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From visiting traditional settlements and walking through cobbled alleyways to swimming amongst sea turtles in turquoise waters and tasting delightful delicacies- discover where to go and what to do when travelling to Limeni. 

Located 5 km from Areopoli and 1.5 km om Oitylo, Limeni, which is characterised by wild beauty, will undoubtedly impress you from up high as you drive through and catch glimpses of the crystal clear blue-green waters that embrace the rocks perched on the stone towers. 

This picturesque settlement, home to the Mavromichali family, has a rare beauty that stands out from other parts of the Mediterranean. Here you will find the mansion of Petrobei Mavromichali (a hero of the Greek War of Independence), a four-story tower with arched openings. This is where the preparations for the uprising of the Greeks in 1821 were made and now dominate the harbor.


Limeni is in the Peloponnese, so you can reach it by flying to Kalamata International Airport, or by car from other parts of the Greek mainland. The drive from Athens to the Southern Peloponnese takes about 4 hours. 


Observe the traditional architecture (typical of the whole area of Mani) that consists of tall, square towers made of stone, small windows, and arched doors. It’s inevitable that you will stand still to admire the Tower of Petrobei Mavromichali, which testifies to the glamour of the era. 

Visit the chapels of Saint Sostis and Saint Nicholaos, which are built in a Byzantine style, as well as the abandoned monastery of Panagia Vretti, with its bell tower that stands by the sea. 

Look out for caretta caretta sea turtles. Most of the beach is rocky here but there are a few stairs that lead to the emerald waters and if you are lucky enough, you may swim in the company of these sea turtles, which quite often make an appearance. 

Insights Greece - Best Things to See and Do in Limeni


Walk around the main picturesque alleyways of the village in order to observe the traditional tiny settlement. 

Admire the cinematographic sunset; as the sun vanishes into the sea, the result is pure magic. 

Take a sweet break at Koroni, a traditional dairy shop that sells delicious ice cream.  

Stop by the traditional grocery store Oka which stands out with its traditional products from local producers of Mani. On its terrace, excellent delicacies are served in a welcoming, comfortable space that also offers a wonderful view, especially at sunset. 


To Magazaki tis Thodoras is a charming tavern with a great view of the gulf and delicious food.

Takis, is located right where the waves break. This gold-cap awarded fish tavern serves fresh seafood from the Maniatiki Sea, that’s masterfully grilled. 

Telonio, a restaurant/cocktail bar that looks like a movie set, offers a culinary journey of flavours starting in Japan, continuing to Peru, and ending in Thailand. Also a perfect spot just for a cocktail (or two)! 

Kourmas, is a tavern located in an enchanting spot that offers exquisite flavours made using raw ingredients direct from local fishermen.  


Limeni Village is a real village, traditionally Maniatiko, it’s built of stone and wood and features 16 tower houses arranged with both rooms and suites.

Hotel Pirgos Mavromichali, is a historic building, which used to be the house of the Mavromichali family. Nowadays it’s a modern family-run hotel with 13 rooms offering stunning views. 

Images by Polina Paraskeovopoulou | IN+SIGHTS GREECE ©


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