Ultimate Foodie Guide to Kolonaki: Cafes & Patisseries

Sure, you’ve got a lot to see, do and buy as you casually stroll the elegant streets of Kolonaki, but to experience the true magic of this famed Athenian neighbourhood you need to check out the cool cafes, trendy bars and classy restaurants.

So, to make your life easier, we’ve come up with the ultimate guide to eating and drinking your way around this ultra-chic district. We suggest you do yourself a favour and just bookmark this list.

Part Four | Coffee & Sweets

Da Capo

Kolonaki’s most famous café is Da Capo, an Italian-style coffee shop with green vintage seats facing outwards, making it the ideal spot for people watching. Here you will find a mix of locals, socialites, celebrities and politicians sipping on the specially blended coffee for hours on end.

Portatif Cafe 

There’s no shortage of charm in this neighbourhood thanks to places such as Portatif Café. With its French inspired décor and feel, they are renowned for their homemade tarts, croissants and eclairs- plus a variety of tea and good coffee- making it the ideal spot for an afternoon pick me up.


If you would like to rub shoulders with local artists and intellects, head to Filion, where you will overhear plenty of conversation regarding politics, the arts, history and culture. Apart from the good coffee, they also have a great variety of homemade desserts from traditional Greek sweets to French inspired pastries.


LowCal opens its doors each day at 7am, so if you are in need of a caffeine hit bright and early- this is of you. Serving healthy dishes and sweets, the modern all- day café has a cool industrial feel, with lots of wooden and metal finishes.


Having only opened its doors in January of this year, Cultivos has already become a hit amongst locals who come here morning, noon and night to enjoy the chilled vibe, great coffee and nice range of sweets, sandwiches and light snacks.

Queen Bee

Queen Bee is an all-day bakehouse. Set in a stylish 1940s art deco building, it’s been given a major redesign with a focus on the sleek open kitchen. The elegantly displayed handmade products include sourdough, croissants, cinnamon buns and pies.

Kokakias Pastry

If you don’t have time to sit down for a coffee and cake but are in need of a sugar hit, walk inside Kokakias Pastry store where you will be blown away by the gorgeous displays of decadent desserts, gelato and handmade chocolates that will be placed in pretty packaging so you can take away and enjoy.

Sweet Alchemy

Greece’s most popular pâtissier Stelios Paralios has a small boutique store Sweet Alchemy on Irodotou Street, where you can taste one of his delightful creations. With a wide range of chocolate truffles, handmade biscuits and a variety of Stelios’ famous cakes- deciding what to choose here is not easy! 

Marega Apo Spiti

For the best meringues in town head to Marega Apo Spiti where you can indulge in an airy and creamy pavlova topped with fresh strawberry, lemon, or other fresh berries of your choice. If pavlova doesn’t do it for you, try the delicious homemade cheesecake or chocolate mousse!

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It’s Vintage But Still Religiously Slurped: Why is Frappe So Adored?

Greek Frappe is famous worldwide. But what is this coffee which Greeks drink with so much pleasure?

By Maria Athanasopoulou

It’s a cold instant coffee with foam on top and you will find it on the menu of every cafe throughout the country. Invented by accident in 1957, it was created by Dimitris Vakondios from Thessaloniki.

Insights Greece - It's Vintage But Still Religiously Slurped: Why is Frappe So Adored?Its great success is due to its addictive flavour- plus the fact that it can easily be prepared in your own kitchen- which has made it a hit in Greek households.

A simple shaker is the only utensil required to make a Frappe. Sugar, coffee (Greece’s Nescafe), and a quarter of a glass of water are poured into a shaker, and after shaking it well you add several ice cubes, more water and some milk (optional). Your Greek Frappe is ready. Remember to always serve it in a tall glass.

Today, a Freddo Cappuccino is also very popular (the younger generation by far prefer this style) but the Greek frappe is still the most well-known cold coffee not only in Greece but amongst Hellenes abroad who can order it in Greek-owned cafes anywhere in the world and are also able to make it at home. In recent years it has been introduced in other countries too, mostly by those who have spent time in Greece during summer, had a taste of the Greek Frappe, loved it, and took the concept back home.

One of the most “classic” scenes defining a relaxing getaway in Greece over the warmer months, is catching large groups of people at seaside cafes, enjoying the sun, sea, and sand, with a tall glass of Frappe in hand. This beverage really has become synonymous with beach culture and warm weather. If you have already tried it, regardless of whether you love it or not, you have most likely been fascinated by its unique taste- as it truly is an original cold coffee concept. If you have not tried it yet, then I recommend you do so, and discover what this popular type of Greek coffee is all about!

Maria Athanasopoulou is the founder of the tourism marketing company Respond On-Demand, co-founder of the non-profit company Top Tourism, Chairwoman of the World Food Travel Association, Ambassador in Greece of Evintra and Ambassador in Greece and Cyprus of World Gourmet Society. She likes exploring new places and cultures and loves discovering unexplored tourism destinations. During her trips, she does her best to find out and present the most interesting aspects of the destination she has just visited.