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Whitewashed houses, delicious food, unbeatable beaches. This is Naxos in one sentence. My favourite Greek island that never ceases to amaze me.

Naxos is the largest Cycladic island and it has it all. Beautiful beaches, ancient sites and museums, great food, atmospheric mountainous villages, and a cosmopolitan atmosphere for those who want to stay out all night. It has something for every type of traveller and fulfills even the most demanding one.

I visited the island for the third time in September 2020, and besides visiting my usual go-to spots, this time I discovered a few more gems as well. Are you ready to travel with me?

Insights Greece - 10 Things to Do in Naxos

1. Plaka beach will always be my number one. Crystal-clear waters, fine sand, and amazing views that take your breath away. My second favorite would be Mikri Vigla with its mesmerizing green waters. Agios Prokopios deserves a shout-out too, but then again, all Naxos beaches do, to be fair.

2. Plaka area has introduced a few great places for snacks, food, and drinks that made me want to return again and again. Excellent tastes, well-presented dishes made with local products, and charming boho vibes. Try Tohu, Tortuga, Yucca, and Cedars. I did slightly prefer Yucca as their sunbeds were super comfortable! I also loved their spinach salad- the local sun-dried tomatoes were mouthwatering. 

Insights Greece - 10 Things to Do in Naxos

3. Naxos has turned good food into an identity, making it ideal for food enthusiasts. You have most probably heard of Axiotissa tavern. Well, there is a good reason for their great reputation and they surely know how to maintain it. Their variety of dishes makes you want to come back for more (I think I visited it at least three times while on the island). If you’re up for fresh fish, call them in the morning and ask them to hold the day’s fish for you. If you’re more into meat, then Axiotissa has you fully covered. Accompany everything with the famous Naxian potatoes and salads. I promise you will leave the place more than satisfied.

Insights Greece - 10 Things to Do in Naxos
Koronos Village

4. If you’re in the mood for Italian, then visit Dal Professore restaurant in Naxos town. It’sone of the best Italian places I have ever tried; thumbs up to the chef. They’re pizza- made using three different types of flour- and the pasta were exquisite. 

5. And since you’re in Town, head over to the all-time classic Waffle House for a delicious waffle or ice-cream. There is also a Waffle House in the Plaka area!

6. Moutsouna village is another place you have to add to your list. It’s a picturesque little village, with a beautiful beach and a fantastic tavern under the trees. Make sure to ask for Manolis and order fresh fish.

7. One of the reasons why I love Naxos so much is its unique way of combining the sea with the mountains. Take a break from the summer heat and discover Apeiranthos, one of the most picturesque villages of the island, the”jewel” of Naxos as locals call it. Explore its alleys and when you’re done exploring, seek Amorginos tavern to try their “rosto”, while sitting outside and admiring the lush green views.

Insights Greece - 10 Things to Do in Naxos

8. Koronos is one more village worth discovering. I was fascinated by its narrow alleys and admired the refreshing views by drinking Greek coffee at Perasma café.

9. Wandering around the Town’s alleys will always be one of my favorite things to do. Ilove discovering cute little shops with handmade items. This year I got myself a lovely necklace from one of these shops. I do not recall its name, but I’m sure you will find your own favorite!

10. Last but not least, wander around the Castle of Naxos and fall in love with its beautiful corners. The other side of the Town, though, also deserves a visit. Walk by the coastal road to take in the delightful views.

It’s important to highlight that all facilities and establishments were following all health protocols and taking all the necessary precautions and measures to ensure visitors’ safety. 

I left a piece of my heart in Naxos and promised to be back again soon, to enjoy my favorite places and discover new ones. What matters now is to stay safe and healthy, and Naxos will always be there, waiting for us to fall-again-in love with everything it has to offer!


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