Authentic Handmade Pasta in the Heart of Mykonos

Located in the heart of ‘the chora’, and open since 1978, this three-storey traditional Italian restaurant in Mykonos serves an authentic range of handmade pasta and pizza.

Being one of the first Italian restaurants to open on this popular Cycladic island, and standing on the main alley of Barkia, the owner’s secret recipes originate from a variety of regions in Italy. During the summer months, Pasta Fresca Barkia is packed with local and international visitors who come to try the variety of pizza options and numerous pasta dishes made with fresh ingredients; some of the most sought-after dishes are the linguini with crab meat, stuffed ravioli, and tortel- lacci.

Opened by Anagiros Griparis in 1978, it was the first Italian restaurant in Mykonos to introduce live demonstrations of fresh handmade pasta and has now become one of the most popular casual spots in town, as it offers a relaxed dining experience for local and foreign guests. 

Insights Greece - Authentic Handmade Pasta in the Heart of Mykonos

Anargiros was influenced by his mother’s cooking flair and her culinary knowledge, which she passed down to him from a young age. Determined to do something with it, Anargiros left his career as an engineer on cruise ships and inspired by his countless trips to Italy, he entered the hospitality industry; bringing authentic Italian cooking techniques and flavours to Mykonos.

Since 1978, Anargiros has maintained the original aesthetics of the restaurant, which used to be a former three-story home; each level has its own unique feel, offering customers a cozy atmosphere as they enjoy a lunch or dinner with friends.

Here you have the opportunity not only to taste fresh, handmade pasta but also to watch the chefs make it from scratch, as every afternoon in front of crowds, the chefs display their insider tricks of the pizzeria on the ground floor; which has become a daily attraction of passers-by; from gnocchi, ravioli, tortellini, and lasagne sheets, to fettuccine, fideo and fusilli, there is a huge range to choose from. 

With tables inside and out, it’s a great spot to enjoy your favourite pasta dish, followed by a traditional Italian dessert. 

Pasta Fresca Barkia