“Memories Steeped in Dream” Exhibition in Athens 

The exciting exhibition “Memories Steeped in Dream” which includes 90 engravings, ceramics and lithographs by eight prominent artists of the 19th and 20th centuries from the B & E Goulandris Foundation collection, highlights the significance of the multiple in modern and contemporary art. 

The exhibition

The Museum of the Vassilis & Elizas Goulandris Foundation presents a huge tribute to the fundamental role of multiples in modern and contemporary art. For this purpose, the periodic exhibition “Memories Steeped in Dream” exhibits about ninety lithographs, engravings and ceramics, collected from the Foundation Collection that bear the signatures of eight acclaimed 19th and 20th-century artists. Multiple masterpieces from legendary artists including Aristide Maillol (1861-1944), Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901), Henri Matisse (1869-1954), Fernand Léger (1881-1955), Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), Georges Braque (1882-1954), Joan Miró (1893-1983) and Balthus (1908-2001) are exhibited. The consolidated presentation of these works gives us the opportunity to “read” again their story through two perspectives.

Insights Greece - “Memories Steeped in Dream” Exhibition in Athens 

Multiple dimensions 

At first, we consider the carefully selected art pieces as a set of “Memories steeped in the dream”, according to the lyrical description of the Guatemalan author Miguel Ángel Asturias. This way we can analyse the advantages that these various techniques offered artists of the multiple. This includes: approaching different methods of creation and developing a different way of looking at the work of art; spreading their work wider and faster; and having their works co-exist with written texts by prose writers or poets. Additionally, other than exploring the world of engraving and ceramics, the exhibition further stresses the key role of many collaborators who were involved in editing the works, including Ambroise Vollard, Aimé, Marguerite and Adrien Maeght, Tériade, Fernand Mourlot and Suzanne Ramie.

In the second stage seeing each work separately, we enable ourselves to follow the path of their creation, emphasising at the same time the originality in relation to the rest of each artist’s output. 

Visitors of the exhibition will be able to discover hidden gems of contemporary art history such as the collections: Master of Design by Aristide Maillol, Twelve Lithographs by Lautrec, Circus by Léger, Hesiod’s Theogony, illustrated (in Greek) by Braque, Windswept heights of Emily Brontë, as Balthus imagined them. As for the famous artists Matisse, Picasso and Miró, through their exhibited works they prove once again the decisive role they played in the development of engraving and ceramics during the 20th century.

The essential “map” for the museum tour

The exhibition is accompanied by a bilingual catalog (in Greek and English), which has been compiled by the curator of the exhibition Maria Koutsomalli-Moreau and is published by the B&E Goulandris Foundation, that is edited by Mikri Arktos. It is enriched with a Glossary containing all the technical terms of engraving, which are necessary for a solid understanding of the methods used, as well as with biographical notes of the valuable collaborators who gave the artists the opportunity to excel in the art of the manifold. The interspersed testimonies of artists, gallery owners and craftsmen complete this tribute to an entire field of art, which unfortunately has not yet found the recognition it deserves.

The artists in the exhibition “Memories Stepped in Dream”

Aristide Maillol (1861-1944)LITHOGRAPHS

In 1948, four years after the death of Aristide Maillol, the French publishing house Flammarion published a scrapbook with drawings by the artist and a foreword by the author Jules Romain. Those works on paper, transferred to lithographs, give a wider audience the opportunity to discover a previously unknown side of the art of Maillol, who until that time was famous as a sculptor.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901)TWELVE LITHOGRAPHS

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec was involved throughout his life with lithography, a genre that offered him great freedom of expression. His dealers Maurice Joyant and Michel Nanzi, the last owners of Goupil & Cie, encouraged him a lot in this direction. Nevertheless, Lautrec’s work in the genre of lithography achieved real success after his death, mainly thanks to the exhibition organized by Marcel Guérin in 1910 at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. 

Henri Matisse (1869-1954) – JAZZ

Matisse began to create works using cut coloured papers as early as 1930. But it was not until 1943 that this technique took on much greater dimensions, when Tériade, with whom he had already collaborated for Verve magazine, discovered his collages. At that time Matisse was living in the hills of Nice and the state of his health did not allow him to work except lying in bed most of the time. Tériade is so impressed by those cut-out figures from sheets of paper painted with gouache that he suggests Matisse create a “flower-book”, which will be a combination of a series of such compositions and handwritten text.


Picasso has always been known for his penchant for experimentation. No technique, no medium, no form of artistic expression was foreign to him. He painted, drew, sculpted, wrote, photographed, and made theater sets and ceramics. He also showed a great interest in engraving, learning all its possible techniques: engraving with a chisel, punta, aquatint, and lithography. The Vassilis & Elizas Goulandris Foundation has in its Collection two lithographs, a linocut, as well as a painted poster, which demonstrate Picasso’s unparalleled talent in this field.

Fernand Léger (1881-1955) – CIRCUS

Fernand Léger returned to Paris in 1946, after a six-year stay in New York. A little later, he was contacted by Tériade, who suggested that he create a scrapbook of lithographs that would illustrate a theme and a text of his own choosing. The painter chose to deal with the world of the circus and decided to write the text himself, which was decorated exclusively with original lithographs. He created 34 color and 29 black-and-white compositions for The Circus, which are inserted into a manuscript written in a thin and broad script, similar to that seen in Matisse’s Jazz. 

Georges Braque (1882-1954) – THEOLOGY

In 1932 the gallerist Ambroise Vollard wanted to celebrate Georges Braque’s fiftieth birthday in his own way. Known for his passion for artists’ books, he asked him to choose an anthology and illustrate it. Spontaneously, Braque suggested Hesiod’s Theogony, a work of the 7th century BC, which describes the creation of the universe and the origin of the gods. With this proposal, he satisfied a desire he had for a long time: to recall Greek mythology in his work and draw from its richness, thus showing his need for purity in the forms and universality of the subjects he works on.

Georges Braque (1882-1954) – LITHOGRAPHS

Georges Braque discovered the world of engraving in 1907 and lithography from the beginning of the 1920s. But only from the end of the 1930s did the latter become a real passion for him. First, he began a collaboration with the engraver Maurice Berdon, which proved very fruitful. The painter himself was involved in the process of printing and numbering, going so far as to change inks during the print. This explains the different colorations one observes from one sample to another. Then after the Second World War II, Braque continued his efforts with the support of Adrien Maeght and the experienced printers Maurice and Fernand Mourlot.


Joan Miró discovered printmaking in 1928, but it was not until 1947 that it took a dominant position in his life, thanks to his acquaintance with Aimé and Marguerite Maeght, as well as their son Adrien. For over three decades, Miró created in Maeght almost 1,800 original lithographs and engravings. So it is no coincidence that, shortly before his death, he acknowledged: “For me, engraving is a supreme means of expression. It was a means of liberation, expansion, discovery.”

Balthus (1908-2001) – WINDSWEPPED HEIGHTS

Between 1933 and 1935, Balthus, aged 25, chose to illustrate Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights. He drew in pencil more than fifty studies, with which he described specific passages of the text. His fascination with this novel, which he had discovered at the age of 14, prompted him to parallel the story of Cathy and Heathcliff with his own relationship with his future wife Antoinette de Watteville, who at the time was engaged with another man. Some of the compositions inspired his lead paintings, such as Cathy’s Toilet and The Blanchard Children.

Insights Greece - “Memories Steeped in Dream” Exhibition in Athens 

Book your tour

We highly recommend that you book your own private tour in English if you want to learn more about the art of the multiple and the story of each individual artist through the institution’s website.

Make sure you take home…

If you wish to preserve your own memories of the exhibition as a beautiful “dream” we suggest you visit the museum shop on the ground floor. There you will find items dedicated to works of every collection of the foundation as well as catalogues dedicated to previous periodical exhibitions.

Basilis & Elise Goulandris Foundation exhibition “Memories Steeped in Dream”

Οpening hours: Μonday-Saturday 10am – 6pm

Entry: €10

Address: Eratosthenous 12, Athens 116 35 

Website: goulandris.gr

Visit Information emailvisit@goulandris.gr

Special thanks to Mrs. Katerina Vousoura, Head of Communications and Outreach at Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation and our tour guide Mr. Kostantinos Kosmas.

All Images Courtesy of B&E Goulandris Foundation

What’s On In Athens This Week: October 23

On the lookout for the best things to do in Athens this week, with the perfect autumn weather behind you? The capital has heaps of amazing events, exhibitions, films, and live music for you to add to this week’s calendar and we’ve rounded up some of our favourites right here for you!

Yilian Cañizares Concert 
Insights Greece - What's On In Athens This Week: October 23

The impressive Cuban violinist, singer, and composer who has gained worldwide fame over the last decade thanks to her unique talent, will be making her debut performance for the first time in Greece! Cañizares’ music, with its Cuban identity, combines jazz, classical, and Afro-Cuban rhythms always has her audience up and dancing. And over the next few days, she will be performing live at Mets, behind the Panathenaic stadium.

Entry: €20-€35

Date & Time: 20-23 October, 9:30 pm

Tickets: ticketpublic.gr

Αddress: 17 Tribonianou, Mets

Platforms Project
Insights Greece - What's On In Athens This Week: October 23

For four days, the Technopolis will become a networking hub for international artistic groups, while also giving Athens’ art-loving public an opportunity to get up close to the freshest contemporary artistic creations from around the world. This year’s independent art fair includes 56 artistic platforms from 24 countries – and more than 900 artists in total! For the first time, the exhibition will also include other artistic forms such as theatre, music, architecture, and design.

Entry: Free

Date & Time: 26-28 October 2023, Thursday 6 pm-10 pm, Friday-Sunday 12 pm-9 pm

Address: Peiraios 100, Athens, cultural venue of “Technopolis”

Website: platformsproject.com

Imany Concert 
Insights Greece - What's On In Athens This Week: October 23

Known for her magical voice, Imany, whose hits include “Don’t Be So Shy” and “You Will Never Know,” will be on stage at the Christmas Theater on October 25. Performing “Voodoo Cello”, which is based on her latest album with the same title- audiences will be able to experience Imany’s earthy vocals, as well as 8 cellos accompanying her, while they perform a series of pop-jazz music hits ranging from Nina Simone to Radiohead, Cat Stevens, and Donna Summer.

Entry: €15-€48

Date & Time: 25 October, 9:00 pm

Tickets: more.com

Αddress: Christmas Theater, 137 Veikou Ave., Galatsi

Save the Water- Taf Gallery
Insights Greece - What's On In Athens This Week: October 23

The “Save The Water” photography exhibition taking place at TAF in Monastiraki this week, aims to communicate the danger posed by the effects of climate change. With concerns about the sustainability of the planet multiplying and the threat of dehydration, as well as water pollution, in general, being a vital issue – the organisers underline that “Art has a duty to transmit messages that awaken actions in order to save the planet”.

Entry: Free

Date & Time: 23 October 2023, 5 pm-10 pm

Address: Normanou 5, Monastiraki Athens

Website: thefoundation.metamatic.gr

Homer Exhibition at the Gennadius Library
Insights Greece - What's On In Athens This Week: October 23

Curated by Irini Solomonidi, the Gennadius Library is bringing to light a selection of rare materials from the 300 editions of Homer. Unique treasures including the first edition of the Iliad and the Odyssey in 1488 Florence by the famous Greek scholar Dimitrios Chalkokondylis, as well as the earliest paraphrase of the Iliad in modern Greek by Nikolaos Loucanis printed in Venice in 1526, will be displayed next to English, French, Italian and Spanish translations – showcasing the wide reinterpretation of the Homeric text.

Entry: Free

Date & Time: 23-23 October 2023, Monday-Wednesday 5 pm

Address: 61 Souidias, Athens

Cinema Fest Day
Insights Greece - What's On In Athens This Week: October 23

Cinema Fest Day is back for a second consecutive year! On October 26th, all cinemas nationwide will offer a reduced € 2 admittance for both matinees and evening shows. This event is organised by film distributors and is sure to be a day full of movie marathons, popcorn, and soda. Mark your calendars and head to your nearest theatre to catch the latest flicks, while also showing support for the film industry.

Entry: € 2 

Location: All indoor cinemas in Athens 

Acropolis Museum is Celebrating its 13th Birthday Today

To celebrate its 13th birthday today, Monday 20 June 2022, the Acropolis Museum is inviting visitors to its exhibition areas with reduced tickets (5 euro), a live concert and the opening of a wonderful new exhibition. 

The Museum will be open from 8 am to 4 pm today with reduced tickets to all exhibition areas, and at 3 pm, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy music by the Woodwind Quintet of the Athens State Orchestra.

Insights Greece - Acropolis Museum is Celebrating its 13th Birthday Today
Image by the Acropolis Museum

From today until January 8, 2023 the Acropolis Museum will present the exhibition program “Ton Athinithen athlon. Panathenaic amphorae from Toronto, Canada back to their birthplace”, with two exquisite vessels created in Athens over 2,500 years ago. They are Panathenaic amphorae, vessels filled with oil that was given as a prize to the victors of contests held during the festival of the Great Panathenaia. One side is decorated with the figure of Athena Promachos and the other with scenes related to the games for which they were given as prizes.

The two vessels from the Royal Ontario Museum will be exhibited in the Parthenon Gallery, relating to the great temple’s frieze, where Pheidias and his collaborators artfully carved the Panathenaic procession.

This presentation is an event taking place simultaneously with the presentation “From Athens to Toronto: A Greek Masterpiece Revealed” at the Royal Ontario Museum where the Acropolis Kore 670 is on display from March 2022. The event has been organised as part of cultural exchanges between the Acropolis Museum and other great museums abroad, contributing to the enhancement of friendly relations between the people of different countries.

For more details head to The Acropolis Museum

Exhibition Honouring Greece’s Much-Loved Melina Mercouri Opening in Athens

The City of Athens in collaboration with the Culture Ministry is honouring Greece’s much-loved actress, activist, and politician Melina Mercouri, with a special exhibition at Technopolis in Gazi, which is set to open its doors on Tuesday, the 18th of January 2022.

The life and work of Melina Mercouri will be on display- through rich photographic and audiovisual material. Visitors will also have the chance to view some of her personal items, many of which will be exhibited for the first time.

Titled “Remember and Love Me”, the exhibition is to mark the occasion of Melina’s 100th anniversary of her birth, with visitors taken on a journey through three sections- based on Melina’s career in films, theatre as well as her political life. The aim of the event is to highlight the passionate artist who rose to international fame; as well as Melina’s love of her homeland and what she offered not only to Greece but to Greeks and Philhellenes worldwide.  

“Melina – as we all call her – with her inexhaustible vitality and rare charm, with her intense dynamism and international radiance, the actress, the politician, the woman who was much loved, as she loved with passion, who defended to the end her ideas and beliefs, the “last Greek goddess,” comes to life again in Technopolis,” announced the organisers of the exhibition.

Mercouri was passionate about everything she did. From gracing the screen (she was most famous for her role as Ilya, on “Never on Sunday”) and stage in the early part of her life, to fighting the fascist junta that took control of Greece in 1967, to campaigning for the protection and promotion of culture in Europe, she became Greece’s most famous Minister for Culture; where she strongly advocated the return of the Parthenon Sculptures to Greece.

Items on display will include film and theatre costumes worn by Melina; vintage posters from her cinema career; photos of Mercouri with local Greek and international personalities such as Pope John Paul II, Queen Elizabeth, Salvador Dali, Indira Gandhi, Arthur Miller, Rudolf Nureyev, Omar Sharif, Ava Gardner, and Catherine Deneuve; original scripts with handwritten notes; letters; her dressing room; memorabilia, documents, and items she carried with her during her last trip to New York.

Address: Technopolis of Athens, Pireos Street 100, Athens  

Dates: January 18 to March 11, 2022

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 11 am to 8 pm

Admission: Free entry

Images Courtesy of the Melina Mercouri Foundation 

Athens’ Former Public Tobacco Factory Hosts International Art Exhibition

Athens’ former Public Tobacco Factory has been transformed into a modern cultural space and is currently hosting a critically acclaimed international art exhibition featuring 59 artists from 27 countries.

For the first time in the history of the building, this lofty and stunning space has been made accessible to the public as part of Portals, an exhibition of contemporary art that opened in early June.

Portals brings together work from 18 Greek and over 40 international artists—among them Steve McQueen and Ed Ruscha — in a show curated by Madeleine Grynsztejn of the MCA Chicago and Elina Kontouri, director of the Athens-based arts and culture organisation NEON.

The exhibition aims to develop messages, ideas, and concerns regarding modern artistic creativity by approaching the new reality being shaped by change; including 15 new site-specific installations commissioned especially by NEON, whose diverse cultural backgrounds offer a plurality of ideas underpinned by a shared aspiration to create a portal into a new, more humane and inclusive reality.

Founded in 2013 by Dimitris Daskalopoulos, a Greek entrepreneur, NEON stages exhibitions and installations in spaces across Greece, from abandoned office spaces to the slopes of the Acropolis. In the case of the tobacco factory, NEON co-funded the latest phase of renovation alongside the Hellenic Parliament, a move Daskalopoulos calls a gift “to the city and its people,” which coincides with Greece’s celebration of 200 years of independence this year.

The exhibition takes place in all renovated areas of the building: the atrium, corridors, halls and mezzanines, bathrooms, the former Customs Office, the surrounding area, on the roof / façade of the building and on Kolonos Hill and represents a pluralism of ideas and touches upon issues related to collectiveness, cultural understanding of history and politics, public space, and our common past, present and future.

Alongside the physical exhibition, the organisation has also created an online ‘portal.’ The free mobile NEON app enables visitors to virtually browse the exhibition, see and learn about the works and artists, as well as receive notifications on the exhibition’s parallel events.

Athens Former Public Tobacco Factory

Once a symbol of Greece’s industrialization and progress, the Tobacco Factory’s construction started in 1927 using government funds to serve the country’s booming cigarette manufacturing industry. However, the Factory began operating in 1930, at a time when the international crisis had already reduced Greek tobacco exports. In its 65 years of operation, the Public Tobacco Factory housed 25 cigarette companies, with Sante being the last to leave.

The transformation of Athens’ former Public Tobacco Factory into a Cultural Centre has received international attention. Located in the heart of the city, the factory reopened its doors to the public as a  vast contemporary art space on the 11th of June 2021 for “Portals,” which will run through to the end of the year.

Dates: Until 31/12/2021 

Address: Former Public Tobacco Factory – Hellenic Parliament Library and Printing House | 218 Lenorman Street, Athens

Times: Monday, Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday, Friday, Sunday: 11:00 – 19:00
Thursday, Saturday: 12:00 – 20:00

Reservation required via: neon.artsvp.co