Exploration, Wellness, and Unforgettable Beauty

Greece’s mountainous and varied terrain make it a hiker’s paradise, especially in the milder climate of Spring and Autumn. For those wanting to explore Greece’s lesser-known corners, Nefeli Nine offers a balanced wellbeing retreat focused on exploration, wellness and good food.

Nefeli Nine founder and hostess Stephanie Contomichalis grew up in the U.K and, after spending some time in her ancestral homeland of Greece, she became so connected to the land that it became her mission to help others connect with Greece’s nature and culture, while also taking some time to connect with their inner selves. And so, the Nefeli Nine signature week-long retreat was born.

Retreat activities

Imagine waking up in the serene surroundings of a Greek village, in the comfort of your own luxurious room, and starting the day with an invigorating yoga session led by a qualified yoga trainer. After the chorus of “namaste”, a nutritious breakfast is served to fuel you for a day of adventure.  

Next, it’s out for a hike to explore the rugged, natural beauty of Greece. Hikes are moderate in difficulty and can run from 1-4 hours in length, depending on the day and the location. Whether it’s a mountain, a forest, or even a gorge, your expert hiking guide will take you on an unforgettable journey, while telling you all about the history and local flora and fauna of the area. You might even be rewarded at the end with a swim in a secret beach or waterfall accessed only on foot. 

After lunch, the afternoon portion of the day usually includes a stroll through the nearby town, evening yoga or a scheduled massage, followed by dinner and free time.


Nefeli Nine Retreats follows the Blue Zones diet, associated with the island of Ikaria and other Blue Zones known for the longevity of their inhabitants. Unlike the strict detox diets that some retreats offer, the food here is plentiful. Breakfast is designed to fuel you for your day of adventure. What’s more perfect after a morning of hiking than a hearty lunch at a taverna by the sea serving the freshest seafood? The week usually involves 2-3 meals out at the best local eateries. Dinner is served up family-style, for people to connect over food and reflect on the day over good food and a glass of wine. From the moment you arrive to the day you depart, all meals are taken care of, and dietary requirements are accounted for.

Ideal for

Nefeli Nine retreats are usually limited to 6-8 people per retreat and are ideal for solo travellers who are passionate about wellness and exploring the lesser-known corners of Greece. Aside from solo travellers, the retreat is also a great option for smaller groups of friends or family members. Interested in a retreat for a larger group or even a corporate group? Don’t hesitate to reach out for a customised program that you can build together with the Nefeli Nine team. Although it’s not a requirement, having some experience in hiking will help you get the most enjoyment out of the activities. 

What else can you expect?

  • All activities are optional. So, if you feel like staying in and enjoying your book one day, you’re free to do as you please. It’s your vacation, after all!
  • Destinations vary throughout the year. The one constant is that accommodation is beautiful, extremely comfortable and guests always have their own room. 
  • From beginning to end, once you book your spot with Nefeli Nine, all details are painstakingly seen-to by the team, so that you don’t need to organise a single thing. 

To find out more, visit nefelinine.com

This article was written by an IN+SIGHTS GREECE writer who was invited to experience the Nefeli Nine retreat first-hand.

Best Spas in Greece to Visit in 2022

Who doesn’t enjoy being pampered? Especially when it takes place in a stunning location where you can also enjoy the sea, luxurious amenities, beautiful sights, fine dining and customised services. Whether you’re planning to spoil yourself rotten or simply want to dream about it, here we’ve concocted a list of 2022’s Best Greek spas to visit.

Euphoria Retreat (Mystras)

Just the pool area of Euphoria, with a skylight, a light in the bottom, aquatic creature sounds when you dive under and numerous amazing massage jets in all of its corners is a great reason to visit Euphoria. Add to that four floors of spa therapy rooms offering everything from the hammam, a wide range of massages and floatation therapy, as well as a restaurant serving up truly healthy and delicious food, and you’ll understand why it’s rated so highly. Euphoria also collaborates with leading exercise and nutrition specialists to create a tailor-made diet and/or exercise programmes to meet your personal needs. 

Insights Greece - Best Spas in Greece to Visit in 2022


Amanzoe (Kranidi, Argolida)

Like all the Aman hotels around the world, Amanzoe lives up to high expectations by offering a soothing blend of understated, yet undeniable luxury combined with a scenic location and offering great spa services. Guests can try programmes like Detox & Cleansing, Mindfulness & Stress Management or Weight Management & Transformation or simply opt for individual (and individualized) treatments and therapies, as recommended by their in-house experts.

Insights Greece - Best Spas in Greece to Visit in 2022

Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort (Crete)

From sophisticated spa therapies for the face & body to well-run yoga retreats and special programmes designed to target your greatest detox, anti-ageing or weight-loss goals, this is a good place to experience innovative wellness. Combine your luxurious indoor or outdoor treatments with high-grade organic food and plush surroundings, including seven restaurants, a large beach and pool and many more large-resort perks, if that’s your kind of thing.

Insights Greece - Best Spas in Greece to Visit in 2022


Pomegranate Wellness Spa (Halkidiki)

One of the best spa hotels in Halkidiki, the Pomegranate Spa combines modern, polished facilities with incredible sea views, well-reputed services and gourmet food made from local ingredients. It has an indoor pool, hammam, sauna and jacuzzis, and offers a range of beauty and relaxation treatments.

Insights Greece - Best Spas in Greece to Visit in 2022


Canaves Oia (Santorini)

Located inside a natural cave and with a soothing, embryonic ambience, this spa with a sauna and both indoor and outdoor pools helps you combine your awe for Santorini’s most unforgettable views with deep, sophisticated pampering. Apart from several options for couples to enjoy together, the hotel offers therapies such as the Bali Paradise Rasul ceremony and numerous facials.

Insights Greece - Best Spas in Greece to Visit in 2022

Andronis Concept Wellness Resort (Santorini)

Promising (and delivering) five-star personalized services combined with a picturesque location blessed with dizzyingly beautiful sunsets, Andronis’ Kallos Spa also doesn’t fail to please. Apart from several indulgent therapies, it offers the exclusive Hair Profiling Test, a unique screening programme supervised by Dr Zulia Frost that they claim provides a full wellness profile following a “non-invasive bio-energy approach”. Using a strand of your hair and waiting 20 minutes, this spa promises its guests a full wellness profile that comes with a nutritional and wellness programme.

Insights Greece - Best Spas in Greece to Visit in 2022