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Tribal-Chic Tortuga Beach Bar & Restaurant in Naxos

By Gina Lionatos 

As you drive down the dirt road of Plaka Beach in Naxos towards Tortuga beach bar and restaurant, you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve laid eyes on a desert oasis…if it wasn’t for the white sand and sparkling turquoise water of the Aegean Sea to your other side.

A tribal-chic vision with accents of bamboo, cactus, wicker, and muted copper tones, Tortuga has been designed to immediately relax the eye and transport you into an exceptional Summer experience. Attached to the chic rooms of Naxian on the Beach and with its own beach bar, hours could easily roll into days underneath the bamboo-canopied sunbeds. Up from the beach, the dining experience becomes the focus, with a fresh and modern take on Mediterranean cuisine.

Insights Greece - Tribal-Chic Tortuga Beach Bar & Restaurant in Naxos

Type of cuisine: Modern, Seafood, Mediterranean.

Type of eatery: Casual yet chic, with a focus on fine food.

The low down…Whether you’ve stepped off the beach in your kaftan or dressed up to enjoy dinner and cocktails, Tortuga offers a unique dining experience that you won’t find elsewhere on the island of Naxos.

Décor/ Ambience: Tribal-luxe. Think long golden reeds blowing in the wind, bamboo walls, and an eclectic array of cushions and furnishings.

Entrees: Try the scallops with pumpkin and celeriac puree or the tuna tartare.

Mains: The orzo with prawns is memorable, for all the right reasons. Meat-fiends will love the Beef tagliata.

Something to drink: To quench that Summer thirst, try the gin-based Naxian Side or the Tortuga Spritz.

Order our fave dish: The ceviche is tangy and fresh, featuring locally caught fish of the day.

Insights Greece - Tribal-Chic Tortuga Beach Bar & Restaurant in Naxos

Price range: Tortuga’s pimped-up beach snacks (think salads, tacos, and club sandwiches) start from 10 €. At the restaurant, entrees start from 12 €, and mains are mostly priced between 15 to 40 €.                     

Location: Plaka, Naxian on the Beach

Opening Hours: 11 am to 11 pm 


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