What’s On In Athens This Week: November 27

This is the last week of November for 2023- but before we turn the page on our calendar there are still lots of special events taking place in Athens.

The cultural scene in the capital is on fire this week and we have rounded up our favourites for you.

Half Note Jazz Nights 2023

Insights Greece - What's On In Athens This Week: November 27

Want to add some flare to your Athens nights? Half Note, the most iconic jazz hangout in the city, is returning for the winter season in the Mets neighbourhood. Make sure you reserve a seat and enjoy the moonshine while listening to the music of the excellent jazz performers playing throughout the night. Philipp Weiss and Stathis Anninos will present a contemporary version of Schumann’s romantic vocal music and promise to take us on an unforgettable melodic journey.

Entry: €20- €30

Date & Time: 29 November 2023, 9:30 pm

Address: Half Note Jazz Club, 17 Trivonianou, Mets

Tickets: more.com

Evangelisomos, The Musical 

Insights Greece - What's On In Athens This Week: November 27

Evangelismos, the musical is a theatrical production by the National Theatre of Greece. Set against the backdrop of one of the most famous hospitals in Athens, the storyline is about time and love. Directed by Angelos Triantafillou, in collaboration with Dimitris Stavropoulos, the libretto is by Yiannis Asteris and a troupe of 21 renowned actors and singers all combine to create a surreal universe. The “residents” of a hospital, doctors, nurses, patients and attendants, sing for those who have already left, but also for those who wish to say goodbye. The play is in Greek language with English subtitles.

Entry: €10- €18

Date & Time: 30 November 2023, 8:30 pm

Address: Rex Theater, Stage “Marika Kotopouli”, Panepistimiou 38 Athens 

Website: n-t.gr

Natura Morta (a dance less)

Insights Greece - What's On In Athens This Week: November 27

Choreographer Spyros Kouvaras and the Greek-French contemporary dance group, Synthesis 748 Dance Co. are bringing to Athens their new project, NATURA MORTA (a dance less). Synthesis 748 presents a work about loss and “lost natures”, a choreography that functions as a reminder of time for the inescapability of human fate and the vulnerability of the material world. The performance introduces an intermediate space-time in which a dance ritual unfolds and develops as a modern doomsday and sometimes as an archaic rave, following an increasing escalation of kinetic intensity.

Entry: €12

Date & Time: 24-28 November 2023, 7 pm

Address: Korytsas 39, Athens 

Website: more.com

Sebastien Rouland Underground Youth Orchestra

Insights Greece - What's On In Athens This Week: November 27

The Underground Youth Orchestra of Athens is one of the most important youth symphony orchestras in Greece. With the goal of offering young talented musicians the opportunity to train in orchestral art by participating in high-level concerts in Greece and abroad, the orchestra teams up with famous conductors and soloists.  The founder and artistic director of the orchestra is Kostas Iliadis and this time he is collaborating with the talented and well-known maestro Sebastien Rouland, who will conduct the orchestra with a great selection of works by famous composers such as L.B. Beethoven, Sibelius, M.Ravel.

Entry: €8- €24

Date & Time: 29 November 8:30 pm

Address: Athens Music Hall – Vas. Sofias & Kokkali 1, Athens

Τickets: webtics.megaro.gr

Dreamland Art Exhibition 

Insights Greece - What's On In Athens This Week: November 27

The internationally acclaimed painter and sculptor Kostis Georgiou introduces visitors to his own “Dreamland” at Kapopoulos Fine Arts. An ode to a dreamlike place – the artist presents a series of contemporary paintings from recent years, some of which compose multifaceted creations, each part of which maintains its own autonomous entity. His paintings start from a dynamic individual expression, with colour and shapes that create major cultural and social symbolism.

Entry: Free

Date & Time: 27 November- 4 December | Monday-Wednesday-Saturday 10.30am-5.30pm | Tuesday-Thursday-Friday 10.30am-8.30pm

Address: Kapopoulos Fine Arts, Skoufa 5, Athens 

What’s On In Athens: November 13

From opera and baroque to ballet and string quartets- there are so many fabulous performances to catch this week in Athens, and we’ve rounded up a selection of the best ones that are not to be missed. 

Les Éclairs – Philippe Hersant
Insights Greece - What's On In Athens: November 13

The contemporary opera “Les Éclairs is the Greek National Opera’s second co-production with the Opéra Comique (Paris), one of Europe’s most important opera houses. At this national premiere, and for three performances only –inside the Stavros Niarchos Hall at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center– Greek audiences will get the chance to discover the third opera to be written by the multi-award winning French composer Philippe Hersant, with a libretto by the internationally acclaimed French author Jean Echenoz. The opera is a musical journey through New York during the Industrial Revolution that traces the turbulent life of the ethnic Serb cosmopolitan dandy and “mad” scientist Nikola Tesla.

Entry: Ticket prices €10- €60

Date & Time: 16,19,21 November, 7.30 pm (Sunday 6.30 pm)

Αddress: Stavros Niarchos Hall of the Greek National Opera

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center
Syggrou Avenue 364,  Kallithea

Website: nationalopera.gr

Tickets ticketservices.gr

Quatuor Ébène
Insights Greece - What's On In Athens: November 13

With their fresh approach to tradition and open engagement with new forms, the renowned French string quartet Quatuor Ébène has successfully reached a wide audience of young listeners and conveyed their talent in regular master classes at the Paris Conservatoire. Their global tour is now coming to Athens where guests can enjoy jazz improvisation, Bartók, and Haydn. The foursome is a hit with both young and old audiences because of the energy in their performances and the spirit of tradition renewal that sets them apart.

Entry: €12 – €30

Date & Time: 16 November 2023, 8.30 pm

Address: The Athens Concert Hall (Megaron), 115 Vasilissis Sofias Avenue, Athens

Tickets: webtics.megaron.gr

Χ: The Life and Times of Malcolm X
Insights Greece - What's On In Athens: November 13

Anthony Davis’ ground-breaking opera “X: The Life and Times of Malcolm X” will be presented at the Met and broadcast as part of the MET HD LIVE program, live at the Concert Hall Athens. The new staging of Davis’ play, which premiered in 1986, is directed by the famous Tony nominee director Robert O’Hara. In this production, Malcolm ‒ one of the most important figures of the African-American civil rights movement, is presented as an everyday man whose story transcends space and time. In the lead role is baritone Will Liverman.

Entry: €8-€25

Date & Time: 18 November 2023, 7:55 pm

Address: The Athens Concert Hall (Megaron), 115 Vasilissis Sofias Avenue, Athens

Buy Tickets: webtics.megaron.gr

6th Baroque Music Festival
Insights Greece - What's On In Athens: November 13

The Baroque Music Festival returns to the GNO Alternative Stage and the historical hall of the Parnassos Literary Society – and is set to take audiences on a journey through the enchanting world of Baroque music. This year’s festival, curated by the prolific cellist Dimos Goudaroulis, includes four singular concerts revolving around the year 1723. It will feature concerts by distinguished artists (Lucile Boulanger, Dimos Gourdaroulis) who will enrich the colourful palette of baroque music with sonatas for violin, cello, basso, and gamba choosing sonatas by famous composers such as Tartini, Bach, and Caporale.

Entry: Ticket prices: €10-€15

Date & Time: 13,15,18, November, 8.30 at Parnassos Philological Association & 19 November, 7.30 pm at Alternative Stage of the National Opera – SNFCC

Address: Parnassos Philological Association (8 Agios Georgios Karytsis Square, Athens) & Alternative Stage of the National Opera – SNFCC, Syggrou Avenue 364, Kallithea

Website: megaron.gr

Tickets: ticketservices.gr

Molly Nillson Concert
Insights Greece - What's On In Athens: November 13

Swedish singer and producer, Molly Nillson is known for her magical melodies and touchingly clever lyrics that bring nostalgic pop, on a journey through life and death, with love and trouble. And now her stately approach to synth pop is coming to Athens where audiences can enjoy her swooping synth melodies and the grace of her vocals. 

Entry: €20

Date & Time: 18 November, 9 pm

Address: 16 Ogigou, Psirri, 10654 Athens

Tickets: tickets.public.gr

Insights Greece - What's On In Athens: November 13

The Greek National Opera Ballet presents the modern dance triptych titled Colors – choreographed by Diego Tortelli, Eva Georgitsopoulou and Konstantinos Rigos. The performance follows the successful presentation of the triptychs Human Behaviour and Human Nature on the GNO Alternative Stage and brings the ensemble’s dancers face to face with modern dance forms, mixed with the musical sensualism of late Romanticism.

Entry: €15- €20

Date 12,16,17,18 November 2023

Tickets: ticketservice.gr

Αddress: Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, Syggrou Avenue 364, Kallithea

Website: nationalopera.gr

What’s On In Athens: November 6

November keeps getting better and better thanks to some amazing cultural events taking place around Athens.

From the cool Athens’ Bar Week to the popular Authentic Marathon- there’s such a great variety- and we’ve rounded up some of our favourites right here for you.

Αthens’ Bar Week 2023
Insights Greece - What's On In Athens: November 6

Some of the world’s best bars are taking over the city of Athens this week- with unique parties, events, and fine entertainment experiences for everyone over 18. It’s thanks to The Athens Bar Show, an annual educational expo for bar and hospitality professionals, which will take place on November 7 and 8 at the Technopolis of Athens. And from Monday, November 6th to Thursday, November 9th, the world’s best bars are teaming up with the Athenian bar scene to transform the city into a cocktail lovers’ paradise! Bar take-overs, pop-up bars, fine-dining tours, and masterclasses, are some events that will be held as part of Athens Bar Week. Taking place all over the city, this includes The Great Tuesday Club takeover at Avra FS Athens, which promises 16 cocktails that will travel you to 6 cities!

Date: 6 – 9 November, 2023

Address: All over Athens  

Website: athensbarweek.gr

Julia Kent & Tilemachos Moussas 
Insights Greece - What's On In Athens: November 6

Canadian cellist and composer Julia Kent and composer, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Telemachos Mousas join forces for a one-off performance at the Athens Conservatory. Kent, a member of Anthony & the Johnsons, creates magical sounds using live looping and real-time sound processing on cello and electronics. Her compositions have also graced films, television, dance and theater performances, and has released six personal albums. At this unforgettable music night, she will be accompanied by Telemachos Mousas, known for his award-winning compositions that are a combination of speech, poetry, classical music, jazz, and electro-acoustic techniques.

Entry: €22

Date & Time: 11 November, 9 pm

Tickets ticketservices.gr

Address: Ioannis Despotopoulos Amphitheater, Athens Conservatory, Rigillis & Vasileos Georgiou II 17-19, Αthens

Spyros Louis Cup Tour
Insights Greece - What's On In Athens: November 6

Α truly unique opportunity to admire and learn the story about one of the most important items in the history of world sport. Designed by Michel Bréal for the champion of the first Marathon race – the Greek runner Spyros Louis – the Silver Cup was awarded at the first modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896. Give yourself the chance to learn more about the first Marathon race and the Cup’s historical significance in a free tour offered by the SNFCC (with tours offered in English).

Entry: Free by online preregistration

Date & Time: 8-11 November | one-hour tours at 10 am, 11 am, 4 pm, 5 pm, 6 pm

Αddress: Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center
Syggrou Avenue 364, 17674 Kallithea

Website: SNFCC.org

Dance Me – Music by Leonard Cohen 
Insights Greece - What's On In Athens: November 6

The amazing performance tribute to the great Leonard Cohen is finally coming to Athens! Dance Me – Music by Leonard Cohen is an exclusive creation inspired by the rich and profound work of Montréal-based poet, artist and songwriter, Leonard Cohen. Approved by Cohen while still alive, this amazing homage to the famed artist evokes the grand cycles of existence, as described in Cohen’s deeply reflective music and poems. Three internationally renowned choreographers were entrusted with putting movement to Cohen’s legendary songs: Andonis Foniadakis, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa and Ihsan Rustem. Their powerful and profound choreographic world reflective of Cohen’s singular work is brought to life by Ballets Jazz Montréal’s 14 artists and the strong, bold dramaturgy of Eric Jean. 

Entry: Ticket prices: €18 – €100

Date & Time: 11-12 November, 8 pm

Tickets: webtics.megaron.gr

Address: The Athens Concert Hall (Megaron), 115 Vasilissis Sofias Avenue, Athens

Website: megaron.gr

Athens Authentic Marathon

Insights Greece - What's On In Athens: November 6

Athens hosts its 40th Classic Marathon this weekend. A popular event recognised as the world’s original modern marathon, it attracts thousands of participants and spectators from around the globe. According to the organisers, the Athens Marathon allows runners the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the legendary Greek soldier Pheidippides who first ran the 42 km route from the battlefield of Marathon Beach to Athens in 490 BC. Tip: for the non-runners, you may still enjoy this popular event by going to the Panathenaic Stadium and catching the atmosphere. Pro tip: bring something soft to sit on.

Entry: €35-€120

Date: 11-12 November 2023

Website: Athensauthenticmarathon.gr

Main Image Courtesy of Avra Bar 

What’s On in Athens: October 31

We are officially in the heart of autumn and the first week of November is bringing with it some exciting events taking place throughout different venues – including musical stages, galleries and theatres all across Athens- and we’ve rounded up the ones you don’t want to miss. 

Modern Love Exhibition 
Insights Greece - What's On in Athens: October 31

How does flirting in the age of social media and online dating apps work? Can love blossom in the “mind” of a robot or the wreckage of a lost life? Are intimacy and tenderness measurable quantities? The exhibition of the National Museum of Contemporary Art entitled “Modern Love: The Love in the Years of Cold Intimacy” raises all these questions and more. This popular project is the result of a fruitful collaboration between 24 artists and the artistic director of the museum, Katerina Gregou.

Entry: €8

Date & Time: 1-5 November, Tuesday-Sunday 11 am-7 pm

Address: Kallirois Ave. & Amvr. Frantzi Street, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens

T: +30 211 101 9000

“Witches of Salem”
Insights Greece - What's On in Athens: October 31

Arthur Miller’s fascinating theatrical allegory will be broadcast at Athens Concert Hall, straight from the Olivier Stage of London’s National Theater. Lindsey Turner directs the new, contemporary production of the great American author’s masterpiece, with Erin Doherty and Brendan Cowell in the leading roles. Miller’s play “The Salem Witches” is based on true events that occurred in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692, which resulted in the hanging of twenty innocent people.

Entry: Ticket prices: €8 – €15

Date & Time: 2 November, 8 pm

Address: The Athens Concert Hall (Megaron), 115 Vasilissis Sofias Avenue, Athens,

Website: megaron.gr

Some Shreds: Happening at the Edge
Insights Greece - What's On in Athens: October 31

Νo need to head to the far East to discover the next generation of Hong Kong artistic talents, as the Phoenix Athens Gallery is presenting them in its latest exhibition, right in the heart of Athens. “Some Shreds: Happening at the Edge” is a cool group exhibition showcasing artworks of several artistic media including visual art, video installations, choreography, and live music performances. 

Entry: Free

Date & Time: 1-3 November, Monday-Friday 7-11 pm, weekends by appointment

Address: Phoenix Athens, 87 Asklipiou, Exarchia 114 72

Website: phoenixathens.org

Μorfes” Exhibition at Sotiropoulos Art Gallery
Insights Greece - What's On in Athens: October 31

Sotiropoulos Art Gallery opens the autumn artistic season with the group exhibition of paintings entitled “Morfes” (forms). Curated by Fotis Sotiropoulos (gallery manager), it’s part of the gallery’s new initiative “NEW EYES | Contemporary, young creators”, which aims to promote a range of new artists. The focus of this exhibition is the human form through the conversation of five contemporary visual artists. Realism, expressionist writing and the abstract mood coexist fruitfully in this project, allowing the audience to appreciate the varied approaches each artist has taken to representing the human form.

Entry: Free

Date & Time: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 12 am-8 pm | Wednesday, Saturday 12 am- 4 pm

Address: Mavromixali 3, Athens 

Website: Sotiropoulos.gr

Athens English Comedy Club
Insights Greece - What's On in Athens: October 31

The Athens English Comedy Club is back and better than ever! Founded in 2019, this club is the only place in Athens where performances are all in English. Whether you’re a seasoned comedian or just looking for a good laugh, you can join if you are looking for a night of live comedy- just make sure to bring your best punch line!

Entry: €10- €17

Date & Time: 1-5 November, 8:40 pm

Address: Eliart Theater, 127 Konstantinopoleos, Gazi

Website: more.com

Samara Joy & Trio
Insights Greece - What's On in Athens: October 31

Samara Joy’s career took off when she won the Sarah Vaughn International Jazz Singing Competition in 2019. Since then, the international press has idolized the American diva for her rich voice and velvet vocal timbre. Being named a worthy successor to Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday, Samara was also awarded two Grammys in 2023, in the categories of Best New Artist and Best Jazz Vocal Album. This is a concert you don’t want to miss if you love jazz music! 

Entry: €14- €35

Date & Time: 5 November, 8:30 pm

Address: The Athens Concert Hall (Megaron), 115 Vasilissis Sofias Avenue, Athens,

Tickets: megaron.gr

What’s On In Athens This Week: October 23

On the lookout for the best things to do in Athens this week, with the perfect autumn weather behind you? The capital has heaps of amazing events, exhibitions, films, and live music for you to add to this week’s calendar and we’ve rounded up some of our favourites right here for you!

Yilian Cañizares Concert 
Insights Greece - What's On In Athens This Week: October 23

The impressive Cuban violinist, singer, and composer who has gained worldwide fame over the last decade thanks to her unique talent, will be making her debut performance for the first time in Greece! Cañizares’ music, with its Cuban identity, combines jazz, classical, and Afro-Cuban rhythms always has her audience up and dancing. And over the next few days, she will be performing live at Mets, behind the Panathenaic stadium.

Entry: €20-€35

Date & Time: 20-23 October, 9:30 pm

Tickets: ticketpublic.gr

Αddress: 17 Tribonianou, Mets

Platforms Project
Insights Greece - What's On In Athens This Week: October 23

For four days, the Technopolis will become a networking hub for international artistic groups, while also giving Athens’ art-loving public an opportunity to get up close to the freshest contemporary artistic creations from around the world. This year’s independent art fair includes 56 artistic platforms from 24 countries – and more than 900 artists in total! For the first time, the exhibition will also include other artistic forms such as theatre, music, architecture, and design.

Entry: Free

Date & Time: 26-28 October 2023, Thursday 6 pm-10 pm, Friday-Sunday 12 pm-9 pm

Address: Peiraios 100, Athens, cultural venue of “Technopolis”

Website: platformsproject.com

Imany Concert 
Insights Greece - What's On In Athens This Week: October 23

Known for her magical voice, Imany, whose hits include “Don’t Be So Shy” and “You Will Never Know,” will be on stage at the Christmas Theater on October 25. Performing “Voodoo Cello”, which is based on her latest album with the same title- audiences will be able to experience Imany’s earthy vocals, as well as 8 cellos accompanying her, while they perform a series of pop-jazz music hits ranging from Nina Simone to Radiohead, Cat Stevens, and Donna Summer.

Entry: €15-€48

Date & Time: 25 October, 9:00 pm

Tickets: more.com

Αddress: Christmas Theater, 137 Veikou Ave., Galatsi

Save the Water- Taf Gallery
Insights Greece - What's On In Athens This Week: October 23

The “Save The Water” photography exhibition taking place at TAF in Monastiraki this week, aims to communicate the danger posed by the effects of climate change. With concerns about the sustainability of the planet multiplying and the threat of dehydration, as well as water pollution, in general, being a vital issue – the organisers underline that “Art has a duty to transmit messages that awaken actions in order to save the planet”.

Entry: Free

Date & Time: 23 October 2023, 5 pm-10 pm

Address: Normanou 5, Monastiraki Athens

Website: thefoundation.metamatic.gr

Homer Exhibition at the Gennadius Library
Insights Greece - What's On In Athens This Week: October 23

Curated by Irini Solomonidi, the Gennadius Library is bringing to light a selection of rare materials from the 300 editions of Homer. Unique treasures including the first edition of the Iliad and the Odyssey in 1488 Florence by the famous Greek scholar Dimitrios Chalkokondylis, as well as the earliest paraphrase of the Iliad in modern Greek by Nikolaos Loucanis printed in Venice in 1526, will be displayed next to English, French, Italian and Spanish translations – showcasing the wide reinterpretation of the Homeric text.

Entry: Free

Date & Time: 23-23 October 2023, Monday-Wednesday 5 pm

Address: 61 Souidias, Athens

Cinema Fest Day
Insights Greece - What's On In Athens This Week: October 23

Cinema Fest Day is back for a second consecutive year! On October 26th, all cinemas nationwide will offer a reduced € 2 admittance for both matinees and evening shows. This event is organised by film distributors and is sure to be a day full of movie marathons, popcorn, and soda. Mark your calendars and head to your nearest theatre to catch the latest flicks, while also showing support for the film industry.

Entry: € 2 

Location: All indoor cinemas in Athens 

What’s On In Athens This Week: October 16

October may be coming to an end, but the fabulous events taking place this month keep coming. We’ve rounded up the best festivals and concerts taking place in Athens this week that you shouldn’t miss!

Jordi Savall Concert
Insights Greece - What's On In Athens This Week: October 16

Jordi Savall and his orchestra are bringing back the magic of viols, the lesser-known relative of the violin family, with their upcoming performance at the Athens Concert Hall (Megaron), Savall’s orchestra. They will be joined by the women’s section of the National Choir of Catalonia and the program features two important symphonic compositions by Felix Mendelssohn: Symphony No. 4 in A major, Opus 90, known as the “Italian,” and Ein Sommernachstraum (A Midsummer Night’s Dream). Don’t miss the chance to experience the beauty of viols and enjoy a night of exquisite music.

Entry: €12-65

Date & Time: 16 October 2023, 8.30 pm

Address: The Athens Concert Hall (Megaron), 115 Vasilissis Sofias Avenue, Athens

Tickets:  megaron.gr

Lubomyr Melnyk at the Athens Concert Hall
Insights Greece - What's On In Athens This Week: October 16

Don’t miss the chance to witness a musical genius in action! Lubomyr Melnyk, the Ukrainian pianist and creator of “continuous music,” will showcase his incredible ability to play up to 19 notes per second with each hand, at the Athens Concert Hall (Megaron). With over 120 solo and double piano compositions, Melnyk’s music is transcendent and captures his audience with every note. 

Entry: €9-45

Date & Time: 18 October 2023, 8.30 pm

Address: The Athens Concert Hall (Megaron), 115 Vasilissis Sofias Avenue, Athens, 115 21

Tickets: megaron.gr

Τhe “Butterfly Effect”
Insights Greece - What's On In Athens This Week: October 16

For the first time, an exhibition will be held on the premises of the most famous textile industry in Greece, named Petalouda (butterfly). A project curated by Kostas Prapoglou, here forty-one visual artists (such as Eozen Agopian, Klitsa Antoniou, Orit Ben Shitrit, Robert Cahen, Irene Carvajal, Susan Daboll, Lydia Dabassina, Maria Loizidou, Despina Meimaroglou, Nikos Tranos) rise though their work with social issues related to Greek industrial history and the role of women, the meditative dimension of manual labor and the interconnectedness of events- via installations, videos, sculptures, soundscapes, and paintings.

Entry: Free

Date & Time: 16-22 October 2023

Address: Petalouda Textile Industry, 41 Kifisou Ave, Athens

Petit Paris d’Athènes Festival
Insights Greece - What's On In Athens This Week: October 16

This year marks the 10th anniversary of this popular event that will take place in the area extending from Karaiskaki and Vathi Squares to Larissa Station- where several streets are named after 19th-century French dignitaries. A beloved celebration of Athenian culture, visitors will be able to see more than 500 artists, creatives and intellectuals participate, throughout selected venues (theatres, music stages, galleries, squares, pedestrian streets, conservatories, schools, neoclassical-historical buildings, hotels and other alternative spaces) in events ranging from music concerts to art galleries. This year’s theme “Love in the arts”, will see all works inspired by amour.

Entry: Free admission

Date: 19 October 2023 – 29 October 2023

Venue: Various places around Athens

Website: mikroparisis.eu

Pink Floyd Tribute
Insights Greece - What's On In Athens This Week: October 16

Pink Floyd Tribute band, Echoes, is one of the best tribute bands worldwide and continue to carry with it the rich legacy of a band known as one of the greatest of all time. Echoes have collaborated so far with famous musicians such as Michael Sadler, Midge Ure and Geoff Tate and in this live performance they will take their audience on a big emotional journey with classic tracks from the “Best of Pink Floyd” and a setlist that also includes some of their almost unknown works.

Entry: €20-58

Date & Time: 20 October 2023, 9 pm

Address: Christmas Theater, 137 Veikou Ave., Galatsi

Tickets: more.com

Passenger Live
Insights Greece - What's On In Athens This Week: October 16

Passenger, the performer, and composer of “Let Her Go”, one of the biggest hit singles of the 21st century, will be in Athens for his first concert in Greece. The memorable British singer/songwriter whose song has made YouTube history, with over 3.3 billion views – continues to enjoy worldwide appeal. In total, Passenger has released 14 albums, with 8 of them entering the top 40 of the UK charts. And in his first appearance in Athens, Passenger promises an unforgettable performance with his folk-rock melodies.

Entry: €26

Date & Time: 22 October 2023, 8 pm

Address: Gagarin, 201 Liosion Avenue, 10445

Tickets:  more.com

Wine and Art Festival 2023
Insights Greece - What's On In Athens This Week: October 16

The largest wine and art festival in Greece returns this weekend, at the School of Fine Arts in Athens, with an impressive list of wineries and artworks from Athens School of Fine Arts. You will have the opportunity to taste more than 500 wines from 65 Boutique Wineries as well as take part in a range of workshops, and seminars and enjoy performances and music played by local DJs.

Entry: €12 

Date: 21 October 2023 – 22 October 2023

Address: Athens School of Fine Arts, 256 Pireos, Agios Ioannis Rentis

Website: wineandartfestival.gr