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Step Inside Patras’ New Luxury Boutique Hotel

In the city of Patras, a stunning classical building has now become a new luxury 5-star hotel.

Opening its doors in May of 2020, The Bold Type Hotel is located in the historic district of Ano Polis, near the Medieval Castle and Roman Odeon- two historical monuments of Greece. 

The initial construction of the listed building was created in three phases. The first was in the late 1800s, the second at the beginning of the last century and the last phase concerning most of the building took place in the early 1910s. The completion of the third phase gave the building its unique architecture.

Empi Spathi and Katerina Liarommati are the talented architects who recently converted the property into a luxurious hotel. Respecting its original character, the architects took a lot of care and consideration in restoring its raw design- while introducing modern elements that blend in beautifully with its previous construction. 

“The philosophy is based on personalised hospitality and our goal is to connect with each visitor and offer him the authentic hospitality that is culturally rooted within us. Our goal is to transmit the local culture to the visitor by exploring the vibrant neighbourhoods and the urban streets of the city and to connect with the local community,” says management.

The four-floor hotel has a total of 10 rooms and suites and there is a colour scheme on each level- designed to enhance the historical building. The first floor is filled with green- combining the wild plantation of the garden area with the Garden Suite. On the second floor, there are red tones- used to blend in nicely with the stones of the ancient Conservatory and the Atelier rooms. Whereas the third floor is dominated by rich shades of blue- to unite the sky and the memory of the building with the executive rooms and the Bold Type suite.

On the 4th floor is the Roof View, with prime position facing the Fortress, the Ancient Roman Conservatory, as well as the Gulf of Patras. And at the back of the hotel you will find a magnificent courtyard, which has been transformed into a fine dining restaurant. Run by talented chef Giannis Skentzos, it’s an ideal spot for brunch, late lunch or dinner.

Last but definitely not least, there is a charming hotel garden, which dates back to 1922, and in the centre of the open space you will find a water feature surrounding the tallest palm tree in the city- it’s adored by locals and visitors alike who enjoy sitting here sipping on a cocktail. 


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