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Stylish Boutique Hotel in the Heart of Athens

A neoclassical townhouse dating back to 1880, set in a culture-rich neighbourhood of Athens, has recently been turned into one of the city’s most stylish boutique hotels. 

Built in the early 20th century, and sitting in the heart of Athens, in the upmarket Kolonaki quarter, Monsieur Didot is a beautifully renovated house providing guests with a ‘home-from-home’ feel; its mix of rooms and suites are spacious and luxurious, and interiors are a blend of modern architecture and contemporary aesthetics.

With attention to detail and an emphasis on authenticity, the hotel is ideal for those that love an old-world charm feel. Here travellers will find a genuine living experience and the warmest of hospitality; as spaces are designed to “host everyday stories unique to your being.”

Insights Greece - Stylish Boutique Hotel in the Heart of AthensLocation 

One of the hotel’s greatest assets is its location, as it’s set at the border of two extremely different yet genuinely characteristic districts of modern Athens. Kolonaki, an upmarket district on the one side, and Exarchia, a vibrant, hip, and alternative area of the city on the other. Just five minutes from the ‘Panepistimio’ metro station, the hotel is surrounded by theatres, museums, publishing houses, and historic bookstores, as well as countless cafés, bars, restaurants, and boutiques belonging to some of Europe’s largest fashion houses. Monsieur Didot’s house is the perfect setting from which to experience this extraordinary ancient city in all of its historic, cultural and creative glory.

Character & Style

A neutral palette and natural materials set the scene as some of Monsieur Didot’s suites and rooms are home to carved marble fireplaces; imposing bookcases; artwork; handmade ceramics; portraits of influential folk; lush greenery; marble balconies and private verandas that boast impressive city views. Intricately drawn ceilings and walls have been revealed and restored in the hotel’s main entrance, as well as in several guest rooms, whilst secret doors have been introduced to create a touch of mysticism. It also features custom-designed lighting that has been introduced into the building’s fabric, encouraging contrast, and a plurality of textures and shapes. And did we mention the show-stopping staircase?! 

Insights Greece - Stylish Boutique Hotel in the Heart of AthensRooms 

Featuring four rooms and two suites governed by luxurious simplicity and an overriding feel of elegance, its architectural characteristics take centre stage and subtle references to the “all-time classic” aesthetic of “old Athens,” which shapes the personality of each space. You can book the whole first floor; where three rooms and a communal cozy sitting area at the first floor of the residence are joined and transformed into a private space with the capacity to host a large group of guests. 

Food & Drinks

The day always begins with a lavish homemade breakfast, which guests can enjoy in their room or on the rooftop during the summer months. Inspired by the traditional Greek diet, carefully selected organic ingredients from all over the country are transformed into a delicious start to the day. Guests may also opt for a quick snack from the “all day” menu, designed by the hotel’s consultant chef, or have a bottle of wine accompanied with assortments of Greek deli products.

Guests also have the opportunity to experience the art of food and wine pairing with a wine connoisseur, who delights their senses with exquisite flavors and handpicked wines from Greece on Monsieur Didot’s terrace.

Finally, the team of Monsieur Didot has compiled a set of recommendations for the best restaurants, bistros, and cocktail bars in the neighborhood (and there are many of them) and in Athens in general, so guests can avoid tourist traps.

Insights Greece - Stylish Boutique Hotel in the Heart of Athens

Ideal for…

Monsieur Didot is a friendly place for all kinds of travellers; including couples,  families and small groups of friends (up to 7 people) can book the whole first floor of the residence and privately use the sitting area on that floor.

Larger groups (up to 16 people) can book the whole residence (4 double rooms, 2 suites, an indoor sitting area on the first floor, and an open-air terrace on the second floor). 


The rooftop features a cozy terrace, where visitors can have their breakfast or coffee on a sunny day, or a drink or glass of wine on warm nights. The open space offers a sense of discreet luxury and relaxation, incorporating a range of natural materials and exotic plant life to offer a living experience that is built around the principles of culture, well-being, and aesthetic pleasure.


• Free WiFi

• Airport Shuttle

• Pets Allowed

• Concierge service

• Luggage storage

• Concierge service

• 24-hour security 

A: Sina 48, Athina 106 72


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