5 Greek Candle Companies You Should Know About

Quarantine is keeping us home a lot more these days, so we found the perfect solution to make it cozier than ever.

Obsessing over Pinterest’s interior design and hygge philosophy is here to stay, so are cozy home goods, like scented candles. While you are alone, enjoying your abode and giving yourself a moment of quiet (with a glass of your favourite drink in hand) lighting your favourite scented candle is a “self-care must”. Don’t think twice, life is short, burn that candle and travel through its aromas. And to help you, we’ve rounded up 5 Greek candle companies that will enrich your aromatherapy candle collection while you are at it. 


Evie and Yiannis launched Waks in 2005, with a simple intention; to create beautiful candles to complement our mood and our spaces no matter the season, inspired by their daily life in Greece and the places they have visited. “We wanted to fill the gap that existed in the market for branded scented candles with what we considered the right quality, packaging, and price. There were no Greek companies with the same concept back then,” says Evie. 

Waks candles are filled with natural wax and set with 100% cotton wick. They are hand-poured in their production in Athens. There are so many scents available, such as pink sugar, fresh linen, ouzo, saltwater, jasmine, gardenia, sandalwood, sweet vanilla, and olive while and the holders are made of marble, wood, or mirror and can be kept forever and used as pot plants, stationery holders, even to store kitchen spices.     `           `           

If we had to choose only one Waks candle: The basil that reminds us of our summer gardens. 

Waks Candles

Insights Greece - 5 Greek Candle Companies You Should Know About
Waks Candles


Insights Greece - 5 Greek Candle Companies You Should Know About

Created in a historical Greek village in Corfu, CHOÉ candles are inspired by Ancient Greek culture, Mediterranean nature, and childhood memories. With names like Iris, Aetheria, Nefeli, Aura, Nectar, Ambrosia, it’s obvious why the brand is called CHOÉ, a word that refers to an offering made by the ancient Greeks to the Gods of the underworld, the Muses, the Nymphs, and to their ancestors. Today it’s an offering of harmony to our own senses. 

CHOÉ uses natural materials such as wood, fabric, glass, and bronze, while all product lines are hand-poured and handcrafted. Furthermore, every single CHOÉ candle is made only after your request guaranteeing freshness and proper care.

If we had to choose only one scented Choé candle: Melia Classic, inspired by nymph and Goddess Melia in a black and white vessel that reminds us of a piece of art; beeswax, fig and olive trees carried through the millenniums.

Choe Candles 


Inspired by the timeless beauty of the Greek natural landscape, Helessence is a Greek brand of handmade candles from 100% vegetable soy wax and generously scented with unique combinations of aromatic and essential oils. 

Insights Greece - 5 Greek Candle Companies You Should Know AboutHelessence creates five unique collections, each with its own aesthetic and aromatic style. ESSENCE collection consists of mono-aromatic options from 100% pure essential oils of endemic plants of Greece with names like Iasmos, Thymos, Krokos, Kedros. The GRAECIA ALBA collection offers 15 options for several aromatic combinations. GRAECIA FUGA travels us to our favourite Greek destinations with its range of scented candles. MAISON DELUXE is the most gourmet scented collection of all. And finally, ELEMENTS is a premium line inspired by the elements of nature; Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Ether dance together in an eternal cycle of creation. 

If we had to choose only one Helessence candle: PYR concrete candle, meaning “fire”. Essential oils of cinnamon, black pepper, and frankincense in a handmade pot made from recycled cement and sea sand. 



The taste of bees in jars! Melicera was born at the beginning of 2018 in Trikala by Jiota Nizami but not by chance. Her father and beekeeper Mr. John Nizamis planted the roots in 1985. Jiota had a long professional career in the field of Medical Lab in Switzerland before she made the decision to return to her motherland in order to create natural scented candles with 100% beeswax from her family’s hives. The scents are bourbon, citrus, French lavender, sandalwood, apple, and cinnamon in black, white, or a mix of orange honey and the burgundy of cognac vessel. 

Besides candles they produce honey under the name 4ANEMOI, which means four winds and owes its name to the four cardinal directions, since the beehives relocate every season, from North to South and from East to West, to give the delicate tastes of every region in Greece. 

If we had to choose only one Melicera candle: The NYMPH, inspired by the female beauty, freedom, and power, with the discreet and authentic aroma of pure beeswax. 

Melicera Candles

Insights Greece - 5 Greek Candle Companies You Should Know About
Melicera Candles

Nimbus Candles

After 20 years of making candles for friends and family, two young Greeks who lived abroad created Nimbus candles in 2009. An eco-friendly contemporary soy candle-making company with a vision for quality and aesthetics. Soy candles, poured by hand and put into luxurious glass jars or tumblers or metal containers, represent a serious eco-friendly alternative with multiple advantages over paraffin wax, which is a by-product from crude oil refinement and natural cotton wicks without metal thread of zinc or lead.

There is a wide range selection of scents, including cotton flower, jasmine, lavender, lotus, sandalwood rose, cucumber and melon, French vanilla, wild fig, baby powder, amber, and ylang, white musk, and bamboo among others. 

If we had to choose only one Nimbus candle: The Spa scent that invokes feelings of a relaxing day at the spa. Fresh marine and citrus accords are blended with just a hint of flowers and musk. 

Nimbus Candle

Luxurious Handcrafted Candles Made in a Small Corfu Village

Greek brand CHOE was launched a few years ago, in a small village on Corfu, by a couple of talented designers aiming to create natural candles that would delight the senses and insert some luxury into everyday life.

“We use natural materials such as wood, fabric, glass, and bronze, through a series of designs. All of our product lines are hand-poured and handcrafted, furthermore, CHOE’s candles are made only after order,” says owner and creator Helen.Insights Greece - Luxurious Handcrafted Candles Made in a Small Corfu Village

IN+SIGHTS GREECE recently spoke with Helen about their stunning range of candles that are inspired by Ancient Greece and designed to stimulate the senses, and change the mood in any room, while also adding aesthetic beauty to your home.

Tell us a bit about your experience in candle making?

Our training in the industry is mainly based on years of experience with common commercial candles. After countless trials with more exclusive materials (natural oils, essential oils, beeswax, etc) we ended up gaining more specific knowledge on natural fine waxes. On the other hand, our design and handcrafting are mainly based on academic studies and previous work experience in the arts.

What inspires your creations?

CHOE designs are mainly inspired by Ancient Greek culture, with an emphasis on those elements that are preserved in the modern world. Part of our inspiration is also found in Mediterranean nature, our childhood memories, and the scents that remind us of them.

What is the vision behind the brand?

CHOE is an environmentally friendly brand with an emphasis on design and art. We use natural materials and sustainable wax resources while trying to reduce our eco print and waste along the production process. We encourage all who love our products to repurpose and reuse our packaging and empty vessels. This can be done in many creative ways- they can be used as pencil cases, flower vases, decor, jewellery cases- so they continue being loved.

Insights Greece - Luxurious Handcrafted Candles Made in a Small Corfu Village

Tell us about your latest collection. What is your favorite scent in this range?

CHOE’s SS2020 basic collection combines simplicity and minimalistic art forms on fabric. The special Ancient Greek-themed line for this year reflects on the Geometric, Mycenaean, Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic periods of Ancient Greek Art. Our beloved fragrance selection is inspired by Mediterranean nature, herbs, fruit, and blooms. This year’s favourite is the Bergamot & Amber combination- a rough, yet fine scent, with a citrusy essence.

Where are CHOE candles stocked?

We mostly supply boutiques and concept stores in Greece and abroad, as well as several web stores. Our products are also available online on our website. 

On another note, can you tell us your favourite holiday destination in Greece and why?

How could one possibly choose a single favourite Greek destination? However, there is a small historical village on the island of Corfu that stands out to me. It was developed between the area of the prosperous Ropa Valley and the olive-growth hills. Strolling along the picturesque alleys, you will come across many old stone houses, flowery courtyards, and some historical ruins. The village due to its strategic location and fertile land, use to be an important centre during the Venetian era in Corfu. Nowadays it’s just a charming little village of merely one hundred residents. As you might guess, this is the place where we were born and raised and furthermore, the place where CHOE brand is located.

How would you describe Greece’s design scene in 2020?

Despite the difficulties that the pandemic has brought and the general financial recession, I find the Greek 2020 design scene very creative, while still preserving its own unique mark.