Best Places to Eat and Drink in Tinos

From mouthwatering seafood and aromatic mountain herbs to exquisite handmade cheeses, fine cured meats and earthy organic wines, the island of Tinos has a thriving food scene that is waiting to be discovered.

Tinos, the third-largest Cycladic island is gifted with impeccable beauty and over the last few years, its proud locals have turned their attention to inviting visitors to sample their fresh produce and culinary delights. From dairy producers and beekeepers to winemakers and agro-farmers- Tinians are creating a foodie island paradise that includes fabulous culinary festivals that shouldn’t be missed! 

So, if you’re heading to Tinos…here’s all you need to know about where you should eat and drink! 

Best Places to Eat in Tinos

Insights Greece - Best Places to Eat and Drink in Tinos
Thama is one of Tinos’ best restaurants

Agnanti Taverna: For traditional and simple (but mouthwatering) Greek food head to the village of Ktikados where you will find local  Giannis Charikiopoulos serving authentic dishes that are loved by locals. (A: Exomvourgo, Ktikados) 

Thama Tinos: is the modern restaurant of chef Dimitris Katrivezis, who blends the diversity of Tinos’ ingredients with his travels to create a menu mixed between traditional and innovative. (A: Stavrou Kionion Av.)

Itan Ena Mikro Karavi: named after the well-known Greek nursery rhyme, this restaurant with a beautiful internal courtyard with vines and bougainvillea (in the place of the old outdoor cinema), serves delicious modern cuisine. (A: Trion Ierarchon, Tinos Old Port)

Krok Monsieur: Set at Krokos House, here you’ll feel like you are in the courtyard of your own home, as you enjoy international dishes adapted to Greek-Tinian cuisine. It’s the perfect spot for breakfast or brunch. (A: Krokos)

Marathia: Right on the beach of Agios Fokas, this seaside restaurant serves local traditional dishes with a contemporary, creative twist. Tip: order the fish of the day. (A: Ir. Politechniou, Agios Fokos)

Insights Greece - Best Places to Eat and Drink in Tinos
Spoilt for choice in Tinos | Image by Polina Paraskevopoulou

Triantaraki: is a traditional Greek kafenio, with colourful decor in a charming alleyway of Triantaros village. It offers coffee, breakfast, desserts, local drinks, mezedes and other delicious Greek assortments, a variety of Greek craft beers, and Greek wine labels. (A: Triantaros)

Pranzo: a romantic Italian restaurant that offers a selected list of excellent wines, situated by the sea, at the old port of Tinos. (A: Port Road)

Thalassaki: in the tiny port of Ormos Isternia, talented chef Antonia Zarpa has created a range of incredible Greek dishes using her innovative flair. Tip: the seafood dishes are incredible!  (A: Ysternia Bay, Tinos)

Tarsanas: on the edge of the Chora coast, Antonis Gion has created a versatile menu for those who love fresh fish but don’t say no to the meat either. (A: Kazanova 5)

Agkyra: for those who love fresh fish. You can “throw anchor” in the square of Pallada. (A: Kyprion Ethnomartyron Square)

To Kentrikon: a coffee-pastry shop in Pyrgos. Taste the famous galaktoboureko (Greece’s famous custard-filled pastry). (A: Pyrgos)

Insights Greece - Best Places to Eat and Drink in Tinos
Bianco Beach Restaurant | Image by Polina Paraskevopoulou

Gia.Lou: for mezedes using local products and a hit of raki (Greek spirit). (A: Frangkiskou Paximadi 14)

Antilalos: a café-bookstore in one of the most popular alleys of Chora, head here for an amazing vegan breakfast. Inside you will find a rich collection of old books. (A: Afentouli & Paksamadi)

Platanos: for traditional gourmet delights in a space that reflects all aromas of Tinos, in the square of Pyrgos. Try watermelon with feta cheese, shrimp with fried cheese, and certainly galaktomboureko. (A: Pyrgos)

Sta Fys’Aera: Located on the mountain village of Aetofolia, this is a local favourite. Great place to order lots of mezedes and share them with your family and friends. (Aetofolia, Tinos) 

Bianco Beach Restaurant: set at Vourni beach, it has a lovely ambiance by the beach and sophisticated cuisine. (A: Vourni)

O Megalos Kafenes : one of the oldest traditional cafes in Tinos. Here you’ll find locals sipping on traditional Greek coffee and eating delicious homemade Greek sweets in the very pretty picturesque Platia. (A: Town Square in Pyrgos) 

To Thalassaki: Set on the beach at Ormos Isternion, this seafood restaurant (psarotaverna) is a Greek classic – it’s one of the most popular spots on the island during summer, so make sure you book ahead. (A: Ysternia Bay, Tinos) 

Teresa’s Grocery Store: For one of the most authentic Tinos food experiences, make your way to Teresa’s food store, which is located in the village of Myrsini. You’ll be warmly greeted by owner Teresa, who handwrites the menu each day- all based on seasonal produce. (A: Myrsini, Tinos) 

What to eat in Tinos

Insights Greece - Best Places to Eat and Drink in Tinos
Local delicacies of Tinos

Louza: the Greek version of the Italian prosciutto. It’s made of fillet marinated in salt and then red wine, right before being smoked and spiced. After two months of drying, louza in slices.

Tsimpites: sweet cheese pies, stuffed with cheese, eggs, sugar, vanilla, mastic, and cinnamon.

Skordoloukanika: sausages made of pork meat, marinated with garlic and sweet wine for about 4 hours.

Furtalia: an omelet with eggs, cheese, milk, parsley, skordoloukanika or syglina, salt and pepper, fried in pork grease.

Xerotigana: a fried mixture of flour, water, lemon and oil, served with cinnamon, honey and sugar.

Local Cheeses: Tinos’ cheeses are well-known and exported outside the island. Try Tinos’ Graviera, Volaki, Sklavotyri or Marathouni, Kopanisti, soft cheese with a peppery flavor (a Protected Designation of Origin), Kariki (the blue cheese) and Petroma, and unsalted cheese.

Where to Drink in Tinos

Insights Greece - Best Places to Eat and Drink in Tinos
Drinks by the mill | Image by Polina Paraskevopoulou

Koursaros: the oldest bar of Tinos. Since 1987, this historic bar plays rock, jazz, funk, or reggae. (A: Akti Ellis 1)

Three Donkeys: Three friends (aka the three donkeys) left Athens to create a bar in Tinos with a tiki ambiance, amazing cocktails, and uplifting vibes. (A: Taxiarchon 26)

Argonaftis Bar: Dance music by two resident DJs and several guest DJs; plus a lovely terrace overlooking the sea. (A: Taxiarchon 13)

Kaktos Bar: An open-air bar with panoramic views, ideal for sunset lovers. (A: Mills of Tinos)

Prickly Bear: A new bar in Chora for savory cocktails (and breakfast as well). They also sell organic products, handmade sweets in jars, and other delicacies; plus some products of aesthetic care like bamboo toothbrushes. (A: 3 Nikolaou Gyzi)

Insights Greece - Best Places to Eat and Drink in Tinos
One of the coolest beach bars in Greece

Tinos Surfing Lessons: this is the most famous beach on the island. The boho paradise for surfers. In fact,  it’s a large bay with two beaches, but the highlight is the first one. Here you will find a colourful van serving cocktails and umbrellas like giant mushrooms. The waves are usually huge but it’s a must-visit beach to experience either way, in my opinion (A: Kolymbithra beach)

Athmar Tinos: A name inspired by its place, as Tinos is an island filled with aromatic herbs- including thyme- this beautiful cafe is located in the heart of the square in the village of Platanos. What we love is the traditional feel mixed with modern elements, creating a fresh yet authentic vibe. (A: Town Square, Platanos)

Insights Greece - Best Places to Eat and Drink in Tinos
Athmar in the town square

Luma: This all-day bar is the perfect place to grab a drink from morning (champagne breakfast anyone?) till night. Serving delicious cocktails and a range of local wines- the bar menu is also great. (A: Agios Ioannis, Porto) 

Omma: One of the newest entries to the island’s bar scene- and located just a few kilometres from Tinos Chora- Omma serves delicious cocktails and offers breathtaking views! The impressive drinks menu is based on local ingredients and it’s the perfect place to go during sunset for a casual dinner and some amazing drinks. Tip: try one of the local drops from the impressive Tinian wine list. (A: Leof. Tripotamou)

Wineries to Visit in Tinos 

Insights Greece - Best Places to Eat and Drink in Tinos
Omma offers an impressive local wine list

Domaine de Kalathas: Frenchman Jerome Charles Binda, a former designer and antique dealer from Paris fell in love with the Cyclades and settled with his family on the island of Tinos in 2011, where he began focusing on the extraordinary potential he sensed in the Tinian heritage grapes. There are no chemicals in the vine, no chemicals in the cellar, fermentations are spontaneous, and there are no added sulfites. Most of these vines are more than 150 years old, from varieties including native Aspro and Mavro Potamisi, Koumariano, G’durra (Kondoura or Tinian Mandilaria), and Rozaki. (A: Exomvourgo)

Volacus Wines: The organic vineyards of Volacus Wine are located around  14km from Tinos town. In the small yard at the front of the vineyard, under the shadow of a plane tree, there is always a table set with local delicacies and wine, waiting for visitors to taste. The vineyard is open for wine tasting from 1st of June until 10th of September, Wednesday to Sunday and the wines of Volacus are available in selected wine stores and restaurants. (A: Falatados Village) 

Ballis Winery Tinos: Explore this historic place in Arnados, where you get a guided tour in a 670-year-old traditional winery. Walkthrough the maze-like set of tunnels while the family owners get to share with you details about the cellar’s history and vinification process; before they continue the discussion on the cellar’s terrace with a glass of wine while visitors enjoy the overwhelming view. Ballis is also a bakery that offers a fabulous dining experience; the dinner is accompanied by Ballis wine, bakery products and local varieties of cheese, herbs, and cold cuts. (Arnados, Tinos) 

Insights Greece - Best Places to Eat and Drink in Tinos
Wine tasting at Ballis

Vaptistis Winery: Using only indigenous Greek grape varieties that adapt perfectly to the island’s terroir, Vaptistis offers a range of reds, roses and sweet wines that can all be tested before you choose one which you prefer. (To book a private tour call +30 2283 042155)

T-OINOS Winery & Vineyards: Wine tasting here is a sensory experience, where intimate guided tastings are enhanced by the striking terroir and the captivating energy of the place. The boutique cellar door offers visitors a range of privately hosted tours and tastings. Prior bookings are required so make sure you call before you arrive. (Exomvourgo, Tinos) 

Tinos Food Paths Festival

Tinos Food Paths is a wonderful culinary festival that promotes local products and traditional recipes of the island. With several festivals taking place throughout the year (celebrating the finest Tinos has to offer) the main event takes place in May each year. Here you can watch chefs from all over Greece preparing unique dishes using some of Tinos’ most famous ingredients, including artichokes, potatoes, louza, honey, just to name a few. Organised by locals and ex-pats, this amazing food festival not only celebrates Tinian delicacies and dishes but also allows visitors to experience authentic traditions, culture, and the real lifestyle of locals. 

Main image of Thama Restaurant 

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