Best Street Food Spots in Athens

We’ve compiled a list of the best street food in Athens – perfect for when you just want a quick bite! 

With so much to see and experience, Athens is a great city for walking and exploring on-the-go. Avoid falling into a calorie deficit by sampling some of the capital’s finest street food in and around the centre of the city. 


Souvlaki for the super fans: Here you’ll get downtown Athens’ tastiest souvlaki and a piece of history, as Kostas has been part of the city’s street food story since 1946. Pork souvlakia are grilled in front of you and their famed beef patties are fermented every morning and shaped to order. Served with their signature tomato-based sauce and topped with onion, parsley and tomato cut fresh on the spot to secure its juices.

A: Agia Irini 2, Monastiraki


Iconic Kalamakia: At this legendary souvlaki spot, pork kalamakia are grilled on the coals while customers patiently wait because they know they won’t be disappointed. Usually accompanied by thinly sliced potatoes and baked bread. 

A: 29 Plataion, Kerameikos


Heartwarming Levantine fare: Established in 2014, Feyrouz is family-owned and operated and serves beautifully prepared Levantine street food. Their Lahmajoun, Peinirli and soups of the day (including plenty of vegetarian options) have made them a staple in the Athenian street food scene.

A: Agathonos 2 & Karori 23, Monastiraki


Deli-style sandwiches: An Italian deli in the heart of Pangrati, Borghese focuses on sandwiches with sourdough bread and selected cheeses and cold cuts. We love the classic combinations like mortadella with peanuts, rocket, pecorino Romano and mayonnaise, as well as originals like the sandwich with fennel salami, ricotta, pickled onion and figs.

A: Archelaou 19, Pangrati


Possibly the best gyros in Athens: 8 out of 10 Athenians will probably tell you that this is the best gyro in Athens, and we like those odds. Achilleas has been serving up fresh and hot souvlaki with juicy and peppery pork gyro since 1987. The Gyros is made every day in the shop’s workshop and served wrapped in fresh oiled pita with onion-parsley, tomato and their own tzatziki. Open Monday-Friday and closes when sold out, usually by 8 or 9 in the evening.

A: 18 Spintharou, Neos Kosmos


Loukoumades since 1912: These Loukoumades have stood the test of time and still remain a favourite among Athenians. The loukoumades here are crunchy, bite-sized and release syrup into your mouth when you bite into them. Best topped with a little sesame.

A: Sokratous 59, Omonia


Dreamy profiterol: If you’re a fan of the profiterol dessert served in a bowl, this is the place for you. Freshly baked choux pastry is enveloped in velvety Madagascar vanilla cream patisserie and toppings of your choice. The perfect sugar hit while shopping with the masses on Ermou Street.

A: Diomeias 2 & Ermou 18, Syntagma


Pizza by the slice: Good, American-style pizza by the slice for those late nights in the Athenian inner-city precinct of Psyrri. Hint: ask them if there are any upcoming events on in their underground basement club. 

A: Protogenous 13, Monastiraki


Souvlaki with a gourmet touch: A fabulous twist on the common souvlaki, made with pita bread that is opened on the spot from fresh, homemade dough, carefully prepared meat cooked briefly over the fire for maximum juiciness. Don’t forget to order the hand-cut potatoes.

A: Agias Irinis 9, Athens


Divinely Greek gelato with a view: Bypass the tourist traps and follow your stroll through the Acropolis with a stop at Django in the Koukaki neighbourhood. Originally from the island of Syros, the team at Django lovingly makes natural ice cream, without preservatives and additives. Made and consumed daily. 

A: Veikou 15, Koukaki


Fresh sandwiches and salads: Simple ingredients thoughtfully combined to make amazingly fresh and tasty salads and sandwiches. Try the Chicken Salad with grapefruit and grated pecorino or the Guilty Pleasure with chicken schnitzel fried in clarified butter, spicy endive and ground caper mayonnaise, on a handmade focaccia. All homemade, all delicious.

A: Lekka 10, Syntagma


Cocktails in-hand: If one good thing came out of the quarantine of 2020 (and 2021) it was the concept of takeaway cocktails. Located in the center of Athens, Tyco is continuing its tradition, offering refreshing cocktails served in plastic cups to add some extra fun to your Athenian strolls. Sample their signature cocktails like Meloncholia and Peach Don’t Kill My Vibe. 

A: Romvis 11, Athina

Main Image of Feyrouz by Elena Giatakou 

8 Best New Places to Eat in Athens

Athenians love eating out and despite the hardship over the last year, new culinary pleasures are popping up all over the Greek capital. If you are looking for a great spot to grab some brunch, lunch, or dinner in Athens, we’ve rounded up eight fab new eateries for your next visit.

Linou Soubaris & Sia

This amazing new “no-frills” restaurant is all about bringing it back to basics. From the décor and design to the food and drinks, the simplicity makes it even more appealing. With an open kitchen and industrial layout, here you will find a range of natural candles (that you can purchase) displayed throughout the space. With a gastro-bistro feel, chef Lukas Mailer creates modern dishes using seasonal ingredients and products that are made in-house, including black pig sausages and smoked swordfish. The menu changes regularly but one thing that remains the same is each dish is designed to bring back memories of classic Sunday dinners. There is also a small but great Greek organic wine list to choose from.

A: Melanthiou 2, Athens

Brutus Tavern 

Located in Kolonaki, this new premium steakhouse is the perfect dinner spot for those who enjoy finely cooked meat. Featuring stylish décor and an elegant vibe, the dining area boasts mirrors and white tiles, while the menu includes dry-aged mince, wagyu ribeye, New Zealand rib steak, and smoked pancetta.  

A: Leventi 3, Kolonaki 


Including popular eateries in New York, London, and Miami, this is the first Milos restaurant in Greece. Part of the boutique hotel, which just opened its doors, offers fine Mediterranean dishes from acclaimed founder and executive chef Costas Spiliadis. Using fresh and locally sourced produce, the kitchen team works with distinguished farmers and fishermen to provide a delightful menu that focuses on seafood. 

A: Kolokotroni 3-5, Athens


This modern eatery describes itself as being somewhere in between “a fancy version of an American diner and a Greek hasapotaverna (meat tavern).” Ideal for lunch or casual dinner- here you can choose from the grill and rotisserie, or the great range of burgers and seasonal salads. There’s also locally sourced freshly cut cheeses and cold meats (from producers all over Greece) on offer; as well as an impressive wine list featuring upcoming Greek wineries.

A: Praxitelous 43, Athens

Kalon Restaurant

Another new addition to Kolonaki, Kalon combines traditional Greek flavours with modern twists. Featuring stylish indoor and outdoor spaces, here you can choose from dishes including Seabass carpaccio with zucchini, Black eye beans, lentils and wild rice, Octopus with Fava; and mains such as Prawn giouvetsi, Baby chicken marinated in sun-dried tomatoes, or one of our favourites- the “Skioufihta” pasta with pumpkin and Greek prosciutto. 

A: Pl. Filikis Eterias 14, Kolonaki

Senta Japanese

If you are in the mood for some Japanese, executive chef Nick Politakos is ready to take you on a culinary journey filled with signature rolls, hosomaki, suzuki tempura and kani sake- just to name a few. We highly recommend the shared menu if you are there with friends, which allows you to taste lots more of the fresh dishes and flavours on offer.

A: Voukourestiou 3, Athens

Loco Taqueria 

Having opened its doors in November of 21, this new taqueria/tequileria in the centre of the city has fast become a local favourite for all those who love Mexican food (who doesn’t). So, if tacos and tequilas are your thing, make sure you head to Loco where they also serve Tuna ceviche, Aquachile sea bass, Pork Iberico, and some seriously delicious churros.

A: Kalamiotou 15, Athens

The Makers

One of our favourite new brunch spots; this cool concept store that sells handmade aprons, t-shirts, bags, tea towels and other items is the perfect place for a good coffee. They also offer a delightful breakfast menu- featuring smoothies, pancakes and waffles, as well as many healthy options such as bowls of yogurt with granola and fresh seasonal fruit, refreshing salads, healthy crepes and plenty of egg-based dishes.

A: Praxitelous 37, Athens

Main image: Brutus Tavern  

Athens’ New Restaurant Serving Feel-Good Dishes

Tzoutzouka (slang for ‘adorable, pretty woman) is a new restaurant opened by Antonis Liolis in mid-May 2021 and has already become a success among the city’s top foodies, without letting its popularity get to its head.

Located in Rouf, an unremarkable yet slightly trendy post-industrial Athens neighbourhood and set in an old-style kafeneion with tables on the pavement, this low-profile, high flavour is a must if you love the combination of authentic Greek tastes and comfort food made with playful and loving intent.

Tzoutzouka’s charismatic and deeply intuitive kitchen artist, chef Argyro Koutsou used to be a Project Manager organising major cultural events until she stopped to question what she wanted to do with the rest of her life and turned to professional cooking ten years ago. Having grown up in a family with a strong connection to fishing and in which everyone cooked, she loved to observe how things are done in the kitchen from an early age. 

“When I was 17 my mother broke her arm and had to be hospitalised, so I asked her what my dad could eat for dinner. She said she would have made him a lamb fricassee but I could just cook him some potatoes with eggs,” she says. “Instead, I cooked the fricassee, which I ended up throwing out, together with the cooking pot! But I became set on learning how to cook well after that. I had six months free before starting college, so I ordered a series of books that arrived month by month titled ‘Cooking Around the World’ and I started making every single recipe – which was challenging at the time because we didn’t have all the ethnic food stores we have in Athens today – so I made do with the ingredients I could get my hands on. 

“Then I began to travel abroad and explore different cuisines, trying everything that excited and intrigued me, and finding wonderful flavours in all cuisines. Here, I cook the kind of food I like to eat at home and prepare for my loved ones. My dishes have a quirky side, what we call in Greek ‘alitiko’, (an ‘alitis’ is a tramp, outcast, vagabond) like my trahana* with mackerel and chilli’. Basically, I like to make comfort food that’s prepared according to professional-style cooking practices, for example using broths or sauces one wouldn’t generally make at home, but without needing to be technically brilliant. I don’t care about things looking perfect, I want the result to be unique, deeply satisfying and unpretentious,” says Argyro.

“The menu changes every few months according to the season and what ingredients are fresh at that time. There are some signature dishes, however, that don’t change. My favourite dishes are the trahanas, ewe casserole in a rich red sauce, aglio olio with anchovy, and fava with pickled calamari, but I love all the dishes I create, they’re like my children! I cook with the feeling of creating something that will nourish and nurture whoever eats it and transmit my love for the food and cooking.”

The wholesome and flavour-packed portions are large and very reasonably priced, in a near-anarchic answer to the overpriced and tiny – and sometimes unimpressively flavoured – portions one gets in haute cuisine. We started with a Greek salad, served only during summer when tomatoes are ripe and tasty and taramosalata with squid ink, which we generously slathered on thick hunks of sourdough bread. We went on with the smooth panna cotta with prentza cheese from Zakynthos and caramelised cherry tomatoes, sprinkled with crunchy sea salt; trahanas cooked to a soul-huggingly thick, creamy consistency enriched by mascarpone, topped with smoked mackarel and seasoned with lemon, chilli and thyme and fluffy meatballs cooked in a tomato sauce and served atop handmade hilopites short pasta and aged parmesan cheese. 

Everyone at the table was beaming with satisfaction by the end of the meal when our spoons battled over the chocolate ganache with orange and the lemon mousse made with white chocolate. With glasses emptied to the last drop – the restaurant has a wine list of around 20 top quality labels – we left feeling we had met people who welcomed us into their wonderful food tribe and already anticipating our next visit.

Well known Greek American chef Diane Kochylas described Trahanas in the following way:  “Trahana is one of the oldest foods in the Eastern Mediterranean, a tiny, pebble-shaped grain product that varies widely all over Greece. For the most part, it evolved as an ingenious way to preserve milk. Trahana is made with either semolina, wheat flour, bulgur or cracked wheat. Milk, buttermilk, or yogurt are mixed into flour or wheat to form a thick mass. In Thrace, a Lenten trahana is made with flour and vegetable pulp, seasoned with sesame seeds and hot pepper flakes.”

A: Meg. Vasiliou 32, Athens

Main image courtesy of One Man