14 Reasons to Add Arachova to Your Next Winter Holiday List

Arachova is a stunning mountainous village that sits perfectly at the foot of Mount Parnassos, at an altitude of 973 meters. It’s considered to be the most cosmopolitan winter destination in Greece thanks to its cool all-day cafes/bars, fine dining restaurants, chic boutiques and luxurious hotels. 

Due to its close proximity to Athens (around a 2-hour drive) over the cooler months, it is buzzing on the weekends with guests (many local and international celebrities and socialites) looking for a classy and cozy escape. We’ve gathered the Top 14 reasons as to why Arachova is a must-visit winter destination!

1. Discover the traditional character of Arachova Village by taking leisurely strolls through its narrow cobblestone streets. Here you will discover traditional little shops and you can mingle with the friendly locals. Make sure you sit down at an old kafeneio (cafe) and enjoy a traditional Greek coffee.

2. Here you will find Greece’s most popular ski resort, which is only a few minutes drive away from the village centre. You can enjoy skiing down the slopes of Mount Parnassos. 

Insights Greece - 14 Reasons to Add Arachova to Your Next Winter Holiday List

3. Thrill seekers can take part in outdoor activities such as hiking, and mountain biking as well as other winter sports like snowboarding and sledging at Gerontovrachos, Kelaria and Fterolaka.

4. Indulge in some shopping as here you’ll find local and international luxury brands as well as a great variety of skiing and outdoor gear. At the main shopping strip you will come across a range of chic boutiques stocking well-known brands as well as the popular concept store L’escalier which is full of stylish pieces. 

5. Enjoy a winter cocktail, a glass of port, or a shot of Tsipouro at Isidora Gallery Bar, Sehre Cafe, Gospel or Doctor John Chillout Bar, which all serve up amazing drinks for the colder months. 

6. Taste some local wines such as the Parnassos red variety “Mavroudi”, which has Protected Designation of Origin status since 2006, or the “Black Arachova Vine.”

7. Try the amazing Formaela cheese- usually served as melted ‘saganaki’ with a squeeze of lemon.

8. Also make sure you taste the local Amfissa olives.

9. To warm up, sit in front of a fireplace and sip on the locally grown organic mountain tea.

10. Taste authentic specialties including Trahana (soup), free-range wild boar, goat or rooster with Hilopites (handmade pasta), as well as Kotosouvli, Kokkoretsi, at taverns such as Panayiota, Fasouli, Kaplanis, Archontiko and Dasargiris. And for some French cuisine check out Le Sapin.
11. Make sure you try the spoon sweets and honey, which you will definitely want to take home with you!
12. Visit the church of Agios Giorgios with its picturesque clock tower rising over the village. Byzantine churches and monasteries are very special here and every year, on the name day of Agios Giorgios, there is a huge festival in Arachova, celebrating this historical event and the Protector Saint of the town. There is a Holy Mass and celebrations outside the beautiful church, which sits on the highest spot of the town.
13. From here you can easily make your way to Delphi, the ancient sanctuary that is recognised by Unesco as a World Heritage Site. Visit nearby Parnassos National Park too.
14. The region of Arachova is well-known for its textiles and woodwork, before you leave make sure to pick up some hand-made coloured woven carpets (flocati rugs) and textiles to take with you.