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5 Vibrant Neighbourhoods to Visit in Athens

We’ve put together a list of the most vibrant neighbourhoods in Athens’ centre, where old meets new, and every corner reveals a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

The heart of Athens is a tapestry of lively neighbourhoods, each with its own distinct character and allure. From the colourful streets of Metaxourgio to the bustling energy of Exarchia, the city is a melting pot of culture, history, and urban flair – we recommend you try to explore as many as you can! 



Insights Greece - 5 Vibrant Neighbourhoods to Visit in Athens

If you want to hang out with locals, make your way over to Pangrati, which has become one of the most popular spots in the city.


1. Best brunch. Need I say more? Athenians flock to Pangrati on the weekends to eat at one of the many hip brunch spots scattered throughout the neighbourhood.

2. Fabulous museums that highlight both historical and modern art.

3. From here you can explore the Panathenaic Stadium, National Gardens and Zappio.



Insights Greece - 5 Vibrant Neighbourhoods to Visit in Athens

Situated beneath the Acropolis, Koukaki really deserves a visit when heading to the capital.


1. Lively nightlife with numerous bars and buzzing taverns.

2. Great restaurants that serve both authentic and more international-inspired cuisine.

3. After a long day exploring the city, take a seat at Materia Prima, one of the city’s best wine bars that is located in the heart of Koukaki!



Insights Greece - 5 Vibrant Neighbourhoods to Visit in Athens

Known as the Upper East Side of Athens, Kolonaki is the chicest neighbourhood on this list. And if you love luxury – make sure you spend some time here.


1. Boutique after boutique showcasing every designer brand imaginable.

2. One of the best places in Athens to do coffee

3. Close to Lycabettus Hill, you can take a stroll up there (a must-do) when you visit this part of town.



Insights Greece - 5 Vibrant Neighbourhoods to Visit in Athens

Recognised as one of the most unique neighbourhoods in Athens, Exarchia is becoming more of a hot spot. To the east of Omonia, Exarchia is known for being a student hangout, and also for its great bookshops, and delightful small-plate restaurants that line the streets.


1. Amazing food and drinks scene that also creates a great nightlife – many restaurants have live music playing almost every evening.

2. Amazing finds at the many vintage stores.

3. Lofos Strefi, one of the best parks in the centre of Athens, also offers amazing views of the city.



Insights Greece - 5 Vibrant Neighbourhoods to Visit in Athens

Just west of Omonia is the cool neighbourhood of Metaxourgio, with its colourful streets and cool vibe. Make sure to check out the impressive street art that lines many of the buildings.


1. Inviting coffee shops and restaurants – varying from authentic to more modern cuisine.

2. A range of unique stores that will impress most fashion aficionados.

3. Discover its rich history in the silk industry.

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