• Concierge service

• 24-hour security 

A: Sina 48, Athina 106 72