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10 Best Things to Do in Greece in Summer 

Summer in Greece is nothing short of spectacular and although the country is becoming more of an all-year-round destination, summer is still by far the most popular season for international travellers- and for a good reason! 

Greece is blessed with a wonderful climate and every day in summer makes you want to celebrate the magic that comes with it. And with so many wonderful things to experience over the warmer months, we have put together a list of the 10 Best Things to do in Greece in Summer. 

Enjoy Fresh Summer Flavours  

Famed for its beautiful salads, mouthwatering seafood, vegetable/vegan dishes, grilled meats, and flaky filo pies, Greek food is simple and packed with flavour. Summer on the Aegean offers a variety of fresh food bursting with colour and even if you haven’t planned on making food a priority for your Greek summer holiday, it’s more than likely you’ll end up tasting a wide range of gastronomical delights that are overflowing with fresh flavours and aromas. From Horta (wild greens) drenched in extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice, to sweet slices of watermelon through to grilled octopus straight off the bbq- the delicious local produce is sure to delight all senses. 

Insights Greece - 10 Best Things to Do in Greece in Summer 

Swim at Some of the World’s Best Beaches 

Greece has some of the most stunning beaches and has ranked second in the world among 49 countries on the 2021 Blue Flag quality award list for beaches, with 545 of them receiving the Blue Flag label. It’s hard to pick exactly which beaches are the most jaw-droppingly beautiful of them all, but from Lefkada to Crete- and everywhere in between- you are sure to enjoy a swim of a lifetime.

Insights Greece - 10 Best Things to Do in Greece in Summer 

Enjoy the Laid- Back Beach Bar Life

With breathtaking sea views, laid-back vibes, and lush cocktails, Greece has so many beautiful beachfront bars to choose from, where you can relax and unwind all day and night. It is easy to understand why Greece is one of the most popular spots over the warmer months for those who love to go from beach to bar in a few footsteps; allowing visitors to make the most of the breathtaking Aegean Sea 24/7. 

Wine and Dine Outdoors 

Summer is all about being outdoors and sensing the carefree and relaxed lifestyle that goes with it. Greece is filled with outdoor tavernas, rooftop bars and cafes. During the summer months whether you are in a small remote village or a large Cycladic island, places are packed with people eating and drinking alfresco.  

Experience the Annual Summer Festivals

Summer is a time where Greeks plan many cultural events, concerts, open-air theatres and cinemas overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, or archaeological gems. Over summer Greece is also renowned for its food and drink festivals, including the Ouzo festival in Lesvos and Naxos Potato festival- highlighting each island or regions local delicacies and dishes. This is a great way to experience Greek hospitality and a chance to learn about local culture and traditions. 

Meet Friendly Locals at the Panigiria

Panigiria (festivals) mostly take place over summer and if you are lucky enough to be at a spot where locals are celebrating a Saint’s Feast Day or a fair, we suggest you go. You will be treated to a range of local food, music, dance, rituals and traditions. August 15 (Dekapendavgousto) on The Feast Day of the Dormition of the Theotokos is by far the most celebrated Panigiri in Greece, as the country honours the Assumption of Virgin Mary. 

Watch the Magical Sunsets

Greece has always been known for having some of the most spectacular sunsets in the world- and it’s not only in Santorini where you will be able to enjoy such a magical sight.  The dramatic shades that paint the horizon as day transitions to night can be experienced all over Greece, so no matter where you are, just make sure you take time out each night and be mesmerised by the breathtaking sunsets.  

Sail Around the Greek Islands

Travelling to Greece during summer gives visitors a chance to enjoy Greek island life at its best. It’s during the warmer months where locals are out, all the restaurants and cafes are open and the weather is ideal for swimming all day long. Whether you choose to visit the famous Cyclades, which is home to Greece’s most popular islands of Santorini and Mykonos or your holiday is at lesser-known isles such as Symi and Kalymnos (on the Dodecanese) you’ll be able to understand why Greek islands are so special. 

Insights Greece - 10 Best Things to Do in Greece in Summer 

Visit Sacred and Ancient Sites 

After long swims at the beach, summer in Greece is about seeing ancient temples, archaeological sites and Holy monasteries and churches from the Byzantine era- gazing out at the Aegean Sea. From the Portara in Naxos to sanctuaries of Delos, Knossos in Crete, Panagia Hozoviotissa in Amorgos and Cape Sounio in East Attica, you will be blown away at how beautiful these ancient sites look as the sun is about to set. 

Party All Night Long 

Greek summer is synonymous with a buzzing nightlife that starts late and lasts till the early hours of the morning. For those that enjoy staying out all night, listening to the latest tracks and dancing the night away- Greece in summer is sure to please; especially if you are in Mykonos or Athens Riviera, where local and international DJs have the crowds partying till sunrise. 

Insights Greece - 10 Best Things to Do in Greece in Summer 
Party all night at famous Nammos, Mykonos


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