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Top 5 Autumn Destinations in Greece

Primoula Country Hotel

If fall is your favourite season, and you love the crisp air and the changing leaves, we have spotlighted the top 5 autumn destinations to visit in Greece, so you can admire the magical atmosphere.

Autumn will officially kick in soon and the fresh makeover this time of the year brings to mountains, cities and landscapes all around Greece the most beautiful atmosphere; it inspires weekend getaways and short holiday breaks- where you can travel and enjoy the stunning orange, amber and deep gold colour palette nature throughout the countryside. 


This mountain village was built like an amphitheatre in Arcadia, in the Peloponnese. The picturesque medieval village has become a popular destination thanks to its close proximity to Athens and its authentic character. History buffs will be fascinated to know that it is among the places where the Greek Revolution of 1821 against the Ottoman occupation began. The Gunpowder Mills located in the village used to produce gunpowder for the Revolutionary War and they are a historic sight worth visiting.


Declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, Meteora is a rock formation located in the city of Kalambaka in Thessaly, northern Greece and it is hands down one of the most spectacular locations you’ll visit in the country. The awe-inspiring landscape with the rare gigantic rocks that look like they are hovering in the air feature 11th-century monasteries nestled on top of them. Apart from a visit to the monasteries, you can visit the Museum of Geological formations in Kastraki village.


Fourty-six small villages combine to create one of the most magical regions in the country; Zagori in Epirus, northwestern Greece is a must-see destination all year round, but even more so during fall. This remote part of the country is known for its wild beauty, its stone villages, which are considered to be a historical monument and the world-renowned UNESCO-protected Vikos Gorge. The narrow trail that crosses the deep gorge is one of the most challenging treks in the world, so if you love hiking, this is definitely a must!


A fairytale destination close to Athens, Mount Pelion is a natural paradise near the city of Volos in Thessaly. It features some of the most picturesque traditional villages in Greece such as Makrinitsa, Portaria, Tsagarada and Milies with their stone-built house being in the spotlight with their irresistible beauty and charm. According to Greek mythology, the mountain was the home of the Centaurs, the mythical creatures who were half-men, and half-horse so it’s only natural that horseback riding is one of the most popular activities in the area!


One of the top autumn and winter destinations in Greece, Kalavryta is situated in the Peloponnese on the foot of Mount Chelmos. Being a popular ski center, Kalavryta starts buzzing during fall; walk its stone-pebbled alleys, visit one of the many restaurants in the small square and get cozy with a cup of coffee at one of the cute cafes in the area. Kalavryta is known for the famous rack railway service called “Odontotos” – inaugurated in 1896 and covering a 22km route from the village to Diakopto, it is one of the most spectacular routes in Greece; don’t miss a ride!

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