Bringing Elements of Greek Lifestyle Into Your Home

Greece is loved by many for its rich history, culture, design, cuisine, and more. After visiting Greece, many wish they could bottle up elements of the Greek lifestyle to take home with them.

If you have a love for the simple, laid-back and joyful Greek way of life, here are some easy ways of introducing a slice of Greece into your own home!

By Katerina Anastasiadis 

Greek diet

There is a lot of research about the healthy Greek diet, which is rich in legumes, vegetables, olive oils, fish, herbs, nuts and yoghurt. Food is an extremely important part of Greek culture and for many is one of the reasons they love visiting Greece. From simple boiled vegetables drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, and the famous Greek salad; to rich traditional recipes such as Gemista, Moussaka and Dolmades- there is so much variety to choose from.

Insights Greece - Bringing Elements of Greek Lifestyle Into Your Home

Keep in mind that the Greek diet is more than just a list of foods. It’s about knowledge of gastronomy, skills, practices, and traditions related to the cultivation and preparation of food. Greeks take their food seriously and treat it as one of life’s everyday pleasures that should be enjoyed with family and friends.

Family, Friends & Filoxenia 

Greek culture places a large emphasis on family value and unity and when we say family, we also mean extended family. For Greeks, friends become family and strangers are made to feel welcome too. Greeks are known for their Filoxenia (hospitality) and when visiting a Greek home (especially one with a Yiayia) it means you will be mothered, smothered and welcomed with open arms. Entertaining is one of the most important parts of Greek life and that means lots of good food, conversations and laughter.

Insights Greece - Bringing Elements of Greek Lifestyle Into Your Home

Greek décor

Greece is also a cultural capital of the world for its beautiful architecture and design. One unique aspect of Greek interior styling is its minimalism and simplicity. You only need a few key pieces in a room to add a touch of the Aegean to any space. Whether it be traditional ceramics or pottery, all white details, or a chic boho island cushion and chair- there are plenty of ways to add a hint of Greek décor to your home.


Greece has a rich tradition surrounding the consumption of coffee. Not only is traditional Greek coffee considered to be one of the healthiest in the world, thanks to its heart- healthy compounds, it is the ritual of drinking caffeine that makes it so special. This is a special time to catch up with friends and slowly sip on a cup as you chat about your day’s events.


Insights Greece - Bringing Elements of Greek Lifestyle Into Your Home

Greece may not be as well-known as other Mediterranean countries for its wine, but Greeks do love their glass or two- with many still making their own homemade varieties. Recent research revealed that Ikarians (one of the world’s 7 Blue Zones) drank a glass of wine each day. It’s quite common for locals on islands and in remote villages to have a small glass of wine with lunch and dinner.


With a long history dating from the Antiquity, during which poetry, dancing, and music were inseparable- music has always played an important part in the Ancient and modern Greeks’ everyday life. Whether you love soul, jazz, rock, RnB, pop, country or even heavy metal- it’s therapeutic to put on your favourite sounds and sit back and relax with tunes that make you feel good. And as you know, Greeks don’t need an excuse to dance either- so even if you are home alone- turn up that music and get moving to the beat. We promise it will make you feel good!

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