12 Places to Get the Best Coffee in Athens

Finding the best coffee in Athens can be a bit of a gamble, as there’s no shortage of coffee shops, welcoming in customers with frothy cappuccinos and friendly conversation.

But if you are as serious about your coffee as we are, there are a standout selection of cafes and roasters in the city that are worth seeking out for expertly brewed cups of coffee paired with delicious pastries, as well as warm service and a cool vibe. Below, we’ve rounded up a list of exceptional coffee shops (close to Athens centre) that are perfect for that caffeine hit any time of day!

Peek a Bloom

Following the success of their popular cafe Mind the Cup in Peristeri, this talented team opened up a conveniently located cafe close to Syntagma Square, inside an open-air alley just off Lekka. This bright space with huge windows that double as outside seating next to the coffee bar. This cool cafe starts you off with a delicious breakfast in the morning accompanied by their great coffee. 

A: Lekka 14, Athens

The Underdog

Set in a charming street close to Thissio metro station, this award-winning all-day cafe/ bar is located in an airy, warehouse-style space. Also featuring a courtyard, they serve specialty coffee that will no doubt please any coffee lover! The team is most known for their flat white and espresso, which are made using quality beans that arrive regularly from South America and Africa.  

A: Iraklidon 8, Athens 

Dope Roasting Co.

This cool espresso bar, coffee roasting store and bakery, is set in a stunning 19th-century neoclassical building in the heart of Athens. Located at the corner of Vissis and Athinas street in the center of the Greek capital, they serve some of the finest coffee you’ll find in the city; and there are delightful pastries and homemade desserts to choose from. 

A: Vissis 25, Athens


Just a short walk from Monastiraki, here you’ll find expert baristas that brew their own beans. By far a local favourite, Athenians from all over town head here to try premium beans carefully sourced from all around the world. This is definitely one for those who truly appreciate coffee. And we should mention, they make a pretty good traditional Greek coffee too! 

A: Emmanouil Benaki 7, Athens

Charlie’s Coffee Boutique

This great espresso specialty bar uses single origins from all over the world and has become another hit amongst locals since its fairly recent opening. The perfect place to grab a takeaway coffee and a delicious treat, or you can also sit outside and enjoy the cool buzz.  

A: Papadiamantopoulou 148, Athens

Faba Coffee Roasters

This specialty coffee shop near the Supreme Court of Athens serves freshly roasted specialty coffee and handmade sweets and savoury snacks. Boasting a retro feel, this is a great spot to sit back and read a book or a quick catch-up with friends. 

A: Kirillou Loukareos 43, Athens

A Tot

From great coffee to homemade treats, this amazing little spot serves fresh specialty coffee using exclusive espresso blends from around the world. Another local fave thanks to its delicious tarts, homemade cookies and gluten-free/vegan-friendly sweets.  

A: Lekka 28, Athens


Here you’ll find carefully selected specialty beans from around the world. Always freshly roasted and in a variety of tasty characteristics, depending on the season, you can enjoy your coffee inside or outside the cool little store. There’s also a great range of herbal tea, small meals, snacks and sweets to choose from. 

A: Emmanouil Benaki 20, Athens

Lot 51

This ultra-cool all-day cafe/ bar serves the perfectly made espresso and if you are looking for a place to hang out all day (and maybe get a bit of work done) this one is for you. Lot 51 also offers a great brunch menu that focuses on eggs and healthy morning options.  

A: Papadiamantopoulou 24Β, Athens

The Rabbit Punch

The Rabbit Punch offers delicious, seasonally-sourced coffees that can be enjoyed at the casual cafe or as a take-away. Here you can also choose from a great all-day brunch menu with creations that are based on fresh, seasonal produce. 

A: Eufranoros 40, Athens


This corner cafe stands out for its great coffee and its wide selection of croissants, pastries, tarts and other sweet treats- perfect spot to start the day, or for an afternoon pick-me-up! 

A: Solonos 36, Likavittou, Athens


Located inside ‘Stoa Bolani’ close to Syntagma, this “no-frills” take-away espresso bar is all about the coffee and great service. Offering a house blend and a great range of local roasters, this is the ideal place to grab a coffee in between exploring the heart of downtown Athens! 

A: Voulis 7, Athens

Main image: Motiv Cafe 

The Chess Café in the heart of Athens

Venture outside the tourist box to see how Athens’ ever-changing present syncs with its age-old past! The book ‘111 Places in Athens You Shouldn’t Miss’ was written to offer you exactly that. This is just one of 10 unmissable places that even locals often miss, offered exclusively for IN+SIGHTS GREECE readers by the guide’s publishers EMONS.

For a kafeneion, it is uncharacteristically quiet. But patrons don’t come to Panellinion to argue over politics or football (or both simultaneously as in many cases the two are inextricable). Nor do they come to indulge in the counter-culture ambience of other area cafés. They come to play chess. And every single table in the café is set up with a chess set, ready for the contest.

Panellinion isn’t the sort of place that attracts passersby. Scuffed tables, a marble mosaic floor typical of 1950s and 1960s kitchens, stiff wooden chairs with flaking paint, and, at first glance, a clientele of mostly pensioners. The coffee is almost exclusively Ellinikos, individually brewed over a gas flame. The décor is mostly framed photos, including one of the original, far grander premises at the corner of Benaki Street that it occupied for the first eight decades after its founding in 1885. Pride of place among these souvenirs of its history is a magazine spread from 24 August, 1992, featuring Gary Kasparov, the Russian former world chess champion, who not only stopped by Panellinion but simultaneously played – and won – 30 games against the café’s regulars.

Chess isn’t just a game, but a philosophy. Or, as the Emanuel Lasker quote tacked to the service counter notes, ‘On the chessboard lies and hypocrisy do not survive long.’ As a game, it enjoys enduring popularity in Greece, with active clubs throughout the country. Panellinion is more of a haven, a place where players go to share their love of the game, rather than compete for a title. Like the décor, this love for chess has remained steady over time. Perhaps the one thing that has changed is that the coffee house no longer charges customers by the hour so they can continue to contemplate the board without anxiety about running up a bill. And there’s no rush to leave: Panellinion will stay open until the final checkmate. checkmate, even if it takes hours. Unlike our fast-paced lives, chess requires strategy and patience.

Insights Greece - The Chess Café in the heart of Athens

Address: Mavromichali 16, Athens 10680, +30 210 3634492

Getting there: Metro to Panepistimio (M 2); bus 21, 22, 54, 60, 100, 224, 608, 622 or 732

Hours: Daily 8am – 9pm (or later)

Tip: The old antenna atop the Law School Library on the corner of Solonos was used for Morse code transmissions to the government-in-exile in Cairo in World War II.

111 Places in Athens That You Shouldn’t Miss can be found at all major bookstores worldwide as well as online at Amazon.