Best New Bakeries and Patisseries in Chania

Discover our wrap-up of Chania’s best new bakeries and pastry stores, featuring delightful combinations of traditional Cretan flavours and internationally loved sweets. 

Chania’s food scene has never been better. Strolling through the city’s pretty cobble-stoned streets you’ll come across beautiful display cases of freshly baked buttery croissants, lush dulche de lèche, and glorious galaktboureko – just to name a few!

Red Jane Bakery 

One of the best ways to start the day is by heading downtown to Red Jane, a wonderful new bakery featuring Italian tiles, a long red marble counter, and an exposed brick ceiling. Here you’ll find a great range of treats, from chocolate-filled croissants and mascarpone cream and blueberry Danish to the ultimate egg sandwich with chorizo, caramelized onions, rúcula and Greek truffle Graviera from a local cheese producer. Tip: try the signature tiropita (cheese pie) featuring flaky pâte feuilletée and a filling that combines Greek Feta, goat graviera and Italian ricotta! 

A: Kidonias 101, Chania

Black Eyed Kate

Psychologist turned pastry chef (yes you read that right) Katerina Mavromataki has opened a cool and cozy little cake store in the centre of town. Featuring two wooden benches out the front, make sure to take a seat and enjoy a slice of lemon (from her garden) polenta cake with fresh almonds, the glaze lamington (a local favourite), Kate’s signature carrot cake (with fresh nuts and spices), or a perfectly made mini pastel de nata. Tip: if you are after something a little more traditional, try the halva, a sweetly satisfying vegan semolina cake.  

A: Antoniou Giannari 1B, Chania

Sketi Glyka

Having launched its first store in 2013 in Chania’s Old Town, Sketi Glika, one of the city’s most-loved patisseries recently opened its second location in the Lentariana neighbourhood where you can grab a dessert and coffee on the go! Whether you are looking for the ultimate sweet breakfast or a perfect afternoon sugar hit – here you’ll find some of the most delicious desserts including a buttery sablé biscuit topped with a crème montée and fresh figs, or their interpretation of galaktoboureko- layers of golden brown crispy phyllo, sprinkled with melted butter, then filled with creamy semolina custard and bathed in a fragrant scented syrup. Tip: it’s open till 11 pm each night, so you can even get here for a late treat! 

A: 63 Vrison, Chania

Pallas Philocaly 

Located on the historic waterfront of Chania’s Old Town, this gourmet food store featuring a beautiful bakery, delicatessen, and wine cellar all under one roof is set in a striking 1900s neoclassical building. The store is divided into sections and includes a grand marble display that’s always loaded with delicious creations both sweet and savoury. The bakery specialises in croissants, pastries, pies, pralines, eclairs, and tarts that are handmade daily. Tip: for savoury try the spinach and cheese pie with feta and mizithra from Chania, then for something sweet, we recommend the decadent chocolate eclair. 

A: Akti Tompazi 14, Chania

Main Image courtesy of Black Eyed Kate 

Experience Cretan Culture With a Food Tour in Chania

Chania is known for its wonderful people, warm hospitality, and fresh produce. And if you would like to learn about the Cretan cuisine and culture, this unique food and wine tour run by a local will allow you to experience all the gastronomical delights this beautiful city has to offer on foot. 

Awaken your senses as you leisurely stroll through the picturesque streets of Chania that are adorned with a fascinating history; and immerse yourself in the aromas and flavours of Cretan cuisine, as a hospitable local Cretan host guides you to spots where you can taste authentic savoury and sweet treats. 

Kelly Michelakis from The Greek Odyssey, says her tours are designed for guests to “learn about the food that makes Crete so special, as you will be able to sample many Cretan delicacies and learn what the Cretan culture is all about by a local. 

“Sip on a Greek coffee and enjoy every bite of the famous Cretan bougatsa, as well as enjoy a light lunch at an iconic Cretan eatery. Our guests can learn about the different cakes and biscuits on display as we browse the local bakery, sample Greece’s famous loukoumades, try local cheese that you can’t find elsewhere and view the regional and seasonal produce of the passionate traders who are so proud to share their knowledge,” says Kelly. 

With two tours currently available, there is a three-hour Food Day Tour through the backstreets and little-known pockets; where guests can sample Cretan specialties, in between visiting some old traditional stores to learn about Cretan culture and heritage.

There is also a Food and Wine Night Tour that allows guests to taste Cretan delicacies as they sip on local wine and spirits. This is where you can enjoy every bite of traditional Cretan appetizer, while admiring the stunning views of the city by night.

To learn more head to The Hellenic Odyssey 

Cool New Brasserie Opens in Chania

Housed in a 1950s building, Maiami, a cool new concept store – that’s “part painting studio, part brasserie, and part boutique” recently opened its doors in Kum Kapi, at the east end of the picturesque port of Chania. 

The brainchild of artist and ceramist Alexandra Manousakis, a talented Greek American who remodels her personal experiences into colourful abstract and ceramic art, Maiama is Manousakis’ latest project – allowing the artist to combine her love of art, design, food and wine- all under the one roof. 

From the bright entrance to the vibrant paintings on the walls, the bright blue chairs, and the striking emerald green fireplace- Manousakis carefully designed each element to inspire dialogue and other creative projects. 

As the name suggests, there is a hint of American influence in both the design and food/ drinks menu, which reflects Manousakis’ personal life and taste. The Miami/Greek island vibe creates a modern yet authentic feel that’s both warm and cozy for guests who are invited to share in Manousakis’ world.  

Stand-out starters include Salad Shirazi- finely diced tomatoes and cucumbers in a spicy lemon dressing with Mizithra goat cheese, and a Spinach + Artichoke Dip served with pita chips. 

Signature dishes include the Steak Fritters- filet mignon served with French fries and pepper sauce, Afshin chicken -sautéed chicken with seared broccoli and Persian rice, and the Mama Sharma shrimp with turmeric, mustard seed and onion. 

For dessert there is a warm chocolate chip cookies and milk combo, or a New York-style cheesecake; while the wines are all exclusively chosen from Manousakis estates (located nearby) and feature a Syrah, Assyrtiko and Mourvèdre. And for those seeking a cocktail- check out the Maiami with Mastiha liqueur and mandarin soda, or the Molavi- a classic margarita with Vodka and hints of cucumber. 

A: Akti Miaouli and 11 Mesolongiou, Chania 

Open: Thursday to Monday 5 pm to 12 am (closed Tuesdays & Wednesdays)

Images Courtesy of Maiami 

Chania’s Stunning New Gourmet Store

Located on the historic waterfront of Chania’s Old Town, this new food store, which won ‘Best Interior Décor Shop’ at the Design Awards 2021, is part of the famous Pallas Restaurant (right next door), and features a beautiful bakery, delicatessen, and wine cellar all under the one roof!

Pallas Philocaly is set in a striking neoclassical 1900’s building that recently received an award-winning renovation by leading Cretan designers Dimiourgiki. The new complex features modern décor, which blends in beautifully with the traditional architecture of Chania’s charming Old Town.


Boasting modern leather chairs, oakwood tables, and contemporary open display cabinets, there is also a range of fine metals and glamorous marble featured throughout the large open space- giving it a sleek, stylish, and classy feel.

The shop is divided into sections for visitors to easily browse through each area, which includes a grand marble display that’s always loaded with delicious creations both savoury and sweet. The bakery specialises in croissants, pastries, pralines, eclairs, and tarts that are handmade daily.

Step over to the wine tasting area with a cellar that includes over 400 local and international wine labels. The experienced sommelier shortlists a rotating selection of bottles and serves guests by the glass. 

Pair your wine tasting with a delightful platter that features products from the dairy and cold cuts section- including a range of Cretan cheeses like Kefalotiri, Mizithra, Anthotyra, Staka, and local cold meats such as Pastrami, Vinegar Sausages, and Smoke-Cured pork cuts.

The pantry corner offers carefully selected artisanal products from local and international producers and here you will find honey, olive oil, and rusks from local Cretan producers; as well as handmade chocolates, pasta, jams, and other local and international products. 

Opposite the pantry corner is an open grill counter where the chef prepares premium cuts and fish- just the way you like it- and you can eat indoors at the dining space or the bar area- otherwise there are also a few tables outside. On the menu, you will also find a range of sandwiches, salads, and other enticing light dishes. 

A: Akti Tompazi 14, Chania

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday – 8 am to 1 am 

Images courtesy of Dimiourgiki and Pallas Philocoly