Charming Mountain Getaway With Astonishing Views

Set on the outskirts of Megalo Papigo, a charming village located in Zagori, Papaevangelou is a traditionally built hotel that offers guests a chance to completely unwind and take in the calming mountainous views. 

The quaint village atmosphere set against the lush mountainside makes an ideal backdrop for a relaxing getaway and Papaevangelou Hotel- with its warm hues- is the essence of Greek mainland hospitality; its simple, yet chic comforts make it feel like a home away from home. 


Tucked into the hillside overlooking the towering Astraka, Papaevangelou is close to the centre of Papingo (about 200 metres), where you will find traditional tavernas serving local specialties, as well as charming cafes. The scenic village of Aristi is about 10 km away, while the picturesque Monodendri is 30 kilometres away.

Insights Greece - Charming Mountain Getaway With Astonishing Views

Character & Style 

Set in a stone mansion that pays homage to the unique traditional architecture of the area, the hotel provides the perfect blend between old-world charm and modern-day comforts. Intimate spaces and simple décor keep the focus on the surrounding nature; and the layout was designed with a wonderful view in mind, with large windows looking out to the mountainside at every opportunity. Austere yet warm, the decor at the hotel lets the sturdy wood take the front stage, complementing and warming up the traditional stone.


Commanding breathtaking views, all of the ten rooms can accommodate up to three guests and have been set out with comfort in mind. The earthy decor complements the peace of the environment and the crisp mountain air; and they all boast a private bathroom with amenities, independent heating, complimentary WiFi, refrigerator, and daily maid service that will make you feel at home.

Insights Greece - Charming Mountain Getaway With Astonishing Views


The four studios, with their open layout, are ideal for families. Kitchenettes allow for eating as you please, and the country-style décor gives it a very inviting and “never want to leave” kind of feel. 

Food & Drinks

Start your day with a home-cooked breakfast made with locally sourced fresh ingredients. The wonderful homemade breakfast is served daily in the spacious lounge area featuring a stone-built fireplace. Hot beverages and alcoholic drinks can be enjoyed throughout the day at the bar. In the evening, warm up by the wood-burning fireplace with a drink and share your adventures of the day.

Insights Greece - Charming Mountain Getaway With Astonishing Views

Ideal for…

Whether you are in Papigo to get away from city life and enjoy a few days of pure rest and relaxation, or you are here to experience the adventurous mountaineering and rafting at the Vikos Gorge, Papaevangelou Hotel is the perfect retreat in Zagori. 

Facilities & Services 

  • Free parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Bar
  • Sun terrace
  • Garden
  • Luggage storage
  • Safety deposit box
  • Heating
  • Daily maid service

A: Megalo Papigo, Zagohoria 

48 Hours in Nafplio

Nafplio, just two hours from Athens, is one of Greece’s prettiest towns and one of the most popular spots in the country for year-round weekend getaways. Whether you’re interested in historical sites, eating, shopping, or just relaxing- add Nafplio to your list! 

From taking a short boat ride over to Bourtzi to explore, renting a bicycle to wander, tasting freshly-made gelato, eating at one of the charming restaurants in the back streets, or enjoying a drink as you catch the beautiful sunset- you can’t help but fall in love with this romantic destination. 

What makes Nafplio so special?

Nafplio is packed with a rich history as it was the first-ever modern-day capital of Greece. It is home to Bourtzi, a historical castle in the middle of the harbour, and Palamidi a wonderful fortress. 

What should I not miss? 

Nafplio is also well known for its history with the komboloi, which are the famous Greek worry beads. Learn more about them at the Komboloi Museum, which is the only one of its kind in the world and is housed in an 18th-century home. Make sure you also step inside the Archaeological Museum housed in a Venetian building on Syntagma Square. The permanent exhibition features statues, jewellery, costumes, sculptures, ceramics and rare artefacts from the Neolithic Period.

Where are some good places to eat in Nafplio? 

Nafplio has many traditional taverns that are ideal for those who love indulging in classic Greek dishes and some of our favourite eateries include: Karamalis, To Omorfo Tavernaki, Kavalaris Corner Mezedopoleoi, and Pidalio. Also make sure to check out: Taverna Old House, Zournal, and Taverna O Vasilis. For casual dining try Trendy Grill or Menta, Arapakos for seafood, and Scuola for pizza and pasta. 

For something sweet? 

If you are in search of some good desserts around town, we recommend Pergamonto, which serves traditional Loukoumades (Greek honey puff donuts). For gelato check out Antica Gelateria di Roma and Gelarto. And for a variety of Greek sweets head to Central Boulangerie Bakery

Where do I go for a drink?

There’s a range of all-day cafes and bars where you can grab a great coffee or a luscious cocktail. When you’re in the mood for a drink, make your way to Kontogiorgos Café, Xenon Café, Arti, Teori Oldtown Bar, BluBlanc Beach Bar3 Sixty, Alkioni Wine Bar, Mediterraneo Wine & Deli, Sokaki Café, Teory, and Yacht

If I want to spoil myself?

Book yourself in to have an Ancient Greek massage at Panta Rei – or if drinking is your way of relaxing- head to Karonis Distillery Exhibition and Shop. Established in 1869, the spirit producing company is one of the oldest in Greece. The current owner makes ouzo, tsipouro, liqueurs, and brandy with the same passion as his forefathers.

Messolongi, One of Europe’s Most Beautiful Wetlands

Just a 3-hour drive from Athens, Messolongi in Western Greece, is a quaint and non-touristy town where visitors can relax by the mesmerising sea lake filled with charming fishermen houses.

Overlooking the beautiful lagoon and striking mountains, it’s the ultimate escape for families, foodies, photographers and those who love fishing, cycling and bird watching. This ideal year-round destination is a place where you can enjoy peace, serenity and an authentic travel experience that’s rich in history, gastronomy and natural beauty. 

Here we share the best things to see and do when visiting Messolongi. 

Insights Greece - Messolongi, One of Europe’s Most Beautiful Wetlands
One of Europe’s most beautiful wetlands

Stunning Lagoon and Wetlands 

The lagoon of Messolongi, the largest wetland complex of Greece, is a natural paradise of islets, dunes, forests, rich flora and fauna. The twin lagoons of Messolongi-Aitolikos, together with the deltas of the Acheloos and Evinos rivers, form one of the Mediterranean’s largest habitats for birds and fish. The Messolongi lagoon is not only one of the most important wetlands in Greece, but all of Europe, as it’s home to hundreds of species of birds, amphibians, reptiles and sea turtles. The lagoon’s calm waters are ideal for kayaking all year long and if you paddle across to the islet of Agios Sostis you may even see flamingos.

Insights Greece - Messolongi, One of Europe’s Most Beautiful Wetlands
Fishing in the lagoon

Bird Watching and Fishing 

More than 300 bird species have been observed in different seasons, lagoons, lakes and other wetlands in the region and the surrounding hills, including 32 of the 38 raptors vultures in Europe, with many of them, nesting either year-round or seasonally around the lake and surrounding mountains, where they find abundant food. The sea lake of Messolongi offers great fishing and bird watching, which is even more special around the farms, where you will find stilts and waders and if you drive along a scenic canal to the beach of Tourlida, you will find a magical spot to throw in a fishing line.

Insights Greece - Messolongi, One of Europe’s Most Beautiful Wetlands
Mesmerising sunset

Swimming and Catching the Sunset

The region is ideal for total relaxation by the beach or in the countryside, with two of the most popular spots being Tourlida and Paliopotamos. And after a nice swim at one of the calm beaches, you can enjoy one of the most spectacular sunsets you’ll ever see in Greece. The best time of the day in Messolongi is late afternoon/early evening where you can watch the sun go down. 

Insights Greece - Messolongi, One of Europe’s Most Beautiful Wetlands
Cycle around town

Hiking and Cycling 

Another popular activity in Messolongi is hiking, with many old footpaths leading to historic monasteries, small villages, secluded beaches and hilltops with breathtaking views; keep in mind, hiking is best enjoyed in autumn and spring when it’s not so warm. Another great way to explore the town is on a bike and you will find most locals pedalling their way around Messolongi, as there are so many pedestrianised roads. Interesting fact: bicycles in Messolongi actually outnumber the 15,000 residents by 3 to 1. 

Insights Greece - Messolongi, One of Europe’s Most Beautiful Wetlands
Garden dedicated to war heroes

Discover History 

Also referred to as the “Holy” city, thanks to the heroic behaviour of its inhabitants during the independence struggle against the Turkish occupiers in the 19th Century, Messolongi was declared a sacred city in 1937. There are many monuments and museums around town highlighting the town’s great contribution to the Greek Revolution including a leafy garden commemorating the heroes of the Greek War of Independence of 1821. Here, you’ll find the tombs of many renowned patriots, as well as that of philhellenic poet Lord Byron, who passed away in Messolongi. Also make sure to visit the Museum of History and Art, in a neoclassical building and the Folklore Museum

Enjoy Local Delicacies 

Messolongi is famous for its fish roe, eels, sun-dried sea-bream, salted fish and quality sea salt. Make sure you try the butterflied grilled grey mullet (petali), grilled or baked eel and shellfish. One of its unique specialities happens to be one of Greece’s most unique Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) food products and is named Bottarga Messolongi, otherwise known as the “Greek caviar”. Made from the eggs of grey flathead mullet, it’s flavourful and described as a combination of salty and spicy. 

Insights Greece - Messolongi, One of Europe’s Most Beautiful Wetlands
Nature at its best

Don’t leave until…

Just minutes away from the Marina lays the best-kept secrets of Messolongi- the natural mud and salt spas. Every season thousands of locals from around the country come here to take a refreshing and healing mineral mud or salt bath. The seawater in the region has increased salinity due to the microclimate of the area and swimming in this water is wonderful for both the skin and body. 

5 Best Towns in Greece to Visit in Autumn

Greece is a beautiful destination to visit during each season. But we love exploring some of the prettiest towns here in the fall.

Why? Fewer tourists, plus some of the most beautiful autumn foliage in the entire world. Whether you’re looking for a cozy weekend away, are desperate to breathe in some fresh mountain air, or just want to wander the local streets and enjoy traditional delicacies, here are five of the best places to visit in Greece during the autumn months.

Karpenissi (Central Greece)

Known as the “Switzerland” of Greece, this stunning town is perched at 960 meters on the slopes of Mount Velouchi and surrounded by fir trees. Offering a wonderful getaway from the city, Karpenissi is ideal for all travellers. If you are after some R&R you can relax by the fireplace in a charming boutique hotel, go for a romantic stroll in traditional settlements and enjoy the amazing local culinary delights. For those who prefer an adventurous holiday, you can  take part in all kinds of activities including white water rafting in the Trikeriotis and Tavropos rivers, canyoning in Vothonas, skiing and  paragliding in Velouchi,  riding, canoeing, hiking, mountain biking, swimming, trekking in the Pantavrechi ravine,  fishing in the Karpenissiotis river, or take part in truffle hunting  – Karpenissi offers it all.

Don’t leave until: Visiting Proussos Byzantine Monastery, trying the tastiest local dishes- at Paradisos Mikro Horio, a homemade Galaktoboureko at Rakomelo Karvelis and a late night cocktail at Eithistai Café.

Andritsaina (Peloponnese)

This gorgeous and picturesque mountain town has a long history; as it played a crucial role during the Greek War of Independence. Andritsaina  impresses visitors by its old stone mansions, its narrow cobbled streets and the central square (plateia), surrounded by tall trees and magnificent view of the nearby mountains. I Trani Vrysi is located on the opposite side of the plateia and is the Peloponnese’s oldest tap, built in 1724. From here you can visit the wonderful Temple of Epicurean Apollo, a World Heritage–listed site, located 14km south.

Don’t leave until: Visiting Nikolopoulios Library which contains unique and historical books, Alfeios River- the longest in the Peloponesse, and if you are there on the weekend make sure to go to the main square for the weekly markets- where you can buy some local delicacies including pasta, mountain tea and herbs.

Galaxidi (Central Greece)

 This famous naval town is ideal for a long weekend getaway. Boasting stunning neoclassical houses pebble-covered courtyards, old captains’ mansions, lovely ports and an authentic feel is why you should add Galaxidi to a must visit Autumn destination. The naval and the folklore museums highlight the town’s rich history and just strolling around the port, you will come across many ancient treasures. Make sure to check out the area of Pera Panta.

Don’t leave until: Visiting the Church of Agios Nikolaos, trying the fresh local seafood, tasting a homemade Ravani (syrup drenched cake) and making a stop over at the archaeological site of Delphi, which is very close by.

Kalavryta (Achaea)

This charming town lies at the foot of Mt. Chelmos and it is a must-visit buzzing place during autumn and winter- with its stone-built houses, town squares, quaint alleys, buzzing cafés and authentic tavernas. The best thing is to hire a car and drive around to spots including the Monastery of Mega Spileo, carved against the slopes of a mountain, the historical Monastery of Agia Lavra where the Greek Revolution of 1821 was first declared and the miraculous Cave of the Lakes. One of the most popular things to do here is take a train tour around Vouraikos Gorge- it’s considered as one of the most scenic in Greece.

Don’t leave until: Visiting the historical Holocaust Monument, the miraculous church Panagia Plataniotissa, going on a hike or mountain biking as you take in the fresh mountain air, and buying some local products including handmade pasta, honey, and their delicious range of spoon sweets.

Florina (Macedonia)

This quaint little town is filled with an array of cafes and restaurants. It’s a great spot to enjoy natural beauty, lush valley, hiking and winter sports. Boasting six magnificent lakes (Vegoritida, Petron Lake, Zazari, Ximaritida, Mikri and Megali Prespa), picture-perfect lakeside villages, and a beautiful capital traversed by a river. There is quite a bit to see, and start off with the Archaeological Museum next to the Railway Station and the Art Gallery a few doors down.

Don’t leave until: Visiting the Modern Art Museum and the House of Voyiatzis, checking out the impressive “House of Peios,” and the Turkish Baths, sitting at one of the hive cafes of Melas Pedestrian St for a coffee and local sweet, and trying unique local produce- including the famous sweet red peppers, and Prespa beans.

Simple September Pleasures in Athens

September is when holidays are ending and our psyche subtly but surely begins to shift from summer flimsiness to autumnal focus.

Perhaps this year even more, with the threat of more lockdowns looming over us, we want to make the most of the sunshine, outdoors and chances to explore. In Athens, September is usually a kind and mellow month, when the city comes back to life and (always somewhat chaotic) order. It’s the time

…when the sun is still hot but not scorching and swimming is still perfectly pleasant.

Insights Greece - Simple September Pleasures in Athens

Throughout the week, the loveliest and most central – not to mention the largest in the capital – pool to visit is the one at Hilton Athens. It might not be cheap, but the sheer size of the pool and lovely greenery surrounding it, quality of its water, Coronavirus-cautious cleanliness, excellent service, and satisfying Oasis poolside restaurant menu will keep you relaxed and carefree for hours on end. On the ground floor of one of the city’s most architecturally fascinating hotels, designed in the 1960s, the pool here attracts mainly low-key glamourous types, families, and singletons who just want to chill in style. Another brilliant handful of great swimming options awaits you at Piraeus port, just 20 minutes’ train ride on the green line from the centre of town. Hop on a ferry or flying dolphin and within an hour you can land at lovely Argosaronic islands like Aegina, Angistri, Poros, Hydra and Spetses to spend the day at lovely beaches, eating fresh fish and sipping a sunset cocktail before returning to urbanity.

…when kefi-fuelled night owls reunite after a summer apart and make the most of being outdoors while it’s still warm.

Insights Greece - Simple September Pleasures in Athens

Head to the bars where you can be part of the crowd pouring onto the pavement, courtyard or rooftop and watch the world go buzzily by, like Ipittou on Ipittou Square in Syntagma, Baba Au Rum in Monastiraki, Blue Parrot in Metaxourgeio, Floral or Warehouse in Exarcheia, Latraac Cafe & Skate Bowl in Kerameikos, Bios in Gazi, Couleur Locale or

Taf The Art Foundation in Monastiraki, Drupes & Drips in Koukaki, Briki in Mavili Square, and Six Dogs or Atlandikos in Psyrri. Or take the quiet path and stroll at sunset time or under the stars in magical places like Philopoappou or Pnyx hills, Lycabettus, the Zappeion gardens, Anafiotika, and Plaka’s backstreets, the upper fringes of Kolonaki and the village-like part of Mets.

…when we start to look ahead at how we will prepare our home and wardrobe for winter with a touch of Greece.

Insights Greece - Simple September Pleasures in Athens

Whether you’re in Athens during September as a visitor or resident, it’s an exciting time to go window-shopping and start dreaming of how you’ll add classic or ultra-contemporary Greek touches to make your home and wardrobe both cozily comfortable and pleasurably stylish. Maybe you want a knitted lambswool fisherman-style pullover or elaborately-embroidered cushion covers that you can find in some of the finer tourist shops of Plaka like Loom. Or vintage stores with an international selection, including Greek designer specials, found around Kolonaki, Monastiraki, and Exarcheia. It may be classical-style jewellery or objects d’art inspired by Greek culture and sold either as a direct replica or with an extreme modern twist and found at specialty shops in the Cycladic Art, Benaki, Benaki Pireos Annexe or Lalaounis Museums or at Greek concept stores like SOPHIA, Forget Me Not or Paraphenelia.