Stylish Escape at Meli Suites

Imagine for a moment that you are soaking in the warm rays of the Greek sun in your own private swimming pool overlooking the sea. It feels nourishing and healing- as all your aches and pains just fade away. Welcome to Meli Suites in Skala Potamia, a little piece of paradise!

We visited the Meli Suites Isle before and loved every single bit of our stay. Having chatted with the staff it sounded like we shouldn’t leave the island without taking a look at the Meli Suites, the original hotel of the Meli Suites hotel collection.

Meli Suites is mainly comprised of stylish suites embracing a mixture of Scandinavian and Aegean architecture with private swimming pools and sea views. Inside the suites, the luxury brief is taken seriously with eye-popping decor and details that recall the famous, white-washed Cycladic islands.

Lavish interiors aside, Meli Suites is located in Skala Potamias centre, right next to the busy seafront with a number of bars and restaurants, making it the perfect launchpad for exploring the village on foot. It didn’t take much to persuade my husband that we had to extend our stay on the island. Thankfully, the idea was equally appealing to him, too.

We stayed at the Superior Suite and our time here can only be described as indelible!

With a private balcony that featured our very own swimming pool, big, comfy sunbeds and spectacular sea views, we didn’t see any need to leave the hotel and travel further afield. In the morning, we would indulge in our homemade breakfast by the main swimming pool, then sunbathe on our private balcony and would only leave to take a quick dip in the sea before lunch. At night, we would drop into one of the seafront bars and enjoy a cocktail while gazing at the sea.

But enough with the words, let the pictures speak for themselves!

If you are thinking of visiting the verdant green island of Thassos, then Skala Potamia is a good place to start. From here you can embark on daily trips to the nearby villages of Panagia and Limenaria, and explore beaches like the Giola Lagoon with its crystal emerald waters. Beyond this, Meli Suites is the most luxurious and stylish hotel in the area so book your stay in one of their luxurious suites and let the positive vibes of this unique hotel work wonders for your mind and body.

Images by: Alexandros Iconomidis ©
Architecture design: BMMB Architects 

Top 12 Things to do in Thassos

If you are looking for a stunning island filled with charming villages, traditional local cuisine, adventurous activities, and breathtaking beaches surrounded by lush greenery- look no further than Thassos. 

This emerald green island escape is located in the Northern Aegean and offers visitors a wonderful range of boutique hotels, authentic local delicacies, great hiking trails, and rich culture and history. With a unique landscape that can’t be found anywhere else on the Aegean, Thassos is an ideal Greek island experience.

Here are the Top 10 Things to do in Thassos 

1. Discover Local Culture & History 

Insights Greece - Top 12 Things to do in Thassos

There is so much history to explore on Thassos, a place that boasts loads of silver, gold, and marble material. To get a feel of the island’s past, firstly, make your way to the Archaeological Museum, then visit The Kalogeriko, a two-story building that belongs to Mount Athos’ Vatopedi Monastery and has now become a museum. Also head over to the Acropolis in Limenas, which is home to a 5th Century BC theatre overlooking the sea. Finally, visit the ancient Marble Quarry to find out more about the island’s famous stone. 

2. Stroll Through the Mountainous Villages 

Set along lush mountain greenery are villages that offer a taste of traditional island life. Whether on the coast or inland you’ll discover beautiful little villages all over the island, such as Agios Georgios, Alyki, Theologos, Kallirahi, Kastro, Kazaviti, Koinyra, Limenaria, Maries, and Panagia. Here you’ll find charming cobblestoned alleys, stone mansions, and fantastic sea views. 

3. Explore the Capital, Limenas

The capital Limenas is the most popular spot on the island, where you will find a range of hotels, eateries, cafes, and shops. This is Thassos’ link to the mainland and its capital since antiquity. Be sure to see the ancient agora; the sanctuaries of Herakles, Dionysos, Artemis, and Poseidon. Then walk through the central market and the small harbour by the beach. At night, sit at one of the many restaurants or bars and enjoy the views.

4. Be Adventurous

The island is ideal for anyone wanting to be adventurous- with a range of options for hiking, mountain biking, horse riding in Skala, and diving in Panagia Island shipwreck. Discover the scenic roads from the beaches to the lakes, and footpaths around the villages.  Try trails like Maries to Prinos, Panagia- Potamia-Ypsario, Kallirahi-Prinos, or Xrisi Ammoudia-Limenas, that can be enjoyed on foot or by mountain bike. For outdoor sports, Thassos is also ideal with scuba diving at Pefkari, water skiing at Chrysi Ammoudia, windsurfing at Paradise beach and boat rides to the most remote beaches. 

Insights Greece - Top 12 Things to do in Thassos

5. Dive into Giola Lagoon 

Giola Lagoon known as “Aphrodite’s Tear” in Thassos is one of the world’s most beautiful natural swimming pools – separated from the sea by a narrow strip of rocks, it looks like a pool of crystal clear water, carved into a coral reef that rises above it. This beautiful natural rock pool on the south coast of Thassos has now become one of the most popular spots on the island because of the experience of swimming in it and the mesmerizing contrast of its water with the wild and rocky landscape surrounding it. 

6. Swim in the Most Emerald Green Sea 

One of the main drawcards to Thassos is the breathtaking beaches. There are so many gorgeous coves and bays to choose from- some are easy to reach, while others require some effort but they are definitely worth the effort. Make sure you add to your list the following: Paradise, Glifoneri, Makriammos, Chrysi Akti, Arsanas, Chrysi Ammoudia, Agios Antonios, Alykes, Trypiti, Skala Potamia, Paralia Limena, Pefkari, Skala Raxiou, Saliara, and Marble beach. 

7. Explore the Cave of Drakotripa

If you have time visit the renowned cave Drakotripa in Panagia. Only 7 km’s from the main town, Dragon Cave (Dracotrypa Cave) literally means dragon hole. The cave is full of impressive stalactites and stalagmites. The cave was named after a stalactite that had the shape of a dragon. 

8. Take Part in the Summer Festival

Insights Greece - Top 12 Things to do in Thassos

If you are lucky to be here during the annual summer Kavala-Thassos Festival, make sure you go! Guests are able to experience local music, dance, food, and traditions at a stone theatre. If you have a chance to watch the representation of the ‘Thassos wedding’, you’ll witness the revival of ancient Dionysian traditions through local wedding customs. 

9. Eat Your Way Around Town 

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to wining and dining in Thassos and for some authentic local dishes, we recommend you head to Limanaki, Agorastos, Tavern Mouses, and Leonidas. For some of the best seafood head to Symi Restaurant. For taverns by the sea check out Beautiful Alice at Aliki Beach and Skidia Tavern is also right on the water. For delicious local desserts try Pastry; and Panetteria is also great for its wide range of sweets. For after-dinner drinks make your way to Karnagio, Street Cafe, Marley Beach Lounge, Oasis, or Natura.  

10. Taste Local Cuisine 

Thassos cuisine is mostly known for its seafood; including its mouthwatering sardines, anchovies, prawns, squid, octopus; as well as fish including sea bream and red mullet. As it’s a mountainous island, the meat is also very good, with taverns serving a variety of goat and lamb dishes. Thassos is also famous for its olive oil and has its own distinct wrinkled olive, the Thassian Throuba Olive, which produces a great extra-virgin olive oil with low acidity. The sweets of Thassos have a special flavour originating from their secret ingredient, Thassian honey. The most well-known among these is the walnut sweet, made of local walnuts that are picked early in the spring. Other sweets are made from fig, pumpkin, orange, rose, and quince.

11. Stay in Style 

Insights Greece - Top 12 Things to do in Thassos

Thassos has a wide range of accommodation to choose from- from family-owned apartments and villas to five-star hotels and resorts. We recommend you check out Meli SuitesAlea Hotel, Thassos Hotel, Ilio Mare Resort, Thassos Grand Resort, Orama, Villa Teresa, and Aeolis Enavlion Hotel. 

12. Visit Nearby Kavala 

If you are wanting a day trip away from the island, the beautiful city of Kavala is only 35km from Keramoti port and has a wonderful history and local culture. You can get there by ferry in about an hour and 15 minutes. 

Getting there 

It takes one hour to fly to Kavala international airport from Athens. From there, you can reach the island by ferry from the port of Keramoti—just 15 minutes from the airport to the island capital of Limenas. Otherwise take a ferry from Kavala to Thassos, as mentioned above it takes a bit over an hour.