Simple Dining by the Aegean Sea at Leros Island

Sit with your feet in the sand at a table a mere metre away from the Aegean Sea- enjoying simple and fresh seafood dishes and a glass of homemade wine, at this lovely family-run taverna on Leros island.

Whether you are looking for a place to enjoy some mezedes and a cold beer after a long swim at the beach, or a casual dining venue to sample some delicious lobster spaghetti under the stars – “Prima & Aneplora” in Alinda village is the perfect spot.


This unique taverna is right on the water’s edge at the far end of Alinda village. Offering a predominantly seafood menu, there’s also a wide range of meat and vegetarian options for those that aren’t big on fish.

Antonis, the charming owner is a wonderful host and cook, who enjoys giving recommendations to his guests- especially when it comes to revealing the specials of the day, which are always a good option!

Insights Greece - Simple Dining by the Aegean Sea at Leros Island

From delicious shrimp saganaki and grilled swordfish to soft kolokithokeftedes (zucchini fritters) and fresh horta (wild greens) drizzled with olive oil and lemon- the simple yet authentic dishes are all made from local produce.

If you do like your seafood (as we do) we recommend the octopus, shrimp, mussels and calamari, which pair perfectly with a side of fava (yellow split peas puree), tiganites patates (homemade fries) and a traditional Greek salad.

And if you plan on getting there in the evening, we suggest bringing a cardigan as it can get a little breezy, otherwise, you can also choose to eat on the terrace, which is also a nice option as the beautiful bay and castle are still in full view!

Offering a unique and laid-back atmosphere, at “Prima & Aleproma” you will experience delicious Greek island cuisine while relaxing and soaking up Lemnos’ authentic beauty.

A: Alinda, Leros

5 Greek Islands for Amazing Culinary Experiences

Are you a foodie going to Greece for vacation? Amazing. This write-up is for you!

Apart from the beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and relaxed vibe, the Greek islands offer visitors an abundance of delicious dishes and delicacies. There are so many things to try on each island that you literally cannot go wrong with what food you choose.

Here, I will include five Greek islands that offer unique tastes and will, for sure, excite your taste buds.

Let’s go see…


The island of Crete is known for having some of the greatest food in the country. You have to try the ‘dakos’ salad, ‘sfakiani pita,’ ‘bougatsa,’ ‘kaltsounia,’ and ‘gamopilafo.’ Everything is made with Crete’s fresh and pure ingredients, such as locally produced olive oil, cheese, and herbs. Make sure to accompany your food with a glass of ‘tsikoudia’, the popular local spirit.


This beautiful sun-soaked island unfolds a rich gastronomic experience. Besides the well-known potatoes (the best you will try, for sure), Naxos stands out for its delicious cheese variety, stew (stifado), goat dishes, such as ‘kleftiko,’ pork dishes and of course locally produced cheeses, like ‘arseniko,’ ‘xinomizithra’ and ‘graviera.’

Insights Greece - 5 Greek Islands for Amazing Culinary Experiences


An undiscovered island, Chios is known for the ‘mastiha’ (mastic) production, popular in ancient times for its therapeutic value and unique aroma. The island, which is located in the northern Aegean Sea, is also known for its mandarins, which are of high quality and flavour due to the sun and climate, mastelo cheese-perfect for ‘saganaki,’ and ‘kopanisti’ among other delicacies.


An island untouched by mass tourism keeps its gastronomic traditions intact. Besides the rich cultural and historical background, Lemnos (also known as Limnos) presents an exciting culinary adventure. Local cheese is simply delicious; ‘melichloro’ and ‘kalathaki’ are a must-try. Moving on, don’t miss out on the sardines, octopus, and local meat dishes. Last but not least, Lemnos produces excellent wine to accompany your food.


This small island offers stunning landscapes and beaches of wild beauty. At the same time, it unravels interesting gastronomic choices. ‘Matsata’ is one of the island’s specialty dishes, which is fresh pasta served with chicken or rabbit, ‘souroto’ is a salty and soft cheese used for the best cheese pie and ‘karpouzenia,’ dessert is made of watermelon.

Greece is a wonderful destination for foodies, and these are just a few of the must-visit islands for all you food aficionados. It’s also worth mentioning that due to years of austerity, many young people have returned to their homeland and started beautiful initiatives, such as running restaurants or farms, all designed to highlight local delicacies.