Alimos Marina is Set to Receive a Stunning Makeover

The Municipality of Alimos is moving forward with a 100 million euro project that is set to give not only Athens but the entire Attica a new glamourous destination that can be enjoyed by locals and international visitors – once the upgrade of Alimos Marina is completed in 2025.  

Alimos Marina is currently the largest marina in Greece and the Balkans and one of the most popular marinas in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. It also happens to be the main base for yacht chartering in Athens and features 1100 permanent berths- while accommodating up to 600 boats in winter. 

Insights Greece - Alimos Marina is Set to Receive a Stunning Makeover
Alimos, Greece’s largest marina

In collaboration with Aktor Concessions, Greek company REDS won the bid of undertaking the renovation of Alimos Marina for 40 years. It has been appointed to develop the project towards its total refurbishment and manage it for the whole concession period.

“The Marina’s refurbishment will bring it to the latest international standards, enrich it with additional uses and establish it as a leisure destination for tourists and locals alike,” announced REDS. 

Last week the company presented its plans to the Municipal Council of Alimos showing both the design of the new marina and discussing the architectural study behind it. 

According to the new plans, there will be a range of shops and restaurants, hotel, pier, pedestrian and bicycle path, planting and increase of greenery (thus improving the microclimate of the city), tower management and control of the marina, parking of 850 yachts (with increasing perspective), construction vertical to Poseidon and descents with plantations that will “connect” the city with the marina.

Insights Greece - Alimos Marina is Set to Receive a Stunning Makeover
The Marina by night

The new marina will also acquire a cultural footprint, as it will house the Municipal Gallery, showcasing rich works of the 20th century.

 “It is a pioneering project, friendly to the city, a marina open to the citizens, modern and beautiful, which will bring multiple benefits”, said the Mayor of Alimos, Andreas Kondylis to APE-MPE. 

“There will be a stimulation of the local market and at the same time, Alimos will enter the tourist map. It will become the main attraction, not only for our citizens but also for visitors. But beyond that, the Municipality will now be able to gain revenue from the marina,” says Kondylis.

Regarding the schedule, the Mayor announced that the consultations and licensing will be completed by the end of 2022, at the beginning of 2023 works will commence and are expected to be completed in 2025. 

Images Courtesy of REDS

Seaplanes Ready for Greece Summer 2022 Take Off

Hellenic Seaplanes is getting ready to take off from the marina of Alimos, southern Athens, in time for Greece’s 2022 tourism season.

Plans for the creation of waterways where aircraft can land or take off have been caught up in red tape procedures for years in Greece but seem to have finally made progress after recent legislation speeding up the process was recently approved.

According to Hellenic Seaplanes chairman and CEO, Nicholas Charalampous, the aircraft taking off and landing in water will initially connect Athens with the islands of Tinos and Patmos, with more destinations being rolled out at a later date.

Insights Greece - Seaplanes Ready for Greece Summer 2022 Take Off
Hellenic Seaplanes ready to take off in 2022

“Via our reservations system, passengers will be able to find out the available dates and times for seaplane trips from Alimos to Patmos and Tinos at a first phase as more destinations will then be added, while passengers will also be able to show interest via a form for chartered air transport to the desired destination, choosing between renting an airplane, helicopter or seaplane,” Charalampous told

The cost of a 45-minute trip offered by Hellenic Seaplanes will be up to 90 euros, while the company is in talks with airlines to create a single ticket allowing passengers that land at the Athens International Airport to keep travelling from Alimos by seaplane, added Charalampous.

Alimos hotspot

The launch of travel by seaplane from the marina of Alimos, one of the country’s largest, is likely to provide a boost to an already strong demand for property along the southern Athens coast. There is no train station within the immediate vicinity of the marina, though the area is serviced by the Athens tram; and Alimos is located some 12 kilometers away from the port of Piraeus.

After connecting with Tinos and Patmos, Hellenic Seaplanes expects the creation of waterways to then be approved in Volos, the Sporades islands, Evia, and parts of the Peloponnese.

In May, Greece signed a 57.5-million-euro concession agreement to use and exploit the marina of Alimos, with Aktor Concessions, awarding the company the use of the marina for 40 years.

The total value of the deal is placed at around 177 million euros, including an up-front fee, an annual concession fee, and a revenue-sharing agreement that will include a percentage of the marina’s annual turnover.

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*Images courtesy of Hellenic Seaplanes