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Our Travel Guide to Paros Island

Discover our complete travel guide to Paros, an island that offers a perfect blend of relaxation, good food, and stunning beaches – making it a must-visit spot this summer.

Eyes are on Paros again this year, as it’s fast become one of the most popular Cycladic islands thanks to its quaint fishing villages, beautiful architecture, and gorgeous bougainvillea-filled alleyways that allow for endless hours of exploring. And, as one of the coolest destinations in Greece, it’s brimming with chic and understated spots to visit on your trip. 

Eat + Drink

Brunch + Coffee

Raggoussis Bakery: In the heart of Naousa, you’ll find a great breakfast spot where you can enjoy handmade pies and great coffee.

Cannelait: This is a place for delectable desserts, pastries, and specialty coffee. 

Tserki: Experience exquisite flavours – both sweet and savoury – in two spots in town, either Naousa or Parikia.


Siparos: For a fine-dining seafood experience with great views, Siparos serves classic dishes such as Kakavia, a traditional Greek island fish soup. 

Sigi Ikthios: Around the port, you’ll come across this great eatery where you can order both classic and modern dishes. 

Rada: A boho chic outdoor restaurant, here there’s a strong emphasis on pure produce and seasonal ingredients.

To Balconi tou Aki: This award-winning restaurant that’s been open since 1964 serves simple ultra-fresh seafood in a stunning seaside location.  

Blue Oyster: Come here in the early afternoon and slowly order fresh seafood dishes that can be enjoyed through to sunset. 

Tip: If it’s just a quick bite that you need to get you through the day, head to O Kargas or Pita Frank for a tasty souvlaki pita or a traditional Greek gyros. 


Mr E, Parilio: A light and airy restaurant that serves locally inspired Mediterranean dishes. 

Parostia: Set right on the beach, here you can enjoy sashimi, and sharing plates that include Tomahawk and grilled lobster.  

Barbarossa: One of the most popular restaurants on the island (and for a good reason) here you’ll enjoy fresh local seafood. 

Stivli: Savor fresh Mediterranean flavours in a lovely open courtyard. 

Mario: Located in Livadia, this modern eatery offers a culinary Mediterranean experience overlooking the Cycladic Sea.

Santa Pacou: Located in the picturesque village of Kostos, here you can taste traditional dishes with a modern twist.  


Sante: Serving signature cocktails, this tiny bar is the perfect spot for an evening drink. 

Agosta: This waterfront bar is the place to be for sunset hour. 

Salty Bar: Ideal spot for an aperitivo or late-night Negroni.

Tip: If you love your wine, head to Domaine Myrsini or Moraitis Winery and explore the wonderful vineyards while tasting a few local drops. 

See + Do

In the island’s capital Parikia, make sure you visit the Byzantine church Panagia Ekatontapiliani (featuring 100 doors, it’s dedicated to the Virgin Mary). It’s also worth making time to check out the Archaeological Museum (with its stunning mosaic floor), and the Sanctuary of Apollo

Spending time at the pretty fishing harbour of Naoussa is a given! Here you can explore the charming alleyways, harbour, and a 13th Century Venetian Castle. There’s also the nearby Petra farm, where you can enjoy farm-to-table dishes. 

Experience traditional village life at Lefkes, boasting charming cobblestone alleys, and Cycladic whitewashed houses, it’s also home to the Holy Church of Agia Triada and the Folklore Museum. 

Tip: Art lovers head to Athanassiadou Gallery, curated by art historian Marina Athanasiadou, here you’ll discover a range of stunning contemporary Greek art. 

Best beaches

Adventurous types will love Golden Beach and Parasporos where you can enjoy a great range of water sports. Monastiri is where you’ll find one of the most sought-after beach bars on the island, while Santa Maria is perfect for those looking to party. Cabana is one of the chicest spots to spend an entire day at the beach, whereas Kolymbithres is one of Paros’ most famous spots thanks to its rocky landscape and stunning blue cove. We also recommend adding Faragas to the list, as here you can dip into crystal clear waters and then have a light lunch without needing to go far. 

Best view…

Head over to Kefalos Hill, where you can discover the holy Agios Antonios Monastery while taking in the incredible views from the island’s most stunning spot.

Ultimate day trip….

Take a short boat trip to Antiparos, known for its relaxed vibe and beautiful caves, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a swim and a long, lazy lunch before heading back. 


Anthologist boutique offers a curated collection of jewellery, handbags and belts, brass objets d’art, and ceramics, all made by local artisans in Greece. For some of the most unique and stunning jewellery pieces head into the store of Yannis Sergakis. And if you are searching for some locally made pieces head into MX Ceramics and Yria Studio for beautiful pottery. 


Parocks: Here you’ll find luxurious and elegant rooms and suites featuring stylish Cycladic decor and earthy tones. 

Parilio: A beautifully designed boutique hotel, offering a stunning range of rooms and suites.  

Cosme: A gorgeous new resort-style hotel that’s ideal for both couples and families. 

Cove: A seaside resort that offers five elegant suites with private pools. 

How to get there…

By Ferry: Regular ferries from the Athens port of Piraeus to Paros range from 3-5 hours depending on whether it’s a high-speed catamaran. 

By Plane: Direct flights from Athens to Paros National Airport take around 45 minutes. 

Main Image courtesy of Parocks Hotel 


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